【Translation】 Immoral Quartet Bonus Track

Thank You to Lux for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Yamanaka Masayuki (やまなか正之)

Bonus Track


Were you waiting that anxiously for today?


I, for one, was impatiently waiting. I wanted to have sex with you so badly that I could barely take it.

Is this a new set of lingerie?

Sexy. Your tits are out in the open and your pussy area’s see-through. There’s pretty much no point in you having underwear.

No, if anything, it really turns me on.

Besides, I’m happy that you went and chose this for me.

And as thanks, I ought to tease you a ton, don’t I?


Ah, it’s been dirtied by your pussy juices already.

Hey, next time, wear this to work.

And then we’ll have sex again in the warehouse in secret.

It’ll be fine, you’re such a worrywart. The security cameras have a blind spot there, so it’s fine.

What? It’s not enough when I’m doing it over your underwear?

Right, you love rough stimuli, don’t you?

It’s a waste, but let’s take that off.


Just take a look, it’s all wet already.

I like that embarrassed reaction. It’s cute.

Wow, it feels so good that you’re shaking your hips. …I wonder what’ll happen if I shove my fingers in.

You’re shaking. Are you about to cum already?

Whoa, it’s twitching…and my fingers are drenched. Were you wanting my cock that badly?

Then stick out your ass like you always do and beg for it.

You can, can’t you?


As usual, you have a nice ass.

Your tits are big too, so it’s great.


If you want it then you have to finish the sentence. “Please plunge your cock inside me.”

Well said.


It feels good…

You wanted this, didn’t you?

Come on, come on. Having your pussy get this wet from getting your ass spanked… You’re seriously such a slut.

Making it other people’s fault… You’re such a bad girl. Looks like you need to be punished.

Tighten up your loose pussy more. Don’t just feel good on your own!

It feels good being railed by my cock while I smack your ass, doesn’t it?

C’mon, c’mon.

You’re happily shaking your hips while pussy juice leaks out of you. What a lewd woman, you are.

Idiot, it’s because I like it that even now my cock is rock hard inside you.



That was my intention from the start. I’m going to fill your stomach up to the brim.

I’m cumming. Make sure to take it all in.


It’s still going…

We haven’t done it in a week, so of course it’s going to build up. With her, all I can have is vanilla sex. And I can’t focus because I have to be cautious of it.

No, no, I’m not trying to save up. Plus, it’s not like she’s there wanting it.

But I have you, so it’s fine.

As expected, it’s much better to have a young, naughty girl as my girlfriend.

Your skin is taut, and your tits are big. They’re nice to suck.

And it’s all to me, okay? Don’t let other men touch them.


Hey, aren’t you going to let me titty fuck you like usual? If you get my dick up, I’ll torment your pussy with this.

I love this. It’s completely different from a blowjob.

It’s very hot and it turns me on.

Aren’t you gonna try to be serious? Don’t make me start laughing.

Oh, that feels good. I want to start pounding your pussy.

I feel really good too from the mix of my precum and your saliva.

Crap, I’m about to cum…


You’re right. Not on your tits. I’ll fill your stomach with something even thicker.

Get on, then.

Hey, who said you could just stick it in?

Before you put it in, show me your drenched pussy.


Haha! Did you get wet from getting titty-fucked?

With a naughty body like that, were you really able to wait the full week? Do you have a sex friend for your needs by chance?

Oh? Were you picturing sex with me?

Show me how you do it. Once you loosen yourself up, I’ll put it in.


Does it feel better than usual?


I get it, you can stop masturbating. Go on and swallow up my cock.

Look, you wanted this, didn’t you? So shake your hips and hit the spots that feel good.

What a fine sight.

You’re cute.


You say you’re moaning, but I can’t hear it at all.


You’re sucking me in so hard…

Huh? What about me?

You’re a masochist, so you love being teased, don’t you? Come on, come on.

So you love my cock, huh?

I know right? There’s no point having sex unless you’re doing it raw. I can’t feel it either with a condom on.


I can see it. You’re swallowing me up while making wet noises.

They’re so soft… I love them.

And your nipples are erect as hell.

Move your body this way.

Your pussy tightens whenever I suck on your nipples.


You’re making a super erotic expression right now.

It’s cute.

What now?

Obviously, your body’s better than my wife’s.

Why are you making such loud sounds? And your pussy’s tightening up too.

It’s your fault with your high-in-the-sky ass.

You really are a masochist, aren’t you? Come on.


You’re tightening up so much.

Go on and cum while I spank your ass.

Come on!


You’re convulsing like you’re screaming that you’re about to cum.

Cum already. C’mon!


You nearly made me cum too.

No, I’m not getting you go until I cum. Come on, go and lay yourself onto the bed.

What incredible sounds. You can hear the squelching.

You love having your ears licked, right?

I slide so easily with all that pussy juice, and it keeps on flowing. …Just how much are you feeling it?


You were lewd even when we first met, but you’re getting lewder and lewder, aren’t you?

You’re good with flattery as always.


Being pounding and having your pussy get this wet… it’s like your entire body’s a sex organ.


Yeah, I will.


I’ll thrust into you hard.

I’m going to cum too. I’m going to let it out inside you.


Whoa, you’re right, my cum is trickling down.

And you…

You don’t look like you’ve had enough.

I can’t seem to get things to die down after having that drink you recommended. There wasn’t anything in it, was there?


Yeah, that’s not something I’ve ever said to her.

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