【Translation】 Seika ~Kareshi to Sugosu, Atsui Atsui aru Natsu no Hi.~

Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

盛夏 ~彼氏と過ごす、あついあついある夏の日。~

CV: Houjou Toshiki (北条利樹)

Track 1: How to Spend the Hot Summer


Sorry, I was taking a shower.

Sorry for having you come all this way. It’s hot, right? Come on in, come on in.


Oh, yeah, yeah, it’s a bit cramped, but it’s close to the university and I plan to live here until graduation.

What? I cleaned the place properly and I changed the sheets this morning too.

That’s why I kept telling you, it’s not some fancy apartment.

Huh? You’re relieved…? You dummy, aren’t we always calling each other every day and going on dates on the weekends? There’s no way there’d be some other woman in the picture.

Here, cushion.


What? Were you worried?

Jeez, I would never bring any women besides you to my place.

Don’t run off. I want to kiss you more.

Yeah, you’re right, you are soaked in sweat. I mean, I got all sweaty too earlier when I was tidying the room and was in the middle of a shower. If you’d like, we can go rinse off the sweat.

It’s fine, it’s fine. No need to be modest.

Oh! I didn’t heat the bath, so shower only. Alright? Come on, this way.


Erm… Towel, towel…

Here, use this.

I’ll prepare you some cold barley tea, so take your time.


All freshened up?

Hey, come. I’ll dry your hair.

Here, take a seat.


How am I doing? Rubbing too hard? Okay?

Of course I want to know. I know you always take good care of it.

This should be about it…

Wait, stay seated. I need to use the hairdryer too, don’t I? Please tell me if it’s too hot.


Your hair is becoming silkier…

Oh, are you hungry? Would you like dinner?

I was asking if you were hungry. Are YOU hungry?

But you told me you couldn’t hear.

And now we’re done.


Ah! Since we can’t make much of a meal in my kitchen, why don’t we go out somewhere to eat?

Right? It’s a school district, so if you go in front of the station, there’s plenty of restaurants to be found.

My recommendation…?

Let’s see… There’s yakitori, yakiton. And also a Spanish tavern. Also, okonomiyaki, and ramen.

Ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen… Haha! For some reason, I’ve been craving ramen since morning.

Yay! There’s almost always a line, but since it’s summer vacation, it’s our chance. I’m sure you’ll love it too. Oh, and I recommend that you order white rice and special wontons in addition to the ramen!


Track 2: Just the Two of Us, With Quiet Voices


My stomach is so full.

Yeah, it was delicious, right?

I’ll unlock the door, so please wait.

Go on in.

It’s a favorite restaurant of mine, so I’ve always wanted to go there with you. I’m glad you liked it.

The sun has gone down, and things have calmed down a little, but it’s still very hot and humid. The air conditioner’s turned on, but it’s not very effective.

During times like these, you gotta turn on the electric fans too!

And then…


Shall we take off our clothes? Take off our clothes and have fun?

You know, the thing that’ll make us sweat more.

Can we? Or no.

Why not? I want to. I even held off on the green onion ramen.

Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t want you to go “Green onion!” while kissing. The smell of green onions lasts forever, I swear.

So, come on, let’s do it. I want to give you lots of kisses.


Kisses feel so nice.

I was holding back. I really wanted to touch you. But, immediately pushing you down after traveling all that distance to come here… I didn’t think it’d be a good look.

Open your mouth up more.

Sorry that it’s so hot. Are you okay?

Then let’s take off our clothes and adhere closer.


Wait, I’m going to undress you.

Hey, hey!

Oh, I’ve never seen this one before.

Right? Your new lingerie’s adorable. It’s super sexy. Though, I’ll be taking it all off.

No, I won’t wait.

Don’t want to?


Your breasts are damp with sweat too.

What, what the problem? You’re going to be sweating again, anyways. Besides, I don’t dislike the smell of your sweat.

It’s nice doing it in a well-air-conditioned room, but I love the idea of having sex while drenched in sweat.

You say no, but aren’t you reacting a little too much to your nipples?

You’re feeling it, aren’t you? Look.

Look, when I start playing with them both together, your breathing becomes more rapid.


This place too… It’s wet already.

Can I touch you?

You’re cute when you’re silent too.


So you were feeling it. It’s slippery down here. And your clit’s hard.

Here, this. Right?

Should I make you cum once with this?

Okay, okay. I’ll make you cum again and again, so just leave it to me.

Wait just a second. If we’re gonna do it, wouldn’t you want me to touch all the places that feel good?

Look, your clit, your nipples…and ears?


You shuddered.

It’s fine. Don’t abstain, just feel good from it all.

There’s so much leaking out… My fingers are slipping… What? Are you turned on?

Yeah, you’re right, this is the first time we’re doing it here.

I mean, you wouldn’t want to do it in a mood-less apartment like this every time, right? Like today, I cleaned the place meticulously, knowing that you would come.

Also, we can’t do it here like in a hotel.

Just so you know, the walls are super thin here, so remember to hold back your voice.


Does it feel good?

Even if you hold back your voice, your clit is twitching in-between the gaps of my fingers.

I’ll satisfy you inside.

What’s this? Are you about to cum?

You’re going to cum?

When you cum, call my name.


What’s wrong with that? I love it when you’re in the most vulnerable state and you call my name.


Say “Yuushirou.”

Cute. Super cute.

Cum. Cum for me.


You alright? I wasn’t able to stop myself when you called my name.


Touch me.

Look, it’s already stiff and hard.

Spread your legs wider.



I splurged and bought the thin ones, but it’s bang on the money.

You’re so hot inside. I can really tell.

Is it noticeable for you too? Can you feel my dick deep inside you past the condom?

Let’s kiss.

Not yet. I saw it in a video, but they say it’s best if you don’t move right after you put it in and to just hold still for a bit.

Yes, if I do that, your pussy will conform to my cock’s shape and we’d be able to melt together perfectly, it said.

It’s super naughty and sounds like it’ll feel good, doesn’t it?


But I want to do more research and let us reach the moon together. So, let’s stay like this for a bit longer.

I told you, not yet. Not yet.

Hey, clenching down at the entrance is cheating.



So good…

Your insides are so sloppy, my dick’s about to melt.

You just came from your clit, so it’s too much?

Don’t force yourself. Gripping onto the pillow like this… Is your voice about to leak out?

Then, let me cover up your mouth.


I can’t. This is almost too much of a turn-on.

Can I cum?



Damn… Wait, I’m going to pull out right now.

Hey, don’t stare so much! Don’t say that I came a lot. I didn’t. It’s only a little.

Oh, would you like a drink of barley tea?

Here. Don’t spill it.

Hehe, lukewarm?

You’re right, it’s lukewarm. But, we have to rehydrate, don’t we? It would be bad if we got lightheaded in the middle of sex, wouldn’t it?

I will, I will. Come on, let’s go at it one more time.


If you make that face, it’ll put me in a state of shock. I can still keep going.

Let’s do the prone bone that you like. I’ll grind against all the spots that feel good. Alright? Okay?

You’re so kind.

Yes, like that. Lie down on your stomach.

I’m putting it in.


It’s going in… It goes so deep when doing it from the back. Can I thrust hard into you?

Your voice is too loud. Wait.

Okay. It’s going to be a bit hot but hang in there, hang in there.


Covering ourselves… It feels like we’re doing something indecent.

We’re both covered in sweat. it’s like we have lotion over our entire body.

Am I hitting your sweet spots?

I feel really good too. You’re so slippery inside, but the way you clamp down on me is incredible.

It’s the second time, even, but I’m about to blow instantly.

I want to feel you more.


Let me mess with this place too.

Isn’t your body hotter than it was before?

Here too.

Your ears are tasty.


Huh? The bed has my scent on it?

Then it feels like you’re having sex while pinned by me from both sides?

You say those perverted things randomly, don’t you? Do you like my scent?

You’re feeling it way too much.

I’m about to too… I’m about to cum…


Can I shoot my cum again?

I feel like I’ll let out lots, and thick.

I’m cumming. I’m cumming!

I love you, I love you… Cumming!


I’m…so happy.

Huh? Happy? Did I say that?

It was a slip of the tongue, a slip of the tongue. We’re covered in sweat, why don’t we take another shower?

Then, let’s go.


Track 3: After Taking a Shower


Look at me.

We had quite the workout, didn’t we? Don’t you think we burned off all the calories from the ramen?

Eh? Seriously? Ramen has so many calories…

Were you…satisfied?

I’m not talking about the ramen.

Umm, uh, you know, it was mostly me cumming earlier. So, maybe you’re pent up and frustrated is what I’m thinking…

But, you haven’t cum that way, have you?

Don’t be embarrassed. Let’s go the mile today.


Open your legs up slightly.

Yes, yes.

It’s fine, I’ll only be touching you gently inside. You don’t have to force yourself, just focus on my fingers and tongue.

Now that I think of it… It caught my eye earlier, but, isn’t the hair here a little thin?


What do you mean they’ll stick?

But it’s fine, no? It’s erotic.

Hmm? Eh? I can see your slit even from the front because it’s a little thinner, don’t you find that sexy?


Hey, you trimmed because, deep down, you really wanted to show this place to me, right?

Don’t be shy.

Damn, it makes it easy for me to lick your clit. It’s so nice.

I’m going to put my fingers in.


Are there still lingering effects from before?

It’s warm and wet. My dick was in there not too long ago, right? It clamps down on both my dick and fingers… What a lewd pussy, it is.

Here, right?

When I press my finger here, your sweet voice leaks out immediately. Though, I still can’t quite make you cum 100% of the time with my dick.

Still, I can tease you properly with my fingers.

I’ll rub your clit with my tongue, so cum.


Wow… There’s much juice coming out of you. I feel like I’m about to drown.

Are you about to cum?

It’s fine. Cum. Let me see more of your cute side.


Did it feel good?

You made a really lewd face.

I’m not poking fun at you. It’s my honest opinion, opinion.

Hey, between a strawberry cup with condensed milk and a crunchy lemon bar, which would you rather have?

Not both. I’m asking which.

Well, they’re in the fridge, so when we get out, let’s have some.

Half and half, okay? Half and half.


Track 4: Sleeping Together


The bed’s so narrow. It’s really cramped with a single-size bed. Don’t you think it’ll be better if I slept on the floor?

Really? I’m fine with it as long as you are, but…

I mean, you came all this way, so it’d be bad if you were like “I couldn’t sleep at all.”

Then, shall I lend you my arm as a pillow?

Don’t wake up and say it’s suffocatingly hot, alright?

The edge is here. Ah, come closer to the middle.

Yes, yes, so you don’t fall off.


Is the fan blowing on you?

I set it to oscillate, so I think it should be fine, but please tell me if you’re cold.

Thank you for today.

I think it’s nice to say that once in a while.

M-m. We cooled off in my room with a fan and walked down to eat ramen, had sex while drenched sweat, showered and shared ice cream… It’s almost like a childhood summer festival.

After graduating from high school, we haven’t been able to see each other except on weekends.

But today…I feel like you’re really close to me, somehow.

I love you.


Don’t laugh!

You… You… You…

I can’t. I’m going to start laughing, no, grinning. At this point, we’re just a sickeningly sweet couple.

As I thought, it’s fun being with you.

Anyways, umm, I’ll be doing some short internships starting next month.

It’s about time for me to get serious about job hunting. I’ve got to find a job quickly and finish my thesis, so I’ll probably be a little busy up until graduation.

Will you be sad if our schedule doesn’t match up and we have less time to play around?



Hmm, but, if I get past this period… Ah, umm, how should I say it? I want to find a job in Tokyo too, and uh, I was thinking that we could maybe, uh, possibly rent a place together…

W-What do you think of that?

Yes! Now, don’t forget your promise.

I’ll work hard, I’ll work hard. If I think about the fact that I’ll be able to live with you when this is over, I feel like I’ll be able to work super hard!

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next 10 or 20 years, but I can imagine the future right in front of me. with you,

Oh! And even if I’m busy, you better keep the messages and calls coming.


After getting that OK, I have this sense of relief and have gotten sleepy.


But you might say no to it.

I wouldn’t know.

What’s your plan for tomorrow? What’s the time for your alarm?

I guess we can make the occasional exception.

Then, the first one to wake up has to wake the other person up.

Good night. See you tomorrow.


Track 5: Beginning of Another Hot, Hot Day


So bright.


What? You’re still asleep?

Hey, sleepyhead, it’s morning. Wake up.

You’re able to sleep like a rock even in a place like this? As expected of you.

Come on, wake up.

Ah, your stomach’s showing.

I’m going to play jokes on you if you don’t wake up.


Jeez, she’s really not waking up.

I’m fully recharged after a good night’s sleep and I have a healthy erection this morning… If you’re this defenseless, I won’t be responsible for what happens, alright?

What a nice smell… It’s so lewd the way you’re bra-less early in the morning. Your nipples are sticking up, even.

Very lewd, very. I’m at my limit for my lewd meter and have started leaking precum.

So, why are your nipples erect?

Is it for me to flick them around?


Hurry up and wake up already.

Wake up. Wake up and have morning sex with me.


Good morning.


What are you saying? I tried all I could to wake you up, though. It’s your fault for not waking up no matter what I did.

No, wait, it’s all the fault of your lewd body.

Listen, I can’t take it anymore. Please let me put it in. I want to ram my swelled-up cock deep inside you.


What’s this? This place’s wet too.

Did you get horny after having your nipples teased?

I’ll put it in right now, so…


It feels so good… I…

Your body’s so hot just after waking up.

Even though we did it so much yesterday, it’s nowhere near enough.

Turn this way.


Oh damn… My dick’s about to blow.

Cumming, I’m cumming!


Sorry, I let it out on your stomach.

Don’t move your clothes.

Ahh… That felt good.

My bad, I apologize. You never wake up, so like, I got tired of it. Plus, I didn’t go all the way and waited until you woke up.

Yes, safe. Safe.

You’re furious…?

Wait, wait, I just came-

Wait! Please wait! I just… I just came, so don’t shove in your mouth like that.

I’m not mad. I’m happy.

I’m happy but like, I’m saying just not right now.


No more… The head’s my weak spot.

Lower, please lower…

Wait, that place-!

I can’t take it. I’m cumming, I’m cumming again.

I don’t want to. Not here… I want to cum while inside you again.


Sorry, I might cum right away.


Sit on top of me. Let’s do it while facing each other.



What? You didn’t have enough earlier?

Then wake up fully this time and take me inside you.

Fellatios are nice, but still, as expected, if I’m going to cum, I want it to be inside you.

And I love your moans.

It feels so good when we hold onto each other and vigorously shake our hips…


Call my name again.

Say “Yuushirou.” I want to hear it.

I do too. I love you too.

I love you.


I love you a bunch, so…

I’m cumming. I’m cumming…

Cumming! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


I’m going to die…

No, uh, you were wringing me dry.


We talked about it yesterday, right? …The arrangement together, thing.

I panicked because I thought it was all a dream for a moment.

I mean, I’m way too happy and it’s like, everything’s a dream, level of happy.


Hey, are you hungry? There’s a banh mi shop open by the park. Are you interested?

Why don’t we buy takeout and eat it by the park fountain?

Let’s have lots of fun today too.

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