【Translation】 Kimi ga Subete

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CV: Nojima Hirofumi (野島裕史)

Track 1: Reason for Disappearing



It’s been a while.

I never thought you’d be the one receiving guests. …I knew I shouldn’t have come.


Not really, I just find it easier to use my left hand than my right. I know the seating arrangement, so I don’t need you to show me my seat.


Enough, why are you trying so hard to talk to me?

Talk, you say? We haven’t seen each other in years, what is there even for us to talk about? And also, the reception’s already over, so hurry up and head to the after-party.

Not to mention, I’m here in my mother’s stead. I never wanted to be at the reception in the first place, but your mother kept insisting.


Why, you ask? Because I’m going back to my room. Once I get to my hotel room, there should be any-


What are you-!?

Sei-nii? Sei-nii? If it’s something you can resolve inside an elevator then there’s no point talking about it.

Or…are you going to follow me to my hotel room? If you dare enter a man’s hotel room alone as a woman, that is.


Wait, are you seriously coming in? Hey!

Don’t you have at least some inkling as to why I’m avoiding you?

That’s right. I knew why my mother left me at your house the entire time she was gone.

I reminded her of my father who had an affair and ran away, and she wanted to get rid of me.

Wasn’t it the same with your parents? They say they were busy getting their company off the ground, but they were just pushing you onto me, were they not?

And on top of that all, despite constantly telling you to stay off the balcony, when saving you when you were about to fall, I fell in your stead. Even if it was from the second floor, I was still in primary school.

And I…


Why are you going out of your way to see me now?

Ever since entering high school and the only other time we met was by chance 5 years ago.

That’s why?

T-That’s- I went to your place because it was the only place I could go. I didn’t have a choice, but once I entered a high school dorm, there’s no more need for that, is there?

What’s wrong with that?

I feel bad for disappearing without a word.

What, why? There was no particular reason for it!

I told you, there wasn’t! Forget the past, there’s no way you can tell whether I’m lying or not-


Don’t come near me, please.

I’m fine. It just starts on its own from time to time…

I took medication, so why?

Please don’t touch my shoulder. I’ll talk, I’ll talk, so…I’m begging you, please let go of me!


It’s strange. My right arm should be completely healed, yet it still hurts. But that’s not all, around the time I started middle school, whenever my arm starts hurting, my body burns up at the same time, and I get excited.

There’s something wrong with me.

The doctor told me that the incident might’ve become a source of trauma.

But it’s not like I get flashbacks. Even after going through counseling and everything else I did, it wouldn’t go away.

The reason I’ve been avoiding you was that I didn’t want you to know about this.

……Because I never knew when I’d end up in this state.


Why? Why today of all days…?

No, the fact that I opened the window was part of the reason. I never once considered it your fault. If anything, I was glad that you were safe, rather than my own body.

Even now, I still don’t regret it in the slightest.

And that’s why I’m even more confused as to why.


After saying this, there’s no more reason for you to be involved with me.

Please leave.


Track 2: “I’ll Save You”


What are you-

I don’t have such a person. And normally, it can be controlled with medication.

“I’ll save you”?

What do you mean by that?

No, don’t look!

Wait, wait-!!! If you… Wait, why are youー?

It’s painful, but it’s not like I wanted you to-


No, no, I’ve never been touched by someone else…

I haven’t! I haven’t done this with anyone before. Please stop… I don’t want this…

It feels good. It feels good, so please, stop your hands…

That’s not what I… In front of you… This kind of thing, in front of you…

Of course it’s embarrassing.


Why did you dig your nails in? It hurts…

I didn’t mean the pain felt good.

What are you trying to do-!?

Your footーー

Please don’t step on it so hard… It hurts. And it doesn’t just hurt… Wait, wait, don’t talk!

It doesn’t just hurt, so…

Please, I’ll stop saying it. I don’t want to cum like this.



I’m cumming… I can’t hold it any longer, I’m cumming!

Don’t look! I’m cumming!


Please don’t look at me. My arm is fine.

Doing this… Do you not find me unpleasant?

Eh? You would never?

Contact information?

Okay, I know, I won’t suddenly disappear on you.


Track 3: Secluded Space


It’s me.

What do I think? …It just looks like an expensive condo to me. So expensive that I would never be able to afford it in my lifetime.

Not to mention, one with a good view like this.

You’ll be moving soon…?

Then the reason you called me over was to help you move?


That’s probably because you suddenly invited me to your place despite what happened.

That kind of thing, by you who I’ve always thought of as a younger sister… Of course I’d be bothered. You’re the one who said you’d never forgive me if I suddenly disappeared on you again.

……And there’s nothing more for me to hide.

It’s gotten a bit better recently. I guess you could say the episodes of pain have decreased… Anyway, why am I here?

No real reason?

If there’s no reason then… You’re not thinking our relationship is the same as it used to be in the past, are you? Sure we used to always stick together in the past, but we can’t be doing that anymore, now can we?


Why, you ask?

I’m not thinking anything distasteful.

Ah, hey…

As before, I don’t like juice. And you, as always, love cookies with juice.

For me, it was like I was being dragged around to buy things. Most of the allowance your mother had left on the table was used by you to buy sweets, and it was an amount too lavish for the care of two kids.

These cookies bring back memories too.

They’re the ones that come in tins that I could never afford with the allowance I was getting.

It can’t be helped, right? I had to make sure you ate right, so I practiced cooking.


Auntie said I could use the gas stove when I reached middle school, so I started cooking. And I had no choice but to cook for you,

But well, it worked out for me since after returning home, my mother rarely cooked for me. Even when she called me to cover for her at the wedding, it was the first phone in who knows how many years.

I really wanted to say no, but unfortunately, I have a work-from-home job that could be worked around.


No, it’s nothing.

And what about you? Your parents used to rarely be home. so things weren’t that great, right?

What about now?



Although I put it in a rude way and said they forced you onto me at the hotel, it’s not like they’re disinterested in you, right? They were successful and built up a pretty large company.

In actuality, they were just busy, weren’t they? And this place too… You got it from your parents, right?

And where are you working now?

What? If you’re working for your parent’s company, you’re probably doing reasonably well, at the very least better than I am.

You just want me to listen to you?

Did something happen?

It’s not funny! I was genuinely worried. If you think I’m like the old me, then that’s just how worried you made me.

Doing as you please… Being forced to go along with your selfishness…


But even so, those were the best times of my life.

It’s a strange feeling. It’s like we’ve returned to those times… Just the two of us, eating sweets and talking about our parents and the old days.

But you’re mad at me for disappearing without saying a word, right?

By that time, we had housekeeping staff, so I thought you’d be okay without me. Come to think of it, it wasn’t until the staff came that my arm started hurting weirdly…

What is it?

My right arm?

Umm, about that… It’s probably fine if you touch it lightly.


It’s not flawless. There’re still scars left from surgery.

It’s precious to you?

It’s not painful and I’m not scared, but…the unease. I… I don’t feel right.

Your lips are touching-

I’m fine.

Wait! Getting hard all from you touching my arm… That’s because you were moving your leg.


Please stop moving your leg…

“Why?” You should know without asking.

It’s not…

I didn’t. I never intended for this.


Do I just have to sit on the floor? But still…



I’ve undressed.

Hey, what are you trying to do? Is it what you did last?

Wait! Even if you licked my nipples… It…

You’re kidding, this… Don’t, don’t just suddenly twist my other nipple! I told you not to twist it…

I’ve never played with my nipples before, why are they this…

You’re touching…



They’re in the way?

Tying my wrist together with my shirt… What are you trying to do to me? Do you just want to have your way with me?

Even at the hotel the other day… While saying that you were going to save me, weren’t you just relishing in my hapless state?

Me…? I… Wanting to have sex with you and such, I’ve had such thoughts!


My arm again is…

I never did.

Right now, did you just kiss-

That kiss is my first, but why did you suddenly…? Why are you undressing too?

As expected, you’re a mature woman…

Your chest has gotten big too.

Bottom too? But down there is… Wait! What’s under your skirt is too much!

I, uh, I, I’m sorry, so…

The truth is that I’ve had such thoughts. But! This is messed up, don’t you think? We’re not lovers, and also, to me, you’re special.


We were raised like actual siblings…and I’m also a virgin.

Where are you going?

Why do you have that, something that men use!? Are you really going to use it?

No! Please stop! If you use that, I-

It’s going in…

Why are you not doing anything? Don’t tell me you’re going to leave me like this…

Huh? This must be a lie, right?

Are you telling me to shake my hips?

I don’t want it like this, but… At the very least, can I do it myself? It’s hard when you’re holding onto it, and it’s always as if I’m…


I understand…

I can’t take any more than this. It’s painful being stared at…

Not my nipples!

I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

It feels good, but being seen by you is more… Eh? This position. It’s almost as if I’m really inside you.

My hips are moving on their own…

Can I lick your breasts?



They’re so soft…

Cumming! I’m cumming… I want to cum, I want to cum. I’m cumming, I’m going to cum!

Why? I was so close to cumming…

I’m not going to say that. And in the first place, this is a fleshlight.

No, please…

Your… Please let me cum inside you. Please allow me to cum inside you!


Don’t be so rough!

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Track 4: The Arm’s Pain


No! Let me cum!

Please allow me to cum!

You call me out to do this… As I thought, there’s definitely something wrong with me. Recently, my right arm has stopped hurting.

Even though nothing had worked before then…

Hey, am I not allowed to touch you?

Guess not.

I guess that’s fine.


Play a little more with me.


Sorry, it’s me. Please open up, it’s urgent.

The chain…

Sorry for coming at this hour. In any case, please let me in.

Thank you.

Hey… Uh, uh, sorry, sorry for dropping by without notice. There was something I wanted to ask you no matter what.


My mother has contacted me again. …About the fact that you’re getting married.

Why aren’t you saying anything?

Is it because it’s a baseless joke? …Or is it because it’s true.

Why? You never said you had a lover, right? So for you to suddenly get married is…

Are you moving because you’re getting moved?

What does your parents’ company’s business partnership have to do with your marriage? …Does that mean it’s a marriage of convenience?

But even without that, isn’t the company doing well?

That… Aren’t they just sacrificing you to expand their company?

Hey, it must be a lie, right? There’s no way you’d marry a guy you don’t love, or is it that you love him.

……Because in that case, I can still accept it.


You still haven’t met them yet?

Since when have you known? Did that topic already come up during your cousin’s wedding?

Then you did what you did at the hotel knowing that you might get married, right? And everything afterwards.

The whole time, the whole, whole time… Everything.

I don’t care about that! I can’t stand you being taken by another man for such a trivial reason. There’s no way I could stand it!

You’re all that I have! After being shunned by my parents and not having a place to stay, the times I had spent with you were everything to me!

Being depended on by you, being needed by you… It was my everything!


It still was even after I left.

When we happened to meet by chance 5 years ago, it was because I wanted to see you no matter what… Because I went to see you!

When I participated in the wedding in place of my mother, it was because I was hoping to see you.

And I had gone to see you many times even outside of that,

I figured out why my right arm was hurting. It wasn’t because of the aftereffects of the accident or a traumatic flashback. It was because my arm’s the proof that I had saved you!

When I’m stressed and it hurts, it tells me that there is no greater happiness than having had saved you! And that joy gave me pleasure! That’s all there was to it!

After hearing about your marriage, my arm hurt unbearably.

At this rate, I’ll die from the pain.


Please. Please, I’m begging you. Please don’t get married, please. You’re all that I have!

What is it…?

Of course. If you tell me to jump, I’ll do it. I’d do anything for you.

You’re right… If you forfeit the marriage, you might lose the life you have.

Then, in that case, I’d have to at least be able to die to make it worth your while.

This is many stories higher than that day, but I’m not scared at all.


Why? Why are you hugging me now?

Together… Like in the past?

Are you sure?

All I have is you. I don’t need anything else. All I need is you. I can’t live without you.

You have to lose something in exchange, then please make me yours.


Track 5: You Are My Everything


I had the same thought when you let me see it before, but your body’s beautiful.

I can lick you? Really?


I’ve been erect ever since we entered the bedroom.

I’m already yours, right?



Stop pressing down with your knee-

I’m sorry.

You’re going to take your bottom off? You’ve never once done that before.

I’m seeing it for the first time…

I want to try licking it. Can I look at it closer?

Please, please let me look at it up closer.


On top of my face…

So it’s become like this…

Am I doing good?

That’s a relief. It’s gotten really wet.

So this is what it tastes like.

It was tough being oppressed before… I don’t want to just cum, I want to stroke it. Please let me stroke it.



I’m already… No, I’ll cum right away!

No, I-

I can’t, I can’t stop my hands.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


What are you doing?

No. No! I just came, so stop!

No, again, I’ll… Please take your hands off!

Eh? You’re going to put it inside you?

I got it. I won’t cum until you say it’s okay.

Wait, I don’t have a condom on-


It’s so hot inside you.

It feels so good… I feel good.

What do I do? You haven’t said okay, but I’m about to cum just from the thought of being inside you.

But, I can’t, I’m seriously at my…

Forgive me.


I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to control myself.


That twine​… So I won’t be able to cum using this?

Then, this way, I’ll be able to keep going until you’re satisfied.

It feels good…

Your insides are tightening up… I… Are you feeling good too?

I’m glad. It’s really hot, going all the way down to the base…

Kisses feel good too.

I’m happy. One more.


I don’t need anything but you. Both now and forever.

Again, I… I’m about to cum again. Even if I can’t ejaculate, I’m about to cum again.

Are you going to cum?

Can I watch you cum?


Cumming! I’m cumming!


I know. I belong to you.

Both now and forever, for the rest of our lives…


Track 6: A New Home Belonging to Us


So, in the end, what happened to the company?

Really? That’s good to hear, but…

Ultimately, you broke off the marriage, quit your job, and cut ties with your parents.

I would never want that.

If you ever marry another man, that’s when the symptoms might come back and drive me insane.

Now, why don’t we take a look at the next place?

Don’t be extravagant. It’d be hard to get a bigger floor plan than this. Besides, it’s only for the two of us, so I’d rather it be small.


If you’re going to link arms, can you not do it with my left?

Being touched by you is a different story.

Are you not going to let go?

Alright, then don’t let go, Now, let’s go.

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