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有馬 春

CASE 5 Arima Haru

My first love was my childhood friend.

While it’s often said that it’s common to fall in love with a childhood friend, that’s not what happened. It had to be her or else I wouldn’t have fallen in love.

Having gone from the test subject that I was back to a normal human being, I confessed to the girl I had longed after for years.

At the start, I was desperate and offered her that uh, especially……strange marriage proposal. But, right before the experiment ended, I finally managed to convey my feelings and my second proposal was a massive success.

I gained the privilege to spend the rest of my life with her.

And now, today, our life together finally begins.

“Hey, I’m going to put the cutlery and tableware in this cardboard box on the shelf here, okay?”

“Alright! Thank you, Haru.”

“My~, summer moves are difficult. I’m covered in sweat…”

We’ve been super busy since the morning moving our stuff to our new house, but it’s finally coming together.

I would love to take a break right about now, but… Suddenly, she entered my sight. When I saw the sight of her walking around in an apron with her hair up in a bun, I was once again hit by the realization that we really are lovers now.

Our life alone together… It’s finally beginning.



“What’s this cord for? Phone? Computer?”

“Ahh wait, that’s…”

I walked over to her and snuggled up behind her.

“Hmm, I think this is the cord for the TV. There’s a place to plug it in here.”

“Oh, I see! Thank you!”

“You’re very welcome~”

“By the way, Haru.”


“D-Do you really need to be this close up to me?”


“It’s hard to tidy things like this……”

I put my chin on her shoulder and wrapped my arms tightly around her body from behind.

“W-Wait, Haru, let’s first organize…”

“Hey, why don’t we take a break? You must be tired, right?”

“It’s true that I’m tired, but…we have to be fast.”

“Oh jeez, you’re always so serious.”

“We need to clean up the room and make space to sleep. As it is, we can only lay out one futon……”

“Isn’t one enough? All we need to do is sleep together.”

“Haru, enough with the jokes, hurry up and get things done!”

She was red and fuming. I wasn’t even joking, though… I’m always serious, why doesn’t she get it?

“Alright. I guess I’ll just hang in there a little longer, then.”

“Yes! Let’s push through it!”

I laughed inside, thinking how simple I was because when I saw her big smile, all the exhaustion I felt disappeared.

And then, a few hours laterーー

“Haa~ I’m exhausted~!”

“Hehe, good work. Why don’t I make us dinner?”

“Oh, it’s fine, it’s fine. You should take a break.”

“Eh, but…”

“You’re tired, right? Let me make dinner instead.”

“Haru, you can cook?”

“I’m surprisingly skilled, y’know~? Did you not know?”

“I had no idea…”

“Well, just wait and see.”

I sat up and headed for the kitchen. I took out the pot I had just sorted and filled it with water.

“You know what, let me help.”

“No, no need.”

“But it doesn’t work that way. You must be tired too, Haru.”

“I’m a man and I still have a lot of energy left, so I’m fine.”

“But I also want to cook for you, Haru…”


Whoa, what was that cute comment just now?

Angel? Hey, is she an angel? No, that’s not it, she’s my bride.

“If we’re living together, shouldn’t we share the chores?”

“Oh… I guess you’re right.”

“I’ll do the cooking and washing.”

“Ah, then I guess I’ll clean and take out the trash? Hehe, that’s kind of nice.”


“It feels like we’re newly married.”

“N-Newly married… We haven’t even gone to the registry yet.”

“Yeah, but you know, same thing.”

I can’t help but smile when I see her looking so embarrassed. Seriously…she’s so cute.

“Anyway, Haru, what are you trying to make right now?”

“Oh, I figure I’d boil up some soba.”

“Soba… Is it because we just moved?”

“Correct~ Customary soba for our new move.”

As soon as she heard those words, she started giggling.

“Hahahaha, what’s with that?”

“But isn’t that what this is?”

“Hehe, it’s not. The custom is to give soba to your neighbors when you move in.”

“Eh, really?”

“It’s a way of saying, ‘I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you.'”

“Oh, is it? I never knew!”

“That’s just like you, Haru.”

We looked at each other and chuckled.

Ahh, this really is nice. I truly am a blessed man.

“If that’s what it means then isn’t it even better?”


“Because I want our relationship to last for a long, long time.”


I laid a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Her eyes widened, and then she immediately blushed.


“Now~, let’s get out the bowls~”

I smiled wickedly and pulled away before she could get angry at the surprise kiss.

“Ah~, that was delicious.”

“It was, my stomach’s so full. Thank you for the meal.”

I picked up the finished bowels and carried them over the sink to wash.

Seeing her in an apron, standing in the kitchen, makes it feel even more like she’s a cute newly-married wife…… And before I realized, I was hugging her tightly from behind.

“Haru? What’s wrong?”

“Hey, can we not leave the tidying up for later? Right now I want to make out like this.”

As I whispered to her sweetly, she gave a shy little nod.

“But don’t adhere too close…”

“Eh, why?”

“Because I’m really sweaty today…and I’m embarrassed.”

“Oh, then why don’t we take a bath together?”

“Eh… Eh!?”

“You’ll be able to wash off your sweat and we’ll be able to make out. It’s two birds with one stone, isn’t it?”

“N-No, I can’t… I’d be too embarrassed.”

“You’re saying that now? It’s not that big of a deal, is it? It’s not like it’s the first time I’m seeing you naked.”


“Hehe, ahahaha.”


Together we’re in the bath, facing the same direction, with her practically held inside my arms. I had somehow managed to convince her to take a bath together with me afterward, butーー

“Hey, why won’t you look at me?”

“Because I’m embarrassed…”

“Oh really? Ah, now that I think of it, this is our first time taking a bath together.”

“I…I’m telling you, saying it makes it even worse.”

“Is the embarrassment that bad?”

“I won’t say it’s bad… It’s just worrying…”

“Why’s it worrying?”

“Because… My heart will explode……”

“Hehe, you’re so cute.”

“S-So stop saying that right now!”

Even from behind, I could see that her ears were red.

Haha, she’s way too adorable.

“Haa… It’s super, super embarrassing…”

“Eh? Really? Because I wish we could take baths together every day. …All nice and close up like this.”

I drew the arms I had around her towards me and her face immediately turned even redder as our skin touched directly.

“Don’t hide it. Let me see your cute face.”


I turned her towards me with a slight push and placed my lips on hers.

“Hhnn… Ngh…”


The breath that spilled from her thinly opened lips was seductive, and I devoured it in a frenzy.



“N-No more.”

“That’s not what you want, is it? During moments like these, you’re supposed to say ‘more.”

“H-Haru… Nnhh.”

I changed angles repeatedly and then kissed her deeply. When I saw her looking up at me with moist eyes, I couldn’t stop myself.

This is kinda bad. I won’t be able to stop myself, but doing it here is…



As I stood up from the bathtub, the surface of the water moved around wildly.

“At this rate, we’re going to get dizzy, so let’s quickly get out.”

I guess…we’ll continue after we’ve gotten out of the bath, dried our hair, and have settled down a little?

With that idea in mind, I grabbed her arm to bring her out of the bath, but for some reason, she didn’t want to move.

“Huh? Do you not want to leave?”

“……I want to stay for a bit longer like this with you, Haru.”

My eyes popped wide-open at those unimaginable words.

Ahh… I really can’t. There’s no way I’d be able to hold back after having heard that. With that one line, my reason flew straight out the window.

“Haru? ーーKyah!?”

I picked her up out of the bathtub and headed straight to the bedroom while still wet with water.


“And… Just so you know, you’re the one who brought this on, alright?”

It’s not our first night as newlyweds, but it is our first night living together. Since we’ve gone through all this trouble, shouldn’t we enjoy it to the fullest?

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