【Translation】 Kinpakushi no Kousoku S〇X de Nawayoi A〇ME

Thank You to Yunfa for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Katagiri Ryouichi (片桐良一)

Track 1: Would You Like to Try Bondage?


Now, next, I’d like to ask if there is any member of the audience who would like to experience rope bondage?

How about you, Miss? You had a very nice expression on your face as you watched the show.

Oh. You’re a journalist? Then all the more reason to. Wouldn’t you want to personally experience the sensation of the rope and the feeling of entrusting your body to it? You would be able to detail it more accurately and more concretely if you’ve experienced it yourself, would you not?

Am I wrong?


Don’t worry, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Naturally, you don’t have to undress if you don’t wish to. If you ever find it to be too much, please feel free to say “stop.”

I knew from the moment I received your email regarding the interview request.

As a writer, you were drawn to bondage even before you decided on the interview, were you not?

I can tell.

You seem like a girl who’s capable at her job, so this should be a golden chance for you. And for the sake of the story, I can’t imagine you refusing. Isn’t that right?

Now, stand.


This beautiful young lady has stepped forward. Please come over to the stage.

Now please take a seat here.

Let’s start with the top rope.

This is your first time being tied up, correct? Don’t worry, I won’t use harsh words like I did in the show earlier.

Here, touch the rope. It’s the one I used to tie up the girls’ luscious bodies earlier.

What do you think? I’m sure you’ll agree that the rope is more supple than you thought, right?

That’s right. It’s soft against the skin. I took a lot of time to get it to this state. I change it little by little, little by little, as you do with a woman’s body so that it’s simpler for me to use.

Now then, allow me to introduce this young lady into the world of bondage.


This girl who’s being tied up for the first time in her life… What kind of expression will she make? Please look forward to it.

Now, bring your hands behind your back.

Lift up your elbows.

Yes, so your wrists overlap.

Don’t be nervous. Are you anxious about not being able to see it happen?

Don’t worry, I’ll explain the process while tying the rope.

First, I’ll start with your wrists.

It’s not too tight, right? Contrary to belief, it’s best to have a little bit of wiggle room. If you don’t have enough slack in your wrist to keep it from slipping out of the rope, your wrist will get congested.


Are you at ease now?

But it won’t slip off anymore now.

You’re now trapped by the rope, trapped by me.

Hmph, your face is full of anticipation. 

Next, I’m going to put the rope around your breasts, but, hmm, your blouse is quite form-fitting, so it wouldn’t be beautiful having the fabric pulled along with it.

And I believe you should experience the feeling of the rope directly.

Apologizes, I’m going to undo a couple of buttons.


You have wonderful breasts. They’re beautiful.

Now, I’ll begin. I’m going to tie this rope around the top and bottom of your breasts.

First, I’ll wrap it around your chest and combine it with the rope around your wrists.

I’ll wrap around again…

Is it uncomfortable?

No, I’ll be wrapping under your breasts.


Should be like this…

Ahh, it’s just as I imagined. It’s a fine expression.

I’m sure you did plenty of research for the story. Do you know of the phrase ”drunk on ropes” as well?

You’re exactly that right now.

Just by having rope wrapped around your hands and chests, your mouth is hanging open thinly and your eyes are dazed.

Yes, if I were to describe it, I’d say it’s like you’re in the throes of the most exquisite pleasure. It’s extremely wonderful. Look, the guests are watching you.

Your upper half is exposed and you’re left in your bra. You’ve lost the freedom of your wrists, and your chest is colored by the rope.

They’re looking at you, so lewd and beautiful.

Right now, you are my work of art.


You must be happy, right?

Now then, the first part is complete. What do you think of your first experience with bondage?

Does it hurt anywhere?

Looking at that expression… I guess there was no need for me to ask.

Most first-timers stop at this point, but I feel like you can keep going. Why don’t I tie more rope around you to further accentuate your lovely breasts?

I’ll wrap you more beautifully with my rope.


It’s fine. Stay relaxed there.

Entrust your body to me. Allow me to intoxicate you further.

Ah, it appears that you understand.

By being tied up and deprived of your physical freedom, you allow your mind to be free… Please enjoy it.

Yes, look at me with your moist eyes, and I’ll show you a new world you’ve never before seen.


Track 2: Tie You Up Once More


Well, thank you for the other day.

I’ve been waiting for you. Please come this way.

I’ll go brew some coffee right away.

Oh, so this is the article from that time. Thank you for taking the trouble to bring this to me. Can I look over it here?

Oh? This is…

As expected of you.

No, uh, of course, you’re a good writer, but you have a delicate sensibility. You expressed everything that you felt at that moment. Being drunk on rope after your first show and experience with it, it truly is a lascivious piece of writing.

To be frank, on the day of the show, I thought it was a shame to let you leave.

There aren’t many women who get that into it during their first experience with bondage, after all.


Say, don’t you want to know more? If it’s me, I can show you an even deeper world.

What do you think? Would you be interested in me tying you up again?

Do you remember how they played music at the venue?

That was to excite the audience. It’s great for a show, but you wouldn’t be able to hear the scraping of the rope.

But here, you can hear the sounds of rope rubbing against itself…and the sounds of your panting brought upon by the rope tied around you. And also, there’s only me and you here.

You can forget about everything else and focus on the rope.

Be honest about your desires.

You want to experience the true world of bondage, and the deeper emotions it brings with it, don’t you?


Good girl.

Just entrust yourself to me and feel the rope with your entire rope.

Now then, please take everything off.

Don’t worry, I’m the only person here. I’ll bring out your most beautiful self with my ropes.

Ah, it is as I suspected.

Well, we can’t have anything hidden. Your skin is fair, and the shape of your breasts and build is just right. It’s a body that truly shines with rope.

Sit over there. I’ll tie the rope.


Today, let’s try a different position..

Bring your two arms to the front.

Alright, good girl. How does it feel to be tied up like this in my private space?

Now, your body is no longer yours.


You really are honest… Your anticipation for the rope has already made your mouth water. I’ll have to tie you up extra thoroughly if you look at me like that, don’t I?

Now, hold your hands up and bend your elbows back.

Yes, so that your wrists are behind your head.


Behold, you can no longer move your arm at your own will.

For your cheeks to become this flushed… And for you to expose your sides and breasts so defenselessly…

This position truly brings out your sense of shame.

I’ll continue.

Last time it was only your upper body, so today, I’ll tie up your entire body. …Make sure to savor the ropes.


Position your legs between the armrests of the chair…

Oh, can you please relax?

I’m going to tie you up so that your pussy is in plain open view.

And now, it’s done. You’ve got your armpits and breasts exposed, your legs are spread wide apart in an M-shape.

Looking all red… It’s a nice look. Are you embarrassed?

Hmm, that’s true, but, that’s not all you feel, right? You still haven’t had enough. I can see right through you. I know you don’t just want to be tied up for the satisfaction of it.


Getting this turned on from having your ears licked…

But it’s not enough, right? Tied up, taken captive, and violated… That’s what you want, right?

You don’t just want to be tied up, you want to be used and treated like a possession.

Am I wrong?


No, I’m not wrong, am I? …This is the proof. Your nipples are jutting out hard even though I haven’t touched them yet.

You let out a nice cry even though I only brushed against your nipples.

It was the same the other day. I knew your nipples were erect underneath your clothes.

Yes, just like they are now.


No, don’t try to resist. You know it’s futile, right? You’ll more keenly sense the rope around your entire body, for you are held captive by rope.

Look, you can hear it, can’t you?

Your pussy’s already this wet, it’s completely soaked the rope.


Hey, I wonder why this is? All I’ve done is tie you up.


You’re clever. You should know deep down.

Your mouth down there is more eloquent, it seems. It suddenly started overflowing, hasn’t it?

Yes. You want it, don’t you?

Be honest and say it. That you want to be violated while tied up.


Unleash the desires within you.

There’s only me here, so it’s not a problem if you go crazy from the pleasure I give you, right?

To start with, you came all this way to see me when you could have just mailed it to me instead, so don’t tell me you weren’t having expectations.

Now, say it.


Yes, good girl. You’ll be rewarded for being honest about your desires.

Ah, yes, like you wanted, I’ll violate you.

Seeing that you’re this wet, I don’t think we need foreplay.

Correction, for you, bondage is foreplay, I reckon.

Well then, I’m putting it in.


It swallowed me up without any resistance. Is the inside of your pussy this hot because you’re tied up or is it always like this?

It’s a wonderfully seductive body.

Now then, I’m going to start moving. Please savor it well.


Well? How does it feel to be bound and violated?

I’m not doing it from the back, so it shouldn’t put all that much burden on your body.

I knew. I knew that you wanted to be violated like this and that is why I decided from the start to tie you up in this position.

I’m glad you’re happy.

You’re fantastic. You’re already about to cum, aren’t you? You’re coiling around me like you want me to pour it deep inside you.

Does it feel that good?

Do you want it deeper?

It’s always like your body was born to be bound. Looks like there won’t be a problem if I started moving faster.


Can you feel it? While you’re tied up, regardless of what’s being done to you, you have no choice but to accept it.

And in the present, you can pretty much say that you exist for my pleasure.

And yet, even now, you look like you’re about to cum.

Constantly tightening up around me… It’s almost me who’s going to lose control.

You probably have never felt this good from sex before. Isn’t that right? But by being bound, your mind has been set free, and I’m simply helping you do that.

It’s not a bad feeling.

Get drunk on the rope and drown in pleasure.


Here, come on, open your mouth.

Yes. Cum. Cum while tied up and plugged up both top and below.


You came.

Yes, good girl.

Now, I’ll start moving again.


Haha, you’re cumming non-stop, aren’t you? What a body you have.

I’ve decided. Please become my bondage slave.

I’ll make you far more beautiful with my rope and let you experience even greater pleasure, so…I’ll say it. You want that body to be bound by rope and to drown in pleasure, don’t you?

Say it, say that you’ll become my slave.


That’s right. Good girl.

Lewd, lustful, and ever so beautiful. I’ll reward you.

I… I’m about to cum too.


You’re absolutely wonderful!


Are you okay?

I’ll now untie the ropes.

I find these rope marks left on one’s body to be lovely. They’re proof that I’ve made you women bloom beautifully with my hands.

Please burn this sight in your eyes. With this, you have now become my bondage slave.

….So you won’t forget you’re a captive of my ropes even when you aren’t tied up.


Track 3: Hung, Loved, and Captivated


Oh, it’s you.

Please come on in. You’re right on time.

Huh? Are you asking about this girl here?

She’s a girl who’s been coming to me for about a year now. She’s a little more possessive than you are, a bondage slave just like you.

Why are you making that expression?

Oh, it’s nothing to be surprised about. Did you think that you were my only bondage slave?

Then let me tell you this…

ーーUnfortunately, I plan to love no one. I wouldn’t want to lose something yet again.


So, don’t try to restrict me.

You are my precious works of art. End of story. As works of art, I’ll cherish and pour love into you.

However, you cannot ask for more. If you’re going to be jealous then it’s best for you to distance yourself from me.

Just leave this house right now.


Hmm? Are you not going to leave?

So you’re saying that you want to be tied up regardless of all that, huh?

You’re entrusting your body to my ropes, I see. You really are a girl who’s faithful to her own desires.

What’s wrong with that? If you’re set on becoming a bondage slave then I’ll hang you from the ceiling today. Forget about everything else and get lost in the rope.

There’re undershirts in the other room. Please put that on. I’ll think it’ll accentuate your body.


Ah, it suits you well.

Now, move over there.

I guess you could say I’m itching to do it. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like I was trembling with excitement.

Wrap your arms behind you.

Yes, the same position you saw during the show where you got your first taste of rope.

It was your first experience with rope, yet you were quite intoxicated by it, weren’t you? Truthfully speaking, I really wanted to hang you upside down at that time.

I thought you had it in you.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to struggle to control my urges, so for that reason, I’m happy to have made you one of my bondage slaves.


I wonder if you’ve noticed? You’re already in a daze.

Just the thought of what’s to come is enough to make even me shudder.

Now that’s good. And then…

You can see the hook on the ceiling, right? I’m going to tie the rope to that.

Don’t worry, if I tie the rope right, it’ll distribute the weight of your body. Though, I can’t say it won’t be uncomfortable. But, knowing you, you’re probably looking forward to that.

Now then, I’m going to pull the rope.


Mmm, that’s a nice expression.

Is it difficult?

Though, since you still have the toes of both feet on the ground, it shouldn’t be that bad.

Did you think I’d hang you in the air?

That’s a lot harder on the body than it looks. I don’t want to suddenly do it to a girl who’s not used to it. But, I’m not done yet. …Because I’m going to hang one leg up in the air.

The rope really stands out against your soft thigh, doesn’t it?

Okay, and then I’ll make sure the toes of the other feet are only barely touching the ground.

Now it is complete.


Ahh… It’s beautiful.

You saw the show, didn’t you? It’s the same as that. And precisely because it’s you that it is even more so my creation.

A gag might just suit you. Your eyes are the eyes of a masochist.

It’s the perfect stimulus for the sadism of a man like me. I won’t be able to get enough of tying you up and start wanting to treat you cruelly.

My, my, this is what I’m saying, and yet…why are you looking at me with such longing eyes?

Tell me. Do you want it?


Your nipples are sticking straight out of your thin undershirt. Is that the reason why you’ve been shaking your hips for the past while?

It looks like you’re completely captive to the rope.

You truly are a lecherous girl.

Do you want me to violate you right here and now?


Then, you’ll put me in the mood, right?

Since you’re hanging up, you can’t bend, so I’ll get on a chair… Now, open your mouth.

If I do this, it’s just the right height, right? If you want it then service it.

……Your Master’s cock, that is.


First, I’ll violate your cute mouth.

Of course, since you can’t use your hands, I’ll lend you a hand.

That’s right. Take it in deeper and run your tongue over it.

Yes, you’re doing good.

It’s painful? 

We can’t have that. You’re my slave, aren’t you? So take it deeper inside your throat.

Yes, like that. Good.


Hmm? Does it hurt?

But this is your fault. Your teary eyes are extremely arousing.

Oh, right, since this is your first time being hung, I can’t have you hanging for long.

No, when it comes to you, I have a tendency of forgetting.

Why, you ask? …Because I can see the mess you’re in. You’re wet all the way down to your thighs.

You really are a slut.

Now, my slave, beg your master and say you want it. “Please violated me while I’m bound with rope.”


You really are adorable.

All right, I’ll shove it deep into these taut thighs, into your greedy pussy.

Now, cry out loudly for me.

It’s hot. You already have a firm unyielding clutch on me. Did you want it that badly?

You’re so cute, my dear bondage slave.

I’ll start moving.


Good grief, looks like I don’t even need to ask if you’re okay.

Every time I thrust into you, your pussy clamps down on me and tries to drag me in deeper.

Just how lustful of a bondage slave are you?

Look at how high your clit is sticking. It’s asking for me to play with it.



What do you want me to do? Should I pinch it hard?

Like this, huh.

That’s a nice sound. Cry out some more.

Is that so?

Come on, cum. Cum while tied up, hung, and completely exposed.

Yes, good girl. Now, one more time.


I do want to enjoy this more, but it’ll be bad if I take up too much time. Either way, I don’t think I can last much longer.

Lewd, sensitive, and honest about your desires… You accept everything about my ropes.

You are movie material, you know that?

I guess it is rough. That face is wonderful, though.

To turn into this much messy. Just how dirty are you-

I’m cumming!

Now, my slave, here it comes!


Are you okay?

I’ll untie the rope.

Don’t forcefully move, marks like these will disappear soon enough. I find that to be part of the beauty of it.

Or, do you want me to tie you up again and continue?

……The choice is yours.


Track 4: Pain Deep in One’s Chest


What’s the matter? You haven’t touched your coffee. Did something happen?


Email from that girl?

Oh? I don’t know where she got your email address, but what did she say to you? 

Goodness, it’s quite troublesome when someone’s too possessive.

You don’t even know my past, so don’t act like you’re my girlfriend.

What does it matter if you know my past or not? You’re nothing more than a bondage slave. There’s no need for you to be concerned about that.

I already told you that I don’t give special treatment to women. I only see them as my works of art.

……And I almost certainly recall you saying that you were fine with that.


What’s wrong? You look like you want to say something to me.

Haha! So you too.

Do you want to know that badly?


Why are you screaming? Are you scared?

You’re the one who said you wanted to know. I’ll tell you, so listen carefully.

I had been robbed of the woman I love! The woman I thought I had it all figured out with got stolen by some fucking yakuza member!


What’s wrong? You’re my bondage slave, aren’t you?

Before you make a choice for your master, why don’t you try to satisfy me first?

Even though you’re trembling so much… Look, can you see it? Your nipples are already this erect. So obviously…

Haha, it is exactly as I thought. You’re already soaking wet you filthy slut.

Even without tying you up, with a bit of pressuring, this is the result?

If you want it so bad, I’ll give it to you!


You know, right?

A rope master can either keep you alive or lead you to your death. When you’re tied up, you can’t move, so I could leave you in there if I wanted to or take your life. Isn’t that right?

Are you trembling?

Isn’t it a little too late now?

Didn’t you want this, knowing this is the kind of man I am? Whether they tie you up or hurt you, you will be a dirty, drool-covered, cunt-soaked, sex-crazed whore.


Yes, all women are like that.

That woman took my money and ran. …Off to that yakuza member.

No, if I needed her and money is what’s needed to make her happy, I would’ve given any amount necessary. But, that guy wasn’t like that.

The moment he was no longer able to get money out of her, he started drugging her and pimping her out.

I…wasn’t able to save her.


Huh? Her?

We did cross paths again. Having lost everything and appearing so skinny and thin, she was like a different person to me.

And then she tried to drug me.

I didn’t even know I had it in me at the time.

And so, I swore I’d never love anyone again. …Since the day I heard the news of her death.


Well? How’s the feel to hear the past of this hopeless man? Are you satisfied now?

Look, I’m going to start moving again.


Earlier, I said it, right? Whether you live or die depends on me.

You’re not tied up, you say?

You’re such a fool. Even without ropes, if I put my hands around your neck like this… Look, you’re in the exact same state.

Well? Is it agonizing?

Oh how beautiful your face is when it’s twisted like that.

Here, I’ll choke you again.


Don’t worry, I haven’t completely cut off your airway.

Isn’t it a bit like rope? Doesn’t it feel good not to have all that blood go to your head?


Yes, you should’ve kept looking at me like that. It’s your fault for trying to meddle.

Painful, right? And yet your pussy is twitching like this.

Are you about to cum even though you’re being choked?

Haha! You’re tightening up, you’re tightening up… You really are a masochistic pervert, aren’t you?

It’s fine. Say, “please let me cum.”

Is it too painful for your voice to come out?

Enough, just beg and plead in your dirty voice.

Come on, say it. Scream it out. Scream it out, you masochistic slave!


Haha! You said it, you said it!

Are you happy? You must be, right?


Damn it. I’m cumming!

Here, it’s your master’s semen. So take it all in!


Are you alright?

But with this, you know the kind of person I am, right?

This is the kind of man I am. I don’t have the right to love a woman. So if you understand, don’t ever come near me again.

You drive me crazy. You try to pry open doors that should be opened.

Don’t come to me again. Forget about me.


Good End: You’re Now the Only One I Tie Up



Let go of my hand. I told you, forget about me-

Wait, you… What are you…?

Let go.

Why? I did these horrible things to you, so why are you embracing me?

I see. So that’s what “love” is?

Ah, right… This is what it should be…

Please let me stay like this for a bit longer.


I had loved her too. I loved her.


I’m home, the last show is over.

I was invited to the after-party, but I declined. I wasn’t in the mood for it.

I’m going to take a shower, so please wait-

Jeez, you’re always so forceful.

It’s already been a year since then, hasn’t it? I had made the decision to not love anyone, but you melted my frozen heart. So, I can no longer survive in that world.

You’re the only one I’d want to tie up, after all.


Today I have officially retired as a rope master. 

I plan to succeed in my father’s business and my parents seem to approve.

I speak both my native tongue and Japanese equally well. I might as well. And on that note, of course you’ll take responsibility for making me retire, won’t you?

I have no choice but to ask you to marry me.

But what else am I to do? I’m in love with you. I want to embrace and to tie only you up.

Please forever remain my captive.



Merry Bad End: As a Spectacle


If you understand, then leave.


I see, so you broke too. In that case, I’ll make you my personal slave, I’ll keep you closest to me, and if as you said, you betray me, I’ll kill you.

I’ll choke you like before.

I’ll kill in the midst of pleasure.

You want me, don’t you? You want me to do more, don’t you? You can’t get over the fact that your life is in my hands, don’t you?


You’re so cute, my masochistic slave.

I won’t let go of you again. I won’t ever forgive you if you betray me. Now, here, a kiss to seal the vow.


I’ll tie you up! I’ll choke you! Hahaha!!!


You’re mine. You’re mine, you’re mine, you’re mine, you’re mine, you’re mine, you’re mine… You are mine.

You were quite amazing too today; the audience was completely enraptured.

This knot… And this too. And also here.

What beauty.

You’ve been my personal slave for almost a year now. You’ve left your job, your home, and everything else behind to come along with me, haven’t you?

You’ve accepted everything, me, my rope, even going as far as to appear on a show.

You’ve grown increasingly beautiful.


Today, I was so aroused that I again thought I was going to ejaculate while I was tying you up. But, if I’m going to ejaculate, it’s going to be inside you.

I held back during the show, you see.

I’ll start moving.


You really are the best.

Past, present, and future…

I’ve been driven crazy by you, even though I swore to never love another woman again… I’ve been driven crazy by you, isn’t that right?

You’re gonna have to pay for that.

You’ll pay for it, and you’ll do so by staying with me until the day you die

Can you not even answer?


You want to cum?

Right. Of course. If you do it well, I’ll give you a reward. What do you want? A kiss? To be tied up again? Or do you want to be choked?

Oh, I’ve got an idea. During the next show, I’ll hang you upside down.

Don’t worry, I know. You’re fine with anything, but what you want are the drugs, right?

Yes, yes, If I tie you down with ropes and drugs, you won’t ever betray me. You’ll always be there for me.

Right? Aren’t I right?

Come on, where’s your answer?


You’re such a good girl.

Now, once you get a hit of that drug, let’s continue on with sex. I’ll push to the brink until you’re almost dead.

You’ll forever, forever be my slave.

……I’ll never let you go.

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