【Translation】 Ouchi Date


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Abe Atsushi (阿部敦)

Track 1: Welcome Home Kiss


Welcome home…

Eh? Is something the matter?

This…? Oh, it’s not really-

Hey, wait, why did you drop-

Jeez, don’t just stick your tongue without any warning. It’s been a long time. What’s with you, seriously? Why did you suddenly kiss me the moment you returned from work?

I’m not against it, but, you know that I need to ready myself too, right? It’s suffocating if I don’t take a breath beforehand.

Also, it was my promise to you that I’d kiss you when you came home.


Wait-! We’re at the front door. Also, I wasn’t crying!

You were a little late today and you didn’t contact me, and it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t lonely, but…this and that are two different stories! Don’t start feeling me up in this place of the house!

Good grief, that’s why I said I wasn’t crying. I was just putting in eye drops right before you came back.

I sounded nasally?

When you’re crying, it naturally happens. That’s all it is.

Jeez, listen to what someone is saying. And it’s a bad habit of yours to immediately try and solve problems with kissing and sex.

I also like doing it, so it’s partially my fault for getting caught up in the flow, but…


Hmm… More importantly, you reek of alcohol.

You drank on an empty stomach?

So that’s why your face is red. It’s not like you had a low tolerance. That’s the reason why you’re late today, right?

A project launch?

You should’ve told me, then. I could’ve made dinner with that in mind.

You want my home cooking on the weekends?

That makes me happy, but, here you are sounding like a child again. You’re not married, so it’s hard for you to slip out, isn’t it? And you need to be more social with your coworkers and bosses.


As long as you have me…?

Why, you ask? Ow!

Have I grown tired of you? Of course not. You know how much I look forward to coming to your house each week for our house date, don’t you? And you’re still doubting me?


I love you, after all. So if you understand that, let go.


Sorry about that. I’m fine as long as I have you too. I’m not asking you to prioritize work or anything.

Alright! Let’s have dinner, then. You even came home hungry on purpose.

A kiss to welcome you home?

Are you trying to take advantage of the flow?

Yeah, I did promise you that.

Welcome home.


Okay! Now, let’s quickly get sorted and changed.

…And you just drop things straight by the entrance.

Yes, my apron today is from nursery school. I figured I might as well since I’m going to wash it.

What do you think? Does it suit me?

Eh? What do you mean that it’s like the “usual”?

Thank you. It definitely makes me incredibly happy when you compliment me.

Still, it’s kinda strange how you’re here in a suit and I’m here wearing a nursery school apron. It’s like you’re in an illicit relationship with a single father… Or is it just normal AV nowadays?

Eh? Is something wrong? You have such a serious look on your face.


You felt annoyed?

My goodness. I told you, you reek of alcohol! You should brush your teeth before you eat.

Don’t just respond with the sound of your stomach!

Since you’re here, why don’t we have “Teacher Kei” brush them for you?

Just kidding.

Hurry up? You mean your teeth?

Oh, yeah, I was the one who said it.


I know.

Good grief, your invisible tail is on its way to being torn off.

Yeah, yeah. Let’s go to the bathroom, then.


Still, I never thought I’d see the day when I’d have to use a mere step stool as a chair for this.

Alright, sit down.

And put your head on my thighs.

Hey! Don’t start rubbing your head on someone else’s crotch!

It’s not a matter of me feeling it or not, jeez. If you’re going to play around like that, I’m not going to brush your teeth for you.

Alright, good boy. Now open your mouth.


It really is like I’m dealing with a massive child.

Come on, stop moving.

Also, I must say, your teeth are pretty straight.


Mine aren’t bad, but they’re not as straight as yours. Nothing’s misaligned and your teeth’ shape is beautiful.

Oh, you’ve still got your wisdom teeth?

Doesn’t it hurt?


They really hurt for me.

Yeah, you do know pretty much everything about me. Maybe you even know the exact number of moles I have.

I guess you wouldn’t have counted.


Eh? Silence?

Are you saying that you do know?

Wow, seriously? When did you count them?

Next time, let me count yours.

Ah! Are you okay? Quickly rinse your mouth.

Jeez, you didn’t have to be so surprised. But, yeah, I guess it’s fine. Let’s go have dinner next.

Track 2: Time Together and Possessiveness


Alright, here you go. Hamburger stew and rice.

Then let’s dig in.

Whenever you’re about to eat you naturally place your hands together, huh. Though I guess I have occupational disease too.


Well, yeah. That’s how I’ve been raised so it’s a big part of the reason why I grew up this way.

I mean, for you, you always have stew with your rice, right?

Whenever we had stew in our house, we had bread.

Yup. Stew and rice go together well, don’t they? …I thought it would’ve been terrible back when I was living with my parents.

Still, it’s nice to see how much we resemble each other. Our demeanor, our tastes… They say couples take after each other, but I wonder if we’re becoming like that.


You ran into Yamamoto the other day?

When you say “Yamamoto,” do you mean the Yamamoto you went to high school with? Where exactly did you two meet?

Your boss took you to a bar, and they happened to be there?

And then?

When he asked if we were together, what did you tell him?

“Of course”? …So matter of course.

Huh? But “Are you two together”? That’s a strange way to phrase it. Why would that be a question?

Because you’re resembling me? …Is that what Yamamoto said?


I see. So we resemble each other so much that other people are mentioning it.

A weird face?

You’re so rude! You know I can’t help it.

I’m happy, but I’m having mixed feelings about others finding out about our relationship. And you don’t care about that stuff at all.

Hey, your feet aren’t behaving.

My thighs are just feeling ticklish, though.

We’re inside, so it’s fine, but… When you get excited, you’d do it outside too, wouldn’t you?

It’s not that I’d be embarrassed if people found out we’re dating or anything, but I know it’s not something that everyone in the world accepts. I don’t want those people to be trying to force us apart.

Enough, we’re not talking about this anymore. Also, don’t make those eyes.


What kind, you ask?

Take a look in the mirror, there’s a cute puppy dog.

Oh? It’s from Mr. Takahashi.

What business does he have at this hour?

Sorry, I’m just going to take the call for a bit.

Good day, thank you for your hard work.

Monday’s shopping trip? Speaking of which, you’re off work, right, Mr. Takahashi? So what’s up?

Meet place and time?

Huh? Did I tell you?

I apologize. Err, wait just a moment.


Ah, hey-

What are you doing?

My promise to not take any non-work-related calls while I’m here? But this is a work-related call, is it not?

That’s only for appearance’s sake?

What are you going on about? They’re just calling about the shopping trip on Monday for the next Christmas party.

What? I’m the only one who thinks that? Are you saying Mr. Takahashi’s different?

He’s targeting me…?

Why would he? Ah, jeez, come on, give me back my cell phone. I have to apologize for earlier.

Hey! Don’t just chuck someone’s cell phone!


“Don’t go”…?

I’m just picking up my cell phone.

What? I’m not going to know if you don’t say it.

Don’t go on the shopping trip?

You know that’s impossible, right?

Ow! You… Why did you bite my neck!?

If I’m hurt then I can’t go? …Is that what you want me to tell them? Why don’t you take a break from your stupidity?

Good grief. You’re being so needy like that…




Hey! Stop! It hurts!

Oh jeez, you tipped the cup over.

Are you okay?

I guess not. It’s all over your back and it’s dripping down your neck. Also, it’s cold, isn’t it?

Hey, don’t just start stripping!

Jeez, take off your shirt and wait. I’ll go grab a towel.


Whoa! You startled me.

I told you to wait.

You can’t?

That’s true, we are a little far from the washroom. Anyways, let’s take off your shirt first. It’s cold, right?

I’m glad that it was only water that spilled. It won’t leave any stain on your shirt.

But…know that you came here with your shirt on,

I figured as much. You left a trail of water along the path you walked.

No, I’m not angry. It’s my fault for not placing a towel in the living room.

Not that?

You mean about the call?

I’m not angry about it anymore. I do wanna be angry about you biting me because it hurt, though.


I have to go on the shopping trip, but I won’t go alone with Mr. Takahashi. Two people won’t be enough to carry all the stuff, so I’ll talk with the principal too, will you allow it then?

Thank you. Let’s return to the living room, then.

Oh, but before that, the front door…

I have to get out the floor wipes and wipe away the water stains you left behind. Though you can always wipe those off yourself.

You’ll refrain?

What, seriously?

It’s fine, I’ll wipe them, so, come on, let’s get moving.

Track 3: Kei’s Secret


Wow, seeing it again the mirror…it really is a massive bite mark.

Ow! There’s even blood oozing out here.

In any case, I have to put a bandage on so that it doesn’t get on my clothes.

But even so, he was super cute there. Getting worked up over a simple shopping trip, biting me, saying that I won’t be able to go if I’m hurt… It still wouldn’t be a reason to abandon my work.

I wonder if he realizes he’s asking for the impossible? That’s why he looked like he was about to cry.

And that phone call was obviously on purpose. I would never let anything come in between my time with you that easily. …If only this mark could last forever. He’s kind so that way, he’ll never be able to abandon me.


I want him to be more blatant with his desires and be more possessive… I wish he could physically confine me.

Just kidding. I’m not into pain.

Oh, sorry! I’m coming out right now.

Sorry to keep you waiting. Is something the matter?

Ah, are you feeling down because you bit me earlier? I’m not lying. It hurt a lot. You know, I’m exactly some sort of masochist.

I’m fine, so don’t look like a dog that just got scolded. And, you washed the dishes, didn’t you? Thank you, that’s all I need.

Goodness, I said it’s fine, so stop worrying about it. Alright?

If you’re going to be so insistent, why don’t have a toast with the wine you brought? And of course, you’re going to be the one to prepare it.


Alright, I’ll sit down and wait, so the wine and glasses.

Still, I’m glad the bottle didn’t break when you dropped it by the entrance. You should really be careful.

It would be a waste, but cleaning up the shards is also a hassle.

Hey, hey, don’t start ripping off your clothes. We’ve chilled the wine, so let’s have a toast first.

You’re puffed up like a pufferfish. Or porcupinefish

You’re puffing up again.

No, wait, sorry.

But, you’re aware, aren’t you? …It feels better when you’re a little drunk.

Then let’s have a toast.

But before that… Sorry for the intrusion!


Huh? Why are you looking all surprised? Isn’t this what we promised? My spot is right between your legs and you’re my tatami chair.

Anyways, cheers!

Tasty. I feel like I’ll end up drinking too much and get drunk.


I won’t drink that much. It’d be troubling if I can’t stand.

On that note, you walk your way here, didn’t you? Your calves are more swollen than usual.

And your thighs are muscular…no, hard and bunched up.

Ah, they’re completely stiff. You’ve really worked hard.

Stay still for a moment, I’ll massage them for you.


Hey! Stop trying to change your position! You’re my tatami chair.

You look pretty slim in clothes, don’t you? You look thin, but your legs are incredibly thick.

I love that body of yours. You’re super slim, but you have just the right amount of muscle. How do I put it? It’s like the body of a working man.

I’ve been working out, but I can’t seem to build any muscle, you see. And because of my body shape, I was forced to wear women’s clothes every year for my circle’s New Year’s party during my university days.

Eh? I never told you?

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to hide it.

What kind of outfits was I made to wear…? You’re going to ask that?

Erm… Like maid uniforms and sailor uniforms and school blazers, and also-

Why are you getting angry? Welcome parties, cherry blossom viewing, year-end parties… I was made to do it even when I said no.


Unfair…? What is?

What? You want costume play? Like in the future?

Absolutely, you say?

That’s fine. You can buy whatever you want.

Haha! You’ll go buy something next week? You sure are hasty.

Ah, you’ve finally loosened up. I can finally push my fingers down in this area. Here, and here too.

How is it? Does it feel good?

You say it feels good, but your heart’s making quite a lot of noise. And your body too. Your back’s hot.

Just kidding. You’ve gotten in the mood, haven’t you? And something hard has been pressing up against my waist for the past while.


Ah! That startled me!

It’s Mr. Takahashi.

Eh? Hey! Don’t just-

Thank you, I apologize for ending the call suddenly earlier.

Oh, yes. Please don’t worry about it, my dog’s just jostling around a little.

Yes, yes, I own a dog.

The breed?

Umm, uh, it’s a shepherd, I think. Yes, it’s a mixed-breed.

Basically, yeah.

Damn it…

Oh, uh, yes, I’m fine.

My dog loves me?

I guess so. Mr. Takahashi, I do apologize, but for Monday’s plans, I’ll message you about it after. I’m at my parents’ home, so let’s end the call here.


Seriously, what were you trying to do? You were playing with someone’s body without permission.

You’re gone with far with games like this. Do you think I don’t have a sense of shame?

What? I was into it?

If that’s what it looks like, maybe you should go see an ophthalmologist, because I haven’t seen you with contacts.

Mine are worse?

Oh, are you angry at me for treating you like a dog?

No, you definitely look angry.

Wait, I get it, so… It’s my loss, so-

You know that whenever you kiss me, I start wanting it too. You coward! I just told you that it was a bad thing.

That smug look on your face is pissing me off.


Whatever. I was planning to anyway, so it’s fine.

If we’re going to do it, get it in the bath. It was a woman who gave you this wine, right?

It carries the scent of unfamiliar perfume.

I didn’t say anything because you brought good wine, but I don’t want to have sex with you while you’re smelling of someone else.

Nope, I already took one before you came home. And if I go in with you, you’re going to try and do it in the bath, am I wrong?

I’ll get dizzy right away, so let’s take our time on the bed.

I’ll be waiting for you, alright?

Track 4: Hurry Up and Take Me to Bed


Speaking of which, we ran out of that shampoo from before. I’ll go buy more next week. Also, we’re running out of ingredients, and that too. Can I leave that to you?

Make sure to keep count?

You’re really sounding like a father now. Don’t act like I don’t know what to buy.

I guess I would be the mother…that’ll be nice.

Of course?

Yeah, I guess you’re right.



Now I’m soaking wet too. Also, if you don’t wipe yourself down, you’re going to catch a cold.

Come on, lean over a little.

When we’re like this, it really feels like I’m dealing with a large dog. Friendly, smart, kind, but sometimes selfish… Just kidding.

But you do like it when I dry your head, right?

I could tell. You always come to me with your head dripping with water.

Me, there?

Wait, it tickles.

I’m feeling it, you say? Alright, we’re done here.

Jeez, you know that you’re not the only one holding backing, okay?

Ah! Don’t just suddenly lift me up!

But…it’s fine. Hurry up and take me to bed.

Track 5: Punishment


What’s the matter?

Eh? My shirt isn’t one you bought?

Oh, you’re right, the color of the embroidery is red. The one I got from you was orange, right?

I didn’t notice… I even promised that I’d wear clothes from you during our dates. I broke another one of my promises with you, sorry.

……And so, please, punish me harshly for being a bad boy.


Are those handcuffs?

Eh? Wait-

Cuffing my right hand to my right ankle… It’s only halfway inconvenient.

Please don’t yank…on my nipples so hard.

You can’t keep licking them. Nothing will come out.

My voice?

Wait! It hurts when you bite that hard!

Look, you left teeth marks.


I like it, but…my nipples are like this because of you.

Come on, hurry up and touch me.

Focusing only on my nipples… Jeez… The left side is coming off…

It’s off.

It’s your fault for not touching this place. And it’s not enough when I’m doing it myself.

Wait- Stop licking the right side, it hurts when it chaffs.

Not the left either.


It hurts!


You idiot, I came.

I didn’t ejaculate, you know that already. I’ve told you before that I don’t like dry orgasms.

I’m not lying… Don’t touch… Wait, not-

Damn it.

Am I loosening my backend myself, you ask? Well, you’re not doing it at all for me. If I’m being honest, I want you to touch this place too.

You’re more mean than usual today…


It’s cold… Are you going to put your fingers in?

No, it’s embarrassing.

Please, it’s not going to be enough like this. It’s not reaching far enough, spread…me up more.

Wait, my fingers are still inside, and you’re putting yours…

No way.

Going in all different directions… That place, the place your fingers are touching…it feels good.

Don’t put in more fingers!

Don’t tease me like that again… Going so slowly like that… I can’t take it anymore, it’s painful. It puts me in pain.

Hurry up and put this thing inside me.

Track 6: I Want You


I’m shaking my hips?

I want it now and badly. You can tell, can’t you? That place is twitching with no regard to my will.

It’s embarrassing to be acting like an animal like this, but…I want you so badly that I can’t help it. So, please, give it to me.

No, if you go rough… I’ll cum… I’m going to cum!

Wait- No…I’m still cumming.

Not this, I’m going to lose my mind… Stop. I told you, stop.

Wait, if you put so much force into it, it jostles me around and it hurts!


I’m cumming again…! I-

Ah, there’re marks left on my wrists.

On that note, don’t you think my wrist look chaffed? I can’t see them, and I can’t lift my legs, and my head is…

What are you examining?

What’s the matter? Tell me.


Are you reflecting on your actions?

You were more pigheaded than usual, weren’t you? But, do you remember what I said? …”Please punish me.”

I was the one at fault, so there’s nothing for you to worry about.

I mean, it’s true that I didn’t expect you to engage in this type of play, however… It’s one thing if it’s just the hands, but don’t you think you’re cutting it close with your fetishes?

Just kidding.

It applies to both of us. I love it when you have sex with me like a beast devouring me.


It’s unfair to look at me with such pure eyes. It makes it seem like I’m the one who’s lewd here.

But…I’m not lying when I say I love the face you make when you’re completely caught up in sex. Not seeing the world nor its troubles… It’s like we’re in a world with only us and it’s comforting.

I’m the only one reflected in your earnest eyes.

So…let’s do it. And this time, I want you to love me more deeply.

Track 7: Love Me More Deeply


It’s okay, I’ll go on top.

I’ll do it properly, so you mustn’t move.

Haven’t you gotten bigger than before?

Right. It’s tight.

Please touch the front, please.

It’s in…


This is bad… It’s reaching all the way inside.

It feels good.

Wait, I said I’ll move!

I love it deep…

Stop, don’t move! No! If you thrust into me, I’ll cum right now!

No, it’s hitting me deep inside…

Hey! I told you to stop!


I’m way too sensitive…? Whose fault do you think that is?

That’s right, it’s you. And you’re always so mean about it. I have a lewd body that gets overjoyed no matter how you fuck me.

Take responsibility for making my body this way and pound me until I’m senseless.

So sudden-

I love it when you tease me up front. I can tell that you’re only looking at me.

Can I wrap my arms around you?

Nails? Are you saying that I can dig them in?



But I can’t control myself right now, so I really might dig them deep. I’m sorry if I end up hurting you.

Again, kiss me again…

I, I’m-

Let’s cum together.

Track 8: The True Feelings I Spill to Your Sleeping Face


What a cute sleeping face.

We did go pretty intense, didn’t we? It can’t be helped that you’re tired. …Though the burden on my body should surely be greater.

Seriously, the handcuff left some serious marks.

It wouldn’t be easy for me to explain away. And the bitemark is suspicious enough on its own.

It’s not going to fade by Monday, is it? I’m going to have to buy bandages on my way home.

Still, getting concerned over a wound like this…and then getting all properly seated. How many years do you think we’ve been dating? It’s not a big deal.

Plus, I’m the weak one who got my back all bent out of shape

Though I guess in your case, it’s also serving as insect repellant. You’re a far better man than you think, after all.

You’re loved not only by the opposite sex but the same sex as well. And because of that, I’m always on edge. I wouldn’t mind if you left more bite marks on me.

Even for kiss marks, truthfully, I want you to suck harder, even to the point that it hurts.


I want you to leave your mark on me as if you’re marking me as yours. I want you to etch it in me, deep, so that it never fades.

I don’t want normal dates like we have a weekend marriage, I want to be with you at all times.

I want you to rob me of my freedom with these handcuffs, blindfold me, and force yourself on me.

A take care kiss, a welcome home kiss, not being more than 2 meters apart even inside, not taking any phone calls outside of work-related ones, or only wearing the clothes you bought… We had tons of promises for when I stay over.

It may seem like you’re trying to control me, but I’m sure that it’s ultimately me that’s doing the controlling.


Ever since the day you confessed to me… No, even before that. I treated you more special than anyone so that you’d fall in love with me, spoiled you, and tried to make it so that you can’t live without me.

I’m sure you don’t realize that I’m constantly doing that in the background, do you?

I feel bad that you’ve been captured by such an easily jealous man. But…I’ll never let you go. I won’t let you go.

You belong to me, and you belong to me.

A mere weekend commitment isn’t enough. Just being together is no longer enough.

Not just your body but your mind, your past, and your future… I’ll control and seize them all with this love.

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