【Translation】 Chiai Express 2 ~Nigerarenai Yubisaki, Tsunagaru Wa~

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痴愛エクスプレス2 ~逃げられない指先、繋がる環~

CV: Yamanaka Masayuki (やまなか正之)

Track 1: It’s the Real You, right?


No way… You’re…

No, it really is. That voice, this feeling… It’s the real thing. It’s not me seeing an illusion again.

Are you shaking?

To be honest, me too.

I was constantly thinking about what I’d say to you if I could just find you, if I just could see you again…and yet all I can do is tremble with joy like this, funny isn’t it? I’m almost laughing at myself.


I’ve been searching for you all this time.

Moving apartments… Changing contact information… Breaking contact… Did something happen?

Uh, no, sorry, don’t say anything.

It’s fine, I’m sure something extremely painful had occurred. It was something that you couldn’t confide in your lover about and made you want to drop everything and run away, after all.

I’m really sorry that I couldn’t be your strength.

But, don’t suffer on your own anymore, don’t disappear anymore, please.

Ah-! Wait! Don’t run away! Hey!


Track 2: I Won’t Let You Get Away Again


Found you~

Whoa there.

No, I’m not going to let you get away again like the other day. Were you frightened because it was so sudden?

I was shocked too, I never thought I would find you on this train line. I was actually on my way home from a reunion last time.

On a train I normally don’t ride, by chance, by sheer chance, I found you.

I knew the moment you came into view. It was like you were the one person glowing.

Are you maybe feeling guilty for suddenly disappearing from my sight?

Please don’t, please don’t. Please don’t worry about it. I’m sure that your hands were completely, completely whole.


It’s almost like a dream to be able to hold you in my arms again.


You’re right. Right now I’m really almost frighteningly happy. You’re once again in these arms of mine.

Don’t be shy. Turn this way.

Let’s have our first kiss in 448 days.


Did you forget how to kiss?

Stick your tongue out more. Alright? Come on.

Entwine your tongue around mine.

Huh? You’re embarrassed?

You really shouldn’t worry about it. Stop looking to the side and look at me. If you focus then those feelings will disappear.

Oh, but you’re right, it is a bit conspicuous here.

Then, turn this way.

Yes, turn your body around like that.


How’s this? Now my body’s blocking yours and no one can see.

Before we did this too, right? I would hold you by the window… This spot was our special seat.

Now that I remember… Look, my body has reacted.

Can you tell?

Getting all tense like that… No need to be so nervous just because it’s been some time. I haven’t changed. I’ve always only ever been thinking of you.

These hands too are the same hands that have touched oh so many times.


Whoa, whoa, don’t make a sound. Shh. Remember the way I used to touch you.

It’s adorable, that reaction.

It’s the…it’s the reaction I’ve been constantly thinking back to the past year.

No, cross that, the real you goes even beyond that.

Yes, that’s right. You were never away from my mind during the time we were apart.

Your scent, your voice…

And the way…the way you tremble when I pinched your nipples. I masturbated to the memory of it too many times to count.

I don’t think I can go on without you anymore.

I wish your body’s one that can’t cum without me too. Or, is that not possible?


Look at you being all shy.

You’re cute, so here, when I move aside your bra and rub your nipples through your camisole… It feels good, right?

It might be even better than me touching them directly.

The fabric is chafing against your nipples…

You’re starting to breathe harder.

I can tell that every time my fingertips go back and forth, you’re trying to prevent your voice from leaking.

“Stop”? Aren’t you mistaking it for “more”?

The way you aren’t honest still hasn’t changed, has it?


Your nipples are already super hard.

Hey, should I do more of the thing you like? I’ll be affectionate with your ears while touching this place.

Come on, don’t turn to the side. Turn closer to me.

I’ve gobbled up your earlobe.

Getting all restless… Does it feel good? There’s more to come.

I’ll insert my tongue into your ear and ravage it entirely.


Your nipples are hard as a rock…

The possibility of people seeing, us doing it in a place like this… It ends up feeling so good that none of that matters, right?

This ear too…


I’m also…

Don’t worry, it’s fine. We’ve done it in places like this countless times, but nothing’s ever happened, remember?

So, it’s fine, let me put my dick in you.

Because it’s been so long since I last touched you, I’m already dripping with pre-cum.

It’s shameful. I might just cum inside you immediately.

Don’t struggle.

I know, I’ll make you feel super good too, so…come on, spread those legs.


Oh, wow, you’re extremely wet already.

Eh? I’m not lying. Look.

You can see it forming threads, can’t you? Right? My fingers are covered in your juices.


Sorry, sorry, I went a little too far with the teasing.

Still, if you’re this wet, it should be fine, right? My dick will go in, right?


Wow, it’s incredible… It’s so hot. It’s my first taste of your real-life pussy in over a year.

I’m not joking, I really thought I was going to cum the moment I entered inside you.

Wait, you shouldn’t clamp down so hard…

Did you tense up because you thought your voice was going to leak out? Your pussy suddenly clamped up.

That was too overstimulating…

Are you remembering it too, perhaps? Look, this is the shape of my dick and it’s going to rub against your sweet spots a bunch.


That’s good… I can’t shake my hips vigorously but I love embracing you from the back, targeting your G-spot, and grinding up against you.

Are you feeling good too? Is the tip rubbing against places that feel good?

You’re trying to contain your voice, aren’t you? So it must be a lot. You’re holding back so much that even your ears are red.

Cute, so cute.

Your juices and my pre-cum are mixing together inside you…

It’s incredible inside you. You can hear it, can’t you? Squelch, squelch. Squelch, squelch. Dirty sounds that others shouldn’t hear.


I love you. I love you, I love you.

It’s no use, I…

Turn this way.

You’ve swallowed me up completely, haven’t you, right? So now, accept it, accept everything I’ve got to give you.

I’m cumming. I’m going to cum. I’m going to unleash the semen you love deep inside you.



Your pussy is tightening up…

That was amazing. You came from me creampie-ing you, right? Did the first raw cock in a while feel good?

Even when I pull out, it’s not dripping everything. You gulped up everything. Well done, well done.

Just kidding.

I’m so happy. I was always worried and fearful that I would never see you again. But once again, you appeared before me.

Fate… Surely you and I are bound by fate.


Track 3: Don’t Be Modest, Let Me Spoil You


Good morning.

You looked like you were about to fall asleep, but the moment you saw my face, you snapped wide awake.


Oh, did I startle you?

You were too embarrassed to tell me, so I had to investigate myself, your new place of work and home.

If you’re going to commute from that apartment, this is definitely the line to take. Though it’s a bit more crowded than the trains you used to take.

But compared to before, the time it takes to commute to work is…

Oh, sorry, did that turn you off.

I didn’t do anything over the top like hiring a detective agency or anything. You know how lovers put apps on each other’s phones these days to know where each other are?


Haha, of course it’s not good for me to fiddle with your phone. And so, I slipped a tiny GPS tracker into your bag.

Did I do something extra? But, I couldn’t help but be scared at the thought of you disappearing again.

Sorry, I’m sorry. Are you angry?

Hey, I’m begging you, look at me.

Oh, right, an apology.

Please allow me to make it up to it. Let’s go somewhere on our next day off together.

Not possible?

I see… So your current workplace is super busy, that’s a shame. Then, for the next while, we’ll once again only be meeting on the train.


Don’t worry, whether in the morning or on the way home, I’ll make plans to see you. This much is nothing if it means seeing you, so don’t be shy and let me spoil you.

Mornings being mornings are nice.

The scent of freshly washed hair… And, what’s that smell? It’s the sweet scent of a cute girl.

Ah, don’t be so embarrassed. It’s a good smell. It’s an enticing smell that gets me excited.

From your hair… And look, to the tips of your nails. They’re lovely and shiny and have a wonderful smell. It always makes me wonder whether we’re even the same type of being.


Are your fingers ticklish?

Like these gaps between your fingers… How does it feel when I lick them?

So they’re sensitive.

Hey, I want to, I want to touch you more.

Don’t fret, I’ll be slipping my hand under your jacket, so no one will see. …No matter how indecently I touch you.


So smooth… It feels good just touching you.

You’re wiggling around so much, does it tickle?

If you don’t control yourself a little better, the people around us will get the wrong impression. The fact that we make love here is a secret between just us.

I really love the line that goes from the bottom of your stomach to your chest.

Huh? I’ve never seen this bra before.

It’s cute. Really cute.

I can’t see from here, but does your bottom match?

If you don’t tell me, I’ll go find out on my own.


Oh, it matches.

It’s nice, this silky texture. I’m sure it’ll feel good to rub my dick against it.

To tell you the truth, I’ve been erect since earlier and it’s been painful. Look, it’s twitching in the open air.

I’ll bend down a little, so please sandwich it between your thighs.

Come on, more. Press your legs together tight.


That’s good, that’s good, it feels very… Being pressed between your supple thighs, your thighs rubbing against my erection…

It feels so good having the tip rub against you over your panties.

Truly, every last part of your body is lewd.

Sandwiching my rock-hard dick so tightly between your thighs…


What’s wrong? Why are you trembling?

Oh, could it be…that the little hard bump my shaft’s been hitting for the past while was your clitoris?

I’m so happy.

Your clit got erect too from having me rub my dick over it over your panties. How cute. It’s so cute that you’re feeling it.

I’ll keep going, so come on, hold onto me tight.


I’m sure we’re the only ones doing something this lewd first thing in the morning. We have to hold our breaths and make sure nobody around us finds out.

We’re the rubbing places that feel good together…

Yeah, no, I’m at my limit.

It’s fine, right? It’s fine if I put it in as-is, right?

Shift aside your panties… No, not that way. This way. Lift up your leg and bring it towards me.

I’m putting it in.


Wow… I haven’t touched you inside and it’s already so soft. Did you want it that badly?

It’s okay, I’ll bury my dick in you and fill you up deep.

It’s all in.

You’re drooling.

Seriously, you’re way too cute.


It aches when I just stay still, right?

I’ll thrust into you lots and lots.

It feels good… It’s amazing. You’re quivering from having to hold your voice in.

Don’t worry, I’ll cover you so no one sees.

There’s no stopping when it feels this good, right?



I noticed when I lifted up your leg, but even though your arms are so sweaty and warm, your legs are slightly cool.

Are you maybe too busy at work and are glued to a chair?

I used to be like that too, sitting at my desk, and eventually finding it harder to get myself to move. But, you’ll lose muscle strength and swell up.

There’s nothing good about it, right?

Oh, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we get your body to move a little?

I want you to shake your hips.



What’s wrong with that? I want you to be the one moving ever once in a while.

Don’t overthink it, you just have to move in a way that feels good for you.

What’s the matter? You want to stay like this?

No need to be embarrassed. Think of it as a minor workout.

Listen, I’ll be here waiting until you’re ready to move.

I do enjoy embracing you like this, but would you like to try going at it until we reach the last station?

Come on, move. Try shaking your hips.


To, to have you rub your pussy against me on your own… Please don’t stop. I’ll support your hips, so more, more…

That’s good. Yes, you’re doing super great. The soft folds stroking me feel super good.

It’s incredibly lewd.

Does it feel good when I go in and out at this pace?

No, not yet. Hang in there a bit longer.

Come on, 1, 2, 1, 2… 1, 2, 1…

Oh, but it’s no use, I’m about to cum. You’re just so cute that I just can’t control myself. The shaking of your hips is about to suck out my thick, first shot of semen in the morning.


I want to shake my hips too.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming…

It’s fine. I love you. I’ll let it all out inside you,


Wow… I let out so much hot cum.

It feels so good that my head’s spinning. We did some nice early morning exercise, didn’t we?

Oh, we’re arriving at the station at a good time.

Wait, let me wipe you clean.


It’s incredible. You’re covered with lewd juices.

There’s a stain on your panties, but it looks like your skirt is untouched.

Whoa, is your footing okay? Are you able to stand on your own? Should I walk you to your workplace?

Really? Then, let’s both do our best today.

Take care.


Track 4: I Love You, We’ll Always be Together


Hey, good work out there. You stayed back pretty late today.

But the timing’s just right. I went on a bit of a detour before coming there to tell you the truth.

Erm, anyway…

Wait! Please wait a sec! Where are you going? Hey!

Excuse me, excuse me. Wait!


Why? Why to a place like his?

Are you okay? You didn’t suddenly have stomach pains, right?

Oh, uh, were you perhaps wanting to be alone with me instead of being stuck inside a crowd of people?

You do such adorable things.

Still, you caught me off-guard when you bolted away at full speed. I was worried that something had happened and chased after you.

Was that part of your plan too?

It’s always been like this. Your feelings for me… What you don’t display with your words, you show with your actions.


Don’t worry, it’s all been conveyed. I love you greatly too.


I can’t say it’s the cleanest of places, but if you can look past that, it’s not a bad spot. If I lock the door, I can kiss you passionately without worrying about people’s stares.

Come on, open your mouth up more.

Why? You’re the one who gave the invitation, weren’t you?

Getting kissed here… And things beyond kissing… Did you want to do that a lot?


I know, I know. I’ll leave it at that for today.

A stall is definitely too cramped for two people.

Are you hot? There’s sweat covering your neck. Why don’t you take off your clothes?

All of it.

What’s wrong with that? It’s only us here. Come on, sit down on the toilet seat and lift your arms up high.

Don’t struggle. No, nope, this is payback for the startle you gave me earlier.

Your blouse, your undergarments, your skirt… Let’s take them all off.

I’ll make sure to put away the clothes I take off properly so they won’t get dirty, so don’t worry so much.


It’s so beautiful… It’s my first time seeing your naked body, but it’s beautiful. It’s cute.

Ah, don’t hide it.

Right now it’s fine, isn’t it? I’m the only one who can see your naked body.

Oh, you had a mole in a spot like this.

Let me look at you more. Teach me more and more about you.


The feeling of your bare skin is so nice… It’s hot and… A bit sweaty like I suspected.

Loosen up more.

You can’t? Then, I’ll touch you until you melt and have no strength left in you. All the spots that feel good for you are out in the open right now, after all.

Your nipples…

Right side… Left side… They’ve been sucked.

Even though I’m always teasing them with my fingertips, does it feel good when I roll them around my tongue?


Trembling like that… Does it feel that good when I suck on them gently and bite down playfully?

I caught a whiff of something naughty. Where’s it from I wonder?

Is it here?


Is it from below, perhaps?

Oh, it must be here, right? Look, I found the spot.

It’s amazing… All I did was tease your breasts a little. You have wet stuff flowing out from below, how lewd. Look, just by gently circling around the entrance, more and more comes out.

Ah, to be able to see your pussy up close like this… It’s almost like a dream.


Hey, don’t close your legs. Let me have a better look.

Your clit is plump with blood too.

It’s small and erect, and it’s adorable.

Ahh… It’s shaking and quivering at my fingertips.

This? Does this feel good?

Slide, slide. Are you about to cum, perhaps? You’re about to cum from your clit, right?

Go ahead, I’ll watch everything.


Did cumming from your clit feel good?

Then, more. Open your legs up more.

And stick your hips out towards the front.

I have your lower back in a hold, so you can’t escape anymore.

A little more this way.

Yup, now it’s easier to lick.


A sensitive pussy that just came is soft and delicious.


Is it painful because you just came from your clit?

Then is this place better?

I can’t reach your G-spot, but…how does it feel when I spread your pussy open with my tongue?


Your hips are trembling.

It’s okay, cum as many times as you’d like.

Ahh… You went floppy.

Are you okay? Should we end it? …Is what I want to say, but this whole time I’ve been…


Look, it’s gotten this big inside my pants. The veins are bulging and it’s filled to the brim.


Hey, it’s my turn now, right?

I’ll sit down on the toilet seat instead, and you’ll be on top.


Here, just lower your hips like that.

Eh? It’s okay, you came twice, so you should be nice and wet inside. It’ll go right in if you lower your hips as if you’re sitting down.

Like this…

So hot.

How is it? This thing that’s way thicker than my tongue went in, didn’t it?

I’ll go in deeper.


Wow… Can you tell? It’s completely different from when we’re standing. I’m all the way deep inside you.

There’s no way I could stay still like this.

The place where we’re joined is making such loud noises. If this were like our usual spots, we’d be immediately found out by the people around us, wouldn’t we?

I’m always holding back, so I think I’ll cum almost right away.

Can I? Can I pump my semen deep inside your belly?

Even if you say no, I… I’m being sucked dry…


That was way too quick.

I couldn’t withstand having you in my arms, fully naked.

Oh, right. I don’t know if this is the right place, but right now, while you have no way to escape…

I was going to tell you earlier, but I went on a detour to pick up this.


Come on, give me your hand.

Yes! It fits perfectly.

You always wanted them, right? Couple rings. I know it’s a little girly at this age, but I’ve always wanted to wear something is matching with the person I love.

Oh, and it’s a simple design, so I don’t think it’ll interfere with your fashion, but if possible, please accept it.

Eh? Size?

Oh, about that.

Well… Do you remember? When we met in the morning the other day, I put your finger inside my mouth?

I was able to get a good idea of your size and figured it was approximately that, so I ordered this one, and as expected, it’s a perfect fit for your ring finger.


This is all it is right now, but one day…I hope to give you something more proper. Alright? So, think of this as kind of like a promise ring?

Now that it’s on my mind, I’m paralyzed with excitement.

Look, this place too. It’s pulsating again.

Can you tell? It’s getting hard again inside you.

Earlier, I came right away, so this time, let me redeem myself.


Here. Here, right? The place you like, the place that makes you drool with happiness when I rub my dick against it.

So cute.

I’ve always thought this. When we first did it, bodies fit snugly together like this ring, and that our physical compatibility was perfect.

Feeling this good from sex… It’s only ever possible with you. Only you, the person that I love.

I can’t think about anyone but you anymore.

I’ll always, always be by your side.

I belong to you. My entire being, everything.


I love you, I love you… I love you.

I’m cumming again.

Let’s kiss and cum together this time.

Cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


I love you. I love you so much.

Hey, do you…

Huh? Are you okay? Hey.

No way, she fainted… Did I go a little too far?

But, from now on, even when we’re apart, we’ll be connected.

I love you, and we’ll always be together.

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