【Translation】 Inma vol.4 Shouakuma na Yuuwaku・Uchiki na Yuuwaku


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淫魔 第4弾 小悪魔な誘惑・内気な誘惑

CV: Suzuki Yuuto (鈴木裕斗)

Track 1: Prologue ~Beginning of a Salacious Forbidden Dream~


K: Hurry up. Get over here.

U: Don’t push me, my feet will slip!

U: Ow, ow… Sorry, are you okay?

K: Just get off of me, you’re crushing.

U: Oh, sorry. I apologize, umm, are you hurt?

K: I’m fine. Jeez, aren’t you a little too slow?

U: I’m sorry…

K: Enough, it’s getting annoying. You know, as an incubus, you should have no hesitation when sneaking inside a room.

U: You tell me that, but…

K: What do you plan to do with yourself in the future?

U: But, erm… It makes me nervous when entering a room without permission.

K: Hmph, you’ll be less careless from now on, right?


K: Now then, this time’s target… Yup, she’s there. It’s this big sister, right?

K: Yup, there’s no mistaking it. What a wonderful smell. And that’s one of the best figures I’ve ever seen.

U: Ah… What a beautiful person. Her skin is porcelain-white and it feels like it’ll shatter when I touch it.

K: At this level, she’s probably wasted on you. Come on, try waking her.

U: Me? …Okay, I’ll try.


U: U-Umm… Please wake up. Uh, umm, excuse me.

K: You idiot, of course she’s not going to wake up from that. Listen, when you’re trying to wake someone, you do this… Big Sis, wake up. Big Sis!

K: Hehe, you’re awake. Big Sis, can you see us?

K: I’m glad you can see us. Oh, sorry for startling you. In any case, let us introduce ourselves. We’re incubi and live by feeding off the essence of humans.

U: Erm, when we say ‘essence,’ umm…it’s what comes out when you feel good. It’s kind of like a pheromone.

K: To put it simply, we want that essence from you, Big Sis.

U: Do you not understand?

K: We just want you to let us touch your body a little.

K: Hey, hey, no need to be so scared. We have no intention of hurting you, Big Sis. Relax.

U: But telling her to be scared… Isn’t that asking for too much? If suddenly, a pair of strangers entered my room, even I’d be scared.

K: Then why don’t you do something about it?


U: How?

K: Kiss this Big Sis over here, like as a sign of closeness.

U: Eh? I still haven’t…kissed anyone before.

K: What am I to do with you? I’ll show you how it’s done, then. Make sure to remember. But before that, let me cast a little spell.

U: Did you do something to this Big Sis just now?

K: Yup, I made it so that she can’t move her body for a little while. It’s a pain if she resists.

U: Huh? Is it really okay to do that?

K: Hey, Big Sis, stay still for a bit. Don’t worry, I’m only going to kiss you.


K: Big Sis, all I’ve done is kiss you and you’re already letting out such a nice scent. Are you someone who feels it easily, perhaps?

K: I’m getting more and more excited to devour you. Come on, why don’t you give it a try too?

U: Eh? But…

K: Hurry up, otherwise, I won’t share the meal.

U: Okay, I’ll try.

U: Umm, I’m sorry. I know you might not want it, but can you bear with it for a bit? …Erm, was it like this?

U: Hey, did I do it right?

K: You know, you don’t stop breathing when you kiss.

U: Huh? Really? But your mouth is covered, so how are you supposed to breathe?

K: This guy… Will he even be able to extract any essence like this?

U: I can. I’ve consumed it many times before.

K: Before, you say? You were just sucking up whatever was left over after I’ve eaten. Have you ever done anything yourself until now?

U: I guess it’s not good to keep that.


K: Hey, Big Sis, please. To tell you the truth, we haven’t eaten at all lately, and it feels like we’re going to die of starvation, so can you let us consume a little bit of your essence, please, Big Sis? Don’t worry, it’s not scary or painful.

U: We promise not to do anything bad, so…

K: If anything, we’ll make you feel real good. The kiss earlier felt good, right? We can tell.

U: Please cooperate with us. Please.

K: Though with everything said, now you caught our eyes, you have no right to refuse, Big Sis. Even if you get rid of us, the next guy will soon come along. I’ll make you feel good, so give me your exquisite essence. You’ll agree, right?

U: I’m sorry. I’m sure I’m not very skilled and I think I’ll cause trouble for you, Big Sis, but when I laid eyes on you, it felt like you were the one. I’ll do my best to make you feel good, so, so…

K: I’ll make you wallow it in.

U: Let me feed off of you, Big Sis.

Track 2: Temptation of a Little Devil “You want pleasure so badly that you can’t help it, can you?”


K: Big Sis, I’ve come to get your vitality like I declared yesterday.

K: What’s this? She’s still asleep?

K: I’m here, so wake up already.

K: I guess it can’t be helped. Big Sis! Wake up!

K: Good morning, are you awake now? …Though I say that, this is the inside of a dream.

K: Huh? What’s the matter? Don’t tell me you forgot about me.

K: How cruel. Try to recall my face properly.


K: Ah, so you remember now. I’m glad, that makes me happy. I wasn’t able to forget about you the entire day, Big Sis.

K: I’m not lying. I wanted to see you again so badly, Big Sis. You must be such a bad woman to make me feel this way, Big Sis. You’ll take responsibility, right?

K: Jeez, stop posturing like that. Come on, scooch over that way. Let’s talk for a bit, you’re okay with that, right?


K: I don’t want you to be nervous. I told you yesterday already, but I’m not doing this to scare you. Though suddenly turning up and saying that might make you more so.. But, I’m not going to hurt you.

K: Big Sis, your skin is smooth and it feels nice. Also, you smell really nice. Your essence feels like it’ll be really delicious. Let me have a little taste of it, I don’t think I can hold back anymore.

K: Oh, did you think I was going to kiss on the mouth just now? You’re so lewd, Big Sis.

K: Yesterday’s was because that guy was there, so I wanted to seem a little more mature. To be frank, it’s not like I have all that much experience either. Are you disappointed?

K: Thank god. I’ll do my best!


K: Big Sis, your cheeks really are soft. I want to kiss them forever.

K: You’re cute, Big Sis. Say, what kind of man is your type, Big Sis?

K: I see, that’s why I’ve taken on the appearance of a pretty little youth. I forgot to explain it yesterday, but an incubus’ appearance changes depending on the person looking. To others, we look like their ideal type, so having me who’s now your ideal type cuddling up next to you makes you excited, right, Big Sis?

K: Can your heart not take it?

K: It’s fine. Let your heart race more. The excited a human is, the more sensitive they become. Besides, I want you to come to like me more, Big Sis.

K: Say, do you think you’ll be fond of me?

K: Will you forgive me for anything I do?

K: Eh? What’s with that response? You’re supposed to say that you’ll forgive me for anything I do.

K: Well, whatever. You won’t get angry from just this, right?


K: There’s no problem with me kissing your hand, right? It’s like a prince, right? …Taking a princess’ hand and kissing it.

K: Does it tickle?

K: Don’t pull back. It felt a little good, right? …I’ll continue.


K: Hey, Big Sis, I can lick other places, right? Please.

K: So, does your neck tickle too?

K: Liar. Say it feels good. I know that you shudder every time I lick this place, Big Sis. Don’t hide it.

K: Why are you acting embarrassed? Look me in the eye. Your eyes are very beautiful, Big Sis. I want you to see me make you feel good. The thought of me taking up your vision excites me a lot.

K: Say, can I kiss you? Not on the cheeks or on the hand or on the neck, a proper one. I promise to make you feel good, Big Sis.


K: No running away. It’s the request of a cute boy like this, you know? You’ll oblige, right? Let me eat up your lips, Big Sis.

K: I knew you were amazing, Big Sis. With just a slight kiss, the smell of your essence has gotten so much thicker. I can’t stop myself. I want to devour you completely, Big Sis.

K: Come on, kiss me more.

K: You love kisses, don’t you? Your eyes are dazed. I’m working really hard, right? It’s all for your sake, Big Sis. I want to make you feel good, Big Sis, so please still stay.


K: Your pale white skin… I’ll leave a mark here. When something’s white, it makes me want to taint it.

K: I left it on such an eye-catching place. It’s like you were for sure doing something risque with a man… How lewd. I want to taint more places. You have such beautiful skin, after all, Big Sis.

K: Say, I’ll be leaving more marks all over your body, but you’re okay with that, right?

K: Hmm? Is something the matter?

K: Oh, I got it. You got wet from imagining lewd acts with me, right?

K: What’s wrong? Did your ears tickle? I love girls whose ears are weak. Were you wet already earlier, perhaps? Somehow I smell a lewd scent.

K: Anyway, let me check. I’m curious. Come on, come this way.


K: Hmm? Why are you resisting? Are you in cautious mode again?

K: Ugh, what a pain. You should start listening to me while I’m still all smiles and giggles.

K: Caught you.

K: You’re wet, aren’t you? Your smell is stronger than before, Big Sis. But, there’s still more yet to come, right? I got an idea. I’ll touch you only once your panties are soaked, so, before that, please take on that role of telling me yourself. You’re able to, right?


K: I’ll stick my tongue in.

K: Your ears are wet with my saliva. Your face is bright red, Big Sis. You’re feeling it from this… How cute. I’ll do the same to this ear as well. It’s unfair to only do one side, wouldn’t you say?

K: Big Sis, your breathing is rough. Do you want me to do more?

K: Accept it. Say that you want me to lick not your ears, but that other place and that you want me to take off your soaked panties. You see, I want you to ask dirty things of me, Big Sis.


K: Hey, why are you being so stubborn? A demon like me is going as far as to ask kindly. You’re just a human, who do you think you are? If you keep resisting, I’ll get angry.

K: What’s with that expression? Did it come as a shock?

K: Sorry, I was getting a little irritated. You don’t want that either, right, Big Sis? You want me to be a little more cute when doing lewd things, right? You’d prefer, “Big Sis, it’s my first time. Please, let me do naughty things to you,” right? But, I’m tired of constantly doing it. When put on a meek, it feels like you try to take advantage of me, Big Sis.

K: You see, once I get irritated with a human, I’m quick to destroy them. Why are humans so fragile, I wonder? It’s so hard not to harm them.

K: Your essence is truly wonderful, Big Sis, so it’ll be a shame if you immediately become disposable trash. If you don’t close your mouth and go along with things, I might reach my limit.


K: Ahahaha! Those eyes are such a turn-on. I make that face contort from pleasure. You’re super cute right now, Big Sis.

K: Open your mouth up more. Swallow.

K: Well done. My body fluids impair a person’s ability to think, so your troublesome fear and distaste will disappear, Big Sis, so it’s all good. Forget all the boring things and let’s have fun and feel good together. Isn’t that great, Big Sis?

K: I love seeing that look of fear melt as your mind goes blank and you start feeling good. I wonder how I’ll react when I see that face of yours, Big Sis.


K: Your skin is stained with a pink color. You were feeling it, weren’t you?

K: Ah… You’ve become sensitive. Look, this place, it’s…sticking out so much. You’re aching for it to be touched, I see. What were you going to do if I weren’t going to touch them? Were you going to touch them yourself?

K: Sticking out like that…looks delicious. Bon appetit.

K: What a cute voice. Go on, let me hear more of it. Satisfy me.


K: Say, do you want me to touch that place? I told you to tell me if it gets soaked, right? What state is it in now? If you don’t tell me, I won’t touch it.

K: Good girl. I love obedient girls.

K: So, what should I do after this? I don’t really know what I should be doing, so tell me, Big Sis.

K: Eh? Put what where? I don’t understand.

K: Good job, but, please hang on for a bit longer. Before I touch inside, I’ll give this place some attention. This place is big and swollen, you know, Big Sis?


K: Wow. Did you feel that just now? Instantly more come flooding out. …So it feels just that good when I lick this place.

K: More, what? Do you want me to suck harder?

K: What should I do? Will you cum if I suck harder?

K: If you’re feeling good then that makes me happy too. Then, next, I’ll insert it inside.

K: Don’t look at me with such painful eyes. You told me you want it inside. You were waiting for this, weren’t you, Big Sis?

K: Huh? What’s the matter? Is it not enough? Then, Big Sis, what exactly do you want inside you? Come on, ask for it, if you do that, I might listen to your request, Big Sis.

K: What? I couldn’t hear it? I don’t understand what you mean by “not fingers.”


K: Well done. Then, get on all fours and spread your legs. I’m going to make you experience a pleasure you’ve never felt before, Big Sis.

K: It went in easily. Your insides are wet and feel good, Big Sis. I’ll make sure to hit all your sweet spots.

K: It feels good… You’re tightening up inside like you want to suck everything out of me, Big Sis.

K: Hey, your face’s a mess from your tears and drool. It’s very unsightly and also incredibly cute. What are you trying to achieve by turning me on like this?

K: Big Sis, hey, cry more. Feel good, fill your head with me, lose your sense of reality, and lust after me shamelessly.

K: You’re so cute, Big Sis. Come on, turn this way. Kiss me. I’ll turn the inside of your mouth into a mess too.


K: You’ve fallen, haven’t you, Big Sis?

K: Your back is really beautiful. I want to leave marks on it.

K: You tightened. Then, let’s turn it up a notch.

K: I…I’m about to cum.


K: Your essence is amazing, Big Sis. You’re more delicious than all the humans before you.

K: Seriously, what is this? I think I might get addicted.

K: It felt really good, Big Sis. So much so that it makes me want to gobble you up again.

K: Huh? Looks like you aren’t able to continue, Big Sis. Did it feel that good? You’re pretty cute when you’re worn out too, Big Sis.

K: Say, I’ve taken a great interest in you, Big Sis. I want to make you my pet.

K: What’s wrong with that? I’ll give you a mark to show that you’re my pet.

K: There we go. Even if other incubi target you, as long as you have this kiss mark, they’ll know that you’re mine, in place of a collar.


K: You can sleep now. Sweet dreams, Big Sis.

K: You don’t have to think, Big Sis. I’ll keep granting you pleasure, that’s the duty of a pet owner, after all.

Track 3: Shy Temptation “I……I want to do it with you, Big Sis……”


U: Please…excuse me.

U: You’re…sleeping, right? What do I do? I was told not to return until I’ve sucked out some essence, but this is my first time alone and I don’t know what to do. But, I can’t keep relying on him forever.

U: Alright. Big Sis… Wake up, please… Erm, Big Sis, please, please wake up…

U: Oh, what a relief, you woke up.

U: I’m sorry! I wasn’t trying to startle you! I’m really sorry!

U: Erm, umm…I’m sorry for intruding on you without warning. I… Why do you look so scared? Are you maybe mistaking me for him?

U: Umm, I’m a different incubus from the incubus that visited yesterday. It isn’t what you think. He and I should look similar on the outside, so it’s not strange to think that he and I are the same incubi. Look, my hair is a bit longer and the color is different. Eye color too.

U: Are you not able to tell because it’s too dark?


U: The moonlight’s brighter here. Can you see now that he and I are different incubi?

U: I’m relieved, you believe me now.

U: Umm, earlier you were super afraid… He must’ve done something horrible to you yesterday, right? …Seeing that you’re silent, I must be right.

U: Huh? There’s a red mark on your neck, Big Sis…

U: Ah- I’m sure you don’t like me suddenly touching you, right?

U: I can’t do it. I don’t think I can suck essence alone. I may be an incubus, but to tell you the truth, I’ve never gone out to meet a girl alone. I felt like I would hurt them and it made me scared. The guy who’s always with me said I was pitiful and shared little bits of essence with me.

U: He may look like that, but he’s got a kind side to him. Everyone says that I’m a failure of an incubus. And because I have a personality like this, I don’t have a single friend.


U: Uh, umm…I think I’ll leave for today. I apologize for waking you up.

U: Sorry, I, my dizziness…

U: No, I, I’m just feeling a little weak. I haven’t gotten any food from him lately, but, I’m fine. Thank you for worrying.

U: Eh? Just a little is… Are you sure? Really?

U: Thank you so much.

U: Erm, then, is it okay if I kiss you? I just might be able to suck out a little bit of essence. …I’m not supposed to hold my breath, right?


U: I guess no essence is going to come out from my kisses…

U: Go on a bit longer…?

U: I’ll try.

U: This isn’t working either… Erm… How exactly does he do it usually? Oh, right, umm…can you stick out your tongue for me? …Though I don’t think I can do it as well as him.


U: Wow, so this is what it feels like to entwine tongues? What do I do? I want to keep going.

U: It feels good…

U: The smell of your essence has gotten thicker. I’m happy. You were able to feel a little good too, right, Big Sis? I’m sure I’ll be overwhelmed with happiness if I taste your essence.

U: P-Please don’t look. I’m sorry, I…this…umm… It felt really good, I’m sorry, I got erect.

U: Big Sis, just today is fine. Can please let me be your partner? I want to do it with you, Big Sis. Please. I feel like I’ll be able to do well if it’s with you, Big Sis. I promise I’ll never do anything bad to you. Please let me make you feel good, Big Sis.

U: Of course. Thank you. I’ll be gentle.


U: Erm, then… This is my first time doing this alone, so I might not be very good, but I’ll do my best. Please tell me where you feel good, Big Sis.

U: Let’s kiss again.

U: I love kissing you, Big Sis. It’s very comforting.

U: I’ll undo your buttons.


U: Your skin is beautiful, Big Sis. It’s a world of difference from mine. This place has a lovely color too.

U: Please tell me if it hurts.

U: What kind of things do you like, Big Sis? Should I nibble on them a little?

U: Does it feel good?

U: I’m glad. It makes me happy when you feel it.

U: How does it feel to get nibbled on? It looks like it would tickle.

U: Eh? Big Sis, you don’t have to undress me… Big Sis, I…

U: That… No, if you touch me… You want to feel good together…? Why? Why are you being kind to me? I’m a demon who’s come to take your essence.


U: Big…Big sis… If you do that, I…

U: So it felt good when I nibbled on you? It’s my first time knowing. It feels like when I’m with you, Big Sis, I’m a different person.

U: Big Sis, can you spread your legs a little. I want to touch this place. I don’t think I’ll be able to satisfy you with my fingers, Big Sis, so I’ll lick you and caress you.


U: All I did was take off your underwear and it’s overflowing.

U: It smells good… It’s a delicious-smelling scent and makes me want to eat you.

U: That voice is so beautiful, let me hear it more.

U: Your scent is overflowing again. So you like being licked, right, Big Sis?

U: Eh? You want me to undress completely too? …But, it’s embarrassing. But, you’re right, we won’t make progress if I keep being embarrassed.

U: Please don’t stare so much… I’m not that big…

U: You’re so mean! Why are you laughing? It…

U: Well, of course. My personality is completely different from his. I can’t act as bold as him and I’m not really skilled, but when it comes to wanting to make you feel good, I definitely won’t lose.


U: You’re going to touch me…? Touching it directly is dirty.

U: Wait, Big Sis… Please don’t rub it, I’ll cum.

U: I can’t. Your hand, no, stop… Big Sis, this place is dirty, you shouldn’t touch it.

U: No, uh, that’s what I mean, I… Yes, it’s true that I don’t have any experience. You’re my first, Big Sis. But, that’s fine. You don’t have to do anything, Big Sis, as long as you feel good, that’s more than enough.

U: And, also, if you touch me, Big Sis, I’ll cum right away.

U: Eh? Wait, Big Sis, what are you-

U: No, Big Sis, why… You shouldn’t lick it… If you do that to me, I… It feels good…


U: Big Sis, no…

U: I came.

U: Ah, Big Sis, spit that out.

U: Jeez, I wanted to cum inside you, Big Sis. But think about it now, I’m sure I would’ve immediately cum inside you, Big Sis, and not satisfied you at all. If you think about it that way, it might’ve been a good thing.

U: Hey, Big Sis, why are you being kind to me? There’s nothing to gain from being nice to me, it’s cruel. If this continues, I’ll end up falling in love with you like a human would, Big Sis.

U: It’s your fault, Big Sis.


U: I’ve gotten big again. This time, let us feel good together, Big Sis.

U: Umm, make sure to tell me if it hurts.

U: I’ll put it in, then.

U: Wow… You’re soft and mushy even inside. I’m glad I came earlier, I was about to cum just from putting it in.

U: I’ll start moving, Big Sis.


U: What do I do? I’m feeling so good that my mind’s turning into mush. Big Sis…

U: I’m sorry, I… I’m about to cum. Big Sis, please tell me where it feels good. I want to at least give you a little bit of pleasure.

U: Here? …I’ll make sure to remember.

U: I love you, Big Sis. I want to stay like this forever.

U: I’m cumming…


U: Essence is overflowing… It’s delicious. Thank you, Big Sis.

U: What do I do? I’m feeling frustrated for some reason. The marks on your neck and inner thighs are left by him, right?

U: When he leaves a mark on the inner thigh, it’s to say you belong to him.

U: I wonder why? It hurts me a lot to see those marks. I don’t want you to be taken away, Big Sis. I want to make you mine and mine alone.


U: Big Sis, I’ll grow stronger. I’ll become strong and snatch you away from him, so wait for me. I won’t let you feel scared ever again.

U: Can I come again tomorrow? I’ll work hard to make you feel extra good next time around.

U: You must be exhausted, right? Please take your time and rest today.

U: Then, I’ll see you tomorrow. I look forward to seeing you.

U: I love you, Big Sis.

Track 4: Epilogue~I Will〈Toy with You〉〈Protect You〉Forever~


U: Uh, good evening, Big Sis. Umm, thank you for yesterday. It was a very good time. I’m happy to be able to see you again tonight, BIg Sis.

K: Good evening, Big Sis. Let’s do things that feel good again tonight-

K: Huh? You… Why are you here? We promised at the start to take turns taking essence from her, did we not? Tonight should be my turn.

U: That’s true, but, I wanted to see this Big Sis again.

K: Don’t come at me with the “I wanted to see her again.” Why did you break the promise? It’s driving me insane. You know, you should just shut up and do as I say, so scram-

U: I don’t want to!!!


U: I said I don’t want to. I want to be together with this Big Sis. I don’t want you to be with this Big Sis anymore.

K: Hey, do you know what you’re saying?

U: I fell in love with this Big Sis, so I should be the only one to take her essence.

K: Hah? As if I’d let that happen.

U: But, I…

K: She belongs to me. Did you not see that mark?

K: Big Sis, come on, spread your legs nice and wide and show him. Show him the lewd sign that you’re my pet.

U: S…Stop!!!


K: It’s become a vivid mark, hasn’t it? Having a kiss mark on your inner thigh means you’re loved by me, Big Sis. You must be happy, right?

U: You forced that mark on her, didn’t you?

K: I did. Do you have a problem with that?

U: I feel terrible for Big Sis.

K: You feel terrible for her? So? What are you going to do? A weakling like you can’t do anything about the fact that this Big Sis is in my hands. Isn’t that right, Big Sis? Maybe we should just do it here?

K: Let’s teach him whose pet you are, Big Sis.

U: That’s wrong!!! Stop!!!


K: That hurt. Seriously, what’s wrong with you? Are you seriously trying to start a fight with me?

U: T-That’s right. You’re going to take advantage of this Big Sis, aren’t you? I don’t want to see that.

U: Come on, Big Sis. You want to be with me more than him, right, Big Sis? Please, please say that.

K: You idiot, as if I’d let her say that. This Big Sis belongs to me. If you understand then hurry up and scram!

U: You… Do you not want anyone else to touch Big Sis, either?

K: Hah?

U: I mean, normally you don’t get obsessed with your source of food.

K: What!? As if! Humans are simply pets. This Big Sis is no different, stop saying weird things.

U: But…

K: I’m done! I’m going to have sex with this Big Sis right here and now.

U: No, no, Big Sis! Please resist!

K: So you want to make this Big Sis yours that badly?

U: That’s right. I don’t want to give Big Sis over to anyone.

K: If that’s what you say, then let’s have a match to see who this Big Sis will choose.


U: How?

K: Like or hate, I don’t care about those human things. The one who brings out more of the wonderful scent of this Big Sis’ essence wins, that should work, right?

U: Eh? That, uh…

K: What’s wrong? Are you not confident whether you’d make your beloved Big Sis feel good?

U: That’s not it at all!

K: Then it’s been decided. Tonight, I’ll drown you in a wave of pleasure, so be prepared.

U: Big Sis, I’ll do my best to make sure you feel as good as you can.

K: I won’t lose to someone irresolute as that.

U: I’ll never treat you badly like him, so rest at ease.


K: Big Sis, you’re my cute pet, right?

U: I’ll free you, Big Sis.

Both: So choose me.

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