【Translation】 Ouchi Date DLsite Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Abe Atsushi (阿部敦)

Track 1: Sweet Mischief


Okay, that should be good.

Erm, so for the sponge to bake… Whoa, you startled me there. It’s dangerous to grab people from the back.

You won’t do it when it’s dangerous?

You sure can talk. But well, I guess it’s fine when I’m not holding a knife.

So, what’s the matter? You hungry? Or are you feeling lonely?


You sure are a needy boy.

No, I don’t hate it. I want to spoil you, so it’s fine. Still, can’t you wait a little longer? You’re the one who said that a handmade birthday cake will do.

Ah! Hey, don’t stick your fingers in and lick the whipped cream.


Huh? It’s not sweet?

I tried not to add too much sugar, but…

Eh? Why are you putting a dollop on your finger? Are you asking me to lick it?

Good grief.

Hmm… It’s not that sweet, but don’t you think it’ll go great with fruit?

Hah!? What do you mean by one more-

Hey, don’t take off my clothes…

Sheesh, what are you trying to do?

That’s a stupid question, you say? Who are you trying to fool? Also, I have nothing but a bad feeling about this.

Play with whipped cream…?

Knowing you, that’s hardly a surprise.


Ah- Hey! I didn’t say you could!

I told you no! Don’t spread it on my nipples.

Oh jeez, it’s all wet feeling.

How does it feel, you ask? I’m a nursery school teacher, and I’ve told you to not play with food, so it feels like I’m doing something very wrong.

You won’t waste it?

That… Don’t lick my nipples so much.

Huh? Sweet?

How’s that possible? It’s the same cream.

My nipples are sweet…? Are you stupid? But, I’m happy that you like it so much, gobble up as much as you’d like.

Ow! Don’t bite!



Shut up, you know that I’m embarrassed by the fact I came from just my nipples.

Eh? Something more embarrassing?

Ah! Hey! Stop! We’re in the kitchen!

Not on the bed either.

It’s cold. Don’t put cream there.

You’ll lick it all off..? That’s not the problem here!


T-That startled me.

There’s cake, right?

Right, right, it’s your birthday, so you’ll eat cake, right? I’ll go take a shower, then, it’s not like I can continue making a cake like this.

Take the sponge out of the oven and let it cool a little.

Oh, and, whip up enough cream to make up for the cream you used up, alright? It’s definitely not going to be enough.

Your answer.

Okay, good boy, I’ll leave it to you then.


What was that earlier…? He looked like a carnivore. Sharp and fierce… It was like I was really being devoured and it made my heart race.

The number of bite marks I have increased again. Not to mention, it’s on my nipples. For me to cum from just my nipples…

But, it’s a nice feeling, it’s like my body’s being molded by him.

Ah, I guess it’s not the time for me to be saying that.

Let’s sort out the cream and head back.

And tonight, we’ll go even deeper… Just kidding.

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