【Translation】 Otona no Meruhen Series Ningyo-hime ~Sewazuki na Kare~ Stellaworth Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋)

Track 1: Tiny Slip of Paper


She’s back!

Oh, sorry-

Are you okay? I didn’t hit you with the door, right?

Welcome home!

I’m so glad… You made it back safely. I was so worried when I heard that you went to the town alone. Why didn’t you tell me? We could’ve gone together.

That’s true, but…I can always leave official business for later.

I get anxious when you’re out alone.

Really? You never stumbled?

You never tripped and hurt yourself?

Then it’s fine.


So, what did you do when in town?


If there’s something you wanted, we could’ve had it arranged.

Oh? Then what was the thing you wanted?

Eh? A present…for me?

What is it? Is it alright if I open it?

I’m so happy.

Oh, sorry, something fell.

This slip of paper… Is it part of your present?

You don’t know either? Then, what is this? A memo? A letter? “Please come visit me again”?

What…is this?

This is a man’s writing, right?

Who did you get this from? Since it said “visit me again,” it has to be someone you met today, right? Who did you meet?


Then, it’s from a store employee’s memo pad?

I can understand if it said, “Please come again,” but it says “Please come visit me again.”

You would never say that to a normal customer.

I’m sure it’s because you’re cute and you caught someone’s attention.

I’m not imagining it, I’m sure of it!

Can you let me have another closer look at you? I need to make sure that nothing weird has been done to you.

How would you know?

You may not think that way, but the other person is interested in you, so you never know what may happen on the off-chance.


Then, there’s no reason for me to check, right? …Because you’ll show me everything.

Only until we reach the bed, so stay still for a bit.

I’m going to confirm that right now.

I know, but there’s no stopping me. I’m burning with jealousy right now.


The kind of eyes that stranger looked with you with, and the kind of thoughts the man had when he slipped that paper… I’m about to lose myself in anger. My chest hurts as though it has been burned.

Of course, I know that you think nothing of them.

But…the frustration is starting to hurt.

I’m going to dump all my feelings on you. This is your punishment for making me jealous, so accept it.

When I imagine some man eyeing you all over…

No, it’s just that you didn’t notice.


Your place here too.

And here.

And then here… It’s all supposed to belong to me.

Spread your legs, I’m going to lick you.

It’s not dirty at all.

Don’t bring up a shower now. I can’t, I can’t wait.


I’m so glad… So much is pouring out.

I don’t think I can be gentle, sorry.


Say that you love me.

Come on, hurry.

I can’t hear you. Say it loud and clear.

Again. More. More. Keep saying it.


Yes, you manage to say it properly. Good girl.

Then I will too.

I love you. I love you a lot. I love you so deeply. Stay with me forever and ever.

I love you.


Then, can I open it?

Oh, what could it be…

Teacups? And there are two.


I like it, I really like it. Matching… That sound of that is wonderful.

Whoa, I feel so happy.

Thank you! I’ll treasure it.

Oh? It has a cute design. It’s not something you often see here.

Really? Is that so? You want to go there again?


Well, sure.

Yes, of course. But in exchange, I’ll be going with you. I’m never letting you go inside that store alone again.

Besides, I need to go give people some reminders.

Don’t worry, I just mean that I’ll be passing some memos.

Now, why don’t we have some tea in those teacups I just received from you?

And since we’re here, why don’t we enjoy the sweets I ordered the other day! I think you’ll love them! I got so many.

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