【Translation】 Choukyou Shitsuji Kannou Therapist Vol.3 Nakajou Fumiya


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調教執事 官能セラピーキャスト Vol.3 中条文哉

CV: Furukawa Makoto (古川慎)

Track 1: Meet-up


Oh! She’s there, she’s there.

Sorry, did I keep you waiting?

It’s you, right? ……The young miss who requested my service.

I figured as much.

I was given your documents, so I was pretty certain of it, but when you made the face of “Eh? Who is this person?”… I was caught a bit off guard.

Oh, right, I shouldn’t be talking like this.



I’ve been waiting for you, my lady. I’m Nakajou Fumiya, the butler who will be in charge of you.

Thank you for requesting our service.

It is a pleasure to meet you. I, Nakajou, hope to serve you to the best of my abilities on this day, my lady.

Well then, let me explain what our service, “Training” Butlers-wait, no… Please allow me to explain.

This service is designed for women who seek thrill and excitement.

Fundamentally, it is a service focused on situation roleplay and soft S&M; nevertheless, if you have other requests, we can make it happen.

However, please note that extreme play will be charged separately.


Hmm, I guess so far, so good?

Oh, and “Training” Butlers are part of the services offered by the hotel.

The hotel has a luxurious antique style, so I believe my lady will take a fondness to it. Please pay the service fee together with the hotel bill.

The duration will be 60 to 90 minutes. The basic set is “Training” Butler service plus a two-day and one-night hotel stay with complimentary breakfast. Of course, extensions are possible, so if you enjoy your time with me, that is an option you can consider.

Normally by default, the service will be provided at the hotel, but I can meet you outside as per your request, as in this case.

We have a room prepared for you, so let us make our way to the hotel as we would be were this a date.


Any questions for me?

So you reviewed our hotel’s website?

Thank you.

Now then, let us get moving.

I have a car ready here. I have it parked in a nearby lot, so let us walk there.

Yes, yes, that is one thing we have to discuss. In terms of play, we have to determine what are no-gos. Of course, you are free to tell me what things you do want.

What kind of service does my lady desire?

I see. So you want to be teased? …Is that where your lists of requests end?


Well, it seems like it will be fun to tease you.

I see, so pain is a no-go.

Understood. In that case, I won’t do anything that inflicts pain.

You are welcome. Fulfilling the desires of you, my lady, is our cast’s-no, us “Training” Butler’s duty.

Yes? What is it?

Considerations for me?

Thank you.

In essence, there is nothing off-limits for me. I can handle extreme play as long as you are willing to pay the additional charge. That being said, I think it might be a good idea to have a no-go rule this time.

It is the essence for stimulating play with you, my lady.

Let’s see…

Let’s say it’s forbidden for you to coax me, my lady.


Yes, no coaxing. Even if you beg me cutely, I will not oblige.

Does my lady agree with the idea?

That’s right.

Now that we have reached an agreement, do not coax me during the play session this time.

Is there something else that you’d like to request?

Do you have concerns regarding our service?

I see, so you’re a little nervous.

I’m happy that you have such great expectations for it. I have to work best to match those expectations, don’t I?

I’m excited too.

……That the lady I am serving is someone lovely as you.


Oh, the parking lot is just around the corner of that intersection.

Track 2: First Play


That red car there is the car I drive.

Now, my lady…

I know this is abrupt, but let us begin the “training,” shall we?

Did you think we’d begin the play after we reached the hotel? In cases where the meet-up is outside, my service can be provided anywhere within the hotel district.

And how the lady is “trained” is up to the individual cast’s discretion. It’s left up to the butler.

If this is disagreeable to you, the service can instead begin upon our arrival at the hotel, but…what are your thoughts?

You appear rather intrigued. If you are interested, please allow me to commence my service here.


So you have made up your mind, haven’t you?

Alright, you have been heard.

Well then, my lady, please remove your undergarments. Both top and bottom.

Naturally, you’re able, right?

Just to be clear, this isn’t a request. It’s an order.

Although we are butlers who serve you, my lady, we are also “masters” who “train” you. In other words, during “training” our orders are absolute. Understood?

Then please remove your undergarments.

Yes, right here. I want you to take off your undergarments before we get in the car.


Even if you’re embarrassed, you are to do it.

Please hand me the undergarments you remove. I’ll look after them.

Now, don’t just stop at the latch. Take them off completely and hand them over to me.


Now, I’ll take your bra.

But even so, you managed to take them off without showing skin. Indeed, women are adept at this.

Now, your undergarments do not consist of only your bra. Please remove your underwear as well.

Now hand that underwear over to me too.


My, my, you’re bright red. Is having your undergarments seen embarrassing?

We cannot have that. If you are not embarrassed, then it wouldn’t be “training.”

Oh? There appears to be a slight stain on your underwear. Were you turned on from being given orders?

I wonder about that. If that’s the case, why don’t you lift up your skirt and let me see that place of yours? I cannot rule out the possibility of you wearing two pairs of underwear, so please lift up your skirt as a confirmation.

Yes, here.

I don’t mean to be cryptic, but this is not a request ー it’s an order.


You’re such a good girl. Now allow me to check the inside of your skirt.

You’re panty-less, but I cannot confirm whether you’re wet or not like this.

Lift up your leg and show me that place of yours. I’ll check whether or not you’re wet, my lady.

You say such strange things. You’re already in the parking lot with your crotch fully exposed. Besides, if you take too long, someone else might walk by. Would you want that?

Now, what’s your plan? Would you rather have me check that place or would you rather have some stranger see your exposed crotch?

Good girl.

I’ll check that place of yours then, my lady.


As I suspected, you’re wet it seems.

What turned you on, I wonder? Was it the humiliation of being panty-less or was it the harshness of my words?

Regardless of which it is, you appear to have the makings of a masochist.

No need to turn red or hang your head. Having masochistic tendencies is a wonderful thing. I have an S predisposition, so I’m sure we would be a great match.

Even now, you’re following my orders splendidly. Well done.


What are you so surprised about? It’s a kiss as a reward. Or is having your head patted like this more my lady’s preference?

Looking all happy like that… It really gets my gears turning.

No, it’s nothing.

Now please step in the car, my lady.

Oh, right, right, you can lower your leg and skirt if you so choose. Of course, if you want someone to see you like that, you can remain in that state.

What’s this? You don’t want to be seen? That’s a bit unexpected.

Then, once again, please take a seat in the car, my lady.

Track 3: Play Inside the Car


My lady, please make sure to fasten your seatbelt.

I’ll start driving, then.


Is something the matter? You appear restless.

Your heart can’t rest at ease unless you’re wearing underwear? Then, I’ll give you something to distract you until we reach the hotel.

Open the dashboard.

As you can see, there’s a vibrator, condoms and also, lube. I prepared them for you, my lady.

My lady, during our drive to the hotel, please pleasure yourself with those.

Yes, it’s masturbating, to put it bluntly. You’ve done it before, right? You’re not saying you’ve never done it, are you?

What’s the matter? Be clear. I can’t hear you.


Oh, so you have? That’s good to know. If you had told me that you didn’t know how to masturbate, I would be at a loss as to how to teach you. After all, I am in the middle of driving.

Now, since you have experience, you should know how to masturbate. It doesn’t matter how my lady goes about it, so start masturbating.

I’m sure you already know, but this is an order.

Very good.

But despite all the tools I’ve prepared for you, are you not going to use them?

Based on your reaction, have you never masturbated with a toy?

It appears that my lady is more sheltered than I originally thought. Well, it’s fine, please continue masturbating.


Why are you asking me how you should masturbate? My lady should masturbate whatever way she likes.

Come on, just do what you usually do.

Those are some rather clumsy hand movements. Will you even be able to cum like that?

I can’t stand to watch this.

Since it can’t be helped, I’ll lend you a hand.

First, take off your shoes and lift both feet onto the seat. Then spread your legs nice and wide.

That’s right. How else was I supposed to teach you if it was not for us being stopped at a red light? If you think it’s embarrassing to be seen by passers-by, then you should be ashamed of yourself for not being able to masturbate on your own.

Ah, the light has turned green. I guess I’ll just have to drive.


My, my, did you spread your legs the moment I started driving again? Do you find being seen that embarrassing?

Is that so? Then, next, pick up the vibrator and put the condom on the vibrator.

Then drizzle the lube over the vibrator and lubricate it. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting the car dirty.

Are you ready?

Then turn on the switch and press the vibrator against your crotch.


Great. I’m glad your sensitivity is good.

Then, why don’t we have you rub it back and forth like you’re tracing along your crotch?

The slipperiness from the lotion feels good, does it not?

Now slowly increase the speed of your movements.

Good girl.

Hasn’t that place started aching?

Was I mistaken? I could smell the scent of a sow wafting from the seat next to me.

Right now, your crotch isn’t wet just because of the lube, is it? Your juices have started overflowing. Am I wrong?

Then place the tip of the vibrator against your entrance.


Even if you’re scared, you are to do it.


Now, let’s have you slowly wiggle it up and down…while rolling it around to gently spread your hole.


Ah, it’s been swallowed up nicely.

How is it? Is it too much?

Is that so? But over time, you’ll get used to that thickness. Now, I don’t mind if you take your time, so thrust it in as far as it can go.

Is it fully in?

Then strike the deepest place inside you with the vibrator like you’re knocking on a door.


Not a bad reaction. Did you feel it from it?

Then this time, knock it with more force.

The dirty, wet sounds are echoing inside the car, you know? It’s wonderful. Try moving the vibrator in and out with greater movement. It’ll feel even better if you do that.

Anyways, it appears you’re masturbating well.

You leaked out a nice voice absentmindedly, didn’t you?

Well? The vibrator feels good, doesn’t it?

If you put it all the way in and stir around, the part at the base of the vibrator will hit your clitoris and it’ll feel even better.


My, my, you’re getting so in it. Do you like the vibrator that much?

Acknowledging it honestly…

I don’t know if I consider that cute or embarrassing, but you sure are innocent, my lady.

Oh, there’s one thing I forgot to say.

Although it’s great that you enjoy the vibrator, you are not to cum. If you cum, I’ll have to punish you. Got it?

Who said you could stop your hands?

You’re not allowed to cum, but please continue masturbating.


Yes, that’s good.

My lady sure lacks training, it seems.

No, you can’t cum, you’ll be punished.

Your voice is quivering, are you not able to hang on much longer? Since you’re so desperate to cum, I’ll stop the car, so get off right now and cum on the road.

Do you not want to?

Then you’re able to continue masturbating without cumming, right?


Hey, your hands have stopped.

Churn more vigorously.

Yes. Yes, that’s good.


Yes? What is it?

Are you at your limit?

Is that so?

Okay, that’s enough. You can stop your hands now. We’ve arrived at the hotel.

You did well to abide by my words. Good girl.

Even though you’ve stopped masturbating, your body is still hot, it seems. I guess this is where people say it’s beyond one’s control.


Then let us head to the hotel’s 1st-floor terrace.

I will soothe your hot flash on that couch over there.

Oh, but, please keep the vibrator in. Naturally, if you drop it before we get there, you’ll be punished.

Don’t worry, I’m confident that my lady is capable.

Besides, once we reach the terrace, I’ll be sure to remove it for you. Alright?

Track 4: At the Hotel Terrace


It’s a pretty open terrace, don’t you think? It has a lot of greenery, and it’s been well received by our guests.

What are you standing around for? Come on, walk up to the sofa.

Good job, you kept the vibrator in.

Excellent. Take off all your clothes, then.

What’s with the puzzled look on your face? I’m telling you to take off your clothes.

You only have one thing you need to do, my lady, which is to obey my words and to take off your clothes. Do you resist the idea of getting naked outside in a place where others might see you?


Hasn’t my lady already exposed her crotch in a parking lot? With who you are, you should be able to get naked here.


I guess it can’t be helped.

I’ll tell you something nice.

Our hotel fully supports the activities of “Training” Butlers.
In other words, you can do it anywhere in the hotel and not be reproached for it. The guests of the hotels have already agreed to this upon staying at the hotel.

Though, there are those whose aim is to see a butler have intercourse with his lady.

Anyhow, regardless of whether my lady gets naked here or what play we indulge in, there won’t be any issues.

Now, strip. I’m confident you can do it, my lady.


Look, you did it.

You’re such a good girl. Now, take a seat on the sofa.

Bring your legs onto the sofa and spread them wide open just as you did earlier in the car, and show me your crotch. I’ll check whether the vibrator is in you properly.

You’re becoming more and more obedient.

It’s a good thing.

Let’s check out the vibrator.

Hmm… You have it swallowed up all the way down to the base. You forced a lot of strength into your stomach and did your best not to drop it, hadn’t you?

In that case, allow me to give a reward.


Here, we have a blindfold. I’ll put it on you.

Now you can’t see anything, isn’t that right?

Did you know? If a human is deprived of their sight, their other senses will become greatly heightened.

Like this…

Did you feel it just from me blowing on your ear?

See? You’ve become more sensitive.

I’ll caress my lady in this state. I’m sure it’ll feel really good.


Your nipples are ripe.

If I blow on them…

Letting out sounds of frustration… If I hear a voice like that, I won’t be able to hold back either.

As a reward for pleasing me, I’ll cease teasing you any further, and give your nipples plenty of affection. …All while moving the vibrator inside you.

How is it? Does it feel good?

That’s good to hear. However, you must cum yet. No matter how much you want to cum, you are not allowed to cum without my permission. You understand that, right?


Good girl.

Allow me to lick your other nipple.

Whoa, tears have started flowing.

The pleasure is too strong and you don’t know what to make of it, I see.

That sight is very captivating, you know? Look, a crowd of guests has gathered here to watch you.

Now, why don’t we let them see more of your dirtiness?

Oh? Do you not want that?


If you let others see, I’ll give you permission to cum. Of course, if you’re still opposed to having an audience, I can ask them to leave. So, what do you want to do?


I can’t hear you. Say it louder.

That response is insufficient, you are to ask people to watch you. If you want to cum then make a plea to everyone around you.

“Look at how filthy I am!”

Scream louder. “Look at me!”

Good. Then allow me to make you cum.


Your crotch is drenched and covered in your juices. You can almost say that the vibrator was so delicious, you started drooling.

But, let’s take out the vibrator.

Now, allow me to clean up all the juices.


Your body is quivering… And your vagina’s twitching too.

I know. You want something inside, don’t you?

I’ll insert my fingers in place of the vibrator.

I do not mind, please go ahead and cum. …Messily, in front of everyone.


You squeezed up inside, did you cum?

You can still keep going, can’t you? Come on, lose yourself more. Just become hopeless, so hopeless your mind can’t think at all.

Did I make you cry?

Then, I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll cut you some slack here. I’ll take off your blindfold.

Did you really think people were watching?

That was a lie to enhance the enjoyment for you, my lady. You were turned on at the thought of someone watching you cum, were you not?

My lady in disarray was a beauty to behold.


Yes? What is it?

Were you trying to coax me?

My lady, did you forget the rule we decided on in the beginning? You’re not allowed to coax for anything.

No, I heard it clearly. “I want you to kiss me on the lips.”

Do you now want to not only satisfy your body but also your heart?

It’s a cute request, but breaking the rules is breaking the rules. Allow me to punish you.

Now, stand up, we’re changing locations.


This way. Let’s go.

Track 5: In the Courtyard


We’ve arrived.

This is the hotel courtyard. It’s a beautiful place too, right? In order to have a view of this garden, all the rooms’ windows were made to face the courtyard.

In other words, people can see us out of every one of those windows.

This is a place out in the middle of nowhere, after all.

Suddenly seeing a naked young lady being dragged here by the hand… I’m sure plenty of guests would wonder what we’re up to.


I plan to have sex with you here.

You must be happy, right? After all, when I was caressing you earlier, you were willing to cum while being watched.

Oh, but for you, this is more of a reward than a punishment.

But let’s not delve there. Although you broke the rules, it was a cute request, so I don’t mind rewarding you.

Oh? Do you intend to say that this isn’t a reward?

Does my lady much rather put on a direct show than to be peeked at from windows? Or are you by any chance going to say that you’re embarrassed?


Oh? Really? Isn’t that a little too late now?

If that’s how you feel, my lady, I do not mind. Now it’ll be actual punishment.

Now, stand in front of that bench.

Come on, hurry up.

Good girl.

Now, I want you to face your back to me, place your hands on the back of the bench, and stick your butt out in my direction.

You might want to spread your legs a little to get a better foothold.

You’ll do it, right? After all, it’s an order from me.


Very good.

Now then, allow me to insert my member.

You wanted it, didn’t you?

It’s good to be honest. Since we had it quite loosened up earlier, there’s no problem in me shoving it in all at once, right?

I’m putting it in, then.


Oh, damn, it feels better than I thought. From the very start, your insides were clamping down around me.

Oh! Sorry! My manner of talking…

This can’t do, but, uh, I might not be able to keep the butler act up with how good it feels.

Look, it’s in, down to the base. You ate it all up.

I’ll start moving, then.

You don’t mind, right?

Oh, right, right, about the kiss… If you’re able to moan shamelessly, I can at the end.


If you want to be kissed then become an absolute mess, and fan my excitement.

That kind of moan won’t do, it barely suffices.

Moan louder, enough to echo through the entire courtyard.

I’m not thrusting enough?

Then I’ll thrust harder.


Yes, yes. Look, you can do it if you try.

Now, cry out more. More. And then, excite me more!

Having your hair fly around like that… Do I feel that good to you? Between the vibrator you enjoyed so much and me, which one do you like better?

So you like me better?

That makes me so happy.


Hey, squeeze down on me harder. …Like you’re begging and begging for it.

Yes. Yes, that’s good. It feels really good.

My lady, do you feel good too?

Don’t just nod. Scream “I feel good too!” at the top of your lungs. Make yourself appeal to everyone.

Well done. I’ll stir up the place around your entrance.

Huh? It feels frustrating when it’s the entrance? Then, where do you want me?

No, yell louder.


How lewd. Not to mention, you tried to coax me a second time and begged me to “put it in.”

This won’t do. Since you’re enjoying your punishment, I’ll hit spots that are just slightly off.

Shaking your own hips around like that… Are you that desperate for pleasure?

Then, try to hit the spots that feel good for you more and I’ll thrust there.


So this spot feels good?

Your insides are coiling around me tightly.

Then I’ll keep hitting this spot.


Whoa there.

Are you feeling it so much that your knees gave out?

Okay, then let’s lie down on the bench.


Ah… I slipped out.

I’ll put it in again.

Crying out like that… Does it feel that good?

I see. I’m really happy that you’re feeling good. Oh, but, I think I’m near my limit.

Hey, can I cum?

Roger that. Then here’s the final push.


I can’t… I’m going to cum…


Forget about your stomach, even your chest is covered in semen.

You’re so darn lewd.

Were you able to cum properly too?

I see. If so, great.

Well for me, it wasn’t too bad. It was your first time, but you did well. You were able to moan immodestly, and the sight of you crying out in disarray aroused me.

Good job, well done.

Now, the reward of a kiss…


It’s unfortunate, but, our time’s about up.

That is to say, this is the end. Great effort and many thanks.

Track 6: Service Concludes


Sorry to keep you waiting, are you-

Wait, no, never mind.

This isn’t good, my manner of speech has gotten a lot worse. I apologize, my lady.


Once again, I thank you for your patience. I have bought you your clothes, my lady. Are you able to put them on yourself?

I see. That is unfortunate.

In which case, my lady… Thank you very much for using our service today.


Perhaps a kiss on the hand may be too presumptuous.

I hope you will choose me again next time.

This is my lady’s room for today. Please rest up in this room afterwards.

Now then, I shall excuse myself here.

Oh, that reminds me. I’ll be taking your undergarments as souvenirs.

See ya.

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