【Translation】 Love Kan ~Yoru no Koen de Kyouseiteki ni Renzoku Zecchou saseraremashita~

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

ラブかん ~夜の公園で強制的に連続絶頂させられました~

CV: Ono Tomohiro (大野智敬)

Track 1: There’s No Point Resisting


Why are you trying to run?

Hey, you noticed that I was walking behind you earlier, didn’t you?

Don’t move.

Now be quiet, you wouldn’t want to be in pain, would you?

!? Oh, shit, are you oka-

Hey, don’t struggle!

Enough, come.


What am I trying to do, you ask?

That hurt!

There’s no point resisting. Right now you’re going to be raped here until I’m satisfied and mess you up.


So you’re weak to your ears… Are you aware that your eyes are tearing up?

Pleasure is more powerful than fear, it seems. You stopped resisting entirely once I started licking you.

But it is, no? Look, your strength’s already left you.

I want to hear more of that voice, but…

Hold this towel inside your mouth. I’m sure you know what’ll happen if you let out a loud voice, right?

Yes, yes, just be a good girl and do what I say.


This one-piece is pretty amazing.

Wearing clothes with this deep of a neckline, do you want me to shove my hands in?

Wow, your nipples are standing up already.

You’re way too impatient. Did your ears feel that good?

Why are you shaking your head? Look at how hard your nipples are… Look, it feels good when I rub them, right?

Since you felt good having some stranger lick your ears and play with your nipples…

I told you not to struggle!

Here, I’ll play with your other nipple.


You have some rather nice reactions. Your body starts arching back when your nipples are played with.

…You are seriously dirty.

What are you saying? Wearing that short skirt and making that cute voice, aren’t you trying to ask for it?

You’re fine with anyone, aren’t you?

You were seducing me.

How am I wrong?

Come on, place your hands on that tree there and stick your ass out this way.


Those eyes… They’re such a turn-on.

I was thinking of loosening you up, but at this point, I might as well force it in.

I told you, if you’re nice and quiet, I won’t do anything painful.

What’s this?

Your panties are wet. but just touching your nipples results in this?

Why are you pretending to hate it? Your pussy’s so fucking wet that it’s obvious even with your panties on.


Oh, right. I’ll take away the towel, so why don’t you try begging for it?

Come on, “I am a pervert. I want you to lick my pussy.”


You don’t have the option to refuse.

Come on, say it.

I couldn’t hear you.

And? Go on, continue.

You thought I was going lick you directly? Who the hell would listen to you?

You don’t really hate it, do you? You sure aren’t honest.

Yes, yes, keep letting me hear those nice sounds.


It feels good to have some man you don’t know lick your clit over your underwear, doesn’t it??

Whoa, don’t start cumming on your own.

If you want me to continue, pull down your panties yourself and stick out your ass.


Not a bad sight.

Looking like this outside, it’s almost like you’re some exhibitionism-loving freak.

Come on, hold my now swelled up cock between your thighs and rub it for me.

You’re so wet. You, you’re seriously erotic.

You’re really moving those hips.

Heh, is it pressing against your clit?

Rubbing against some stranger’s cock and enjoying yourself… If you let out a voice like that, someone might hear.


What’s wrong?

You were about to cum, weren’t you?

What do you want me to do?

What, is just having your clit rubbed enough for you? You want me to shove this inside, don’t you?

If you beg for it nicely, I’ll stick it in for you.


What an indecent request.

Come on, stick your ass out more and say, “Please slam your thick cock in my dirty pussy and thrust into it again and again.”

“My dirty pussy,” what?

Good job saying it.

Don’t tighten up so much.

Cumming from just getting it in you… Just how dirty are you?

I’m going to start moving.


Here, I’ll strike you deep with the cock you wanted.

I think I might be into it too… Let me cum inside you first.

You sure you want to be creampie-ed by me? I’m some man you don’t know, right?


You tightened up again…

Hey, I’m gonna cum. I’m going to shoot it inside you.


Whoa, whoa-

Hey, we’ve just begun. Stand properly.

Come on, turn this way. You want me to impregnate you with my semen, don’t you?

My cum’s leaking out of you just by lifting up your leg.

It’s hot. You’re covered in my semen and your own juices.

I’ll shove it in again and rail you.


Wrap your legs around my back.

You really tightened up there… Did you get turned on from being hit? Just how much of a whore are you?

What is it that you want? Answer me.

Deeper? Like this?

Huh? What “no”? You’re swallowing it up so greedily. Are you saying “no” because I hit someplace nice and it just feels too good?

Here, I’ll strike that place you like.


Whoa, the noise. Your pussy is making squelch sounds as I churn up what I let out earlier.

Your pussy’s too lewd… Come on, swallow up my cock nice and deep.

Well, feels good, doesn’t it?

That’s an amazing voice.

If you want me to continue then stick out your own tits and beg me to touch them.


Wow, the moment I teased your nipples, your pussy started twisting…

Hey, having them yanked ain’t too bad, is it?

You’re clamping down so hard.

It’s a bit unfair that you’re here cumming non-stop, isn’t it? It’s about time I have my way with you, don’t think?

It feels good when I play with your clit and move my hips around, right?

Huh? What’s wrong?

If you’ve got a mouth and there’s something you want, say it. If you aren’t gonna speak then Imma pull out.


More what?

Sure, I’ll thrust it in you deep.

Hey, why don’t you beg me again? “Please pump my dirty pussy full of cum!”

Come on, say it.

Tightening up again… I’ll pump loads of that cum you wanted deep into you!



Track 2: Did I Do a Good Job?


Sorr- Are you okay?! Does it hurt anywhere!? Did I go too far!?!

Eh? It…was good?

It felt so good that you’re weak at the knees?

I felt super good too.

I wasn’t sure what to do when you said you wanted to do some outdoor sexual assault roleplay, so I was kinda winging it by the middle.

You like it when I’m savage?

I didn’t know what to do with myself when you started getting teary. It felt perverse.


I certainly felt like I was feeling it more than usual. I mean, you looked like you were feeling really good.

So, did I do a good job?


But…if you enjoy this type of thing then was the usual sex you had with me not enough?

It’s not, though?

Then I guess it really wasn’t enough.


Thank you, but you were moaning a whole lot today.

Fictional fantasy?

Yeah. I wouldn’t want you to do it with some guy you didn’t know either.

I see, so you want it to be me.


Then, why don’t we try blindfold play at my house next time?

Yes, at my house. I mean, you’re super lewd when we’re in the middle of doing it. I don’t want anyone else to see that.


Why did you kiss me out of the blue?

Cute, you say…

Seriously, you can’t ever show that face to anyone.


Sure, I’m willing to go with anything. However! Next time it will be at my house.

Yes, house.

Though, teasing you was more fun than I thought. You really enjoyed it when I made you say those dirty things in the middle, right?

Your insides really clamped down. I thought I was about to be wrung.

I was super turned on too, so I guess we are both perverts.

I’ll tease you a bunch from now on.

But for now, let’s quickly head back and wash up your wet and sticky body in the bath.


Did you start imagining things just from the mention of “bath”?

You’re so lewd.

Come on, stand. Let’s have a ton more kisses.

I’ll wash your semen cover legs in the bath. And after… What else do you want? Do you want me to touch your sensitive spots with my big hands?


We’re going to have a lot of researching to do later. And then, after, let’s feel super, super good together like we did earlier.

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