【Translation】 Rental Sex Friend Kareshi ~Owner Edition~

Thank You to Flameshadowwolf for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

レンタルセフレ彼氏 ~Owner Edition~

CV: Morita Noriaki (森田則昭)

Track 1: Prologue


Yes, yes, yes, I’ll come pick it up right away.

This is Rental Sex Friend services.

Huh? Oh, yes, that’s right.

Erm, can you try to calm down a little? Please take a deep breath. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Have you composed yourself now?

Huh? Reservation?

Is this your first time with us?

Not a problem. Do you have particular preferences in terms of the type of man?

Over 30, self-centered, and coercive…

Uh-huh. And you want a simulated rape situation.


Eh? Right now?

This is a doozy. All the staff are kinda out right now.

Making do with me?  …Uh. I’m happy that I fit your standards. I’m the nobody owner who gets stuck on phone duty from time to time. I’m a legit old man.

I won’t be responsible when you’re let down the moment we meet.

Is…that so?

All right, okay. I mean, if I’m not to your liking, I have no problem with you canceling.

The name’s Atsushi.

Well then, in front of the station then.


Sorry for the wait. It’s you, right? The one who chose this Atsushi.

An old man, exactly like you imagined? …Are you sure that’s a good thing?

Well, let’s discuss what kind of play you want on our way to the hotel.

Oh right, you said over the phone that you wanted to roleplay a rape scenario.

Eh? You even prepared a spare set of clothes?

You want to get that messed up?

No, no, it’s fine. Please allow me to carry out your requests.


Hoho, you want me to jump you the moment we arrive at the hotel?

I see. But in any case, you want me to be forceful and rough with you.

Okay! Leave it to this old man.

Oh, we’ve arrived.

Here, here, it’s this hotel. Now then, why don’t we head inside?


Track 2: Pinned Down Immediately after Entering the Room. And Just as You Requested, the Verbal Degradation and Humiliation Began…


You’ve been caught, you lil’ cumrag.

Heh. Are you looking down on men?

You want to be raped, you said? You sure are cheeky. All that sounds like to me. is mockery. Did you think that because I’m an old, old aging man that I’d treat you nicer?

Weak, weak. You’re already soaking wet.

The inside of your cunt is more than enough.

You know, I’m already dead tired of arrogant bitches like you. Like hell, I’d do what you want.

Hey, you, you’re nothing more than a hole to satisfy my cock. The only thing on your brain should be leaking your dirty juices and tightening up around my cock. Whether you feel good or not? None of my business, and I’ll make you know that.


What? You scared now?

You’re happy to be treated this way, aren’t you? Besides, there’s no such thing as rape when you’re a cock-hungry fleshlight.

It’s convenient for me.

It’s been a long time since I last got to pound a young girl’s pussy.

Well, anyway, I’m going to whatever the hell I want. Don’t you dare start complaining now.

C’mon, c’mon, spread your legs.

Stop staring off into space.

Here… Isn’t there a stain on your shorts already? You sure are a massive slut. Still, wearing pointless underwear. If you were so keen on getting dick, you should’ve been out naked.


What a pain.

I told you! Stop pressing your knees together!

Oh, wait, this is perfect. If I tie up your wrists and ankles with your stocking like this, you won’t be able to make unnecessary movements.

And even if you try to force your knees together, your pussy is still out for everyone to see.

Listen, the only worth you have right now is for your cunt. Remember that.

Alright, your legs are in the way.

Open them up. Don’t make me have to use my hands for everything.


Ahh… Your pussy’s drenched.

You’re way too eager. But, I’m going to put it in that easily. As if I’d let things go your way.

First, let me complete a thorough examination.

Hmm, so your pussy’s become like this. For all the talk of rape, it doesn’t look like it’s gotten a lot of mileage.

You’ve only recently become a woman, isn’t that right? Looks like you know little about sex with men.


I’m still only looking though.

Clenching and unclenching. Each time your hole twitches and gaps open and shut, your dirty juices come pouring out.

Drooling with joy just being looked at… I could almost praise you for it. And here, your clitoris. Looks like it can’t sit still.

And it’s looking for more and more attention.


Goodness. What are you looking so forward to? This?

I only touched you a little and you’re letting out that kind of voice… Here. Nudge, nudge.

How interesting. Aren’t you reacting a little too much?

Hey, why are you rubbing against me? Who on earth said you could. Don’t get off using my fingers without permission.

Seems like it’ll be quicker to teach your body that there’s no point unless you can please me.


Thanks to your slutty pussy, my cock’s gotten itself erect.

I’ll have you satisfy me with your cunt.

It sure is nice forcing it in. Your pussy’s still stiff, but it’s plenty slippery with all of that filthy juice of yours.

Ahh…the tip. When I hook on with the head, move it in and out of your pussy’s entrance… Oh, I can’t get enough of this.

Are you tightening up?

You’re pretty clever.

Yes, yes, think only about making me cum.


Why are you letting out dirty moans? Who said you’re allowed to feel good? I’m only at the entrance.

My cock’s swelled up, so I’ll shove inside you soon enough.

A hard time fitting makes it all the best!

Look, you’ve swallowed me up. Your pussy has my cock all the way down to its base.

What a stiff pussy. Don’t be so rigid, Will you loosen up if I chug you up with my cock?

C’mon, loosen up! I’m moving this much, so stop acting like a dead fish and serve me with your cunt.


It’s starting to feel real nice now.

My rock-hard cock is railing your soaking wet pussy and it’s filling the room with sound. How dirty.

It feels good. Your lewd tits are swaying back and forward. It’s a nice sight.

You’re enjoying it too, aren’t you? Your nipples are sticking straight out.

Letting out that erotic voice… Don’t start enjoying things all on your own. You get it, right? This can hardly be called “rape.”

But well, it feels good, so I don’t care either way.


You’re opening up again. Are you telling me to go deeper?

It can’t be helped. This is special extra service, I’ll penetrate you, hard, as deep as it can go.

C’mon, raise your hips up more! I’ll hammer you from above.

You feel it reverberating throughout your entire body?

That’s great. I’m hitting you with the tip constantly, after all. Do you want me to thrust into you that badly?

Look at you clamping down on me… You’re seriously a slut. Being happy to be penetrated deep by some man you don’t even know, just how much of a whore are you?

Isn’t your womb starting to descend? Are you saying that you wouldn’t mind being impregnated?

Heh. I don’t give a shit what you think.

If you cum while feeling this much and this good, I wouldn’t expect anything else. It’s only natural, right? Your body is aching for semen, isn’t it?


I don’t mind, that suits me just fine. I’ll rub it all over your womb, all over your inner walls. I’ll pump you with the thick cum I’ve got saved up.

How nice. Your insides are twisting non-stop. It’s great. Are you that desperate to suck me dry?

Oh man, I’m going to start drooling at this rate.

Ah, it’s like my entire body’s my cock.

I’m about to cum.

I’m cumming. I’ll pump you full of my saved-up semen, so get ready!

Cumming! I’m cumming!


Look at it splurt. Cum’s leaking out from the crevices around my cock.

I told you to drink it all up with your womb. Don’t start letting it leak!

Hey, hey, why are you getting all absentminded? Did you think I’d end it here? Surely not, right?

I only came once. There’s no way that’ll be enough.

Your pussy isn’t the only hole you have. You’re prey for my cock, so it’d be a shame not to use all of them.


Track 3: Serving on Your Knees with Your Wrists and Ankles Bound


Now then, get my cock clean. It’s all sticky from your filthy juices and the large amount cum I let out. Take responsibility.

Get up. Enough lying around.

Oh right, your wrists and ankles are tied up, so you can’t move the way you want.

But, you can at least get up, can’t you? Stop slacking!

Yes, yes. You can do it if you try, can’t you? Don’t make me have to use my hands.

Get on your knees and give my cock a proper greeting.


Ah, the white stuff it’s dripping from your pussy. What a waste. It’s the stuff you wanted, even. Should I plug it up with my cock again?

But whatever. Go and lick up everything that’s dripping from my cock.

Treat this great cock with care.

Still, it tickles a little since I just came. Also, stop licking so gingerly, put more energy into it, lick it with your entire tongue.

Yes, yes, that’s good, that’s good.

You have a pretty dirty tongue. You’re licking me all over. You’re fully motivated, huh?

Under the head and along the edges… Oh, even my balls are sticky.

Make sure to lick every last nook and cranny.


It’s giving me shivers. Damn, my blood’s starting to gather up in there again.

Hey, lift up your head and open your mouth. I’m going to thrust it in you.

Hah? Did you think my cock could go in like that? You’re looking down on me, aren’t you?

C’mon, c’mon, open up your mouth again. Don’t make my cock wait. You want me to keep slapping you with my cock!?

Stop looking so ecstatic! I’m not doing this to make you happy!

Hurry up and open your month already.


Yes, yes, that’s what you should be doing.

Suck it all you want.

Don’t pull away. Do I have to force your head down or what?

I’ll keep you in place, so pleasure me with the back of your throat.

Is it the most nauseating?

Don’t force it out, suck it. Hard.

It’s nice, the way your tongue twists and wraps around me. It’s a different pleasure from that of your pussy. Don’t you think it’s easier to prostitute yourself with this mouth here instead?

My cock and your uvula are being thrust deep inside.

Ah, feels good. C’mon, lift your face up more. Look me in the face. Stop rubbing the tip with your palate.


With your upturned eyes… You’ve got a pretty erotic look on your face.

Filling your mouth up with my cock… Is it tasty? Looks like you’re getting used to being face-fucked. You’re in a pretty good state, aren’t you? It feels seriously good.

Looks like I found myself a good catch. You’re amazing. I’m going to thrust into you without any reservations.

I’m cumming. Make sure to suck out every last drop.


Incredible, you actually drank every last drop.

You’re well trained. I’m impressed.

Seems like I’ll be able to enjoy your other hole.


Track 4: Rolled over on the Bed onto Your Face and Your Ass Lifted High in the Air…


C’mon turn your ass around.

Lie down on your face and bend your knees.

Since your wrists and ankles are tied, you look almost like a frog. You’ll spread for me naturally, won’t you?

Yes, yes, I’m telling you to stick your ass up high.

Now curl your back and show it off.

Hmm? Why are your dirty juices overflowing? I didn’t even tease this place. Are you saying that the drooling from above trickled all the way down here?

Heh. Was my cock that delicious?

You’re a little much of a lecher.


Sorry to break it to your pussy, but I’ve got business with your asshole instead.

Is your asshole happy too? Both your holes are twitching.

Your place here is saying that either hole would work.

There’s no end to your filthiness is there?

I can work with that. It’s great that you’re in the mood. This place too is fully trained, isn’t it? No need to have me loosen it up, right?

I’m shoving it in!


This is it, this is it. Doggy-style anal style is just amazing. I can focus on the friction from my cock. I can’t get enough.

Ah, I guess we should use lube. It gets a little too tight when I’m bigger. After all, you brought it, didn’t you?

I figured. You even prepped yesterday.

What’s this? Isn’t this even more filthy? Are you saying you want to become even more of a whore?

You weren’t thinking of using it on the man you enticedーon me, were you?

Why are you getting all embarrassed now?

You whose cunt that’s dripping with your slutty juices and whose asshole is twitching from having a cock rammed up there?

I like you. Your appetite for sex is pretty out there.

Well then, I won’t hold back on using this dirty lube.

And I’ll dump plenty of it, of course. I won’t be responsible for what happens next.


My cock’s burning up. Aren’t I getting even bigger?

Feels good. It feels good.

Don’t clamp down so hard, you’re going to bite off my cock.

Yes, yes, keep it like that.

It feels so good. Stay like that forever.

Huh? You’re convulsing inside. Who said you could cum on your own? Who gave you permission to? You’re not allowed to go off feeling good on your own!

And you could cum from even this?

You’ve got guts. I expected no less from you.


Another wave is coming, so…

You’re winding up again. I’m going to end up cumming too.

Hold it in!

You idiot! I told you not to cum!

Shit! I’m, I’m, I can’t. Don’t tighten up!


Damn it. I still wanted to savor your asspussy. There was no need to use all that extra.

You… You cum way too much.

But well, I guess it’s the lube’s fault.

Take it how you want. It’s your fault, after all. I have to go wash it off in the bath.

Oh, right, you can’t walk unless I untie you.

Here, I’ll give you a special treat and carry you over to the bath.


Track 5: Bathing Together. Confiding in Him about Your Problems, and Being Held Gently…


Alright. Good job on the hard work.

Are you okay? Does it hurt anywhere?

Huh? The atmosphere is completely different from before, you say?

I mean, yeah. That’s what you wanted, right? You said you wanted it rough.

Hehe, I’m glad you were satisfied. It was well worth all the effort this old man put in.

Did your uh, butt hurt? I did shove it in without warning. Sorry, sorry.

That was great too?

Seriously? You really an M. But, letting you cool down is part of the set, so let’s talk normally. Anyway, what I’m saying is…

I’m going to wash your body.


Stay still.

But seriously, you were way too sly with that lube. If I don’t wash it off properly, I’m going to start feeling horny again.

Look, you too. Like here.

Relax, I don’t do anything strange. Please sit down and let me wash you.

This should be it. I’m going to start rinsing!


Are you still okay for time?

Well… Then, let’s jump in the bath for a bit. You still have a lewd look on your face, so this old man is worried about letting outside. I also want to relax for a tad longer, so just go along with me here.

Thank you. You’re such a good girl.


Man, baths are great! They’re so relaxing!

C’mon, stop holing yourself up in the corner.


Extend your legs towards me.

This way we can both relax and unwind.

It would’ve been even better if this had been an open-air bath. Maybe I should visit a hot spring for once.

What’s wrong? You look like you have something on your mind.

If there’s anything, it’s okay to tell.


So your mother remarried when you were young and you were repeatedly raped by your stepfather?

I see. That must mean your body is used to that type of thing. That’s why you’re unable to cum unless you’re having extreme hardcore sex.

Sadly, the past can’t be changed, and so…

You have no choice but to accept it.

But… Well… The future isn’t set in stone. You’re still young.

For example, I could hug you like this… That might be all it is, but it still might slightly alter the course of your future.


Look, you’re hugging me back. It’s not something I would have expected to happen.

I wonder why direct skin-to-skin contact is so comforting.


I got an idea. Since you went as far as to choose me, how about I give you extra options? A special gift from the owner.

You’re not tight on time, right?

Can you please leave it to me? In a different sense than before, of course.

To tell you the truth, I love kissing.

Let me give you tons of kisses.


You’re plenty cute and attractive. And that sensitive side too.

You’re truly adorable.

These boobs too are a part of you. They’re round and soft. And look, just by touching them, the middle starts sticking up.

Your feelings are showing.

I want to kiss you all over, so, come here.


These earlobes are tiny and cute too.

The outline of your body, the underside of your breasts… These hard little buds on your chest…

Your hot breath, your cute reactions…

Does my hand feel good?

I’m relieved.

I want to give you lots of love, so don’t think about anything else and just focus on the places I’m touching.


I can’t ignore those greedy lips, can I?

I can trace around them with my finger, brush along your teeth, and then slowly insert my finger into your mouth.

Go ahead, keep sucking.

As for this hand… It wants to caress your precious place.

It’s already this much of a sloppy mess down there. You’re so adorable.

Let me lick your swollen erect clitoris.


It’s a glossy little bean. Every time I lick it, your entire body trembles and your voice gets louder.

I want to give the places that make you feel good plenty of love.

And this place that’s been constantly leaking nectar… Its entrance is trying to seduce my tongue.

Do you want me to put it in?

Your hips are shaking.

I’ll stimulate deeper inside with my fingers.


These soft thighs are cute too.

Come on, relax. I’m inserting them in.

Feeling you inside with my finger is nice too. It feels plump and meaty.

Oh, this place. I’ll keep stroking it for you.

It’ll be okay. Leave it to me. Let yourself relax and feel good.

Yes, it’s okay for you to start panting.

Here, this place.

Hmm? It feels like you’re about to pee?

That’s fine but hang in there for a little longer. It’ll feel even better later if you hold yourself back a little.


Shuddering and fidgeting around… How cute. It feels like you’re about to leak, right?

Wait a little more.

Eh? You can’t take it anymore?

I see, I see. Of course. Let me match your timing as you let it out.


You squirted so much. You’re so adorable.

Did it feel good?

I’m glad. That makes me happy too.

Hey, this time, why don’t you feel good together with me? I can’t seem to stop myself after seeing your cute appearance.

This time I’ll caress you inside myself. Alright?

I’ll put it in slowly.


Can you feel it? I’m slowly going inside you bit by bit.

Right now I’m at the entrance… And then I’m going in deeper. And after this part, I’ll go even deeper.

You’ve taken me in fully, haven’t you? I’m happy.

I’ll start moving.

Make sure to feel me inside.


Does it feel good?

Huh? Why are you hiding your face? Is it the first time you’re having this kind of sex?

Are you embarrassed?

You’re cute like that too, though.

I want to see you properly, so let me have a good look at your face, don’t hide it.

Let’s hold hands.

Here, entwine your fingers with mine. It’s okay if you squeeze.


You’re making a nice expression. How cute. It makes me want to shower you with even more affection.

Earlier it was this spot, right?

I can tell. Your reaction’s different.

If you make that kind of reaction, I’ll start making my way even deeper, wanting more.

It’s this deep part here, right?

I know. I keep on, keep on grinding up against this place. I want to make your body and your feelings even more of a melted mess.

When you’re feeling it, it really gets to me.

It’s good, it feels good. Let’s feel super good together.


That’s good. You don’t have to hold back your voice. While you’re feeling it, be honest to yourself and liberate your body and feelings.

It feels so… It feels too good. I’m going to lose myself too.

I’m going to cum.

You’re at your limit too, right? This place is really fighting it.

Here, the place where you feel good… Let’s cum together.




I feel so happy being able to feel good together with you like this.


Track 6: Epilogue. Got a Ride to the Station after Leaving the Hotel. Reluctant to Part, the Words “I Want to See You Again” were Mouthed


Thank you today for choosing a retired old man like me. Were you satisfied?

That’s great to hear! That’s what’s most important.

Huh? The last bit?

Was that good too?

I see, I see. I’m happy that you’d say that too. It wasn’t something you anticipated, after all. I thought I had done something unnecessary.

It was, well, the atmosphere. I just had the urge to do it.

Huh? You never thought you’d cum from that?

Really? But you felt it like anyone would, didn’t you? And you were super lewd.


I’m not making fun of you. As proof, I came too, didn’t I?


But well, I’m glad you liked it.


Is this place okay?

Well then, it’s about time we parted ways, but truth be told, I’m thankful for today.

Choosing me again next time?

Haha, I’m happy that you enjoyed yourself that much.

I only show up at the office once in a while, though. Although I’m the owner, I leave most of the management to the front-end staff.

In fact, I just happened to be there today. Or to put it a better way, I’m like a rare character.

Not that I should be the one saying it.

But if the timing is right, I might pop up again. So, maybe them?


Don’t make that face.

Then, how about I stamp this forehead with a rare character acquisition stamp?

Until we meet again.

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