【Translation】 Alto Voice Kareshi Satsuki Souta ~Icha Love Amaama Otomari Ryokou~

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アルトボイス彼氏 沙月奏太 ~いちゃらぶ甘々お泊り旅行~

CV: Ibuki Yuusa (美吹ゆうさ)

Track 1


Oh, it’s a pretty spacious room.

It’s the pleasant smell of tatami mats.

I find it calming. Do you enjoy this scent too?

I see. Then I was right to choose a traditional inn over a hotel. In any case, I’ll place your stuff down together with mine.

Why are you so restless?

You want to see the scenery outside before it gets dark…? Sure, if that’s what you want.


Oh? It’s a bit far away, but it’s nice that we can see the ocean.

I’m glad you like it. I went through many vacation sites and landed on this.

You don’t have to worry about that. I planned all this to make you happy.

It was pretty fun. Your face when I told you that I researched places you’d be interested in, in secret, and paid for it, so we could go on a trip together was cute.


Anyway, I did it because I wanted to. You don’t have to worry about the specifics.

It’s our first trip together since we started dating. Let’s enjoy the ocean, eat good food, and have a lot of fun for the next two days!


Yes, and let’s sightsee too.

You’re so excited.

Yes, yes, I know. I’ll go along with whatever you want to do.

Why wouldn’t I? This trip was meant for you.

Please don’t blindside me with a hug! For now, try to settle down.

You really are cute…

No, uh, I didn’t say anything.


I hear this place has a buffet option for dinner. I saw the photos, but there’s seafood and local specialties, and it’s super extravagant. And there’s also all-you-can-drink local sake.

They have everything from sweet to dry.

You’re able to drink, right?

Is that so? Even if you get drunk, I’m here, so it’ll be okay.

Erm, there’s still quite a while before dinner, isn’t there? There is a bath in every room, but let’s visit the hot spring.

We traveled a long distance to get here, and you’d want to relax at a large hot spring, wouldn’t you?

But before that, you want to show me the swimsuit you brought for when we go out to play by the ocean…?


I mean, sure.

Is that the bag with the swimsuit?

Eh? You bought two?

No, uh, aren’t you the type to save money on that type of thing?

I can see that you were really looking forward to the trip and I, umm…am very happy.

Oh, quickly show me.

Oh? So you like that kind of thing?

It’s cute and I like it.


Why are you having me open it?

I see, I’ll be taking a look, then.

Huh? What’s this? It’s long and thin… Isn’t this a bikini!?

H-How does this count as a swimsuit? It’s the same as being naked. And, just what is this? You’re not covering anything with this.

I already know without you wearing it. I prefer that cute swimsuit. I cannot have you wear a bikini. And, why did you buy it in the first place?

It doesn’t make me happy. It bothers me if anything.

It’s a no, an absolute no. If you head to the ocean wearing this bikini, the number of guys looking at you with dirty gazes will increase. And if this gets taken by the currents while you are swimming……


I’m not imagining anything! Really! And why are you giving a little smirk!

If you insist on wearing it, I’m not going to stop you, but if possible, I’d like you not to.

You are my girlfriend, and I don’t want other men to ogle you. I’m worried.

I feel kind of bad, I said something that negated your feelings.


I’m glad you understand. I’m confident that that other swimsuit will absolutely suit you.

Yes, tomorrow. I’m eager to head by the ocean.

Here, I’ll give you back this bikini. I’m happy that you were thinking of and being considerate of me, and that’s the truth.

Oh. Oh… I can’t think of a situation where you and I would be alone in swimsuits.

Well, it’d be fine if there is one.

I wouldn’t know where to place my eyes though…


That’s everything, right? If we don’t quickly get to the hot spring, we won’t have the time to relax.

Oh, for now, let’s just take our wallets and cellphones.

And then…

Ah, those are the yukatas.

Okay, alright, I’ll go ahead first.

And I think I’d finish first, so I’ll go save us seats at the banquet hall.


Track 2


The food was great, wasn’t it? It’s nice to just lay down because you’re staying the night.

You had a lot of sake, right? Are you okay, your face is red?

You’re not making sense. You’re drunk, aren’t you?

Don’t lie. Wait for a bit, I’ll lay down the futons.


Come this way.

Don’t roll over while laughing. If you’re not careful, I’m going to start lecturing?

Huh? Hey, why are you quiet all of a sudden?

Are you feeling sick because you drank too much?

Come on, say something.

Eh? Don’t tell me…she’s asleep? She knows nothing about how others feel, she can’t be serious.


There we go.

She’s so defenseless.

Maybe it’s on purpose? You’ve been clinging onto me a lot today, haven’t you? You even went out of your way to prepare that lewd bikini earlier.

If you can’t wear it outside, then you’ll wear it when we’re alone? …Just what are you trying to get at?

Are you trying to get me to attack you?

I don’t mind responding in kind if that’s what you want.


Just kidding.

You said that you also wanted to take a bath in our room. Should I wake you up in a little bit?

Ah!! Weren’t you asleep?!

Why are you looking so anxiously?

Don’t get up without warning-! Huh? Eh? Why are you taking off your yukata?

That… That’s the bikini I told you not to wear. Why do you have it on?

I did say that it’d be okay if we were alone together, but I didn’t think it’d be now.

Don’t climb onto my lap… For now, please put your yukata back on.


Yes, that’s right. If you’re looking like that, I’ll want to jump you.

The things I said earlier, you heard them!?


What? It’s okay? That’s why you wore this bikini?

You idiot! Don’t say that so easily!

N-No, I’m not angry!

I’m telling the truth, I also, umm… I also wanted to do lewd things.

Of course, I would! You came at me, practically naked, how could I not have thought running through my mind?


That… The reason why I’m hesitant to embrace you…

Please don’t stare at me with such an anxious look. I get it, I’ll say it.

It’s because… I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself. Frankly speaking, when we did it the first time, things were getting pretty dangerous. You said so many cute things at that time.

I was trying so hard to keep my sense of reason.

I wanted to become a man with more self-control, so I put in the effort, but it hadn’t been paying off.

So, I thought that, until I’m able to lead you properly, we shouldn’t be doing it.


For this trip too, I wanted it to be fun for you and for us to be a couple… I really didn’t have any intention for it to come to this.

Sorry about that, either way, I’m being too serious.

That’s how I made you feel down and made you cry earlier, right?

I’m so lame. Sorry for making you feel uneasy.

I was happy when you said that you wanted to do it with me. I’ll stop restraining myself so much and putting on airs.

I’ll respond to your feelings properly, so can I embrace you?


Track 3


Hah!? You’re going to do it while riding on top of me??

Don’t say such outrageous things out of the blue! Something so erotic like, like…

I’ve never watched porn, so god if I know. I heard about it from my senior, that’s all. I’ve told you before, I have no interest in other girls.

T-That’s only to be expected! You’re the one I like! It doesn’t sit right with me to watch other girls in the act. If I had to watch, you’d have to-

Don’t make me say strange things!


We haven’t even done anything and I’m exhausted.

Why are you downcast? I never said that we aren’t going to do it.

Then, let’s try doing it with that one.

Oh, and if it hurts in the middle, make sure you tell me. Don’t force yourself to make it to the end.

Why wouldn’t it be? If I see you in pain, I’m not going to be in the mood. I want to feel good together with you. I cherish you.


Shoot, was I trying to keep too much of an image?

With the compliments you give me, it doesn’t worry me anymore.

Rubbing our bodies together while kissing…feels good. Looks like I was right to not have you wear the bikini outside.

You’re pressing up against me on purpose, aren’t you? Even if it’s not direct, I can tell that you’re wet.

Oh? It feels good when you move like this?


Let’s rub against each other directly.

I’ll undress too, so let’s take off your bottom piece.

I was the one who suggested it, but getting naked and being watched is embarrassing. I wonder if I’ll get used to it in time?

You want us to do it a ton and be used to it?

You’re so bold.

Yeah, I’m no different from you. I want to touch you like this and shower you with affection.


I wasn’t put-together enough last time, but I’ll try to find a bunch of places that feel good for you today.

Your ears are sensitive, after all. Should we try?

Should I lick them? Should I nibble them?

Then I’ll give it a try.


Doesn’t seem like it’s too bad.

It’s okay to let out your voice more.

What’s the matter? You were saying such provocative things earlier, are you now feeling shy?

How cute.

Don’t move all of a sudden-! You’re pressing against me directly so-

Is this your payback?

You’re just as inexperienced as much when it comes to this. And you’re more…


This is frustrating.

I’ll move too.

How’s that?

Your body’s trembling… It’s good that you’re easy to read. You’ve gotten super wet down there, and it’s slippery, and it’s easy to move.

Shoot, I want to put it in now.

No, we can’t, I haven’t loosened this place up with my fingers. I have to make sure you can at least take two fingers.


Really? I absolutely do not want you to force yourself.

Then, wait just a moment, I’ll put on a condom.

Yes, that’s right, they were left over from my last purchase. I’m glad I put them in my bag.

This should be okay. I just have to lay on my back, right?


Is this okay?

This is dangerous…

It’s nothing. More importantly, are you really okay?

I’m fine, I have it properly up for you.

Wait, you don’t have to hold it for me, I’ll do it myself. You can just spread yourself open and lower your hips.

That’s good. It’s gone in a little…

I, I said something really lewd just then, didn’t I?


Don’t repeat what I just said!!

Come on, try putting it in slowly.

Most of it has gone in…

Don’t force yourself to move. You can move slowly, at your own pace, it’s okay.


You’re not heavy at all. Things are fine as-is.

I’ll have you let me hear more of that voice.

Place your hands on my abdomen and move however you like.

……All the way to the base.

The way you move is so lewd. This is just too much, almost…

Turn your eyes towards me, it really turns me on when you look at me. You like that part of me, don’t you? Your insides are twisting a lot.


Worry not, it feels good for me too when we’re doing it.

Wait, what? You’ll work harder? What do you-

Going that deep…

Please wait, I’ll go crazy if I start really feeling it. And we’re creating such dirty sounds.


Did you cum just now?

I still have more in me, but it felt really good. It might be good to do it this way from time to time.

What? No, this is enough, we don’t have to keep going in this position.

Why are you moving-

You’ll keep going until I cum…? You don’t have to go that far-!


Seriously, wait! If you move up and down on me so vigorously…

When I’m deep in you, it’s like I’m being sucked in.

Stop, I, I’m about to…

I’m cumming!


Hey, you, I told you to wait, didn’t I? Why did you do the exact opposite?

What? You were happy that I was feeling it and you tried to work harder?

I was really cute when it was over…?

Hah? Me?

W-What are you trying to imply with that? Don’t call me cute.

I can’t accept that this is how it ends.

Oh? I see, you can still keep going? Then, let’s keep going.


Track 4


I’m going to have payback for that just now.

Something that would embarrass you… Let’s see, why don’t you lie face down?

Enough, just do as I say.

Alright, now raise your hips.

Oh? I can get this type of view with this position.

Hmm? Oh, I’m changing condoms and going at it from the back. I’m going to thrust into and rub against this now sensitive place of yours here and make you cum.

I’ll make it so that you can’t call me cute.


I’m putting it in.

Come on, relax.

No, uh, I’m not being kind, I’m teasing you right now.

I’ll make it so that you can’t say unnecessary things.

I’m going to start moving.


This is amazing… It’s even easier for me to move and go in deep than when we face each other.

This is bad, it feels good. I’m going to cum.

I don’t have to hold back?

You… You sure are composed. Don’t regret provoking me so many times.

I know that I’m the only one who can make you have all these lewd reactions. It’s because I know that I’m so happy and in the mood.

I can tell by your voice. It feels good when I rub against this place, right?

You tightened up so much. I knew it.


I love hearing your cries. It’s louder than usual and I can tell that you’re aroused, and it makes me really happy.

I told you, didn’t I? Things aren’t over yet.

Don’t say things that make me happy…

I’m no good with teasing you. I’m more suited to spoiling you.


Don’t be so- You laughed just now, didn’t you?

I’m going to stop teasing you and make you really feel it. I’ll make sure to meet your expectation of wanting to be showered with affection.

I’m going to focus on the spot that made you make those indecent moans.


Your insides are twitching…

Here, I’ll thrust deep inside you and move.

You’re about to cum again soon, aren’t you?

Looks like you’re serious. Let’s cum together this time, I’m close to cumming too. Tighten up inside like you did earlier.

You’re feeling so good that you can’t even reply, huh?

That’s fine, just keep focusing on me.

Looks like you’re at your limit. Together, let’s……


Track 5


Oh, you’re awake.

It almost looked like you fainted afterward, so I panicked.

Ah, you’re asking about how I wiped down your body?

It’s a given since I’m your boyfriend.

Your cheeks are still red, but it’s good that you’re sobering up. I’m relieved.


We’re supposed to take a bath, right? Are you able to walk?

If you can’t, I’ll carry you.

That’s because I want to cherish you-

Wait, what are you trying to make me say?

Come on, have a nice drink of water. It’ll be bad if you get dehydrated during a bath.


Hmm? Oh, I’ll have a drink too.

Don’t get embarrassed now. You’re the one who asked for it.

This isn’t good, we just did it and now it feels…it feels like it wasn’t enough.

No, forget that just not! I’m the worst. Without considering your feeling, I-

Are you serious?

Then…should we do it in the bath?


I’ve made the decision not to hold back when you’ve given the okay, after all. I’ll do even dirtier than before. I want to see you lose your composure.

Eh? Why are you looking so happy?

Jeez, I can’t win against you.

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