【Translation】 Fllanket vol.1 Koala


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Fllanket vol.1 コアラ

CV: Pekemaru (ぺけ丸)

Track 1: Returning the Usual Favor


Ah, did I wake you? Sorry.

When you came back, your eyes were dazed and you looked super sleepy. Plus, it would be bad for me to disturb your sound sleep, so I didn’t wake you.

Having your sleeping face seen is not something to be that embarrassed about.

We’ve already spent a long time together. But more than anything, I think it’s great that you’re able to relax, feel at ease, and fall asleep.

I sleep far more than you do, so you’re always seeing my face while I’m asleep, are you not?

Don’t you think it’s best to loosen up a little and let me take glimpses?


It’s just that I’m too careless…?

I don’t think that’s the case, though? Though, I guess I do occasionally roll off the bed when I wake up.

It’s not just “occasionally”? Just the other day too?

Really? I don’t have any recollection of that.

Though, I do have the vague memory of you putting the blanket back on me.

Then, today, I’ll return the usual favor. I’ll stay here and talk to you until then, so you can get a good night’s sleep.


I say ‘favor,’ but what I really mean is that I’d love it if you could relax and unwind.

First, let’s put things in place.

Don’t you find the room bright?

If you’re worried about it being too dark, we can always turn up the light a little.

In any case, let’s lie down so we can settle down and stretch out our arms and legs.

Close your eyelids.

Things that happened today, whether it be bad or shocking, may keep popping up inside your head, so try your best to focus on my voice.

Don’t think about anything else and listen absentmindedly.


Interlace the fingers of your hands lightly and gently place them on your stomach, around your navel area.

We’ll start with deep breathing.

Breathe in and suck the air into your stomach.

Exhale that air in long, tiny, slow breaths.

Inhale gradually and exhale slowly. Slowly inhale the air into your stomach and then slowly breathe it out.

Slowly, slowly, expand your stomach and then slowly deflate.


Every time you breathe in and out, I can see your stomach moving slightly up and down.

The more clean air you breathe in like this, the more fresh, clean oxygen reaches down to your fingertips. And the more you exhale, the more stress, fatigue, unpleasant thoughts, and bad memories leave your body.

Repeat the same things over.

Slowly. You can do it at your own pace.

Breathe in slowly and slowly breathe out. Slowly inhale the air into your stomach and then slowly breathe it out.

And then finally, take a big deep breath.

Breathe in as much as you can and then exhale everything. Keep going until your lungs are empty.


Alright. Now your lungs are filled with tons of clean air and all else is gone.

Now, relax your entire body.

More, more laidback. Let your body sink into a pleasant languor.

First, start with your arms. Try to take your mind off them a little; they’re still stiff and hard.

Let’s relax them and ease them more from here.


From the tip of your pinky fingers, your strength is gradually lessening at each joint.

Your ring fingers unwind too and you can no longer feel them. Your middle fingers also loosen and grow heavier and you are unable to move them.

Your index fingers become more and more relaxed…

Not even your thumbs can move, right?

Strength is gradually slipping away; slipping away and you can’t move.

Your wrists relax and your elbows relax. And your arms and shoulders slowly become more relaxed. And as you relax, you no longer feel your arms; the sensation in them slowly disappears.


Your arms are now simply dangling…

Did I make you feel a little uneasy, perhaps?

But don’t worry, I’m next to you supporting you and watching you over throughout. You won’t roll over and I won’t let you get hurt.

Focus on my voice and don’t think about anything else.

It’s nice having your head up in a cloud, isn’t it?

And when you do, relax your legs. Ease your mind off them, and slowly relax them, starting from the toes.

Strength leaves your ankles, your calves, your knees, and your thighs; they slowly relax. They become limp and disappear.

Once you relax, you completely lose awareness of your legs.


You can no longer lift neither your arms nor legs, and the sensation in them has disappeared and vanished.

It’s comfortable, so you wouldn’t think to move your hands or feet.

And because you wouldn’t think to move them, it feels like you can’t.

You can no longer move and your arms and legs are completely limp, and it’s pleasant. And just like that, strength leaves your entire body.

You lose sense of your stomach and your stomach relaxes.

Below your navel, you start to ease up and your hips do the same. And in doing so, your chest, your back, and your shoulders all fall away naturally.

And neck your unwinds too.

And your jaw also slowly relaxes.


As your jaws relax, your cheeks relax too, and your forehead completely relaxes as well.

Now that your head has de-stressed, your consciousness becomes hazy.

Your mind feels heavy. Very heavy,

Things are so comfortable that your mind grows heavier. You’re in a daze and your mind can’t think. Your entire body’s now limp.

Your entire body’s limp and you can no longer feel it. All you can feel is your hazy consciousness.

And it is a pleasant state of being.


You feel unsteady and it’s scary?

Don’t be, everything is going to be okay, I’m watching over you. I’m here next to you watching over you in your dazed and relaxed state.

You can’t open your eyelids and you want to sleep, right? I know that you want to sink deeper and deeper.

Your stomach is filled with clean air.

Your body is naturally relaxed and still.

Your stomach rises and falls and you continue unconsciously breathing. Your eyelids are heavy and you can’t think.

After all that, you’ll soon fall into the world of sleep.


Let’s sleep together.

With the beckoning of a heavy body, I think I shall sleep with you too.

Let me rest with you.

Let’s breathe at the same rhythm.

Breathe in, breathe out. If we sleep together snuggly, I’m sure tomorrow will be a good day. Don’t worry.

Then, good night. Sweet dreams.

Track 2: Together in Bed



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