【Translation】 ○kute Doushiyoumonai Kimi wo Onnanoko no you ni Kawaigaritai

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CV: Takagami Hotaru (鷹咬穂垂)

Track 1: Because I’m a Bad Boy


I don’t want the vibrator… It’s thick and it rubs against all the places that feel good, and I don’t like it.

No more.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I won’t say that I don’t like it anymore, so please don’t be mean to me.

Don’t put half of it in… Don’t move it around.

It’s rubbing against me. No, I’ll become strange if you push it in deep.

I don’t want this, I don’t want this.

Stop, I’m telling you to stop. I’m… I’m going to cum.


No, no… If you rub it against me, it’ll come out. My voice will come out.

I’ll cum. No, no, I don’t want to feel good.

I’m going to cum… I can’t take this, I’m going to cum.

No more, no more, it’s too much, I’ll cum.

Not here. I don’t want to cum…in the kitchen. I can’t. I can’t, I can’t, and yet… No, I’m, I’m going to cum… I don’t want to cum.

I’m cumming-


I came… I ended up cumming…

I didn’t want this. I told you I didn’t want this…

It felt good, but doing this in a shared space is embarrassing.

Uh, uh, welcome back.

Umm, erm…

You’ll eat, right? You see, I, I’ve already prepared a meal. There aren’t many side dishes, but I did my best.

I prepared it properly… It’s just that some time has passed and it might’ve gotten cold.


I feel a little lightheaded.

No, no, don’t look!

I really didn’t do anything! I was only talking.

I didn’t. I didn’t do anything lewd. I wouldn’t do anything lewd, it’s a shared space…

I really didn’t-


You can’t be kissing me in a place like this.

Sorry… I’m sorry for doing weird things in a shared space. You must feel disgusted, right?

Umm, uh… I’m sorry.

Erm, what do I need to do for you to keep quiet about this?


Track 2: I’ll Do My Best



You want me to undress here? You mean, like, take off everything?

Ah, it’s so embarrassing.

Did you want to play around before eating?

Then it can’t be helped.


Don’t touch my butt. Don’t look at the vibrator.

Please don’t start moving the vibrator around again…

I’m sorry for doing lewd things in a shared space, in everyone’s space… I’m sorry for cumming in the kitchen.

If you turn on the switch… I can’t. I’m going to cum again.


Please don’t tease me. Let me cum, please. I want to cum.

I… I like sex. I like it, so you don’t have to stop! Please play with Haruka before you eat.

It feels good when you move the vibrator in and out…

It feels good when it hits deep spots.

Do it myself…?

I’ll move the vibrator myself.


It feels good having it shoved deep inside me… It’s… It’s hitting sweet spots…

I already came, but…when I push it inside, it rubs against me.

It feels…


I can’t, I can’t take anymore. I’ll cum. I’ll go crazy.

No, no, don’t stop, please don’t pull it out. It’s…it’s rubbing against me. I’ll, I’ll do it myself, so please stop being so rough.


I came…

Please don’t lap the semen, it’s embarrassing.

Please don’t suck on it. It sends me shivers.

Was it…fun?


Welcome home.


Track 3: I Couldn’t Fall Asleep


Umm, is it alright if I sleep with you today? I couldn’t fall asleep for some reason.

Are you the type of person who hates sleeping with others?

Ehehe… That’s a relief.

Don’t mind if I do, then.


Was today a rough day too?

I see. You’re so remarkable. There aren’t many things I’m good at, so I think you’re amazing.

Thank you for playing with me today.

Say, say, can I hug you tightly?

I’m happy. Doing this is calming.

Does it help get rid of fatigue?

Really? It would be great if it did.

Oh, uh, was today’s food good? Was there anything you disliked in there?


Oh, that’s good. I can’t make anything too complicated, so I just fried up some leftovers from the common area.

You all have been good to me, so I want to be of use to everyone.

Plus, there’s nowhere else for me to go. If I’m going to be here, I’d rather be loved.

I’m happy to be treated like a pet.

Would you like me to go “woof”?

I’m even willing to become a dog for you, though. Woof!


It’s embarrassing, right? Let’s end this topic, there’s always tomorrow.

Sure, let’s sleep.

Please play with me when you get back. I’ll hold you tight until you fall asleep.

Can you hear the sound of my heartbeat?

Ba-bump, ba-bump… It’s a pleasant sound, right?

Listen to the sound of my chest.

I want to fall asleep while listening to you breathe. So let me pull your head close and fall asleep like this.

Thank you for allowing this. I’m happy that I’m sleeping together with you.

Good night.


Track 4: Forgive Me


Ah. Good morning.

Uh. umm… I-I’m sorry! I, uh, uh, was half-asleep and accidentally turned off the alarm clock.

You, umm, must be running late, right?

I-I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to interfere with your life. I was the one who asked to sleep together, but…

Doing this… Doing something I shouldn’t have… I’m so sorry!

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please don’t be angry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please don’t be…angry.


Why are you…patting my head?

I thought you were going to be angry… I’m sorry, so I said “I’m sorry.” It’s my fault. It’s my fault, so…

Being angry is expected. I won’t cry, I won’t make loud noises… I’m sorry for entering your bed and behaving badly…

Please get angry at me. Please yell at me for not acting properly…

I’m not trembling…

I’m scared, but it’s only natural for you to be angry.

It’s okay. Please. Please scold me.

Forgive me, please don’t hate me.


Do I have to get down on all-fours and turn my butt towards you?

Like this?

I’m scared…

My butt… It’s hot… It hur…ts. It feels… It’s my punishment, so I’ll hang in ther…e.

It hurts, it hurts… It hurts.

I’m sorry. It’s hot.

No more…

You’re going to keep going?

It hurts. I can’t take anymore, I can’t. I can’t stay on all-fours anymore. I can’t!

I don’t want this. I don’t want this anymore. I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I can’t…I can’t take anymore. Please forgive me, forgive me. It’s painful, it hurts, it hurts…


I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I swore not to… I’m sorry for bawling so much. I’m sorry for crying.

The kisses make me happy.

You’re kind, so it’s fine.

Eh? You’ll stay with me for the rest of the day?

I’m happy!


Umm, I’ll do things properly next time, so if there’s something you want me to do or something that makes you happy, please tell me. I want to do it.


Track 5: I Don’t Dislike it


Eh? These are lewd panties, aren’t they? Like ones for girls.

Would you be happy if I wore them?

Then, I’ll wear them…

Umm, am I changing on top of your lap?

Ehh. I can’t change unless I strip naked, so it’s embarrassing.

It’s your room, so no one will see… That’s true, but you’ll see everything, won’t you?


Will it go on, even?

Even just putting my leg through the panties… Your breath brushes against me, and it’s embarrassing.

No! Don’t look!

I’ll start feeling it if you touch my butt so much.

Earlier I got spanked a lot, so it feels hot… And when you touch it, it tingles.

Don’t knead it.


It’s so frilly…

It’s so embarrassing.

You’re happy when I cling to you tightly? I’ll squeeze you with both hands, use my legs too…and hug you.


This position is bad, the panties are digging into me. And your fingers are going in too…

If you knead my butt, I’ll start feeling strange.


No, don’t take off my clothes… It’s like I’m naked, and it’s embarrassing…

Even if I’m holding onto you, if they slip from my shoulders…it would be embarrassing.

It’s not even a tight squeeze… My butt… When my butt is being touched all over by your fingers…

Don’t suck on my nipples…

When you suck on them, they tingle, and my head feels strange.

No… If you move your finger around inside my butt and pull them in and out… I don’t like it. Don’t shove your fingers inside.


I’m happy that you’re hugging me, but…if you do this, the strange feeling it gives will be ingrained in me.

Not there! No. If you squeeze…

That place… If you…

I don’t want you to stop, but I don’t want you to be so rough.

Why…? That’s… That’s… Because it feels good. It feels good! It’s like my penis is being rubbed from below and I start feeling it. So, I want you to stroke slowly a lot, but…when you rub it so vigorously, I don’t like it.

When you rub it while kissing my nipples… I can’t control myself.


Squeezing me while I’m on top of your lap… I won’t be able to stop myself. It’s like I’m begging you and clinging onto you, and it’s embarrassing.

It feels… It feels good. I love being held by you.

Don’t stop, I don’t dislike it when you touch my butt.

I like it when you take it slow. It feels good.

I want to have lots of kisses.

Everything feels good, and I’m happy.


It felt so good and I’m such a mess that I lost all my strength.

I want to keep going. Touch me!

I don’t need to cum. Touch me all over and melt me more and more.

I love you. I love you.

Caress me inside more. I love being touched by you, so I’m happy no matter what you do to me.


Are we going to change positions?

If you push me down, your fingers reach in even deeper…

I can hear the squelch sounds… If you pull in and out so hard that it makes sounds…

I can’t, my body’s hot and it’ll melt.

Oh no, it’s too rough. No way. Not now, don’t be so rough.

I told you to stop…

No, I’ll cum. I’ll cum.


No… No… Don’t pull out. Please don’t bully me.

I said I didn’t want it rough, and I said I didn’t need to cum, but… I said it, but… If I stay like this, I’ll go crazy.

I want to cum. Please let me cum!


Track 6: Is it Not Going to End?



I can do it well.

Do you not like boys who enjoy begging?

Why am I saying that in this situation…

But, I want to cum! It hurts holding off like that. You’re always watching my reactions, so you know, right?

I love naughty things…and it feels good to cum.

You don’t do a lot of embracing or being embraced, but you make me feel super good, so I’m happy just holding tightly onto you.

I wanted to become a complete mess, but… I can’t take it anymore. Look, just putting my fingers in makes these dirty sounds. My body is saying that it wants to have sex.

Come on, let’s have sex.


The fingers feel good…

I can’t, doing it myself is embarrassing. I want you to make me cum. At this rate, I’m going to cum from my own fingers…

I want you to make me cum.

I can’t stop my fingers… It’s embarrassing. I want to have sex. I want to, but… At this rate, I’ll cum!

I can’t, at this rate, I’ll cum.

Don’t squeeze so tightly! I won’t be able to move!

I don’t want to wait! I hate putting it on hold!

No. No, don’t kiss me. I want to cum.


You can’t be kissing me…

No, not fingers. Don’t put so many in. I can’t move. Please let me cum. I can’t take this, it’s not something I can endure.

Stop kissing…

Please don’t tease me. I can’t take this. Please stop, I can’t take this. I don’t want to be on the brink.

Stop acting like a daddy, I don’t want this. I don’t. Stop.

I want to cum… I want to cum…

You can be mean, you can put it in… You can pump loads inside… I can’t take it, I can’t take any more.

I want to cum. Forgive me. Haruka can’t hold himself back, he wants it deep inside. I don’t care if I get pregnant with a baby, so let me cum!

Please stop teasing me, please!


Daddy, no, no… Daddy… I’ll cum… I’ll cum. I’ll cum like a girl.

No, I can’t stop.

Please forgive me, Daddy. Your fingers are going deep inside…

No, stop… Forgive me, Daddy.

Your fingers, your fingers are going in deep…

Not fingers, I still… Cumming!

No, no, if we keep going, I’ll lose my mind. If I keep cumming, I’ll break. I didn’t know I could cum this many times from fingers.


I’m, I’m, I’m scared… Don’t move your fingers so much. They’re making squelch sounds… They’re making embarrassing sounds…

Daddy, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Haruka will be a good onahole, so please cum inside.

I won’t say I don’t want it. I won’t say it anymore. Please stop… I’m cumming again!

I never knew this, I never knew this!


Huh? Why?

You… Huh? I…

Don’t knock at that spot! My body will become weird! Your fingers feel good!

I’m happy you called me cute. I’m also happy that I have a girly voice, so I’ll let it out.

Please call me cute.

I’d like more. More.

Your voice makes me happy. My voice will leak out. My girly voice will leak out.

I’m going to cum like a girl. I’m going to cum.

I don’t mind being a girl. I’ll become a girl. I’ll become one, so stop, stop going at it so relentlessly… I’m cumming!

I’m scared.

No, please don’t do scary things…


Track 7: Because You’re Special


I came so much, so my insides feel strange.

When I’m on your lap and squeezing you, I can’t stop with the way I’m being squeezed and it’s like I’m having sex with you all the time.

Oh, uh, it’s a weird feeling…and I can’t stop it.

I’m sorry for not being able to control myself. I felt like I said a lot of strange things.

Was it fun playing with me?

Ehehe, that’s a relief.

You say you enjoy just seeing my reactions, but…uh, umm, please tell me if you ever want to have sex.

Ah. Yeah, of course it’s fine if you don’t want to either. It’s not that I’m dissatisfied. You taught me a bunch of stuff I didn’t know, so it’s exciting.

It’s just that umm, I don’t want you to be left unfulfilled. I don’t want to be the only one whose needs are met.


Give your body lots of kisses?

Can I?

Then I will.

When you did it to me, I was happy, but if you weren’t into it, I didn’t want to do it. I’m happy that you said it’s fine.

It’s soothing to be held tightly, and sex using only fingers feels incredibly good too, so it makes me giddy. It’s fun kissing you on top of your lap like this too.

Can I kiss your breasts too?

Can I suck on them?


Hehe, it’s fun.

I like you. It’d be great if you’ve taken a liking to me too.

It feels good when you squeeze my butt.

Umm, will you play like this again with me today?

That’s great! I’m happy. I love sleeping together with you and I’m happy when you touch me too.

I don’t say this to anyone.

Uh, uh, I’m this happy because you’re special. You’re not the same as everyone else.

Although everyone’s kind after sex… I may be an idiot, but that much I can tell. Still, you’re always kind, aren’t you? You would never scold me unless I asked you to scold me.

Plus when you’re spanking me. You’ll stop if I said no.


You’re keeping it in moderation, right? …Because it’s sexual play.

Your restraint during sex… Letting me hug you… To me, those things are special.

The “like” I feel when I’m happy being touched by you… The “like” I feel when I don’t want to be hated by you…are a little different.

Please don’t think that you’re the same as everyone else.


When you call me cute, it makes me happy.


You see, my chest tightened.

Am I weird, I wonder? I want you to say “cute” and “I like you” a lot. And I want to convey that the “like” I feel towards you is different than what I feel towards everyone else.

When sleeping, I don’t want to be apart from you.

……It’s the thoughts I have.

Uh, umm…no, I won’t sleep. I don’t want to turn off the alarm clock by accident in a sleepy daze, so I’m going to stay awake.

When you fall asleep, I’ll go sleep in the shared space as I should. So, can I stay next to you until you fall asleep today?


Eh? You want me to wake you?

I can cuddle you like a body pillow to sleep better and wake you up in the morning?

If it’ll help you, I’ll do it! I’ll work hard!

I think this might be the first time I’ve ever been told I can be useful to someone outside of sex. I’ll do my best!


Track 8: Please Love Me


Huh? Ah, morning?

Wake up, wake up. Please wake up!

She’s not waking up…

Oh, would she wake up if I kissed her?


Wake up…

Thank god, she woke up.

Oh! What a relief, you’re awake.

Good morning! It’s morning. Let’s do our best today!

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  1. Nikulius

    HIS VOICE SUITS HIM SO WELL AAA, such a sweetheart. At first, I thought this was gonna be mostly humilliation BUT WTH it got a mf plus cus of the cute ass praise kink, fluff and subtextual safewords, the last one doesn’t seem like a lot but they rarely appear in the ton of CD dramas that I’ve checked(a lot of them don’t mention them while in the others don’t even get consentual sex because ??????)

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