【Translation】 Chiai Sasayaki Sex ~Konya Yume demo Dorodoro ni naru made Kimi wo Aishitai~

Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

痴愛ささやきセックス ~今夜夢でもドロドロになるまで君を愛したい~

CV: Yamanaka Masayuki (やまなか正之)

Track 1


Oh, found you.

Oh? I thought you were in the living room, but you’ve gone to bed already?

I told you to wait for me before sleeping. Were you super tired?

You always work so hard at your job.


What a defenseless sleeping face.

I guess I’ll go straight to sleep too, then.


It’s so warm inside the futon.

And it’s super cozy from your body’s heat.

You’re sleeping so soundly, even when I hug you like this, you’re still not waking up. You’re surprisingly the type that, when you fall asleep, you sleep like a rock till morning, aren’t you?

Your body’s so warm.

It’s warm, and soft, and has a nice scent… It’s going to make me more awake instead.

Look, this, my dick is now 100% awake.

It’s hot, and curved back, and saying that it wants to play with you.


You’re not waking up even when I kiss you? No way.

……It’s almost personally frustrating.

Oh! Are you pretending to be asleep, perhaps?

I don’t mind. I’ll see how long you can withstand it, then.

These pajamas are cute. It’s a different vibe from when you’re commuting to work. You could say it’s almost child-like? Hehe, it’s cute either way.

And your bra’s for home too.

Look, your tiny nipples are in plain sight. If you don’t stop the act soon, your nipples are going to be licked by me.

Don’t blame me for what happens.


Your soft nipples are hardening on top of my tongue…

Even the nipple I’m not licking is erect from me rubbing it between my fingers.

You’re so lewd. Reacting to me playing with your nipples in your sleep… You’re always saying no, but deep down, that’s not the case, is it? Somewhere deep down you’re hoping for me to touch you.

You want to feel your nipples pinched, right?


Oh, you’re finally awake.

No, no, the princess ought to wake up from the prince’s kiss. I’ve never heard of a princess who awakens from having her nipples pinched.

You’re really lewd, aren’t you?

Whoa, whoa, hush. You’re going to startle the neighbors if you make a loud noise in the middle of the night.

Eh? Why, you ask?

Isn’t this our home? Am I not allowed to come back to my own home?

That’s right. My, are you still half-sleep?

Well, I’m still going back and forth between my old house and this one because I couldn’t move all my stuff in. But this apartment was very precisely rented for you and me to live together.

Isn’t that right?


Are you confused because you just woke up?

Then, why don’t we ask your body? This lewd body of yours remembers who your fiance is, doesn’t it?

Come on, touch me.

What’s the matter? If you touch it like that, it’ll just tickle. Grab it, grab my stiff dick tight like this, like you usually do.

Even with my pants on you can feel it, can’t you? …That it’s super hard.

It’s your fault. It’s because you were sleeping so defenselessly. I couldn’t help but tease you.


Hey, let’s do it. You’re wide awake too, right? Lick it and put it to rest like you always do.

Yup, like how you usually do it.

I want you to lick it, put it in your mouth, and cover it with your saliva.

Come on, please.

Come on, stick out your tongue.


It’s warm.

If you wiggle your tongue like that more of my moans will leak out than usual.

It’s like that with everything you do.

I wonder if it’s because it’s been a while since we last met on the trains? The mere thought of having your tongue on me…has my dick trembling.

Don’t hold back. Lick from the base to the tip, along the entire length like you usually do.

Yes, yes.

It feels good when you lick directly under the head… Really good.


Pre-cum is starting to trickle out, isn’t it?

Put your mouth over the tip and suck from it directly.

How is it? Is my dick tasty?

As always, you never say that. You’re quite shy, after all.

Hey, looking up at me while licking my dick is cheating. If you do that, I’ll start wanting more and more.

Come on, open your mouth nice and wide.


Wow, it’s all inside your mouth.

I’ll move slowly, so be careful with your teeth.

It’s good, really. Your mouth-pussy is the best. Having all that drool come out… It’s adorable. I wish I could stay like this forever, but I’m completely hopeless when you’re performing fellatio on me.

Please don’t laugh at me for being too quick.

Cumming, I’m going to cum!

I’m going to let out the semen I’ve saved up since yesterday, for an entire day, so savor it. Remember the taste of your boyfriend, your fiance…


It was good. I let out so much.


I told you to savor it, but you don’t have to hold it in your mouth forever.

Come on, swallow.

Go on.

If you’re stuck like that, I’m going to start getting embarrassed instead.

I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll give you a hand, then.

Open your mouth.


It’s thick… This certainly would’ve been hard to swallow completely.

Sorry, sorry. Now then, it’s your turn.

Since you did so much, I’ll do my best too.

I told you, you don’t have to hold back. Here in this room, we can make love without worrying about time or bystanders anymore.

So, be honest.


What’s up with you? Is there still something… Ah. Surely you’re not going to say that you can’t get aroused if there aren’t people around us, right?

I can’t deny that it was fun and thrilling to touch you with a looming time limit, but right now it’s just you and me.

You know, right now, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

Look, this. This is the ring you accepted. It’s not going to tarnish like silver, it’s not going to soften and lose shape like gold, and I honestly believe my feelings for you are like this ring.

Sorry, sorry, were you a bit lost?

But you know what, I haven’t changed a bit since we first met. I’ve always been deeply in love since the moment I laid eyes on you.

And I’ve always wanted to make love with you in a place where no one can interfere.


Come closer.

You’re wet down there.

Hey, since when have you been wet? When I was teasing your nipples in your sleep? Or was it when you had my dick in your mouth? Or could it be when I kissed you with that all sticky cum?

Hey, since when?

Wow, just tracing around it with my fingers, more’s leaking out.

Shall I go ahead and rub you inside?

It’s fine. If you’re this wet… Look, two of my fingers slipped right in.

So, can you feel it? It’s these fingers of mine that you love. My fingers know all the spots that feel good for you.


Come on, relax. I’ll methodically rub the inside of your pussy a bunch for you.

It’s so hot inside.

It’s soft and mushy, and it feels good having my fingers inside, even.

This place that you love too, the inside of your ears. I’ll ravage that too.


You tightened up inside.

You’re always so shy, but your pussy’s always so honest. It’s gotten this narrow and is wrapping around my fingers.


Cute, oh so cute… Only ever show it to me, alright? The only things you should want are my fingers, my tongue…and my dick.

Do you understand?

Here? So this place feels good?

Found it. I’ll keep rubbing it, so cum from my fingers.

The way you’re quivering is so cute.


I watch everything, so cum.

Cum. Cum.


You…squirted, right?

No need to be so shocked. I had a feeling this would happen, so I placed a waterproof bed pad, so it’s fine, it’s fine.

Though we can’t exactly sleep until we change the bed pad.

But, since we’ve gotten to this point, it’s okay for us to keep going, right? Let me thrust something thicker than my fingers inside you.

Are you unable to gather any strength because you just came?

It’s alright. Leave everything to me. Let’s feel extremely good together.


Huh? What? Was that a gush?

Sorry, sorry, I’m not laughing because it’s weird. I was just thinking that you’ve gotten quite sensitive to squirt just from me putting it in.

My dick is given a grand welcome, it seems.

My chest aches and tights, and I become unbearably happy at the thought of you feeling it.

More. Let me see even more of your look of pleasure.


Your insides are twitching… I’m reaching so much deeper than when we’re standing, aren’t I?

It’s fine. Your pussy is moving like it’s begging for my cum. But, not yet, we’re not going to end it just yet. I’ll touch this place too.


Jeez, don’t tighten up so suddenly.

Do you like having your clit played with while you’re being thrust into? Your voice is even sweeter than before.

I don’t want anyone else to hear that voice.

This works.

Look, I can hog your voice all to myself under this futon.

I’ll rub your clit while pistoning, and make you a mess.


When you’re feeling it, it travels even to me.

This is insane.

Are you about to cum? Are you about to cum from your clit played with and having a dick rammed in you?

Let’s cum together.

I’m cumming. I’m going to cum!


Even though it’s the second time, I’ve been made to cum almost right away.

Great physical compatibility… This is what it must be, right?

It’s just you. I find sex only ever this enjoyable with you.

Now, next…


Yeah. Didn’t I tell you? We can make love anytime now and go as far as we can go.

Turn around.

Yes, switch up your legs while we’re still joined together…


Did you hear that?

A loud squelch.

You’re sticky both inside and out from my cum and your juices. And since you’re this wet, we should be able to enjoy ourselves longer than just now.


I mean, I already came twice. And if it’s soft, wet pussy, I might be able to continue till morning.


I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Obviously, I’m not going to go that far.

Oh, but, I think it’ll be harder for me to cum, so I’d be happy if you could cooperate.


Can you shake your hips too?

It’s fine, don’t think so hard. I’m doing it from behind, so you just have to wiggle your hips a little.

Come on, give it a try.

No need to worry, you’re just moving a little in a way that feels good. And if you do that, I’ll cum too before long.


Staying connected and waking up in the morning, both exhausted, isn’t a bad idea… But, once we’re done, let’s clean up the mess and get some sleep, alright?

Come on, wiggle your hips.

That’s good. Yes. Yes. You’re great. Your cute butt is jiggling and you’re moving my dick in and out of your own volition.

Grinding against me that deep with your butt… It’s so lewd. It’s super, super lewd.

Hey, can you hear it? Your pussy’s soft folds are sucking in and stroking my pulsating dick.


You’re making that sound. Squelch, squelch, squelch.

There’s no end to it.

If you do that, I, I’m…

It feels good. It feels so, so good.

Don’t stop your hips either, match my movements.



You’re tightening up again. Are you about to cum from penetration? You’re about to cum from my dick, right?

I don’t mind. I’ll hit the spots that feel good, so cum.


There’s so much convulsing. You came, didn’t you?

There, there.

That was super cute.

Are you able to tell? I’m near bursting too. It might be a bit hard on you since you just came, but let me get myself to cum.

For the last bit, let’s face each other…

Yes, lower your hips just like that.


It’s all the way…

Your insides are twitching… It’s incredible.

Do you have no strength?

Then, wrap your arms around my back and hold onto me tight.


I really do love this position… Embracing you and being connected to you feels super good.

I love you, I love you. I love you so much. You and only you.

Listen, I’m yours.


Hey, I’ll give it, I’ll give it all to you, so drink it all up and take it all in, in into the deepest parts inside you.

Cumming, I’m cum-


No, I’m already empty. You wrung out everything that was left.

Can you tell? Your insides are filled up with this hot fluid.

Is your body okay?

You came a bunch too, right? You cried out so cutely that I couldn’t exactly stop myself.

Anyway, I came much more than usual, so it does make me a bit hopeful.

Mhm. Just kidding. Sorry, was I jumping the gun there?



I love you. Both now and forever. Forever and always.


Are you okay? You can still remain seated.

Good morning.

Are you working on a day-off too? You were sleeping so soundly, so I figured I shouldn’t disturb you.

Mhm, I’m working today too.

I was depressed because it’s such nice weather outside, but I never thought I’d meet you. What a lucky coincidence, honestly. Even I was caught off-guard by it.


So, I’ll say it since we’ve run into each other, but… Why don’t we go somewhere after work?

I, uh, was thinking that we should move on to the next step.

Not on a train, but somewhere we can be more at ease.

Have a meal, then my apartment-wait, no, your apartment is fine too. Let’s spend the evening together… While wearing our matching pair of rings while we’re at it.

I’m sure it’ll be an incredibly fun night.

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