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Apex predator 誘引

CV: Takahashi Kenji (高橋研二)

Track 1: Merciless Guest Room


Hey, I’m not doing it.


Okay, thank you. Bye.


Hey, have you come to your senses now?

Japanese is fine.

You seem to have good instincts.

I’m not Japanese. To be precise, I am half Japanese and half Chinese.

With that being said, I can speak Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese, English, and a little bit of Italian.

Thank you for the compliment.


You’re rather calm, it seems? Don’t you have any questions about this situation?

Do you remember anything up to this point?

I knew it.

You were abducted on your way home. Do you have memories of yourself walking?


Is that so. …Did my senior mess up the dosage?


Eh? Oh. I cannot state where we are. If it were known, our lives would be in danger.

Sorry to say but I cannot let you leave.

From this day forth, you’ll be living here.

You do not need to understand why, you have no say in the matter.

Don’t have any strange thoughts. It’s dangerous outside of here. You’ll be killed if you leave. I know that you don’t grasp it yet, but I cannot allow you to leave this place.


Eh? Police?

Oh, I haven’t told you yet, have I?

You are suspected to be missing due to suicide. It appears that you had left behind your belongings as well as your will.

Though I’m not in charge, so I don’t know where they were left.

Wills are easy, forge your handwriting and fingerprints is a simple task. As long as there is a journal detailing a desire to die inside your room, it’s a perfect crime.

Even if the body of the suicide victim is never found, the search for the missing person would eventually cease, as is commonly the case.

Huh? Family?

Hmm… The matter regarding your family is unfortunate, but unless you manage to somehow get out of this place, you’ll never see them again.

They’ll probably be crying every day waiting for you to come home.


No, I won’t let you leave.

You want to see your family that badly?

I wouldn’t know. I don’t have a family, so I do not possess such feelings. In any case, if they’re gone, you wouldn’t have the desire to see them any longer, would you?

If you try to escape from me, I will not hesitate to kill the people around you.

I’m sure you know what my job is already, right?


Oh? Is that what the Japan equivalent is?

Similar but different. I’m part of a mafia organization.

I’m in charge of foreign imports and exports, so anything relating to people is beyond me.


What do I mean by “relating to people”?

Well, for example, I don’t participate in negotiations during heated conflicts, nor do I take part in kidnappings.


You’ve been on the organization’s target list for quite some time.

I don’t know about the specifics, but the boss has got a list of people designated as targets. However, you’ve now been removed from the list.

I couldn’t stand the thought of you being touched by anyone but me. Anyhow, I made a request to my senior and had it run by me. Though normally speaking, it’d be a violation of orders.

My senior is primarily in charge of humans…


Oh, what I mean is, he’s in charge of human trafficking.

Yes, human trafficking.

They take advantage of hungry-money people and kidnap the helpless.


No, it doesn’t relate to you. You were probably just unlucky enough to fit the criteria and had been selected and kidnapped.

With that being said, now that I’ve taken you in, you will not be sold.

But you’ve already been processed. If you were to escape, not only you but your family, your friends, any surrounding people, me, and my subordinates would probably also be erased.


Well, for you, you could say it’s the worst possible outcome.

Under normal circumstances, any trafficked human would belong to the boss, so unless you capture the boss’s interest, you would be sold off somewhere.

And since I’m not in charge of that process, I don’t know the exact details either.

Oh, it’s dissipating.

Isn’t this scent soothing? It’s a scent I like.

I’m glad it’s a scent you’re fond of.

Yes, it’s an incense I prepared.

Eh? It’s…a mixture of morning glory. Please let me know if the scent’s too strong.


Please retire for the day.

The drug used to bring you here has some side effects, so I believe you should be experiencing nausea and headaches.

I had them use a palliative just in case, so I think it should be fine, but if anything happens, please press the button over there. It’ll connect you over to me.

Now, I’ll excuse myself.


Oh, that’s right.

Again, you cannot leave this room. I’ve got people waiting outside the room, but I’ll also be in the back.

If you still insist on getting out, please be my guest.

However, as I’ve told you prior, I will not be able to guarantee the safety of you, your family, nor your friends.

Don’t expect us to have mercy.

I’m off.


Track 2: Shyness・Gentle Watchfulness


Yes, this is Monotropastrum.

Oh, what? So it was you, GG?

Yes, yes, I’ll be careful. …Prob.

That girl…?

Yes, thank you for your concern.

Her? She’s still sleeping.

What are you talking about, senior, you’ve got pretty girls there too, don’t you? What are you, rambling about your love life? Please stop.

Not even that.


You’re right. Even I’m surprised to have another person in my room.

Things like “putting up airs,” stop. I have goosebumps.

It’s going to snow tomorrow?

Is it that rare?

No, it’s not because of an order, this is out of my own will. It has nothing to do with the boss.

Your voice is too loud.

Not really. I’m a normal man.

Are you mocking me!? I’m genuinely-


No, I apologize too for letting my temper fly.

The girl’s special.

You’re right, this is a first. I don’t know if you’d say I’m interested, but-

I’m fine. I was just at a loss for words. Like, “first love,” you say? That’s… Is that what is it?

Yeah, there’s on point asking you, GG.

Huh? It’s not cruel.

Eh? It’s definitely “first love”?

What? Oh, yes, my heart races when she’s near me.



Well, I guess, yeah. If that girl were to talk to another man, I’d want to kill them.

Huh? “Like”? I… like her?

Don’t decide that on your own.

Oh! Yes, thank you for contacting me.

Yes, then, until next time.


In love? Me?

Is that what this is?

No, but…


Track 3: Gentle Restraints


Oh, were you taking a shower?

I apologize since you just got out of the bath, but can I ask you to come to my bedroom?

You don’t have to play dumb.

You’ve been kidnapped, did you really think that you’d be able to live peacefully?


You already know the answer yet you’re having me deliberately say it. If you’re asking me whether I did, of course I did. Did you think I’d wait until your heart was ready?

Last night, I was simply waiting for the effects of the drug to wear out. It’d be a huge hassle for me if you were to vomit in the middle of sex.

Did you forget? I’m part of the mafia. I took you in so I could have sex with you.


I think it’s normal for me to want to have sex with a woman, though?

I wouldn’t give the boss a bunch of money without anything in exchange from you.

Yes, I paid for you. Are you curious how much you’re worth?

Usually, it’s about $800,000 unless the boss likes you. But age, looks, health, etc. can all increase the price. In your case, we’ve added in the extra clause of keeping the people around you alive and keeping you free on a room-only basis.

I paid about $6.7 million.

Hmph, it’s an amount of money the average working person would never dream to have.


Repay? Don’t tell me you’re thinking of repaying the money?

To free you if you repaid?

Haha! What useless thoughts. This is the price I bought you for, not the price required to free you.

I would never free you, but if I were, obviously, the price would rise.

You have no right to refuse. You’re someone whose existence was erased from the world.

Without even basic human rights, they say it is a fate worse than death. You were about to become worthless, but the boss gave you worth.


Perhaps. I will tell you one thing. Trying to play on my emotions is a waste of effort. If people like me ran on emotions, we’d be the ones killed.


I’d be happy if you could understand.

Now, follow me.

Please take off your bathrobe and lay down on the bed.

Do you need to be threatened to disrobe?

Then hurry up and lie down.


It’s cuter and I much prefer when you’re obedient.

I told you to take off your bathrobe. It’s in the way.

You’re crying out in a cute voice.

Huh? Your body’s still flushed… Is it because of the shower? Or are you…burning up because you want to be violated by me so badly?

This scent…

I knew it. Your scent is very calming.


No, it’s nothing.

But, it’s strange. You should be smelling of body soap, but instead, I smell your pleasant natural scent.

Why might that be, I wonder? Your scent is extremely calming to me and yet it also arouses me greatly. Even now, my lower half is stiff.

If it hadn’t been you, I would’ve screwed the person even if they weren’t wet.

This place still seems tight. Can I put my finger in?

Hmm? What’s the matter?

So it does hurt.

It won’t fit? It’s impossible?

Hmm, that’s troubling.


Oh, let me take it out for now.

I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll use… Please wait for a moment.


Yes, I know it’s a little different from the incense, but this incense has a relaxing effect. It’s a nice scent, so I also use it on sleepless nights.

Also, isn’t it hard to get wet when you’re nervous? If you’re not properly wet, it’ll be difficult for it to go in, won’t it?

Then it’s all the more important.

Can I kiss you until the incense permeates the room?

I want your lips.

Please close your eyes. …Though I wouldn’t mind if you want to look either.




Please kiss me more.


Was it difficult to breathe when I stuck my tongue in?

Is that so? Then I’ll be careful not to stick it too far in.

What’s the matter? Are you wet already?

Hmph, really?

If you’re not wet, you’re the one who’s going to have a hard time, so let me tease you a bit while kissing you so it’ll be a bit easier on you.


You’re wet now…

My finger went in.

The tightness from earlier almost seems like a lie. And moving around doesn’t seem to be a problem either.

“No”? No what?

No rubbing you inside like this?

You can cum.


You’ve already cum, huh.

The sounds have gotten much louder and your clit has become this hard. At this rate, if I were to press down, you’d cum.

Shall I tease your bright red clit with my fingers?

Ah, so your clit is a weak point too. You even tensed up inside.


Your hips are trembling… Is it this place?

It’s cute when you’re trying to withstand it, but I want to see you moan.

Don’t hold back, just cum.

Not yet. More.

I knew it, you managed to cum twice.

Next, spread your legs. I want to see your now burning hot place.


Hmph, it’s embarrassing? …Even though I’ve seen your orgasm face multiple times?

I was observing closely.

Your teary expression as you were experiencing more than you can take, your beet-red face as you tried to withstand it, and the cute desperate look you had as you came.

What’s this? You’re wet all the way down to your butt.

It’s so wet that it’s trickling down.

Don’t close your legs, it’ll make me want to pry them open.


Your body has finally accepted me, hasn’t it? …To think you had such a sensitive body.

I’ve got an idea! Why don’t we test that out?

Give me both your hands.

You’re so quiet. I thought you were going to resist.

Eh? Oh, this is a belt that restrains your wrists and ankles. If you bend the legs and adjust the length…

Ahh, spreading your legs in an M-shape… Your dirty place is in full sight.

It’s too late to struggle now. When you’re this meek…it makes me worried. The thought of someone else doing the same thing drives me insane.

You look too easy to deceive.


Ah, I guess you’re right. I’m the one in the act.

I am everything to you now. I’m very aroused by the fact that I’ve got you to look this way.

However, I do not want anyone else to see this sight.

Though it’s needless worry. First of all, I would never let you out of this room.

What if you…ran away?

Hmm, I don’t know what I’ll do. I don’t want to worry about being killed, but… Amidst the despair of losing you, I most likely would lose control of my emotions.

I’d do whatever it takes to get my hands on your body.

And as for the rest, I’ll leave that to your imagination.


I don’t know anything beyond that. It’s hard for even me to imagine. All I know is I would not hand you over to anyone.

You’re calm in odd moments.

You seem composed despite being forced into this pose.

Or was my finger not enough? Your entrance is twitching like it wants my fingers?


They went in easily.

It’s still sensitive and tightens up with each movement. I supposed you become more sensitive each time you cum.

You’re moving your hips.

You can cum.

Let me see that face that’s been soaked in tears. I want to see your expression as you cum.


Your body curved straight back, didn’t it?

The sheets are soaked in your naughty juices. Did my fingers feel that good?

Are you embarrassed?

I, for one, am happy. You felt good because of me.

Getting this wet…

I wonder what’ll happen if I add in the stimulus of licking you?


Letting all this spill out…

Does it feel good? Tell me. This isn’t something I’m particularly good at. It’s embarrassing to say, but it’s my first time doing this with a girl.

Up until now, I’ve prioritized my time with work over time with women.

Girlfriend? Like in the past?

Never had one.

Yes. I never had the need for one.

There were those that approached me and those that my senior slipped through, but the idea of falling in love with them was…


No, let’s stop it here. I don’t want to talk about that when I have you.

You’re the first woman I’ve ever desired.


Alright, let’s end this discussion.

Focus here instead.

Looks like it was a good idea to tie you up. Your hips are here convulsing.

Feel it more.


Your juices are all over the borders of my mouth…

Your look of pleasure is beautiful.

What’s wrong? Did it feel too good?

You feel like you’re floating…?

Are you feeling unwell?

That’s not it?

That’s cute. It’s okay for me to have my turn now, right?

Please look closely, this will be going inside you.


It’s going…in smoothly.

You’ve become more and more sensitive after being forced into this pose, forcefully violated, and forced to cum nonstop,

And when I move…


Your consciousness is hazy, isn’t it?

I guess the incense has taken effect.

This scent…

It’s very soothing, but it also has the effect of over-sensitizing your nerves. However, I couldn’t live without this scent.

But it was quick to take effect on you. Is it because I’ve been using it every day?

Perhaps the drug was the right match.


Did you not notice?

This incense has addictive properties. It’s a bit different from the usual and its drug content is high.

Yes, I’ve been using the drug all this time, since the moment you arrive there…so that it’d accumulate in your body.

So that when it wears off, you’d seek me out.

……For the withdrawal symptoms when it does.


When I’m here, you’d feel better, you’d feel good… And if I keep continuing, you’d become an addict.

That’s correct. I mixed it in.

Did you put your guard down because you think it was just an aroma?

Sorry to say, but it’s addictive.

Do you now have the desire to see me?

I don’t care if it’s because of the effects of the drug, I want you to want me.


But with the drug, your body’s more sensitive and things feel better than usual, doesn’t it?

What’s the matter? Did you start feeling it now that you’re aware of the drug?

You’re shaking and trembling, and your insides are tightening up again and again like it’s trying to suck it out of me.

Do you want me to cum inside?

No, that’s not what your insides say.

Each time I thrust deep inside, you clamp down along the whole length. And your deepest places are spreading apart like it wants me.


It looks like your body wants me.


I’ll thrust all the way in, so deep that you’ll break.

Deep. It feels good…

Am I hitting the back?

How nice. Soon, I’ll… Your insides are tight…

Your insides are clenching down… I’m about to…



Track 4: Desperate Anger


Damn it. Damn it! Damn it, damn it!

You’ve got to be kidding me!!! Why, why did I-!?!!


What is it?


Oh, I broke the lamp. Nothing for you to worry about.

Huh? Wound?

The wound is…

I’m fine. This much is nothing, it’s only a couple of drops of blood.

Look, I can smoke without a problem. I don’t want any more of your meddling, so stop.


Is that all?

Then stop bothering me. I’m not in my sound mind right now.

Now, bye.


Track 5: Selfish Plea



Uh, no, umm… Sorry about earlier. I was getting irritated over nothing.

Thank you.

Umm, is it alright if I come inside the room?

Eh? Wound?

It’s fine, I merely cut myself on some shards. The blood’s already stopped.

This room is filled with your scent, isn’t it? …Even though I’m burning this incense.

The room smells of you and it’s calming.


Please come closer. I want to be enveloped by your scent.

Alright, I’ll go to you.

Are you not going to back away? Even when I grab your arm like this, are you not going to resist?

It’d be pointless…?

Yeah, that’s true. Even if you resisted, there’s no option for me to stop.

It was good that you didn’t approach me earlier when I was irritated. In that situation, there’s no knowing what I might’ve done.

More than pushing you down and hurting you, I’d much rather grant you even a little bit of pleasure.


How exactly do you like it?

Do you like being penetrated deep while your breasts are played around with like this?

I like your place here.

Yes, your navel.

Why, you ask?

Well… When I cum outside, this is where my cum pools. Although I like cumming inside, I enjoy cumming outside too.

Are you embarrassed?

I wonder when you’ll finally stop being so easily embarrassed.

You’re easy to embarrass, but your body is also sensitive. You feel it during sex, but your ears are also weak.


When I speak by your neck, your shoulders shudder.

Do you feel a tingle near your ears?

Your ears… Your neck…

You didn’t need to wear clothes, I was going to take them off like this anyway.

Your shoulders… Your chest…

The tips are this hard.

I’ll pinch them with my fingers.


Were you this sensitive? Even your legs are shaking. Aren’t you wet already?

Oh? Then I have to check below. If you’re not wet then I’d have to use lube.

Okay, now, spread your legs.

What’s this? You’re super wet. If it’s like this, there’s no need for lube. If anything, there’s so much pouring out that it might even form a puddle.

I’ll lick it up before it trickles down.


Please place one of your legs on me. If you don’t hurry, it’ll start dripping and dirty the carpet.

I can perfectly see your beautiful place…

Even though you’re feeling it, you’re embarrassed? Your face is bright red. It’s arousing when you’re forced into this position and licked all over, isn’t it?

I’ll lick you more. When you’re embarrassed, more and more flows out of you.

Please feel more and more ashamed and embarrassed.


Your hips are jerking…

I don’t mind. Cum.


You came hard, didn’t you?


Lately, do you start crying when you cum?

I’m happy that you feel that good. I get very turned on when I see you in that state.

And it might hurt since I’ll be bigger than usual.

I think it’ll be best to insert it at your pace.

Come on top of me and put it in slowly.


You can take your time.

What’s wrong? Why are you putting it in, in such a hurry? Did you want it that badly?

Sorry, I was just poking fun at you. I was just so happy because it felt like I was being wanted by you.

I have a great view from below.

It’s so dirty seeing it go in. Can I grab onto your hips and thrust up from below?

I’m kidding, don’t clamp down so hard. I might really lose control and pound you.

Please put it in while I still have my reason.


No matter how many times I’ve seen it, this sight is amazing.

Your insides are warm…

It’s gone in all the way, hasn’t it? Your insides probably already remember me.

Your slippery vagina juices are enveloping me. Sorry if I’m not able to last. But in exchange for cumming early the first time, I’ll work harder on the second and third time.

It feels good…


Does it feel good?

That’s a relief. You really do feel super good today.

Please lean forward, I want us to adhere closer.

The angle’s changed again…


I knew it, this is pretty… Does it feel good?

Does it matter how many times I ask? I want to know whether you feel good. Is it not uncomfortable?


That puts me at ease.


It’s no use… My reason is…

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

I’m so sorry, I got you wrapped up in my selfishness. Because of my many years of usage, my body…can’t last. I’ve seen all sorts of poison, but powerful drugs are frightening, aren’t they?

When you first met me, I was injured, wasn’t I?

It was a wound I got from a mistake caused by the drug. In a state of delirium, I had murdered an underling.

And so, an order came down from the boss.

……To let my underlings kill me or to do it myself.


I did not hesitate. I did not want to become a burden to my comrades, so…

I’m not afraid of dying.

I was immediately abandoned upon my birth, so I don’t know my parents or the people around them.

Even after being picked up by the organization, I was raised to be a killer and was alone.

It’ll be painful to let feelings be born, so I was always alone.

I was always thinking that such a day would come and I thought I would easily accept it…

But, somehow, you wound up in my hands. And I ended up having thoughts of wanting to live together with you.

And I wished that I had met you sooner.


You’re smart, so you’ve already realized it, haven’t you?

I figured as much.

That’s right, I’ve adjusted the incense. It’ll probably take only a couple more minutes.

Normally, it’d be difficult with just fumes, but I’ve slowly mixed it into your food and water.

I’m sorry.

Slowly the nerves in your body are being destroyed.

If I’m going to die, then I want to die with you. I cannot die while leaving you behind.


I 100% know that it’s selfish, but when I die, I want it to be with you.

……And I should be the one to kill you.

I love you, I love you. I love you. I…love you. I don’t care if it’s a lie, please say that you love me.


Don’t lose consciousness yet.

Come on, look me in the eyes and say it.

I’m happy. I’m so happy. Even if it’s a lie, thank you.


Are you not able to get your voice out?

You can’t stop drooling, it seems…


Together… We’ll be together…

Forever, forever and ever. This is amazing!


Track 6: Nightingale​



This is the worst, my wound’s opening up.

Did that quack even sew the entire thing up?

Is there any medicine?

Medicine… Medicine…

There’s one pill.

Damn it! It feels like it’s going to stick in my throat. I have to procure some water.



Shoot! I’ve-


At that time, I was desperate and wasn’t looking in front of myself.

If I hadn’t been stabbed that day, if my wound hadn’t opened, if my mind hadn’t been hazy, if the person I ran into hadn’t been her, and if she hadn’t been kind to me…

I guess there’s no point ruminating on it. She and I had met.

I obtained you, by force.

It’s too late for you now.

Like a butterfly caught in a spider’s web, no matter how much one fights or struggles, the threads only tangle around you more, and there is no escape.

You can only wait as I devour you head-first while experiencing it all with your trapped body.


I’m sorry, and I…love you.

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