【Translation】 Torokyun Otomari 2nd Season Sono1 Enren Kare × Futari no Shinkyo Animate Tokuten

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐)

Track 1: Our Sofa


Oh, I found a nice sofa. What do you think of this? It has an L-shape and wide seats, and the storage space at the base is neat to have.

If we’re living together, the amount of things we have will increase, and if we get married, well…there might be new additions to our family.

Since we’re buying furniture, we have to consider that too.

Of course, before that, I’d have to go greet your parents. And when that time comes, I don’t want them to worry that I’m making you live somewhere lacking comfort. Even if they’re pricey, let’s choose furniture that’ll last.

Anyways, why don’t we take a seat for a bit?


Hmm, feels quite nice to sit on too.

Come on, sit next to me.

Do you like it too?

Well, it’s just the right size for the living room. If I had to guess, we could even buy an ottoman to widen things up a little. Oh, and it also comes with 4 cushions. I think it’s probably a good deal.

Also, we can choose between 3 different colors.

What do you think?

Alright, then, while we’re looking around, think about the color. We still don’t have enough furniture and storage, so let’s browse.

Give me your hand.

Come on, let’s hold hands. I wouldn’t want you to get lost.

Don’t treat you like a child, you say? Sorry, sorry.


Is there any particular furniture you’d like to browse? For example… the bed corner.

Like wanting a wider bed because our current one’s too narrow so that we can go at it hard? Or no? Or should we buy new sets of sheets? That way it wouldn’t matter if you kept squirting.

As an adult, you have those thoughts, don’t you?

Don’t be so angry, I was joking… Actually, not really.

Oh, and look at that, we’ve reached the curtains.

The atmosphere of the room really changes with the curtains.

I chose the ones at our new home on a whim, was it really okay? If there’s something else you prefer, we can buy that to replace them. I’ll trust your sense.

What’s that? So you like the current one?

That’s a relief. Looks like we’re quite compatible.


Oh, of course I’m…referring to this kind of compatibility.

Turning all bright red. How adorable.

That’s unfair, it’ll make me want to go further.

Look at me.

Entwine your tongue more with mine.


Hmm? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, there aren’t many people here.

And we hide behind the curtains…

You really are a strange existence. I thought I’d be able to spare more time since we started living together, but the more you’re with me, the more I want you.

I wish we could do this forever. I honestly do.


That’s not all. When we’re outside like this, I get a bit annoyed whenever I see another man’s eyes following you.

No, not just a bit. I frankly become rather irate. I would think, “Just where the hell do you think you’re looking?”

I never knew I would be this possessive.

More importantly, I would’ve never known this feeling if it weren’t for meeting you.


So, when we get home, let’s have lots of sex. Sorry in advance, if I can’t wait until we get to the bed.

Ah, damn it. Now I want to leave the store as soon as possible.

Oh, but you wanted to look at TVs?

Go ahead, it’s not like I can refuse your requests. Though in exchange…

……I’ll make you cum like crazy tonight.

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