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CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: Big Brother


Rabi-chan… Rabi-chan~

Hey, are you listening?

Is she on a downer because the drug wore off?

Hmm, I guess this isn’t working. She’s not reacting even when I’m making such noise.

Looks like the drug really has worn off. She’s not seeing nor hearing anything, she’s just staring off into space.

Somehow she seems like a real dollーa doll that’s simply alive.

I like it when you’re like that too. It’s cute.


Huh? “Big Brother”?

Now that I think of it, she had an older brother. Has she mistaken me for him out of confusion?

How adorable.

Yes, that’s right, it’s your big brother.

I see, so you feel like you’re in a daze. But, don’t be scared, it’s okay, it’s okay for you to stay inside that glazed world.

And if you do, Big Brother here will make you happy.


But who decided that? Big Brother is a man, after all. Of course I’d want to kiss my little sister-no, a girl.

So, let me kiss you.


Mhm, I love you, Rabi-

No, cross that. I love my adorable little sister.

Big Brother has liked you for a long, long time. So, can Big Brother love you?

I can’t? But why?

Don’t say something so saddening. Let Big Brother shower his little sister with love.

I mean, deep down, you love Big Brother too, right? …Because this place is twitching already.

Come enjoy all sorts of feel-good things with your big brother.


So much is pouring out of there, isn’t there? It’s dripping all over.

Here, can you hear the spulch sounds? It’s proof that you’re feeling it from Big Brother’s fingers.

Come on, take a close listen.

I wonder if you hear it?

Eh? Really? Can you really not hear it?

Then I’ll make it more audible. I’ll insert my fingers inside and stir it around. I think you’ll be able to hear it then.

Look, they’re in. You swallowed up two all at once.

Looks like my little sister is quite lewd.


Feels good, doesn’t it?

It feels even better when I rub this place up top, so I’ll keep doing that.

Let’s have you squirt.

Squirt, squirt.

You don’t want to? But I want to see it, to see my little sister orgasm and squirt.

Keep feeling good from your big brother’s fingers and shamelessly cum.


You squirted so much, how adorable. I’m going to make you feel even better.

This time, why don’t we play around with toys?

Let’s play with this vibrator. You are fond of it, after all. You feel super good whenever I use this, right?

Eh? But cumming once is hardly enough, right? You love cumming until your insides are a melted pulp and your mind is completely blank, right?

Huh? Don’t tell me you forgot.

Don’t worry, I’ll make you remember.

On that note, you love being ravaged from the back, right?


I’m not stopping.

I mean, you’re way too cute.

I’ll lube the vibrator with a good deal of your juices and put it inside, and I’ll also turn on the switch for the part that stimulates your clit.

So feel super good for me again and let me hear your cute voice.

Hey, hey, don’t close up your legs.

Now you can’t run away anymore. Big Brother’s stronger than you, after all.

Now, I’m putting it in.


It went straight in.

This has tons of bumps on it, so… Just moving it back and forward like this feels good, right? And it’ll feel even better if I were to turn on the switch, right?

Let me turn it on.

Your insides are twisting and turning… Looks like it feels really good. Let me move it for you.

Your voice is becoming sweeter and sweeter.

You can keep cumming as many times as you want. I’ll move the switch up a notch.


Your breasts look lonely, so I’ll tease them too.

Feel it with your nipples, your insides, and even your clit…

Look, you’re starting to twitch there.

Go ahead, cum for me to see.

Wow, you’re squirting all over the place again. I wonder what’ll happen if I were to move this?

I won’t let you escape. Big Brother wants to tease much, much more.


Cum out of your mind.

It’s so cute how you’re begging me to forgive you while crying.

With that considered, if you cum for me one more time, I’ll stop.

Turn your neck this way.

Kisses feel good, don’t they? Because I feel good too. I want to just gobble you up.



You’re about to cum again, aren’t you?

If you cum one more time, I’ll stop, so keep at it.

Ah, she fainted. I might’ve teased her a little too much.

But, you were adorable today. It’s not bad being called “Big brother” from time to time. Maybe I’ll have you call me “Teacher” or “Senior” next time.

When you’re here, there’s no end to the fun.

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