【Translation】 Ojisan ni Suiminkan sarete Ochi*po Milk Nomasare chaimashita


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CV: Morita Noriaki (森田則昭)

Track 1: Prologue・Hand Job Masturbation


It’s me, your Uncle. I’m coming in.

You’re…asleep, right?

Yup, she’s asleep, she’s asleep.

What a cute sleeping face. You’ve become more mature, but your sleep face is still child-like.

I do apologize, but I did give you some drugs. It’s just sleeping medication, but you’re not waking, are you? Shall I try shaking you a little?

Hello, are you asleep?

Hmm, she’s not waking. What a relief, looks like the drugs are working properly. I’d be killed by my older brother if I were to be found sneaking into your room at this hour.

You’re my brother’s one and only cute daughter, after all.


Right it’s, 2 am, I think? It’s the dead of night, but everyone else is sound asleep. Since I had to travel here for work, I’m here staying at your house for a week.

I took up my brother’s offer and stayed here, but here I am doing this to my brother’s daughter… Your Uncle’s a terrible man, isn’t he? His brother and sister-in-law are sleeping on the floor below, even.

I wanted to obtain you no matter what the cost and mixed drugs into your dinner.

It only makes you sleep and it won’t harm your body, so rest at ease.

The last time we met was when you were in middle school, right?

I was so happy to see you again after so long.

I wonder if you remember? When you were small, you got lost during the summer festival, and you were balling your eyes out when Uncle found you.

It took almost an hour to find you and it was no small task.


You said to me, “Uncle is the prince who saved me.” And you were so shy.

You even said that you’d marry your Uncle when you grew up.

You’ve always been cute ever since you were young, so it made my heart skip a beat.

It’s been a long time since I saw you and it seems like your Uncle has fallen in love. Forget our age difference, we’re an Uncle and his niece, so it’s strange, right?

You have a boyfriend right now, don’t you?

When I asked you during dinner if you had someone you liked, your face turned beet red.

You must do, right? You’re a grown-up girl, you’re cute, there’s no way you don’t have a boyfriend. And I’m sure you forgot the times when you said you wanted to marry me as a child.

Obviously, you’re not thinking of the past but rather of your boyfriend who’s close to you in age.


Your Uncle is about to lose his mind from jealousy.

I’ve been watching over you since you were a wee child, so I thought these feelings were like that of a father’s…but they’re different.

I desire you…

I was afraid that, now that you’ve grown, you’d leave for someplace far away. I can’t stand the thought of being any further apart from you. In the near future, surely, someone, not your Uncle, would be standing by your side.

And that vexes me to no end.


This is the dream that your Uncle will use to forget about you. And when you wake, I’ll greet you and say “Good morning” to you like always.

So…forgive me for doing this. As your Uncle, these feelings aren’t something I can allow myself to convey. But, I’m at the end of my wits, so I drugged you and crawled into your room in the middle of the night.

I’m sorry, this is the only way your Uncle can confess to you.

You’ve become very beautiful.

You used to stick close behind your Uncle, but the next thing you know, you’ve grown this big… It makes me very emotional.


You looked so voluptuous when you got out of the bath earlier and it took me off-guard.

I may be your Uncle, but you were being way too defenseless.

Seeing your bare chest and thighs… I got hard. An appearance like that would turn anyone on.

I take my bath after you, but I was debating on whether I should drink the bathwater. And when I smelled the scent of your shampoo, I felt the urge to use it myself.

And then I, m-masturbated using the bath towel you had used.

Your Uncle must be a perv, right?


No, I’m here talking to you while you’re asleep. Your Uncle’s acting like an idiot, isn’t he?

Laying hands on my own niece is something that I mustn’t do, and our ages are completely different…

I’m sorry. Just one night’s enough. I want to touch you.

Have you already kissed someone before? You see, your Uncle wants to kiss you.

You really aren’t waking up. I’ll give you an even deep kiss, then.


I love you. I really love you.

I love you so, so much that I can’t help myself. I want to destroy our relationship as an Uncle and his niece, but your Uncle lacks courage, so all he can do is sneak in the middle of the night.

You’ll understand, right? You have a boyfriend who’s in the same age range as you, right?

I’m sure they’ve kissed you before, right?

Your Uncle wants to kiss you too.

I love you. I love you so much.


Did you know that the saliva of the person you love would taste sweet?

Your saliva is unimaginably sweet. …I want more of it.

I’ll undo your pajama top.

When you got out of the bath earlier, I caught a glimpse of your bosom, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

I feel so overjoyed, seeing your breasts.

There’s no more turning back. …I’ll have you let me touch your breasts.


So soft… It’s making my heart race. Your chest has gotten so big.

I want to lick your nipples.

Your body jumped up a little just now, didn’t it? Does it feel good even though you’re asleep?

What kind of dream are you seeing? It would be nice if it were a dream of you having sex with your Uncle.

Let me…lick your nipples more…


Your Uncle’s place down there has been hard this whole time.

I’m going to take off your underwear and pants.

I’m going to spread your legs…

Your beautiful pink pussy…is before my eyes.

It’s wet. Is it because I licked your nipples?

It might get wetter if I tease your clitoris.


Your juices are making your Uncle’s fingers all slippery.

I’ll keep teasing your clitoris.

For me to sneak into your room in the middle of the night and to play with your pussy… Your Uncle’s a full-blown perv, isn’t he?

Creeping on my own niece at night… What is your Uncle even doing?

But, I want you. I want you so badly that I can’t control myself. I’m going to lick your clitoris.


More and more of your juices keep pouring out of you.

It’s missing with your Uncle’s saliva, and it’s amazing. Your juices taste so good.

Did you cum just now? You suddenly straightened your leg.

I want to put it in, but I’ll try not to. It would be horrible if I did.

Still, your Uncle’s cock is still hard. Is it alright if I masturbate here? I’ll pull down my pants and underwear.

Look at my cock, it’s gotten so big from wanting you. There’s even precum leaking from it.

I’m going to borrow your hand.

Wrap your tiny hands around your Uncle’s cock. …And then I’ll place my hand on top to stroke myself off.


This is…incredible. I think I might cum right away.

Your soft hands are touching your Uncle’s cock… It’s arousing even if I don’t want it to be.

I can’t contain myself anymore. Move faster.

Cumming… I’m cumming!


I’ve tainted your cute hands.

Let me lick your beautiful fingers…

It tastes of my cum as well. I’ll be sure to wipe you clean.

Now, let’s kiss again.

I love you. I love you so much. I love you.

Thank you. It felt really good.

Good night.


Track 2: Masturbation, Masturbation


It’s me, your Uncle. I’m coming in.

I wanted to touch you again and drugged you again tonight.

I’m sorry, I know that I said it would only be for one night. And I know that this is something that I shouldn’t be doing.

I know this is wrong, but I have no more control over myself.


You’re sound asleep today too. Can I sleep next to you?

Your Uncle slept really well last night. I often don’t get much sleep, so I was shocked. I wonder if it was because I touched you.

It calms me whenever I smell this scent of yours.

I want to lend you my arm as a pillow, and I want to kiss you too.

I never thought I could ever slowly savor your lips like this… I just took a bath earlier, but you had left your underwear laying there beside the sink.

And I…couldn’t stop myself from sniffing them.

A set of pink bra and panties lined with white lace… They had a sweet and astringent smell and I couldn’t get enough of it. And when I pressed them against my face, I remembered the events from last night…and then that place got hard, so…I used your underwear to jerk off.


Let me touch your body again today.

And don’t worry, I’m not going to put it in today either.

I can take off your pajamas, right?

I can never get tired of looking at your breasts. Your skin’s supple and your chest is soft. Not to mention, your nipples have a cute pink color to them.

You have such a lewd body now. Your breasts have grown so big.

Look at how hard your nipples have gotten… Is it cold, I wonder? Your Uncle will warm them up with his tongue.


I’m going to lick that place again tonight.

So you get wet even though you’re asleep… How lewd. How exactly did my brother raise you for you to become such a lewd girl?

I can play with your clitoris and kiss you at the same time, right?

Of course, I’ll lick your clitoris too. Why wouldn’t I? Your juices are incredibly sweet and addicting.


Did you cum just now? Your body’s trembling so much.

I’d be happy if you did cum.

Your Uncle wants to feel good too.

I won’t put it in. I’m going to refrain from it tonight. Instead, can I rub it against your clitoris?

Your Uncle will undress too.


Look, it’s just as hard today, and it’s thirsting for you.

I’ll rub your juices onto my cock…and move slowly.

This… This feels so good. It’s almost like I’m inside you.

Will you wake up if I go too hard?

I have to be careful. But…I can’t stop my hips. It’s close to going in. If it wasn’t for me holding back, it would’ve-

No, I can’t.


I’ve come this far… I want to move faster.

I’m sorry for this. I’m sorry for being such a cowardly Uncle.

I’m about to cum-

Cumming, I’m cumming…!


Oh no, your breasts are covered in semen.

I’m sorry. I’ll wipe them clean.

Yesterday it was these cute hands of yours and now today, it was your breasts.

I’ve marked you in all sorts of places, haven’t I?

It’s a really dirty sight.

I really do love you. Let’s kiss.

Good night.


Track 3: Fellatio, Masturbation


I came again tonight.

This drug makes you sleep so soundly… You don’t wake up no matter what I do.

I was off work today, so I was able to spend time with you. It was like a date and it made me so happy.

While you were napping beside your Uncle while watching TV, I sniffed your hair without realizing.

It smelled really good and it turned me on.

I wonder if the sleep medication from last night was still having effect? You weren’t waking up even when I tried to wake you, so your Uncle wrapped your hair around his cock and stroked himself off.

Smooth and silky hair felt really good.


It is your scent that makes your Uncle go crazy.

If anyone caught a whiff of scent as wonderful as this, they would naturally lose their mind.

Maybe they’re your pheromones?

I’m very drawn to your scent.

Let’s do more lewd things with your Uncle again today.

First, let’s start with a kiss.


Sweet… Why are your lips and saliva so sweet?

I’ve noticed it for a while, but you really don’t wear your bra while you sleep. Not to mention, your pajamas are really sexy today.

Maybe it would be better to call them lingerie rather than pajamas.

Pale purple with lace around the breast area, and nipples showing through.

This is the type of underwear you’d use to seduce men. It’s really erotic. I’m going to lick your nipples through the lace.


It’s a really strange feeling… Is this lingerie something your boyfriend is into? Because if so, your Uncle’s going to start burning with jealousy.

It’s frustrating that your Uncle can’t be your number 1.

Your Uncle will rub his cock against your tits.

I’ll rub up against them like this… Press your tits together, and sandwich your Uncle’s cock between them.


Have you gotten your boyfriend off with your breasts before?

Come on, tell me. Have you done this with your boyfriend before?

Let me press my cock up against your face.

Look, your Uncle’s cock is rubbing against your cheeks.

How does it feel? Must be strange, right?


I can’t wait any longer. I’m going to shove my cock inside your mouth.

It feels good… Your Uncle will churn up the inside of your mouth with his cock.

Your tongue is soft and it sometimes twitches… I’m about to cum already.

This is bad. Can I cum inside your mouth…

This is your fault. Your Uncle will have your drink his cock milk for having had sex with your boyfriend.



The thick milk is coming!


How was your Uncle’s…my milk? Was it good?

Having so much overflowing from your mouth… I’ll clean that up.

Oh no, your pillow got dirty.

Don’t worry, I’ll return everything back to normal by morning. You’ll be here soundly sleeping.


Track 4: Tomorrow’s the Last Time


Good evening.

I didn’t learn my lesson and came again today.

You know that your Uncle’s returning home soon, right? But, I wanted more memories with you.

Let’s do naughty things together with your Uncle again today.


Your pajamas today are pretty erotic today too.

I guess it’s not pajamas, but rather, lingerie. I never thought that you’d be reaching such sexy lingerie all the time and not just when you’re with your boyfriend.

But, seeing you look this lewd… I’m happy. Today, you’re in black skimpy lingerie.

It really suits you, but I’m going to take it off. Sorry.

Let me bury my face in your breasts.


Something bad happened at work today and your breasts feel so nice that it makes me forget about it completely.

You are your Uncle’s source of solace. I love you so much that I’m hopeless.

…I’m going to lick your nipples.

You always get wet when I lick your nipples. Let’s see if you got wet again today.


Yup, you were wet.

Are you someone that feels it easily?

I love a lewd girl. You want me to eat you out, right? I can tell. your clitoris is sensitive.

Your Uncle knows everything about your body. He came to learn it all this past week, Your legs straighten out whenever you cum and you let out a sweet moan.

You’re like this even when you’re asleep, so what will happen when I make love to you when you’re awake?

Would you pass out because of how good it feels?

One day, when you’re not asleep…


No, no, that’s never bound to happen.

To have sex with you outside of the dark hours of the night… That would be a dream within a dream.

Your thighs are smooth and soft.

I want to lick your thighs now.


It gives you a sense of frustration, right? Don’t you want me to eat you out right here and now?

I guess no matter what I say to you, you can’t respond since you’re asleep.

I’m going to eat you out.


You’re letting out a sweet sound.

You came, didn’t you? You were really cute. I want to kiss you.

I said I wouldn’t put it in, but sorry, I want to put it in. I can’t take it any longer. Being tempted by you constantly and having your lewd cherry blossom-colored pussy right before me… There’s no way I could not put it in.

I can put it in, right?

You love your Uncle, right?

Please wait, I’m going to undress.


This massive cock your Uncle has…is going to go inside you.


Why is it this tight? D-Don’t tell me that you were a virgin?

There’s no way. There’s no way that could be possible. You have a boyfriend, right?

Don’t worry, let’s take this slowly. Plus, your Uncle might be a bit big.


Your Uncle is going to leave the mark of his love inside you, tonight.

It’s all in. I’m going to start moving.

You’re not going to wake up, right? …But you seem to be in a lot of pain. Even though you’re asleep your brows are wrinkled and it seems like your body’s shaking.

Don’t tell me that you really were a virgin?

In that case, what has your Uncle done…

But, I’m sorry, I can’t stop my hips from moving. I’ve finally become one with you. Your Uncle has always wanted to do this.

I love you. I love you…


Your Uncle loves you a lot. Can I move a little faster?

It feels good…

It feels too good, and I just stop caring about things. If your Uncle had more courage…

Let’s kiss.

I no longer have control of myself.

I’m…about to cum. I… Cumming!

I can’t stop it. I’m cumming!


I let it all out inside you.

This is now a memory between you and your Uncle, right? I love you so much that I honestly don’t know what’ll become of me. I still haven’t had enough of you.

Your Uncle’s cock is still this enlarged, and it hurts.

I’m going to ravage one more time.

This time I’ll do it from the back. I’ll put you on your stomach.


You’re so deep in your sleep, aren’t you?

That’s right, try not to wake up.

Let me pull your hips in closer.

I’m putting it in…

It went in a lot more smoothly than before, and you have so much love juice coming out of you. On top of that, the semen your Uncle pumped inside you earlier is trickling out… It’s really lewd.

I’m in, all the way.

I’ll move slowly.


To think it felt this good inside you… Your Uncle’s now your captive.

I’m almost dead certain that I won’t be able to love anyone but you. You’re the first person I’ve ever loved this much.

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Can I thrust into you harder?

Please don’t wake up. You mustn’t wake up.


I came earlier, but I’m about to cum again.

I’m going to cum inside you!


It was wonderful.

I love you so dearly. Thank you for becoming your Uncle’s for but a brief moment.

There’s still one more night. I’ll make love to you again tomorrow.

And then after that… I’m going to give up on you.

Please forgive this good-for-nothing Uncle.


I want to kiss you.

See you again tomorrow.


Track 5: Final Sleep Sex


Tonight’s our last night.

I’m forever thankful. I was able to make many wonderful memories. I came to learn the softness of your lips and the sweetness of your saliva too.

……And how you wear such lewd lingerie while you’re sleeping too.

And I know all about how your nipples are your weakness.

And you especially love being eaten out.


Getting this wet… You have a dirty pussy, don’t you? It’s twitching, wanting me to lick it.

I’ll lick you now.

Your juices are sweet and delicious.


Looks like you came.

When you’re this wet, can it go in?

Your Uncle is going to undress, so wait right there.


Now then, I’m going to put it in.

Your Uncle’s cock’s being swallowed up by you. It’s going in…while these dirty sounds could be heard.

It’d be bad if you wake up from the shock of it, so I’m going to move slowly…

Eh? Eh!? This-

You, waking up… Did tonight’s drugs not take effect?

I apologize! I’m sorry! I’m going to pull out!

Huh? Is it really alright for me to continue?


Why? Why aren’t you in shock?

You were… Are you saying that you were awake the whole time!?

Eh? What? Huh? What is happening?

You love your Uncle, you say?

That’s… When you hug me like that, you tighten up a whole…

Were you really in love with me, your Uncle?

So it’s not a lie. Then, your Uncle doesn’t have to hold back any longer, right?


I’m happy. I’m so happy.

I would never have imagined that our feelings were mutual.

I understand. I’ll continue, then.


Can I move a little bit faster?

Thank you!

You’re tightening up so much inside… If you clamp down that hard, I…

I’m about to cum.

Are you feeling good?

If you let out a sound that loud, your father and your mother downstairs will hear.

I’ll kiss you and silence your mouth.


I’m at my limit…

I’m cumming, I’m cumming-


Do you mind if I lend you my arm as a pillow?

Still, I can’t believe it. For you to be awake the whole time… Did the drug not take effect?

Was it from the first day?

No way. Did the drug not have any effect?

Right, you’re right. It was an over-the-counter medication, so naturally, when your body is touched, you’d wake up.

Then that means… You heard all of your Uncle’s monologues!?


I’m so embarrassed. I had no self-control.

Sorry, I wanted to become one with you, the person that I loved.

So you really were a virgin. I’m so sorry, your Uncle has, your virginity… Was that your first kiss too?

Is, is that so? I apologize.

You’re okay with your Uncle taking all your firsts?

For you to love your Uncle this much…


Ever since you were a child…?

Could it be that you remembered the time when you said you’d marry me?

And then, despite that, your Uncle drugged you with sleep medication and tried to have his way with you…

Will you forgive me?

I see… I guess it would’ve been better if I never used the drugs.

Hah!? You were pretending to nap too?!

Please don’t tell me that when your Uncle wrapped your hair around him to jerk off, you…


I’m really sorry, I had a hard time controlling myself. Your Uncle is a serious perv, isn’t he? You must be disappointed, right?

Are you saying that you were happy that I sneaked into your room in the middle of the night?

And this sexy lingerie you’re wearing… It’s for your Uncle too!?

Does that mean that sexy appearance you had when you got out of the bath was to seduce me?

Erm… What about your boyfriend? You have a boyfriend, don’t you?

You don’t?! So your Uncle just imagined it on his own!


I got jealous, my feelings exploded, and I laid hands on you.

You’re right, our feelings are mutual.

But, still, in the eyes of society, this relationship is wrong. We’re not meant to be together.

It’s not unrelated.

If you really do love your Uncle then you must keep this love a secret.

Your Uncle wants to shout at the top of his lungs and declare his love for you too. However, this relationship isn’t legally allowed.


Your Uncle does too. Your Uncle wants to be with you forever. Will you stay with me?

I’m so glad.

It’s late, so we should sleep soon.

Can I come here again tomorrow night? And can I embrace you?

Let’s sleep together tonight.

Good night.


Track 6: Pinky Promise


Good evening. Did you sleep?

Were you waiting for your Uncle? …I’m happy. Let me hug you.

I was supposed to leave today, but because I wanted to be with you so badly, I stayed for another night.

Let’s kiss.

Your lingerie today is erotic too. You’re practically asking to be pushed down.

I love you.

I want to kiss your breasts too.

Can I take off your panties?


Did you get this wet from your Uncle’s kiss?

You want me to touch your clitoris too, don’t you?

I know everything when it comes to you. I’ll tease your clitoris while kissing you.

You were holding back your voice this whole time, huh. Today, your moans are louder than ever before.

Your father and mother are downstairs, so you mustn’t let out too loud of a sound.

I’m going to eat you out, so try not to let your voice leak out.


Stop there, we’ll be found out if you make a sound that loud.

Still, your Uncle’s happy that you’re feeling so good from his tongue.

Are you about to cum?

Alright, I’ll go hard so that you can cum.


Your juices keep pouring out of you.

For you to desire me that much…

Come here. We’ll sit, facing each other, and have sex while looking at each other’s faces.

I’m putting it in…


It really is tight. Does it still hurt?

Are you really okay?

Your Uncle isn’t able to hold back anymore, and he’s afraid to break you.

Okay, I’ll go at it hard.

Your pussy’s been stuffed with your Uncle’s cock. You can feel it, can’t you?

Cute. You’re so cute. You’re my one and only niece.


Don’t hesitate to move your hips too.

Shake your hips like your Uncle is.

Yes, that’s good.

Can I thrust into you harder? …Can I make a mess out of you?

With your pussy… I can’t hold out any longer. I’m about to cum. I’m going to cum inside you.

I’m cumming inside you. I’m cumming!


Hold me while we’re still joined.

I’m happy being the closest to you. I want you to stay by my side forever.

Let’s lie down on the bed.


When you graduate, come live with your Uncle, and keep it a secret from your parents.

I think it’ll definitely be fun to live together.

Let’s go live in some town far away.


Where should we move to?

It can be somewhere you can like. Your Uncle’s fine with anywhere as long as it’s with you.

Now that I think of it… I don’t know your contact info.

Let’s exchange it later. Let’s exchange a lot of things.

Pinky promise?

Then take out your pinky.


Pinky swear, if you lie, swallow a thousand needles.

I love you, after all. I really do cherish you.

Let me kiss you.


I’m so fortunate to be able to kiss you while you’re awake.

It’s true that you were awake the whole time, but your Uncle thought you were asleep.

Say, can you say that you love me one more time?

Try saying my name. “Masataka.”


Having one’s niece say “Mr.” before one’s name gives off a weird, fuzzy feeling. And I was the one who told you to call me by my name.

Your Uncle too?

Yes, I love you too. I’m in love with you. I love you deeply.

Let’s kiss.

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