【Translation】 Immoral Quartet

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CV: Tanaka Shoujirou (田中翔二郎), Yamanaka Masayuki (やまなか正之)

Track 1: Confirmation of Betrayal


This is the place. Please place your ear against the wall and listen.

Tomoki: You get so happy when your ass is getting spanked… You’re such a slut, Misaki.

Misaki: It doesn’t hurt. It’s just amazing… I just…

Tomoki: Making it other people’s fault… You’re such a bad girl, Misaki. Looks like you need to be punished more.

Misaki: But it feels good. If you…punish me…

Tomoki: Tighten up your loose pussy more. Don’t just feel good on your own!

Misaki: I’m sorry!

Tomoki: You love being railed by my cock while I smack your ass, don’t you?

Umm, I know this is him in private, but even his use of words differs greatly, doesn’t it?

Tomoki: Come on, come on!

Misaki: That feels good…! I love your cock, Tomoki! Pound my slutty pussy more.

Tomoki: Getting all happy while you leak pussy juice everywhere… You really are a whore.

Misaki: Do you hate me like this? …It feels good!

Tomoki: Idiot, it’s because I like it that even now my cock is rock hard inside you.


And the names match too.

There’s no mistaking it… It’s Mr. Tomoki.

Tomoki: That was my intention from the start. I’m going to fill your stomach up to the brim.

That’s why I said it’s better if you stopped.


Track 2: Source of Suspicion


Tomoki: Sorry, I’m going on a business trip for three days and two nights starting today. There was supposed to be someone else scheduled, but they couldn’t make it, so I’m going in their place.

Tomoki: I’m sorry for making you lonely. Lately, we’ve barely had time together, right?

Tomoki: Once work settles, why don’t we go on a trip for once?

Tomoki: You’re getting too excited.

Tomoki: The way you’re so honest is adorable.

Tomoki: Oh, has it been that long?

Tomoki: You’re right! I thought it’s only been half a year… So I see, a year’s already passed. Then, all the more reason to go on a grand trip! Think of places you want to go.


Tomoki: I’m fine with anywhere.

Tomoki: And just so you know, I’m not saying that I don’t care, I’m just saying that I’d have fun anywhere as long as it’s with you.

Tomoki: Your face is bright red. Guess my bride is always so cute and innocent.

Tomoki: Oh, shoot! I’m going to miss the bullet train!

Tomoki: I’ll be going, then! I’ll contact you when I know the time I’ll be back.


Oh, thank god, you haven’t left on your trip.

Oh, I apologize. It’s been a while.

We’ve met before. I’m Mr. Tomoki’s subordinate, Kanda Riku. I apologize for calling on a day off, but is Mr. Tomoki there? The other party had something they really wanted to confirm with Mr. Tomoki.

I was told that he was going on a trip with his wife today. I tried to call him on his cell phone, but it didn’t seem to be turned on.

No, there’s no way I’d have gotten the wrong person.

So Mr. Tomoki is…

On a business trip in place of one of his subordinates?

“I knew it”? I’m sorry if I’m overstepping my bounds, but did something happen with Mr. Tomoki?


Umm, it’s a difficult thing to say, but…could this be-

No, uh, we can’t be certain yet that he’s cheating.

Could it be… I hope it’s just my imagination, but I have an idea who it might be.

Still, I can’t be sure…

I understand. Then, how about tomorrow afternoon? It’d be best if we meet before Mr. Tomoki returns.


I’ll send you a short text with the location. Is it alright if you tell me your cell phone number?

Thank you.

Umm… Try to stay calm, we could be wrong. I’ll see you tomorrow.


Track 3: Agreement with Riku


I apologize for suddenly dropping by your house the other day. I really enjoyed your cooking, Madam.

Please don’t be so formal.

No, I apologize, I was just thinking that you’re exactly how others describe you.

Mr. Tomoki often bragged about how you were the epitome of Japanese beauty. You’ve been so hospitable to me, so I haven’t been able to talk to you much, but talking to you today has once again opened my eyes to that.

And for that reason, I don’t wish to believe that Mr. Tomoki is cheating on you either.


Let’s cut to the chase.

I haven’t gotten any confirmation yet, so please listen calmly. The one person that comes to mind is a receptionist at the company named Iguchi Misaki.

You’ve met her once before.

Do you recognize her face? You greeted both me and her at the company-sponsored barbecue.

She was hired at the same time as me. As you can see, she’s a modern girl, and since she posts photos on social media, her private life is out in the open.

You could say she’s good at currying favor. Particularly, she’s good at handling older men.

I hate her smiles because they reek of ulterior motives, though.

Not at all, I believe you’re infinitely more wonderful.

No, umm… Please don’t smile sadly when you’ve done nothing wrong.


You must be anxious, right? I know in my head that it’s not my place to get involved as a third party, but…

You know what, let’s stop it here.


No, uh, I think it’s best if we stop here.

Madam, rather than knowing the inconvenient truth, sometimes it’s better to live in a reality, not knowing. I don’t want to see you hurt from trying to dig further.

I understand.

Then, let me confirm with you one more time.

I’m the type of person who won’t be satisfied until I get to the bottom of something, so…will you really not regret it?

I won’t take any compensation. It’s not all black and white yet, and I know you’re not in the mood right now, so let’s discuss it later.


Track 4: Sex and Lies and Sudden Confession


That’s why I told you it was best if you stopped.

A misunderstanding?

Tomoki: Your body’s definitely better, Misaki. Your tits feel nice too. Let me suck them…

Misaki: My boobs are yours, Tomoki. Suck them all you want.

Tomoki: You aren’t going to let me titty fuck you like usual? You if let me sandwich my cock between…

Are you okay!?

Tomoki: I love this, it’s completely different from a blowjob. It’s very hot and it turns me on.

Misaki: Become bigger~

Tomoki: Don’t make me start laughing.

Tomoki: Damn, that’s nice. I want to start pounding your pussy.

Misaki: I want it too! My boobs are all sticky from your precum, Tomoki. I want it inside me.

Tomoki: I feel good too.

Misaki: Your penis looks like it’s in pain.

Tomoki: I’m about to cum!

Misaki: No, not yet. If you’re gonna let it out, let it out inside me.

Tomoki: You’re right.


Based on my research, there’s no denying that it’s Mr. Tomoki and Iguchi Misaki. They’re always using this room.

The business trip was a complete lie. In reality, they were having frequent rendezvous at a business hotel room not far from his office and home.

Tomoki: I’ll fill your belly with something even thicker.

Sorry to say, but Mr. Tomoki’s character is absolutely deplorable. I even sent you photo proof, so why are you still…

Tomoki: Who said you could just stick it in?

Misaki: Eh?

Tomoki: Before I shove it in… Turn your drenched pussy towards me.

I know that when you’re a married couple, it’s only natural to believe in your partner, but…

It’s him, isn’t it?

Misaki: Mean, you’re so mean.

Tomoki: Oh? Were you picturing sex with me?

If Mr. Tomoki told you what you lacked, would you change to make up for it? You may return to a normal married life, but do you really want to spend the rest of your life trying to please him? …That would be too painful of a life to live.

Misaki: Does this feel good? Is my pussy…

You don’t care anymore…?

Tomoki: Go on, swallow up my cock.

Misaki: Yay!

Tomoki: Look, you wanted this, didn’t you? So go hit the places that feel good.


You seem… It’s a strange feeling, isn’t it? It’s my first time hearing someone I know have sex.

Misaki: It feels good! If you do that, I…

I know them day-to-day…and you could almost say my heart’s racing in a completely different sense.

Tomoki: You’re so erotic.

Is Mr. Tomoki always like that during sex?

Is that so? …So this is the true Tomoki.

Tomoki: I can’t hear you.

It sounds pretty vigorous… I can even feel the vibration against my skin with each thrust.

Look, the two of them seem to be feeling so good. Though whether there’s love or not involved is a completely different question. I believe that sex that ties two people together would feel good.

I’m sure it’ll feel so good that you can’t think of anything else.



Misaki: This is amazing!

Tomoki: Come on!

I’m sorry, I don’t think I can control myself anymore. I’m so desperately hungry for you. You can feel something hard pressing against your back, can’t you?

I want to try it… I want to try that vigorous sex with you. I want to thrust this erect member deep inside you and make you moan. I want to join with this innocent place of yours in front of Tomoki.

Your body temperature is rising, and you’re breathing harder… Say, Madam, who are you lusting after? Mr. Tomoki on the other side of the wall or me?

Really? So you’re not going to deny it?

Then, why have you been rubbing your legs together?


Just by stroking your thigh…a sweet voice leaks out of you.

It’s very arousing… I hope you’d let me do the deed. Or is it a no?

But, Madam, you may be telling me to stop, but your face looks like you’re trying to seduce a man. Your face is flushed and your eyes are moist… Aren’t you aroused too?

Look, the husband you trusted is being that vulgar with another woman. Are you really just sad? Do you not feel hatred?

Then you should go around and have fun too, that would be the greatest form of revenge. After all, there’s no fault with you. You’ve always done your best to be a good wife. No matter how distant he was, no matter how little love you felt, you’ve held on until today, haven’t you?

Or are you going to play the role of a good wife and continue crying into a pillow?


I don’t wish to see you like that. Please cherish yourself more.

Ahh… You really are a fool. If it were me, I would’ve never let you feel this way.

This isn’t a joke. When I first met you at the barbeque, I was in awe with your beauty. When I visited your house and was treated to your home-made cooking too… Every day my heart was pounding.

I knew you were Tomoki’s wife, but I couldn’t take my eyes off your fragile smile. It was love at first sight for me.

I wish you were my wife…

I’m not lying. I’m sorry for suddenly dropping a bombshell on you in this situation. If I can fill your loneliness even a little, I don’t care if you use me as you please. And of course, I won’t tell anyone.


If something were to hurt me, it’d be when you’re crying alone. So, let me be by your side.

Am I not enough?


Track 5: The Joy of Being Loved, the Pleasure of Being Wanted, and a Husband’s True Feelings


Don’t turn your face away.

I’m happy that you’re embarrassed, but it does make me feel a little sad.

You did say that Mr. Tomoki was your first partner, right? Then that would make me your second, right?

Then if I’m able to make you feel better than him, I’ll be the number 1 man to you.

I’m happy.

I’m also embarrassed, but don’t you think it’s because we’re both conscious of the situation? This is the first time my heart’s ever beat this fast.

You too?

That’s a relief.

If you don’t like it, please tell me immediately.

Let us feel good together. I’ll make you remember that that’s what sex should be.


Wrap your tongue more.


What beautiful breasts… Your nipples are already hard. You’re feeling it, right?

Does it feel good?

They’re hard and stiff and they’re pushing my tongue back. …Like they’re asking for more.

No. You’re cute when you’re embarrassed.


Aren’t you holding back your voice? Are you worried about who’s in the next room?

It’ll be better if we let them hear. Let them know that we’re having such pleasurable sex too. Look, this place is tightening up like it wants something.

Your underwear is losing its purpose, isn’t it? You’re wet already and your clit is this erect. …How lewd. What’s it like inside you?

Does it hurt?

That expression… It’s one that says it feels good. It’s cute. It looks like you haven’t had sex in a while, so let’s get you properly wet.


There’s nothing to fear. Relax your entire body and entrust everything to me.

Wow… Your pussy juice keeps pouring out and making these dirty, wet sounds.

Crass? …But that just means you’re feeling, right? Look, you can hear it, can’t you? Deep down, you must enjoy it, right?

What’s wrong with that? Your husband’s doing the exact same thing in the other room. And you’re going to take revenge, aren’t you?

Then all the more reason to show Tomoki a side of you that he’s never seen.


Does it feel good?

Then one more.

Eh? Did you cum from that just now?

You’re way too cute. Squeezing my fingers this tightly… I want to hurry up and make you cum with my member.

What a cute voice.

You can keep moaning, it’s okay.

No, I’m not going to stop just because you came once. You can cum as many times as you want. I want to keep seeing your orgasm face.


Say, Madam, have you ever squirted before?

So you don’t have any experience with that?

It’s like if a girl were to ejaculate. When you feel good from your G-spot, you would shoot out a stream of juices.

How’s that feel? Does it feel good when I rub you inside?

Then let’s see if we can get you to squirt. Let me see a more dirty side of you, Madam.


It’s not pee.

We’re almost there, it seems. Don’t think about anything else, and just feel me with your entire body.


You came. The sound of your voice was so cute when you came.

It’s not embarrassing. I’m very happy that you’re feeling this good. You didn’t know, so I wanted to teach you about it. I wanted to see a side of you that even Tomoki hasn’t seen before.

After that…?

If you want it then the sky’s the limit. I’m truly, truly heads-over-heels for you.

Oh, damn, I’m painfully erect.


But, I, I want to make you feel good today. If a girl you like is there looking up at me and saying that…do you think there could ever be a man who could refuse?


Then, please…

Oh, but, please don’t force yourself.

It’s so hot and wet inside your mouth, Madam, and it feels good.

There’s no good or bad, I’m just so happy that you’re blowing me that I’m to cum from just that. You, trying with all your soul, to lick me is just way too lewd… I’m going to start moving my hips.

Use your tongue more.

It feels good…

Can you look at me?

That face is too much. It’s too damn adorable.

Is it that tasty?

I see. …In a bit, I’ll let you have a thorough taste of it with your pussy.


The other side’s pretty loud, aren’t they?

It’s nothing.

I’m happy that you’re all focused on me. Do you enjoy being head-patted?

That reserved side of you is honestly so adorable, and I love it. You’re completely different from the woman on the side of the wall.

Of course.


Madam, what do you think of my cock?

Really? If Mr. Tomoki heard that, he’d cry. …I want to just mess you up already.

Wait, the two of them are saying something.

Tomoki: Ah, I did think that in the past.

Misaki: Really? Were you surprised?

Tomoki: No, no, you could say she was upfront? She was the definition of Japanese beauty and I was the first man she’s ever dated.

Misaki: She did give the vibe of a young wealthy mistress.

Tomoki: Right? She was a type I never dated before. It was different, but… No toys, no anal, not too much touching, even when we went out on a hot springs trip, she would let me do it.

Misaki: Eh? Even on trips? …What a waste, you’re staying in a resort.

Tomoki: I know right? The place even had an open-air bath. I’m not constantly asking for it and my libido isn’t even that unusual, right? To her, it’s probably someone else’s problem.

Misaki: Don’t you think sex in a bath be great? The thrill of someone next door finding out is exciting. But you married her, right? How resilient of you

Tomoki: You’re pretty amazing yourself, Misaki. Oh, but as a wife, she’s perfect. She’s excellent with housework and her looks aren’t bad. But it does get tiring. …After seeing her get embarrassed every day, eventually, you stop caring. The more I put up with such boring days the more I start wanting something more.

Tomoki: I’m sure you understand, right, Misaki?


He’s saying those things about you.

What do we do? Shall we let him hear your lewd moans? …Your true self?

Tomoki: I’m cumming! I’m going to splurt my thick semen deep inside you!

Misaki: Yes, please!

I guess they’re done?

Then this time, Madam, focus on me.

But shouldn’t I put one on?



I want to be joined with you directly too.

Please don’t react so cutely from just the tip. I’ll be making you experience far greater pleasure.


It’s all in.

Does it hurt?

That’s a relief.

Can you tell? Look, here. I’m filling you up.

Is it alright if I start moving? I don’t think I can last much longer. I’m happy to be one with you.

Can you see it? Your pussy has swallowed me down to the base.

While saying that I want to make you feel good, I’m here constantly… I apologize, I love you so much that I simply can’t control myself.

Just so you know, I don’t think I’ll be satisfied with just one round.


I’m sorry, I should be talking so much.

Really? It feels good?

I’m happy.

I want to quickly overwrite the sex you had with Tomoki. I want to mold this place to my shape too.


Looks like those two have noticed you.

Come on, let them hear more.

Yes, let your voice out more. Let’s make Tomoki regret betraying you.

You like it when I grind up against you deep, huh? It must’ve been hard having Mr. Tomoki pin you as “normal,” right?

There’s nothing wrong with you, and there’s no reason for you to be rejected. You just didn’t know about other men.

You only had Tomoki as a reference, so you blamed yourself and considered it impossible, and clung to Mr. Tomoki. But, that’s all wrong. There’s a more fitting place for you to be and you have that right to choose.

And no more of that formal language and you calling me “Mr. Kanda.”

I want you to say “Riku” in your voice.


Oh damn… I was about to cum just from having my name called.

Say it more.

Keep saying it.

I love you. I don’t want to give you back to Mr. Tomoki.

Become mine.


Did you cum just now?

You’re way too cute.

I want to cum immediately.

Open your eyes.

What beautiful eyes… I’m reflected in them… You’re looking at me.

There’s still a future where we can be together, but right now, I’m happy with just that.


I’m…about to cum.

I’m going to cum.

Take it all in.


Don’t look so sad.

I know. I find that unawareness extremely cute.

Don’t worry, didn’t I tell you that I wouldn’t be satisfied with one round?

Tomoki: You say that, but weren’t you completely into it?

Misaki: Hehe.

Tomoki: This time, spread it open yourself.

Misaki: Okay! Is this good?

Tomoki: You really do have a slut pussy! Just by putting it in, you came.

I can hear them more clearly than before.

Tomoki: Just how badly did you want it?

Could they be right next to the wall?

Misaki: It’s amazing!

Tomoki: Come on.

Misaki: My head is…

Tomoki: I’m not taking that as an excuse. Your voice is so loud that I’m sure the people next door can hear.

Misaki: I’m so embarrassed!

Tomoki: What’s wrong with being embarrassed? Seeing that you’re this drenched, seems like your pussy’s far more honest, Misaki.

Misaki: You’re so mean. It’s not like I…

Tomoki: Oh really?


I knew it, they’re right on the other side.

Misaki: It feels good!

Tomoki: You sure can talk. I know you’ve been with the chief.

Misaki: Really? But nope, I was thinking… You’re better at sex and your cock is big, so I was sure it was gonna feel good. I love you!

Tomoki: Once the chief hears that he’ll suffer from ED.

Misaki: But it’s the truth. Give me everything your cock has… I’m happy. I’ll do all the things your wife wouldn’t do for you.

How cruel. Despite all the things that have been said, are you still going to stay with Mr. Tomoki?

Aren’t you mine now?

We’re going to do it here too. I want Mr. Tomoki to hear that you’re able to have such pleasurable sex.


Then turn that way.

It’s great seeing you from behind too. But this time, until you want it, I’m not going to put it in.

Your legs are smooth and they feel nice.

Just by doing this, I’m slippery with precum.

And when I rub your nipples with my fingers, they immediately become hard. …Every part of you is sensitive and cute.

Are you wiggling your hips unconsciously?

To me, it looks like you’re begging for it.


You want to cum, right? I want to hear what you want to be done to you straight from your mouth.


I want to enter inside you too.

Can you stick your butt out more?


This time, it went in all at once. With how wet you are, you must be turned on too, right?

We have to thank Mr. Tomoki for this extra excitement, don’t we?

How’s it feel? I’m reaching even deeper than before, right?

If you tell me to stop, it’ll only make me want to do it more.

Guess I’m not one to criticize Tomoki.

Come on, you can let your voice out more. Let them hear that you’re feeling good. …It feels even better when you’re saying, does it not?


Tell me where it feels good too.

Getting all embarrassed… How cute. It gets me a bit excited when I hear the word “pussy” come out of your refined mouth.

You don’t have to hold back in front of me.

Unleash your desires.

Everything that I let out inside you earlier is slowly flowing out of you… Is that how good it feels?


Is that so?

I feel really good too. I love your pussy, Madam.

Yes, I know, I’ll stop calling you “Madam.” After all, starting today, you’re my girlfriend.

Your insides tightened up again when I called you my girlfriend.

If you give such playful reactions, I’ll cum right away……

I don’t want to.

I want to stay one with you and feel your warmth for longer.

Huh? Kiss?

I don’t mind. If that’s what you want, I’ll kiss you as many times as you want.


Do you love kisses?

You really are a needy one. How cute.

You can let me spoil you rotten. The more I learn about the real you, the more I come to love you.

You fill my entire mind.

Yes, I love it when you’re lewd too. I love it so much that I even want you to be lewder.

Do you think that you’re starting to enjoy sex a little?

Then, from now on, you can do it a bunch with me.


You’re teasing your clit yourself… Does it feel good to touch it while getting fucked?

It’s squelching, isn’t it?

It’s very lewd. Let me see a bolder side of you.

Your insides are clamping down on me, and it feels good…!

Are you about to cum?

Let me see your face. I want to see you cum from my cock.


You came, right?

Your dazed face is arousing too… It feels so good inside that…I’m about to cum too.

Please don’t say that it’s okay with your sweet voice. I’m going to lose my sense of reason. I want to be gentle with you, but now I want to gobble you whole.

I’m going to steal you from Mr. Tomoki.

Please become mine.


Cumming… I’m cumming. I’m going to cum inside you.

Are you okay?

Please excuse me for a bit.

Sorry for pushing you so far just now. I wasn’t able to control myself and it surprised even me.

Eh? You were…happy?

Please don’t smile with such a sad expression. I was really happy to be accepted by you too.

The reason why I embrace today wasn’t that those two were there or was it that I felt sorry for you.

It’s true that in terms of the order of meeting you, I was a step before Mr. Tomoki, but I genuinely do love you. So, until the day comes when you can smile from the bottom of your heart, I will never leave you.


That caught me off-guard.

Don’t say “someone like me.” You’re the most precious person to me.

Misaki: Are things going to be okay with your wife with you being gone?

Tomoki: Well, it should be fine. It doesn’t matter what I say to her, she…

They left.

It’s almost time for us too, isn’t it?

What’s the matter? You feeling lonely?

I’m sad too, but you have to return home and greet Mr. Tomoki, don’t you?

It’ll be okay. We will, for sure, meet again next weekend.

Yes, I’m confident that Mr. Tomoki will say he has “work” and leave on a “business trip” again. In any case, I think it’ll be best if you return.

I wish I could escort you home, but…I apologize.


You really are kind.

I want you to quickly become my wife.


Careful not to have anyone see you at the entrance.

I’ll contact you again.

Umm… Is it alright if I kissed you one more time before we part?

Take care.


Track 6: Riku and Misaki


Hello, it’s me.

Misaki: Oh, you’re done on your end too?

Yeah. And your voice was too loud. It was vulgar and disgusting. She’s not gonna hear Mr. Tomoki’s voice at all like that, you know?

Misaki: You’re the worst. Do you not know the word “delicacy”?

I don’t want to hear that from you.

Misaki: It was tough finding a business hotel with thin walls. I want you to be grateful.

Yeah, I couldn’t find one myself. …As expected of a slutty bitch.

Misaki: I’m going to end the call.

Sorry, my bad, I went too far.

Misaki: Didn’t you get pretty excited there on your side? Mr. Tomoki was trying to keep a strong front, but he was pretty concerned about it.

Your personality’s pretty shit for finding fun in that.

Misaki: Says the person who was banging someone’s wife while making her listen to her husband’s moans.


It’s not like I could help it. Unless I make it clear to her that Tomoki’s cheating, she’s not gonna be swayed by me.

Misaki: Uwah! This person’s scary!

Unlike you, I’m serious about this.

Misaki: Misaki does really like Mr. Tomoki.

You mean Mr. Tomoki’s body.

Misaki: What’s the difference? It’s all good as long as you have fun. So, what’s the plan for next week?

Of course you’re going to give the invite to Tomoki.

Misaki: Okay~I’ll send you the time later.

Please do.


Track 7: An Unchanged Married Life. A Changed Me


Tomoki: No, I haven’t forgotten anything. As long as I have my cell phone and wallet, I can figure something out.

Tomoki: Has the air around you changed lately? It’s kind of like you’re glowing. …Like you’ve become more beautiful.

Tomoki: Did something good happen?

Tomoki: Oh, the cooking class you’ve started recently?

Tomoki: I’m glad you made some good friends. You can be a little withdrawn, so I’m relieved to hear that. Sorry for making you feel lonely.


Tomoki: I see, so you’re going out shopping together.

Tomoki: Hearing you say that you’re fine kinda makes me lonely in a way.

Tomoki: It’s fine, As long as you’re having fun,

Tomoki: Well, go out and stretch your wing today. I’ll be going.


Good morning.

I can’t wait to see you too, I was so excited about today that I couldn’t concentrate on work at all.

Hehe, I was scolded,

For all my self-control, I can embrace you a bunch today?

Then, I’ll be waiting at the usual room.

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