【Translation】 Hametoku ★ Orikou JK Pet Ayane & Yuuna ~Gakkou de Seishun!~ Hayami Yuuna Dakimakura Voice CD

Thank You to 死猫FieldMarshal for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

ハメ得★おりこうJKペット綾音&優菜 ~学校で性春!~ 早見優菜抱き枕カバー ボイスCD

CV: Kotatsu Miyako (こたつみやこ)

Track 1


Jeez, stop being so ravenous. This is why I hate boys; they don’t hold back, they reek of sweat and they don’t take no for an answer.

You boys are probably thinking about sex all day, aren’t you?

Seriously, it’s like boys are animals.

I know. I’m going to say, “no, stop” now. I did make a promise to you that we’d go all the way today, after all.


This should be good, right?

Come on, don’t be shy. Touch me. It’s embarrassing having to wait for you…while looking like this.


Boys sure love boobs, don’t they?

You’re kneading them way too hard, that place is sensitive…

That’s right. Extra…gently like you’re caressing them… That’s good. Having my boobs fondled makes me…feel somehow super at ease. I won’t be able to keep myself up.

Hey, are you turned on perhaps?

I can tell. After all, something hard has been pressing against my stomach for the past while.

Say, can I touch you back? I can, right? I’m going to touch it.


So hot… And also, it’s rock hard.

Does this mean you were turned on by my boobs?

Even with your pants, I can tell that it’s giving off more heat. And if I were to rub it, it’ll feel good, was it?

Sure, I’ll do it. It’s a thank you for making my boobs feel good.

How is it? Does it feel good? Am I doing it properly?


I feel strange. Each time I stroke it, it makes my body become hotter and hotter.

I’m doing something super lewd.

I’m having my boobs fondled by a boy and I’m touching a boy’s penis.

I feel kind of strange. I’m embarrassed, but it feels good.

Your penis is twitching a lot. I almost feel bad. It’s thick and engorged and it looks like it’s about to poke a hole in your pants.

I can feel it pulsate every time I stroke it.

Could it be that you want to cum?

Of course you do, right?

I’m sorry, I’m not really used to this, so I might not be very good at it.


That’s fine, let’s have sex. You can use my body however you like.

But, umm…I do have one request.

It’s a bit embarrassing, but…

You won’t laugh when you hear it? You won’t make fun of me?

You definitely won’t?

It’s absolute. It’s absolute, you know?

You see, I…I feel it from behind, so behind… Behind. You understand what I’m saying, right? So, so…!

Jeez, why are you so bad at picking up hints?! What I’m saying is… I feel good from anal. I feel better from my ass than I do my pussy. Don’t make me have to say that out loud.


S-So, today, is it alright if you use my butthole?

Eh? Ask for it? You want me to ask for it?

Spread open my asshole myself…?

T-That… There’s no way I could do that! You keep trying to make me do perverted things.

I knew it, boys are all dirty.

Here, can you see it? My butthole’s twitching, isn’t it? I’m always teasing my butthole when I pleasure myself, so when I become excited, it becomes like this.

When I’m at home, I often stick my fingers inside, but… When I was touching your penis earlier, I imagined it in my head. Like how it’d feel if this stiff hot thing went inside my ass.

And then… And then…

When I imagined it, I got really restless.


You see, when I get excited, the area around my butt gets really restless. And then it starts twitching on its own.

I’ve never seen it myself, but I’m sure it’s a super dirty sight.

Gaping and shutting… Even I can feel my butthole opening and closing. So, it’s like that right now.

You can see my butthole twitching, right?

It wants you to touch it so bad… It wants your penis so badly… And it’s twitching and begging you like this.

So your penis… no, please give me your cock! I want your cock! Please ram your cock inside this lewd anus that’s been turned practically into pussy! Please pump your thick dick milk into this gapping greedy asspussy that thirsts for your delicious cock!


I said it.

I’ve asked for it properly, right? So, hurryー!

It’s in… This feeling of being violated by a cock…

I’m being spread open! It’s completely different from when I used my fingers. I’m going to get stretched out. It’s like the bones inside my body are being broken and even my head is shaking…

That’s…not it. I never thought anal sex would be t-this amazing.

No! Stop! Where do think you’re touchinggg!? I told you to stop! Don’t tease my pussy while you’re poundinggg myyy ass! Don’t put your fingers insideeee! My pussy’s not readdyyy!

Don’t finger my pussyyy!!! Don’t rub itt!!! Just touching it makes me cum super harddd!!!

Noo!!!!!!!! Each time you rub me, every time you tease it, my stomach tightens up! Even my butthole starts clamping down!

My asspussy is going to clamp down on your cockkk!!!


Don’t tease my clitoris! If you stroke it, I’ll cum right awayyy!!!

I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum from having my asspussy rammed by a cock!


No way, I came… The inside of my body is tingling so, so much. My body’s got no more strength left in it.

But, you’re still hard…

I can tell. Your cock is still fully erect, isn’t it?

It’s fine, cum. Use my asshole as you please. It’ll be unfair if I’m the only one feeling good. So, feel good from my body too.


Your cock is dragging through me… It’s reaching deep inside me!

You can go…harder. It doesn’t feel good when you take it slow, right? I’ll be fine even if you’re rough.

It feels like it’s even more ready than before. I wonder if it’s because my body’s out of strength from just cumming?

I want you to be rough. It’s really frustrating right now; it feels good but it feels like I’m being teased.


Yes. Yes, harder! Ram it into my butt…!


My body is…

My butt is being tormenteddd!!!

It feels good! Being treated roughly feels so good! It feels good having my asshole drilled!!! Cocks are amazing, I’m going to get addicted. At this rate, I’m going to fall in love with cocks! My asshole is gonna turn into the shape of cocks!!!

Being pounded and thrust into is super comforting and my entire body loses its strength!

When I’m being stuffed, my stomach starts aching a lot!!!

I can’t process the calmingness and aching…! My mind is going to go crazyyy!!! I love both the calmingness and the aching! It all feels good!!!

It feels so good, I’m going to lose my mind!


The thrusts into my ass travel to my pussy. I won’t be able to stop my ass juices! My pussy juices are going to spill out and drip everywhere!!!

I can’t stop my embarrassing voice or my shameful juices! I’m going to break!

It feels so good that I’m going to breakkk!!!

I won’t be able to think about anything other than anal sex!

I love cocks! As long as I can get railed by cocks I don’t care about anything else! So, cum!!! Pump your thick hot semen into Yuuna’s lewd cock-addicted asspussy…!!!

I’m begging you, give me your cum!!!


My butthole is twitching from being pounded by a cock…

It’s coming! It’s coming out! My ass is being filled up!

It’s coming out in globs. It’s all going inside my stomach. More and more is coming out!

No, it’s too hot…

It’s thick and sticky… Give it to me. Give more to me. Fill Yuuna’s asspussy with your semen!!!


I’m cumming! I’m cumming from being overfilled with cum!

I’m cumming, I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum from having my asspussy pumped to the brim with semen…!

There’s still more coming out! Every time your cock twitches, more thick semen shoots out!

I came, but I’m still cumminggggg!!!!!

Every time more semen shoots inside me-

I’m cumming! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!


Wow… Cocks are way too incredible… This is the first time I’ve ever cum this hard. I can’t lift even a single finger.

No, don’t pull out yet.

Please? Even if it’s a soft cock, having it inside me feels good. It’s kind of calming.

So until I settle a little more, let’s stay connected like this.


If you pull out now, I feel like everything is going to spray out of my butthole.

Ayane is still most important to me, but, but out of all the boys, I like you the most. So, if you ever feel like it, I’ll let you do me again.

And before then, I don’t want you to be getting all friendly with other girls.

It’s a promise, okay?

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