【Translation】 Dekiai Weekend Suga Nozomu Ep.1 Shuumatsu no Iyashi Time


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

溺愛ウィークエンド 須賀望 1話 週末の癒しタイム

CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也)

Track 1: Weekend Healing Time


Welcome home.

Good job handling all that trouble. It must’ve been rough staying that late.

Hmm? What’s wrong?

The reservation?

I already told you in the messages, don’t worry about it. There was a time where we had to change plans because I had to suddenly work overtime too. It happens to us both.

Ah. Yes, yes, when I called the restaurant, the owner, who is always so helpful, answered the phone and said “It’s fine, just come again when it’s convenient for you two.”

We haven’t been there since our anniversary last year, so it’s been almost six months, right? Why don’t we get our revenge one of these days?



Oh, are you taking your jacket off first? I’ll hang it up for you.

You had a light meal at your desk, right? Are you going to take a bath? I already tidied things up, so you can jump in right away.

Okay, I’ll flip the switch then.

Mhm, just a little. I folded up the clothes and did a quick vacuuming.

You’re welcome. Please tell me if I placed anything in the wrong place.

After getting the duplicate key, I think I might’ve gotten attached to the place like it’s my own. Since you’ve exhausted, once you take your bath, I’ll wash your body for you.


Alright, I’m done with your back. I’ll wash your stomach next, so turn this way.


No, you said I could last time.

Though technically, I was the one who made you say I could. But, a promise is a promise, right?

Good girl. I’ll clean you from head to toes.


Okay, your hair’s dry now.

Let’s put a cardigan over your house clothes.

Put these sleeves on. It’s a bit chilly at night.

Hmm? What is it that you’re afraid of?

I don’t mind if you become a girl who can’t do anything without me. I’ll take care of you forever.

What an adorable yawn. Are you feeling sleepy now?

Okay. Then, why don’t we have a little drink? I bought some dessert wine, remember?

Got it. I’ll get it ready, so wait here on the living room sofa.


Sorry for the wait.

Yes, yes, it’s the same series as the strawberry wine from that time. It’s made from European pear. Looks good, right?

Here you go.


Is it good?

You’re right. It smells really good.

There’re also apple and cherry flavors, maybe I should buy them again next time? I also have some nuts and dried figs if you want a snack. I bought them in the past and liked them.

The wine is sweet, so had these be less sweet.


Eh? Your cheeks are flushed already.

You stayed up late yesterday too, aren’t you just tired? Plus, you just had a bath, so it’s easy for you to get drunk.

Somehow you…look delicious like a fruit.

Can I eat you?

“Please go ahead”? …Are you sure it’s okay? You seemed really exhausted.

Then, I’ll do my best to control myself.


It’s not nothing, is it? Let me hear that again. Please?

I’m happy. When you say something so provocative, it makes me really happy.


Come on, stick your tongue out more.

You’re letting me eat you, aren’t you?

That’s good.

You like it when I take off the clothes I put on you, right?

Hmm, can I assume I understood everything? It gives me a real feeling that you are mine.


Hey, your nipples are sticking out already. They perked up at that expectation of being licked, didn’t they?

Let’s take that off too.

Look, there’s a stain on your underwear.

Hey, hey, don’t close your legs together, I won’t be able to touch you. Or do you not want me to?

Yes, so you know what to do, right?


I still don’t have a clear view, so spread a little more.

I told you not to hide it. I won’t be able to make you feel good if I can’t see things properly.

You want to, a lot, today, right? So you have to listen to what I say.

Good. Now I can see.

The ends are swollen red.

Just look at that.

I want to know what you look like here, and how you react to what I do.


This place is quivering even though I haven’t touched it.

You’re turned on from me looking at you.


More and more is pouring from there.

Your body’s always honest, isn’t it? I really love that, though. But, you know what, it makes me want to make you say it out loud.


Don’t say it. I simply want to know more about you.


You want to cum already?

Then, stop saying no, and start asking for it. If you do it well, I’ll make you cum lots.

Tell me exactly what you want.

Just licking this isn’t enough for you, right? If you’re not gonna be a good girl, I’ll leave you forever hanging.

Good job for saying it properly.

I’ll insert my fingers inside and tease that spot inside you that you love a bunch.


Feels good when it’s both inside and out, right?

Don’t bite down on your lips. Let me hear your voice, don’t suppress it.

Go ahead, cum hard. I’ll watch the entire thing.


You came and squeezed down tightly on my fingers, didn’t you?


Anyway, I want to cum too, so let me put it in.

I can’t wait. This place is twitching happily, saying that it wants me. You love being penetrated and forced to cum so many times that you don’t know what anything is anymore, don’t you?

It’s embarrassing…?

Isn’t it a little too late now?

I’ve already seen you cum and beg for more with an incredibly erotic voice countless times. Are you feigning resistance and waiting for me to be forceful?

You’re not denying it… How lewd. You won’t complain if I won’t let you go till morning, right?


I’ll ravage you throughout, so let me see you go crazy.

It went all the way in right away. It feels like your place here is perfectly melded to my shape.

And it’s clenching down on me.

Oh, damn, I think I might end up cumming first.

Well, I’m sure there are men who prevent themselves from cumming because they want to make the other person experience a lot of pleasure.

Really? I’ll take you up on your offer and start moving, then.


I’m being sucked inside… I’m close to cumming.

I’m glad. I can’t stop my hips anymore, so… It feels good. It’s super hot.

Did you cum too?

Oh. You did cum a lot. Your dazed expression is cute.

Can you feel it? Even though I just came, it’s not going down at all.

Say, can I go for one more round?

Thank you.

That’s true, but it’s not like a person’s feelings never change. I don’t want you to hold back even a little. I want you to make sure that I know what you’re thinking, not only about these things.



It’s because I want to cherish you. It’s normal.

You say you’re scared that I’d spoil you too much, but there are also times where I’m scared whether you’d simply accept everything.

I don’t know, it feels like there aren’t limits. I fear I might lose control of myself.

You really are adorable.

Saying that you’ll be fine with whatever I do… You’re killing me with words here.

Still, if there’s ever anything that bothers you, don’t hesitate to tell me.

It’s a promise. I love you.

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