【Translation】 Cafe and Bar Calme

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Cafe and Bar Calme -カルム-

CV: Kumada Ran (熊田乱)

Track 1: Cafe and Bar Calme


Oh, you’ve come again? Welcome.

Yes, yes, the usual, right?

Still, do you not get tired of ordering the same thing every time?

That’s just how good it is?

You say such nice things.

Please wait.

Milk tea and pound cake. I prepared too much today, so I put in an extra piece. It’s a secret, alright?

You’re opening up another difficult-looking book.

Oh? Material for your report?

University students have it rough too, huh? Don’t overdo it. I know that you’re in the middle of studying, but it’s almost 7:00 PM, which means it’s now grown-ups time.

You’re already past 20, you say? But you’re still a university student, aren’t you?

Then you’re still a child. Come back when you’re a working adult.


Don’t be so miffed. Here, I’ll give you a cookie, so children should go home.

I’ll be waiting, so come again.


Track 2: I’ll Go Home



The usual, right? …Milk tea and pound cake.

So you’re not opening up a complex book today, huh?

Breather, eh. You sure you’re able to take a breather in the place you’re always studying at?

It’s fine because it’s comfortable here?

Really? Well, relax until it’s time to go.


I know that you’ve made yourself at home, but-

You’re being very understanding today.

This child will head home quietly, you say? Are you still bothered by what I said last time?

Come when you’re a proper adult. I’ll welcome you openly, then.


You want me not to call you a child when that time comes?

Sure, alright. I’ll promise you that.

Oh, right. Please wait just a moment.


This is brand new fondant chocolate made by me. Let me know what you think of it next time.


I won’t take any. I told you, didn’t I? It’s a work in progress.

Please enjoy it.

Your bill.

Thank you for coming. Until next time. Have a safe trip home.


Track 3: Served with Whipped Topping and Berries



Oh, it’s you. It’s rare to see you come in the middle of the day.

Now that I think of it, today’s Saturday.

In any case, please take a seat.

I see, so you came to quickly give your review. So, how was it?

It’s a bit too bitter for women?

Is that so? Should I use sweeter chocolate then?

Huh?  The chocolate itself is fine as it is? But it must have been bitter, right?

Serve with whipped topping? …And you also recommend mixed berries?

Visually, it would make it look better too.

If I serve it now, will you eat it?

Thank you, I’ll prepare it right away. Oh, and, what would you like to drink?


Alrighty, the usual.

I’m not a fan of this kind of decorating, but how’s it look?

Looks delicious?

I see. What about the taste?

It’s just right this time?

That’s a relief. I’ll go brew you your milk tea now.

Frankly, I’m not very knowledgeable about what women like, so you’ve been a great help. Thank you. I plan to immediately add it to the menu tomorrow.

Yes, please come again for it.

Go ahead.

It’s still in the planning stages, so I won’t charge for it.


Huh? You feel bad?

I said it’s fine, so don’t worry about it. If anything, I’d be willing to pay for your ideas.

You’d play along than to take money?

By all means, do so.

Why do you look so glum?

You can’t come for a while because you’re job-hunting?

I guess you’re finally becoming a working adult. But, what about it? It’s not like you won’t be able to come here ever again.

Don’t be so down. Once you’re a working adult, you can come here during the grown-up hours.

I won’t forget about you, so relax and focus on your job hunt. Depending on where you get hired, I’ll treat you to lots of cocktails.


Of course. A man doesn’t go back on his words.

Hey, hey, you’re leaving already? It’s nowhere near 7 o’clock.

Oh? You’ve got a job interview.

I see. Good luck.


Track 4: Nighttime Calme



Oh, it’s you. It’s been a while.

The counter seats are full for the night, so would a window-side seat be okay? I do apologize.

Since you’ve come here, then you must already be working, right? So, where’s your job at?

This company-

Isn’t this company the supplier for my coffee beans?


Well, I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone who my supplier was.

Oh, that’s right. As promised, I’ll treat you to a bunch of cocktails.


Here’s a Cassis and Soda and the menu list. Non-alcoholic and low-alcohol cocktails are listed on the prior page.

Even if it’s not featured, if there’s something you want, just tell me.

Don’t drink too much, though.

Satou: Missy, you’re a favorite of the Master, aren’t you? Did you know that, just like the language of flowers, there’s a “language of cocktails”? Cassis and Soda means that you’re attractive.

Satou: Getting all embarrassed… How cute.

Satou: Yes, yes, the Master did say that he prefers women with high alcohol tolerance.

Satou: Huh? You think he’ll get angry if you ordered something with high proof?

Satou: Hmm, then let me order something easy to drink and high in alcohol for you. Let me treat you too to congratulate you for being allowed into the nighttime Calme,

Satou: Don’t be shy. Master, a Golden Cadillac, please.



It’s unusual for you to order something this sweet, Mr. Satou.

Satou: Well, it’s a change of pace.


So, how’s the taste of your first cocktail? Is it good?

Then that’s good to hear. Still, try not to drink too much.

Satou: Haha, what an overprotective Master. But that’s a sign of how much he cares for you, Missy.

Satou: Go on, it’s like a sweet treat.

Satou: Ahaha! Was it so good that you drank it all at once? Normally a cocktail is something you take slow sips of.

Satou: Master, another Golden Cadillac, please.

What’s up with you today?

Satou: What? On a whim.

Oh really?


Sorry for the wait.

This is the last of this cocktail you’ll be having. The alcohol content is high. Even if it’s you, Mr. Satou, if you keep drinking, you’re going to get drunk.

Satou: Master, you worry too much. But, I’ll comply.

I’ll be glad if you do.

Satou: Here, Missy. Look, your face is already red. You can ask for some water from the Master later.

Satou: Now, let me take my leave before the Master gets angry.

Satou: Master, the bill, please.

Huh? You’re finished drinking already?

Satou: Yeah, it was too good. I’ll leave before I get fully drunk.

That’s wise.

Satou: I’ll see you then, Missy.


Now that I think of it, she’s been pretty quiet.

Ah- Hey! Are you okay?

This glass… So it was Mr. Satou’s doing.

Hey, wake up.

Haa… She’s super drunk, huh. She’s such a handful.


Track 5: It’s Not Just Because of the Alcohol


Rest here for now. I’ll go get you some water-

Hey, hey, what’s happened with you?

You don’t want to be apart from me…? What are you talking about?

You…like me?

You drank too much, Come on, let go of me so I can get you some water.

Why are you crying? Are you a crybaby?

Eh? You’ve always had feelings for me?


Me, huh.


I’ve liked you for a long time too.

It’s true, I’m not lying, so stop crying.

What’s the matter?

You want me to kiss you?

You’re pretty bold.

I’m not saying no to it.


Ah, yes, as many times as you want.


What do you want from me this time?

Huh? You want me to “embrace” you?

Of course I’m willing, but, are you sure about this? You still have work tomorrow and more importantly, you’re still drunk, aren’t you?

You’ve always wanted me to touch you?

If you say something like that, I won’t be able to hold back.


What are you blushing for? You’re the one who gave the invitation.

This is your first time?

Oh you.

Don’t worry, I’ll be as gentle as possible.

I’ll take off your clothes.

Hey, don’t cover yourself, I won’t be able to touch you like this.

What? It’s unfair that I’m not undressed?

I guess you’re right. Are you happy now?

Don’t look away. You’re seriously wet behind the ears. Come on, take your hands away.


Okay. Good girl.

Your skin’s nice to the touch and your butt is firm. I could touch it forever.

You let out a rather erotic voice.

Even though I haven’t touched them yet, if I were to suck on the nipples that have become this way, what kind of voice would you cry out in?


What a voice. You’re pretty sensitive, it seems. Then all the more reason for me to be gentle when I suck them.

You’re so cute and lovely. I can’t contain myself any longer. I’m about to touch this place.

I’ll be as gentle as I can, so don’t make that face.

We can’t make love if you close your legs.

Yes, good girl.

Your place here is a lovely pink. It is a color that shows it knows not of men.

It’s embarrassing, so don’t look…? That’s an impossible request. The body of the woman you love is something you want to see every nook and cranny of.

If you look at me with such teary eyes, it’ll only have the opposite effect.


Relax, I’ll ease you in properly.

It’s dirty, so stop…?

It’s not dirty. Your love juices are faintly sweet and addictive if anything. And also, it’s an incredible amount.

Listen, I’ll insert my fingers, so relax.

You really are a virgin. It’s this tight even with just my fingers.

Hmm? You’re tense. It must be scary to have something in here for the first time, right?

I’ll make you feel good.


You let out quite a nice voice.

It feels good having your clitoris played with, doesn’t it? Based on the way you’re acting, have you never touched it yourself?

You sure are an innocent one.

Then I’ll engrain pleasure into this body. Thoroughly.


What? Did you cum already?

I would like to let you rest, but I’m at my limit. I’ve already loosened it up this much, so it shouldn’t hurt that much.

Wrap your arms behind my back.

Yes, like that.

I don’t mind if you dig your nails in if it hurts.

I’m putting it in.



It’s taxing on you too, right? It’d be nice if this could take your mind off a little, but…

It’s all in. Does it hurt?

A little?

Don’t push yourself too much. We’ll stay like this for a bit. Catch your breath.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Have you calmed down now?

I see. I’m glad. I’ll start slowly moving.



You don’t have to mind me. I’ll keep at this pace until the pain disappears, so don’t worry.

That’s not it…?

What am I mistaken about?

Does it feel good, you ask? You really are… It feels really good and I can’t be any happier than this, so don’t be overly reserved.

It’s better now?

Is it okay for me to go faster?

Do as I like?


If you say things like that, men will lose their self-control. Even more so during a situation like this.

Eh? Too rough? You’re the one who provoked me, aren’t you?

If you provoke me like that, how could I possibly control myself?


Looks like you’ve gotten quite into it now.

Your look of pleasure is incredibly cute.

Desperately calling my name… Just how obsessed do you want me to be with you? You’re tightening up so much.

You’re about cum, aren’t you? Me too. I’m about to cum soon.



Huh? Did she lose consciousness?

Since we had a difference in age, I was planning to give up, but I never thought I’d be confessed to by you.

Thanks to that, I’m now the happiest man in the world.

Thank you and good night.


Track 6: Morning Set


Oh! You’re awake. Good morning. How do you feel? I couldn’t let you sleep in your suit, so I put my shirt on you.

What? This is enough to make you turn red? Last night, you were so-

Jeez, it hurts to be hit by a pillow.

Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes, so come to the store when you’re ready. I’ll be heading there first.

Oh, right, I forgot to ask something important.

Are you working today?

I see. I’m glad you have the day off.

Please come before things get cold. Until later.


You’re here.

This is Calme’s number one morning set.


I won’t ask you to pay for this or for last night.

Yesterday you had the Cassis and Soda that I gave you and the Golden Cadillacs Mr. Satou made you drink, no? Basically, you were being treated.

I’m not stupid enough to ask for money during my first morning with my lover.

If you understand, sit.

Would milk tea do for your drink?

You sure do love it.

Now everything’s set. Let’s eat.


Here, after-meal ice tea.

“Calme” means calm in French.

Before I opened the store, I had a lot of hectic days, so I chose that name because I wanted to spend my time peacefully, both physically and mentally.

It’d be nice if I could spend peaceful days with you…

I’ve always had that thought. I never thought it’d come true, though.


So, it might be shocking because it’s so sudden, but would you be willing to live with me?

You’re shocked, right? I’m not saying that it has to be right away. I just want to spend peaceful days with you like this forever.

Basically, I’m thinking of marrying you.

Just kidding. It’s hard to take in when it’s so sudden, right?

Please forget it.

Eh? What did you just say? “I’ll be in your care”? Does that mean you’re willing to live together with me?

Either or…?

Are you sure?

You’ve always wanted this?


Right, you said that you’ve always had feelings for me.

Thank you.

Thanks to you, I’m frighteningly levels of happy.

I’ll treasure you for life. No matter what happens, I’ll be there to support you, so always stay by my side.

It’s almost like a vow?

It’s not just “like”, these are words of commitment from me. I am hopelessly in love with you.

During moments like these, you’re supposed to close your eyes.

This is the first time my heart’s felt still fulfilled.

Let’s be happy together.

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