【Translation】 MY SWEET BUNNY CAGE 300DL Track


Thank You to Usagi for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: Attention Seeker


Rabi-chan, were you trying to run away again?

I can’t understand you if you don’t speak.

I wonder if you still don’t understand that you can’t escape? If you keep doing that, I really might chop off your feet. Would you prefer that?

Could it be that you were upset and wanted to leave because I didn’t pay attention to you yesterday?

Jeez, you’re so cute.

You really are adorable, Rabi-chan. Sorry for leaving you by yourself, you must’ve been lonely, right?

It’s my fault for making you lonely, I’m really sorry.

Open your mouth.

Yes, good girl.


I’ll stay with you the whole day today.

I’ll be with you forever and I’ll give you the things you want.

What you want is love, right? You want my love and the pleasure that I grant, right? I can feel it.

Look, you’ve gotten this wet just from being kissed.

You really are lewd…

Hey, Rabi-chan, how do you want to be loved today?

Do you want me to finger you or do you want me to lick you with my tongue?

We can play around with toys too or lick each other.

You’re free to choose, Rabi-chan…on how you want to be loved.


Hmm? Is it me that you want?

I know. I know that you want me, Rabi-chan, so tell me what you want.

You’re such an upfront and cute rabbit, aren’t you? Are you wanting it already? I guess you really were lonely when I didn’t tend to you yesterday.

They do say that rabbits can die from loneliness.

I’m truly sorry for making you go through that terrible experience.

I want you too. I was lonely too. It’d be wonderful if I could be with you at all times.


Today, let’s make love to each other all day long, my cute, adorable rabbit.

I’ll make you feel me throughout. I want you to fully experience my warmth.

Thus… I’ll cover your cute eyes with this ribbon…

This way, in return for not being able to use your sight, your sense of hearing and sense of touch will be heightened, and you’ll be able to feel my entire existence.

Even if you can’t see, it’s not scary. I’ll be here next to you the whole time.

I’ll lay you down on the bed, then.

Stay still for me.


It really is soaked. Did you get turned on from being blindfolded? You are quite adorable, after all.

Look, Rabi-chan, I’ve gotten this big already.

After seeing your lewd appearance and lewd scent, it gave me an immense urge, so let me relieve it inside you.

It feels so good. This place here is squeezing down on me so hard… It’s saying that it was hungry for my member.

Looks like you felt the same way I did.

It feels really good.

Rabi-chan, let’s adhere closer together.


You can feel my warmth, my breaths, my existence from head to toe, right?

Even if you can’t see, you can feel me through your ears, your skin, and your insides. All you can feel is me.

Feel my love with your entire body, my cute Rabi-chan.

I’m sure you can really feel me when I whisper into the base of your ears, right?

I’ll lick this place too.


As a rabbit, your ears are quite sensitive, huh? Your body trembles whenever I drag my tongue along them.

That part of you is cute and lovable too.

I love everything about you, Rabi-chan.

When we’re pressed against each other, I feel incredibly happy. Just like how you feel me with your entire body, I can feel you with my entire body too.

And when your chest is pressed up against mine, I can even feel your heart.

It’s racing super fast, isn’t it? I love each one of its beats.


Just why are you so cute? I think I’m losing my mind just being with you.

I love you so much that I really think I might go crazy.

Maybe I’ve already lost it?


Even though I haven’t used anything on you today, your entire body is burning.

Kisses feel good, don’t they?

They make your mind go even more blank.

Hey, Rabi-chan, entwine your tongue with mine more and let’s feel good.

Did you cum while I was kissing you?

Your insides were convulsing so much just now. It’s like it’s saying that it wants to milk me dry. You are greedy, after all.


Go ahead, squeeze it out of me. I’ll give you everything I have in me. I’ll give you everything, everything you desire.

You start trembling when I strike you deep…

Cute. It’s so cute that it’s giving me shivers.

Your ribbons are soaked with your tears, aren’t they? I’m so delighted that you’re feeling that good.

What’s wrong? Why are you stretching your hands out?

Oh, I got it. You want me to squeeze them, right?

Sure, I’ll squeeze them. Here.


Your hands are warm too.

I’ll hold your hands and continue moving, then.

I’m about to cum…

I’ll have you let me cum one time. You want it, right?

Rabi-chan, as you wanted, I’ll let it out in the deepest spot inside, inside your womb… So, take in all of it.



You came again.

You have an honest and sensitive body… It’s super cute. I love it.

Huh? The blindfold?

Nope, I’m not taking it off.

I’ve decided to keep it for the whole day, so, feel only my warmth, my voice, and my love for the rest of the day.

Don’t look at anything else. Have sex with me while imagining my face in your head.

Filled your mind and body entirely, entirely with me.


Look, it’s up again. You can feel it swelling up inside you, right?

Besides, you’re clamping down like you want it.

Here, this time, let’s do it from the back.

Let’s make love all day long, my cute, cute, adorable rabbit.

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