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CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: Mistaken Identity and Kidnapping


Hey! U-Umm… Hoi-chan?

You, erm, really resemble the Hoi-chan that had always been with me in the past.

Ah! Wait, wait! Don’t run away! Sorry, it was super out of the blue, wasn’t it? I sincerely apologize. You bore such a striking resemblance to Hoi-chan that I called out to you without realizing. Please excuse my manners, it must’ve startled you, right?

L-L-Like I said… Wait!

Huh? Playboy?

No, uh, but I’m not a playboy, though?


How so…?

It’s like, I saw a girl I haven’t seen in a long time and instinctively reached out?

Ahaha… You’re right, I apologize. To me, you feel familiar because you resemble Hoi-chan. but to you, I’m just a stranger, right?

Err, I’ll guess I’ll introduce myself.

My name is-

Heh!? Hey, wait! You, you’re super distant, aren’t you? That’s so much like Hoi-chan too!


Ahh… You even run fast too…

You really are like a spitting image of her. It’s almost like you’re her reincarnation.

I want to go back to living days like when Hoi-chan was around.

Oh, I’ve got an idea. I should just live with her; it would be wonderful.

Track 2: The Rabbit’s New Home


Oh, that’s quite the ruckus.

Good morning. Look like you’re awake.

Not “You.”

On that note… You can call me “Kesedo.”  Though, it’s not my real name. Or, “Master.” Either one works.

The way you freeze up… You’re really like a reincarnation of Hoi-chan. It’s incredibly adorable.

Oh, sorry, it was rude of me to touch you without saying anything, wasn’t it?

I’ll be touching you, then.


Jeez, to say “don’t touch me.” You sure are hard to please. But well, that’s just how living beings are. Hoi-chan was like that too.

No need to glare at me like that.

“What is the meaning of this”…? Of what?

Mmm… It’s cute, don’t you think? The only pink restraints I could find were S&M toys, so I had them custom-made.

And it’s real leather, by the way.

Pink leather is quite rare to come by, after all.

And those western-style clothes suit you too! I figured a pink, frilly lolita dress would fit you, so I had this specially made as well.

I only knew a little bit about you, so I was wondering if the size would fit, but I’m glad it’s exact.


Hmm? Then what were you referring to?

You ask quite the difficult question.

Mhm. I figured out what you were trying to ask, so calm down.

Well then, let’s go through things one by one.

First of all, this is not some strange place, because, from this day forward, it’s going to be your home. And then, of course, the reason you’re in chains is so you can’t escape.

Is there anything else you want to ask?


“Crime”? What is?

“Kidnapping”? “Forced confinement”?

I haven’t done anything of that sort. All I’ve done was pick you up and bring you to your new home. There’s nothing criminal about that.

I mean, it’s not like you belong to anyone, right? I made sure to check that.

You don’t have a boyfriend or spouse, and you’re not living together with your parents either. In which case, doesn’t that make you a stray? Because if so, where’s the problem in me picking you up, adopting you, and bringing you to my house?



Oh, that I’m not too sure about. I mean, my university major wasn’t in law and I’ve never studied laws.


Don’t be so grumpy, you’ll get used to it soon enough.

You’re energetic just like Hoi-chan.

Oh, Hoi-chan was a rabbit I raised in the past. She was a rabbit with big black eyes and fur that was chestnut like your hair. You two are almost identical.

That much I can tell. You’re a human and Hoi-chan is a rabbit. But, the atmosphere around you resembles her so much that I honestly wonder whether you’re Hoi-chan’s actual reincarnation.

Finding you…I wanted to live together with a rabbit again! That’s why I picked you up and took you with me.


Hehh?! How could you say that? I’m normal, there’s nothing wrong with my head.

I’ve been living normally and am a genuinely normal person.

But, enough about me. More than that, I want to learn more about you.

Let’s see, what’s your name?

Huh? You were so energetic before, but now you’re suddenly quiet. What’s the matter? Come on, tell me. I know that you’re not Hoi-chan.

I would like to know your real name.


Ahh, ignoring me like that… Do you not know your own name?

In that case, why don’t I give you a name?

I called Hoi-chan, “Hoi-chan,” because she looked like chocolate whip. As for you… What should it be?


Since you’re lovely, why don’t I call you “Love-chan”? Or should I make it simple and go for “Rabi-chan” for ‘Rabbit’.

Hmm, what to choose, what to choose…

Let’s go with “Rabi-chan”! I think this suits you better.


Then starting today, you will be “Rabi-chan.”

It may seem overly lazy, but it’s easier to get on with something simpler. So, you don’t need your old name anymore, right?

Then, you don’t need this either, right?

Mhm, this is your wallet.

It’s not like I’m trying to take your money or anything, so don’t worry; my aim here is this.

Driver’s license, credit card, insurance card, employee ID card… The names on these are of your old name, so you don’t need these forms of identification anymore, right? The name’s wrong, after all.

Worry not, I’ll burn them later.

And also, this.

Rabbits don’t use smartphones, do they, right? Besides, the name on it is your past name, so this essentially belongs to someone else, right?

Don’t you think you have no need for such a thing?



You don’t need this anymore either, right?

Now, with this, you’ve become my personal “Rabi-chan.” You must be overjoyed, right?

Oh! Sorry! I went all this way to bring you tea, but there’s no way you can drink it like this. I’ll brew a new pot later.

Why are you acting so angry?

For your mood to change so quickly… You sure are an emotion-filled rabbit. If I stay close like this, I might get bitten.


It’s not good to bite your master, so let’s put this on you.

Don’t struggle so much, Rabi-chan, it’ll be fine.

This should work.

Oh, wait, if I put a gag on you, you won’t be able to drink tea anymore.

I went through the trouble of brewing German chamomile milk tea, but let’s dump it. It’s better if I left for a bit, anyway.

I’ll be taking my leave here today.

Then, I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night, “Rabi-chan” of mine.


Track 3: The Rabbit’s Heat


I’m home.

Huh? Are you still sleeping? You were resisting incessantly last night. The place is a mess and the walls are marred in damage from the chains.

You’re quite aggressive, aren’t you?

Rabi-chan, it’s morning.


Good morning.

You’re awake, good morning.

Don’t make such a scary expression first thing in the morning. I’m going to remove your gag.

Listen, don’t bite.

This should be fine now, right?

Hmm? What are you trying to say? Is that how people greet each other in the morning? I’ve never heard of people responding back with, “Let me out of here!”

When someone says “good morning,” what should you say back, I wonder~

When someone says “good morning,” you have to say “good morning” back, right? Make sure to remember that, alright?


Are you not good with mornings, perhaps? Or are you still tired?

Oh! Are you maybe stressed because you’re not used to your new environment?

Playing around? …Me?

I’m not playing around, I’m genuinely worried. I’m the master here, so I have to find ways to make my rabbit feel comfortable inside their cage. So, if there’s anything you’re displeased with, tell me, and I’ll try to do something about it.


Ehh? Why? Why do you say that you want to get out of here?

Go home?

We can’t have that, you live here, Rabi-chan, and this is also your home. If I let you out, I’d be doing the opposite, wouldn’t I? So I can’t let you out.

Not “You,” I told you to call me “Kesedo” or “Master.” If you don’t, I’ll start sulking.


Well, I guess it’s fine. For now, let us have breakfast.

Aren’t you hungry from thrashing around so much? Plus I brought you here before you had dinner, so your stomach should start growling soon.

I tried to make pancakes for breakfast.

Ones covered in maple syrup and chocolate whip… Don’t girls love them? So, come on, let’s have breakfast.

Huh? Do you not like pancakes?

Your wallet had a points card for a pancake shop, so I thought you liked them. Was my assumption wrong?

Ehh, that’s harsh.

Even if you say you don’t want to eat what I make, I can’t be giving my cute, cute little rabbit frozen or ready-made food. Besides, contrary to my appearance, I’m quite confident about my cooking skills. Like today’s pancakes came out perfectly without a single burn mark on them!

Come on, have a bite.


Then I’m left with no other choice. I guess my only opinion is to force-feed you. I wanted to avoid it if possible.

When Hoi-chan stopped eating her food back then, she got incredibly sick when I force-fed her.

I honestly believe what I did was wrong. So, I wouldn’t want to repeat the same mistake again, would I?

I wouldn’t want Rabi-chan to end up the same way, so please, eat.

Mhm, I really do believe what I did was wrong. Looking at it now, forcedly shoving food into her mouth was none other than abuse. She really hated it too. Although I was a child, I did something cruel.

So, I wouldn’t want to do the same thing again, would I? Right?

You’ll understand, right?


What a relief! Then, come over here.


Oh, your seat is here, between my lap. Now, come on over.

You don’t want to?

You can’t always be selfish. Come on, come on top of my lap.

Oh! You smell so good, Rabi-chan!

Hmm? Your arm shackles?

I won’t be taking them off. I’m going to feed you. Feeding one’s pet is a master’s duty, after all. I’m going to look after you in every, single way possible. You just have to chew and swallow.

It’s fine. Leave it to me.

The fork and knife are sharp, so please don’t flail around. It would be bad on the off-chance that I accidentally stab you to death.


Then let’s first drizzle on the maple syrup.

You see, this here is special, and contains a little charm for my beloved possession. So, let’s drizzle this all over.

Here, here you go, have a bite.

Does it taste good?

Really? So it’s sweet?

Well, we did put plenty of syrup on it. Alright, open up.


I want to start getting along with you soon.

I want you to like me, so eat some more.

Oh, this time let’s put on a bunch of chocolate whip too.

Here, open wide.

You’re such a good girl for properly eating. It’s really adorable. You’re cute from the tip of your head down to your fingers, Rabi-chan. So cute that it makes me want to gobble you up.

Hey, there’s still a little more left.

Douse it in lots of syrup… Here, eat.


Hmm? You’re full now?

But, it’s good to be leaving behind leftovers, right? There’s still some left so make sure to finish it.

Come on, open up.

You’re such a good girl. You’re such a good girl, Rabi-chan, seriously.

Here, last bite.


Alright, now that you’re done eating, what should you be saying?

Yes, well said. You really are such a good girl. And since you’re such a good girl, I feel like giving you a present.


Your collar arrived earlier! It even has “Rabi-chan” etched on it.

This leather collar is also pink. Cute, right?

Hey, hey, don’t struggle.

This should be good. Stand up and come towards me.

Mmm, it’s super cute! Everything’s pink and white and frilly, and it’s so darn cute!

I really can’t, it’s too cute.

You’re the cutest rabbit in the world. I ought to carefully, carefully raise you, don’t I, right?

Oh! Sorry, that must’ve hurt, right?


Huh? Even your cheeks are pink now. Not to mention, your eyes are welled up with tears.

Are you trying to kill me with your cuteness? You’re such a naughty girl, Rabi-chan.

Turning your face away like this… Are you embarrassed, perhaps?

When I touched your back a little, you let out a cute voice. Does being touched get your heart racing?

Strange…? In what way?

You feel restless, I see.

When I stroke your back and whisper into your ears, doesn’t it make you feel more restless? Well?


That’s unpleasant to hear. I only put a little charm on it so that we’d grow closer. I prayed to the sweet, sweet maple syrup for our bonds to deepen.

I won’t let you escape. This is our chance to start getting along. I want the distance between us to close up, so let’s head back to the bed. I’ll carry.

Let’s get along and have some fun.

Let’s feel super good together; that way, we can maybe fix that temper of yours.


Huh? Would it be better to do it with clothes on?

This dress certainly suits you. Also, I’m happy that you like it so much that you don’t want to take it off, but, with it on, we won’t be able to overlap over bodies directly, so…I’m going to take it off.

It’s embarrassing?

I already stripped you once so that I could put this on, so I’ve already seen you naked. And while I was at it, I did a little exploring.

Anyway, there’s no need for you to be embarrassed.

Besides, you have a very beautiful body.

Fair, supple, without a single scar… A very delicate female body.


Oh…the arm shackles are in the way, so they need to be off. And unless I remove your ankle shackles, I won’t be able to take off your tights either.

I’ll take them off briefly, I guess.

Alright, put your hands out.

Okay, next will be your ankles.

Now I can take things off. I’ll start with your tights, then.

Huh-!? Ow!!!

Ow, ow, ow, rabbits are good at kicking, was it? I used to get kicked by Hoi-chan a lot. You sure are exactly like Hoi-chan.


Rabi-chan, you shouldn’t be causing mischief. I know that you want to move around because of the feeling of freedom now that you’re unshackled, but you shouldn’t suddenly kick someone. It gave me quite the shock.

Good grief.

Come on, let’s go back to bed.

Looks like I have to keep the shackles on. Once I get your clothes off, I have to at least shackle your ankles.

I’m going to be taking off your clothes, so stay still.

Haha! You were so obedient earlier, but now you’ve returned to being defiant. Though, that’s cute too.


After this, all that’s left is your underwear.

It was so easy to put them on, but undressing you is quite the challenge.

Let’s take off your bra.

Now, it’s just your panties.

This should be okay. Haa… That took a little bit out of me. It’s amazing, Rabi-chan, your entire body is burning up. Has the drug started to take effect, I wonder?

Eh? I’m referring to an affection-filled drug. It’s a drug that’ll let me become closer to you, Rabi-chan, so what’s wrong with me using it?

You no longer have the energy to resist…

I don’t mind, just stay still, leave everything to me. I’ll go through every nook and corner of your body, gratify you and bring you happiness.


First, let’s kiss each other a bunch.

Open your mouth. Let’s kiss.

You don’t want to?

But the moment I gave you a smooch, your body trembled. Don’t you want it deep down? Don’t you want my tongue inside your mouth for us to entwine tongues and mix saliva?

Come on, open your mouth.

Hmm…this is troubling. I guess I have no choice but to discipline you until you listen. I’d rather avoid using violence on my cute, cute rabbit, but sometimes punishment is needed.

Good girl.


Don’t make your tongue retreat.

I want to, I want to keep going.

Does it feel good? You’re no longer looking frightened like you were before.

Let’s have more pleasant kisses.

I’ll tease your boobs while we kiss.


They’re such cute boobs. They’re bulging out in a feminine way, and your nipples are hard too.

Let’s feel good together.

It feels really good when I rub your nipples while massaging them, right?

It’s fine, keep feeling good.

Do you like it when I tease your nipples and kiss your tongue? Entwining them together, sucking on it… You love it when I pleasure you with my tongue and mix my saliva with yours, don’t you?

It’s good, it’s cute.

I do want to hear your voice, though, so let’s save kisses on the lips for later. In exchange, I’ll kiss this place a bunch.


Do you like it when I give you little kisses?

You let out a cute sound just now.

What adorable nipples. I want to adorn these with cute decorations too.

Hey, let your voice out more.


Your voice is leaking… How cute. It’s good that you’re feeling good from your nipples, but this place would too, wouldn’t it?

It made a wet sound.

I’m happy that you’re feeling it. It’s super wet here.

Let’s make this place feel good too.

Hmm? Does having your clit teased really feel that good? Your voice has gotten sweeter.

I think it should be okay for me to put my fingers in.


It’ll be fine, won’t it? I mean, it’s this wet.

No, no. I want you to feel even more pleasure. You’re a good girl, so keep your legs spread, alright?

Here, I’ll insert my fingers.

It went in easily. If it’s like this, I can insert another.

You got a second one in. It’s amazing how super slippery it is inside, plus, it’s super hot. Let’s find which spots feel good.


Ah… Is it here?

You let out such a nice sound just now. This place up top… Do you feel your G-spot?

Then I’ll keep hitting this spot, so let me hear more of your cute voice.

I’ll tease your clit with my tongue, so feel it both inside and out.


Even your toes are trembling… How adorable. I’ll keep teasing you so let’s get you to cum.


Go ahead, don’t hold back. Let me hear your cute orgasm voice.


That was a nice voice. You’re such a good girl, you’re cumming so cutely.

Now then, I think we’ve more or less got our preparation in place, so let’s feel good together.

It’s been a long time since anyone’s seen me naked, so I’ve got butterflies. The thought of overlapping my body with my beloved rabbit is somehow making me super nervous.

Now stay still.

Just rubbing against you feels good.

I’m going to become one with Rabi-chan.


No? Do you really not want to?

I know you want it unbearably bad, because every time I rub against you, your juices start spilling out from inside you.

It’s fine, be honest.

You’re such a shy girl. I’ll ravage throughout so that you can be honest.


Wow, all I did was move a little and your insides started clamping down on me.

Looks like you wanted it, didn’t you?

Look, I’ve reached all the way to the back.

So this is your most inner point… And there, is your womb.

That voice just now was super nice! So it feels good when I thrust into you deep, huh. I’ll keep going, so let’s feel super good together.


Adhere to me closer. I want to have my skin against you more.

Rabi-chan, your body’s warm and it feels good.

Huh? Does it feel good when my breath brushes against your ear?

Then, how about this?

You clamped down so hard just now. So this feels good. I’ll do it a bunch too, then.

Rabi-chan, did you cum a little just now? Your insides are twitching.

That’s such a wonderful expression. A face unraveled by pleasure… Cute, it’s so cute!

Rabi-chan… Rabi-chan, I love you.


Rabi-chan, you’re cumming nonstop. Does being penetrated deep really feel that good?

If you squeeze up so tightly, I won’t be able to last. Do you want to wring out my semen that badly?

You’re a lewd rabbit; though, that’s cute too.

Sorry, I’m going to cum.

I should be giving you more pleasure, Rabi-chan, but I’m so turned on that, I don’t have much control, so I’ll have to cum. And you can keep cumming too, Rabi-chan.

I’m cumming! I’m going to pump loads inside, inside your womb, so take it all in.

Cumming! I’m cumming!


That felt super good, Rabi-chan.

After a break, let’s go at it again. Today, let’s have sex all day long.

Track 4: The Rabbit’s Training


You ate so much again today. Was it tasty?

Is that so? Just average… I’m glad it wasn’t bad. I mixed ‘that’ into the soup, so it must’ve tasted weird, right?

Your body becomes restless whenever I touch it, doesn’t it? And while breathing into your ear…if I trace your body overtop your clothes, you start going to uncontrollable heat.


Is that what you really think? Isn’t your head filled with the thought of wanting me to pleasure you all over like usual with my fingers and tongue?

Liar, I can tell. You’ve been fidgeting while eating.

You ate while this precious place below was soaking wet…and while wanting me to have sex with you. Am I wrong?


You’re stubborn, but whenever I have sex with you, you seek me out with a cute voice. I find it cute, and I love it.

Look, your voice is sweet already.

You’ve come to love having sex with me, haven’t you? I’m glad.

Why don’t we do it with your clothes on today? I want to shower you with affection while having you in a cute, cute doll-like outfit from time to time. What do you think?

It’s not a no, is it?

Let’s go straight to it, then.

Oh, that’s right. Since we’re doing it with your dress… Stand up a little and turn this way.


Now, spread your legs and lift up your skirt a little.

You have shackles on, so you won’t be able to spread your legs much; just spread as far as you can.

Please excuse me for a moment.

Wow, it’s premeditating with a lewd scent.

It’s such a nice smell. So nice that I wish I could smell it all the time.

Your underwear is soaked. I can tell even through the fabric that you want me.


Your legs trembled just now. Are you that expectant?

I’m happy that you’re eager.

Oh, look, the moment I shifted aside your underwear, your nectar immediately spilled out and trickled down your thighs.

Ah, it would be a waste.

Delicious. It’s really delicious. You love having your clit licked, don’t you?

You shudder each time the tip of my tongue presses against it. Will you even be able to remain standing I wonder?


It’s incredible, each time I lick you, fluids leak out from inside you. Like it’s telling me to drink it.

……Even though you were all against it in the beginning.

You love it when I press down on your clit and shove my tongue inside you, right?

Are you not able to stand anymore?

Your legs are shaking.

We can’t have that. Stand.


Hmm? You’re about to cum?

You’re cumming so easily now.

Go ahead, cum. Let me hear the cute voice you make when you cum.


I told you to keep standing. What a weak-legged rabbit you are.

Your face is bright red and your bed’s still trembling, how cute. You really are adorable.

It doesn’t look like you’ve had enough, so I ought to give you even more pleasure.

What should I do next, I wonder?

I got an idea. Why don’t we try making use of toys today?

Look, I prepared a whole bunch. Toys perfect for a rabbit.

This… It’s cute, right? It’s a carrot-shaped vibrator. Also, there are bullet vibrators of the same color. Plus there’s this, ones you put in your butt, “butt plugs” as they are called.

It’s the tail that’s necessary for you to be a rabbit.


Oh, this isn’t an adult toy. It’s a rabbit ear headband. Adorable, right?

Here, rabbit ears.

Ahh… You’re so cute, Rabi-chan! It’s like you’re truly a rabbit!

Cute, so cute. You want to kill me with your cuteness, don’t you? You’re such a sinful rabbit.

Oh, sorry, I was getting all excited on my own.

Now, why don’t we put this in first?

Let’s head over to the bed.

Here, I’ll princess-carry you again today. There’s no need for you to walk, after all.


How cute. Look at me with such anticipation… You want it inside already, don’t you?

Sure. I’ll violate both the front and back with tons of toys.

Get down on all fours.

It’s great that you’re listening. Now, stick out your butt and spread apart your legs.

Yes, yes, good girl. I’ll roll up your clothes.

Ahh… These lewd juices have even dripped down onto your socks. I guess we should pull down both your panties and socks.


This should be good.

Now first, let’s apply your lewd juice on your butthole. And then onto the toy.

This should be better than lube, right?

I’m going to put it in, so please tell me if it hurts or is painful.

It’s going in…

Hmm? Does it feel good? Your cute voice is leaking out.

Oh, since it feels good, I think we’d be able to shove it in all at once. Here, in it goes.


It’s in completely.

Now that you have the ears and tail, you’ve become a real rabbit. Also, since rabbits don’t talk, you mustn’t speak. Got it?

Good girl. Since you’re such a good girl, I’ll give you a special toy.

This is the base for what you’ve always been drinking. When you look at it this way, it looks like compressed tablet candy, doesn’t it?

I’ll give you an entire one. You must be happy, right?

You aren’t…? That can’t possibly be, right? After all, you love this drug, don’t you?

Look, this mouth here is saying that it wants the drug. That it wants to experience more pleasure and to be violated until it breaks. Am I wrong?


I told you, you mustn’t speak. You’re such a naughty girl.

Just so you know, it’s not like this is some particularly dangerous drug. All it does is make you feel good.

You’ll feel so, so good that you won’t be able to live without it, that’s all. It’s not something that’ll shorten your life or eat away at your body.

So, it’s not dangerous.

Though it does create a high level of dependence. If you don’t take it at set times, you might lose your mind.

But, what about it? I’m giving it to you every day, so where’s the problem?


Look at you flailing around again. It’s sure hard to keep a rabbit in a good mood.

Hey, stop struggling. You’re a good girl, so take the drug, alright?

Rabi-chan, you may resist it now, but I’ve been increasing the dose bit by bit each day since you came here, so there’s no point.

It’s fine, isn’t it? Even if you lose your mind, I’ll take care of you here for the rest of your life.

You’re such a needy handful. Though that’s cute too. But, try not to give me any more trouble than this, it’ll make me sad.

Come on, open your mouth, Rabi-chan.


Now, swallow. I won’t let you spit out.

Ow-! Haha! I never thought you’d bite me. You’re usually a good girl, but you’re in bad girl mode today, huh? You’re a troublesome rabbit, so what can I do?

You’re biting your master’s hand and you’re talking in human language, so I guess I’ll gag again you for once. Punishment is necessary at times, after all.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want it, I’m putting it on.

The last time I had it on you was on the very first day, so it’s been…about 3 weeks? And this way, you won’t be able to spit out the drug either.

Let it slowly dissolve and swallow together with your saliva.


Oh, you jumped a little when I flipped on the switch.

How nice, it’s super cute.

I’ll make it hit all the places that feel good, and I’ll switch on this plug here too.

Feel good from both your holes.

You clamped down. Shaking your hips like that… It feels good, doesn’t it? You’re adorable.

Your knees are trembling.

Not to mention, your entire body’s shivering. I’m so glad you enjoy this.



Oh, you came just now.

You came so hard. Did the additional drug already take effect?

It’s a shame that I can’t see your face, but I’m sure it’s incredible. You probably have a melted expression, with your eyes rolled back, while drooling all over the place.

Why don’t we test how many times you can cum?

You don’t want to?

If you like pleasurable things, you should like this kind of thing too.

Here, I’ll make it go harder.


Did you cum a little from just that?

I bet you’d be able to cum dozens of times, then.

You see, I want to make you super happy. Your happiness is my happiness. Whenever you’re happy, I’m filled with overwhelming joy. So, feel even more pleasure and be happy!

Oh, you crumbled.

We can’t have that. Come on, get down on your knees again and make it easy for me to move things.

Eh? You aren’t able?

It’s true that your knees are shaky, but it’s hard for me to move things like this…

I guess it can’t be helped.


As I suspected, your expression right now is impressive.

Don’t hide your face.

Your face looks preciously cute, so I just want to take a picture of my precious beloved’s cute face. So, relax. It’s not like I’m going to upload it on SNS.

You still have the mind to resist… How troubling.

Humans just won’t act the way I want them to, huh. Rabbits won’t either, but it’s even more so with humans.

But well, they’ll break eventually, so we’ll see.


Listen, I’m going to spread apart your legs. I’ll start moving things for you again.

Wow, your face is covered with your tears and saliva.

And here too…

Whenever I push things in, it squirts a little. Your skirt, the sheet, and my clothes are all soaking wet.

I have to clean this all up later, don’t I?

Say, how many times have you cum?

5 times as far as I’m aware, but you’ve cum more times than that, right? Tell me how many times you’ve cum later.


You’re about to cum super hard again, aren’t you?

Go on, cum. Show me the cute face you make when you cum, I’ll take a photo of it.

Hey, come on, cum already.

That was amazing!

Ah, I should’ve videotaped it instead. I suppose there’s always another chance.


Looks like she fainted. Did I go a little too overboard?

Well, I have to quickly break her anyway.

I want you to hurry up and lose all your senses and become solely mine. It’s both of our happiness at hand, so I’ll discipline you again when you wake up.

But before then, I’ll have to get you cleaned up and dressed.

Track 5: The Rabbit’s Feet


Alright, now your hair’s dry too.

You have the same scent as me.

Now, let’s retire for the night.

Hey, hey, why are you standing up for no reason? I’m taking care of everything, so you don’t have to do anything.

No buts. I’ve been telling you this every day, but you don’t have to do anything.

No, wait, rather you are not to do anything; you can just entrust everything to me.

Here, I’ll carry you.


Lately, you have become quiet whenever I carry you in my arms. You would quiet down and your face would turn red in anticipation.

It’s a good trend. But, not today, I have to leave for a bit tomorrow.

The fridge is empty, so I’m going shopping in the morning. Plus, I want to pick up the set of western clothes I had ordered and also, purchase some toys.

I could order them online, but I’d rather see them with my own eyes and buy the one that suits you best.

So, let’s save the lewd things for when I return tomorrow.

Oh, would this be called a “tease”?

It’s time for us to sleep today. Here, I’ll cover you with the futon.


Oh, but before that, I have to put on your shackles and collar, don’t I?

First I’ll put on your collar.

Give me your neck. Good girl.

Then next up is…

Who’s calling at this hour?

Sorry, hang on for a second. I’ll go pick up the phone.


Rabi-chan, I told you, you can’t be going outside.

I let my guard down.

That’s just how animals are, aren’t they? Even if you think you’ve grown closer to them, the moment they find a gap, they’ll try to escape outside, to run away. Hoi-chan was the same.

That day, I happened to leave the window open, and Hoi-chan escaped. And after seeing her hop away, I accidentally lost my temper.

When I came to my senses, Hoi-chan was dead.

I didn’t want a repeat of that, so, so, I tried to be careful, and yet…

Is it not meant to happen? You don’t understand what I’m saying, after all, right?

I’m sorry, as a safety precaution, I had a sharp needle embedded in the collar so that it would stab you in the neck with a flip of this switch. It must’ve hurt, right? I’m so sorry.

But, BUT…


Escaping is unforgivable.

Even after feeding you that amount of drug, and after making you dependent on me, and after treating you ever so kindly, why won’t neither Hoi-chan nor you become mine? It doesn’t make any sense, does it?

I just want to live happily with my cute, cute precious possession.

So, why?!

I have you make you more, even more, dependent on me. I have to destroy and remake everything. …Because If I don’t, I’ll end up alone again.

Let’s make it so that you physically cannot run away.

I’m a careless person, so I cannot guarantee that something like today will not happen again.

No, it will happen. After all, this is the second time. That’s why people say that if there’s a second time then there’ll be a third time!


Rabi-chan, Rabi-chan… My one cute rabbit… Say, you don’t need these feet anymore, right?



Oh, good morning. How do you feel?

Why are you keeping silent?

Don’t tell me that you thought I was going to kill you?

Dear me, I told you that’s the one I wanted to avoid. I guess you mustn’t have heard. But, I guess it can’t be helped.

Oh, and just so you know, I’m not angry anymore.

I was certainly in a state of shock after you tried to run away, but it was my fault that not only did I not put on your shackles, I also made it possible for you to escape through the windows.

Look, I barred up the windows, so they’ll never again open.


Hmm? What’s the matter?

Yup, after all, there’s no need for them anymore.

It’s true that the arm and ankle shackles were cute, but they were things that were there to prevent you from running away and you don’t require them anymore.

I had the tendons in your feet severed.

My older brother’s a medical professional, you see. Since it was a once-in-a-lifetime request from his cute, cute baby brother, he obliged.

Though this is my second “once in a lifetime” request.

The first time around, I asked him to preserve Hoi-chan in formaldehyde. How nostalgic. Of course, at that time, my big brother was not yet a medical professional.

In any case, you’re no longer able to walk. So from now on, we’ll be able to put accessories on your wrists and ankles.

Next time, I’ll buy you bracelets and anklets. Look forward to it.


Oh jeez, why are you attempting that? I just told you that you can’t walk.

You’ve understood now that what I’ve said is true, right? You are truly now unable to live without me.

I’m so happy.

From now on, I’ll be able to tend to you every minute of every hour of every day. I’ll be able to live happily with my cute rabbit just like back then. There’s nothing more wonderful than this.

Now, let us return to the bed.


Huh? Was it that much of a shock?

You still have your feet, don’t you? It’s not like I had them chopped off. You can still wear cute socks and fancy shoes.

If it’s that painful, why don’t you just break?

You’ve always held the hope that I’d slip up and you’d be able to run away, so you fought desperately against the drug and my control. But, it’s all futile now.

So just accept it. Accept everything. Let yourself break and this time, entrust your entire being to me.

I’ll remake you from head to toe.

Come on, open your mouth. I’ll feed you the drug mouth-to-mouth.


Hmm? Are you still hesitating?

Just give up entirely, you’ll be happy that way.

Come on, you’re a good girl, so leave everything to me. Everything, abandon everything, and let yourself be dominated by me.

You’ve finally accepted me.

Finally! I’m so happy, Rabi-chan! Let’s live together happily for all of eternity.

Let’s be together for as long as we are alive-no, even after death.

I won’t ever let you go.


I’ll give you plenty of the drug, so don’t think about anything. Don’t think about anything other than me.

Let’s do pleasurable things again today.

Today, allow me to make you the happiest rabbit in the world once more.


Your nipples are erect already.

They’re hard and pointy like they’ve got something in them and are begging for me to touch them.

Cute, so cute.

I’ll lick them all over for you.

Even though you hated it so much when I licked or sucked on your nipples in the beginning, you now make super cute expressions.

Each time I suck on them, you let me hear your cute voice.

You know, I really love that voice.


Hey, you started fidgeting when I kissed your nipples… Are you wanting me to touch the place below already?

I want to hear you beg for it from time to time, though.

Come on, try asking for it. If you do, I’ll make you feel even more.

Hmm? I can’t tell from just “I want it.” Tell me where and how you want it.

Good job.

Since you said it like a good girl, I’ll give you a reward.


It’s sweet and delicious, Rabi-chan.

Rabi-chan, the drug’s dissolved again.

I’m starting to feel good too. My mind’s fuzzy, and just the sound of your voice has made me painfully erect.

I’ll churn up your insides through and through, so let me hear your nice voice.

Wow, I’m teasing you slowly and you’re already shaking your hips. I’m happy that you’re feeling so satisfyingly good.

Making it hit all the places that feel good for you… You’re so lewd, Rabi-chan.

Say, in this situation, if I were to put it in, what would become of you? You might feel so good that you go crazy.

You might never be able to return to normal.


But you know what? That’s fine, Rabi-chan. Because I’ll take care of you for the rest of your life.

Your insides tightened just now.

Rabi-chan, are you feeling impatient? Are you wanting it already?

I want you too, Rabi-chan. But, there are three things I need to confirm. Until they’re confirmed, I’m not going to put it in.


First, what is your name?


Hey, your name isn’t that, is it, right? So, what’s your real name?

Yes! You’re such a good girl.

That’s right, your name is “Rabi-chan.” You have no other names besides that.

Next question. Who do you belong to?

Yes, “Kesedo.” You belong to me.

Now, this is the final question. If you answer this correctly, I’ll put it in.


You love me, right? You love me, Right?

You love me, don’t you? You belong to me, after all. Don’t you think it’d be strange for you to not love me?

Then you can just repeat after me.

“I love Kesedo.”

Come on, say it.


Is there still a bit of sanity left in her… How stubborn.

Looks like the dose for the love drug wasn’t enough. Let’s up it a little.

It’s the tablet type, so it’ll take time to dissolve, so let’s inject it.

Rabi-chan, your head is up in the clouds again, right? It’s annoying to think, right? So, repeat after me.

“I love Kesedo.”

Yes, good girl.

Then, as a reward, I’ll put it in you, so stay where you are.


Oh, wow, it’s twitching. It’s begging for something to be put inside.

I’ll put it in like you wanted.


It’s so hot. I really might melt.

Hey, does it feel good?

It feels good, right? It feels so good that you can’t even speak, right?

That’s such a nice expression.

Your face is covered in your tears, saliva, and sweat. I love it when you’re a mess like that, Rabi-chan.

Stay with me for the rest of your life, alright? Let’s live here happily for the rest of our lives, Rabi-chan.


It feels…so good.

It feels so good and so fulfilling. For being able to make me this happy, I love you.

I love you, Rabi-chan.

Hey, say it too, Rabi-chan. Say that you love me too.

Are you not going to say anything?

Of course, right? You have no sense of what’s happening anymore, right? You can hear neither my voice nor my confession, can you?

But, it’s fine.

Because even if you can’t hear or understand, I’m sure you can feel my love.


Kisses are so nice, it gives me shivers each time our tongues entwine.

I’ll pour plenty in here. I’ll fill your womb with my semen, Rabi-chan.

Rabi-chan, how many children do you want? Because I want lots.

Let’s make tons of kids and be happy together with each one of them. I’m sure a child between you and me will be super cute, Rabi-chan.

Kids… I look forward to them.

Oh, but, I’d prefer a cute girl, because if it is a boy, I’ll get jealous. Because the only man who’s allowed to be together with you is me.

The only man you need in your world is me, right?


I’m seriously about to cum.

Let’s feel good together, so accept all of me. Not just pleasure or my semen… Seek out my entire being.

I can accept all of you. I love you. I love you, Rabi-chan.

I’m going to cum! I’m going to unleash everything inside your womb.

You’re happy, right, Rabi-chan?


I love you, Rabi-chan. I’m cumming!


I feel so happy… I’ve finally obtained the thing I desired.

Let’s live together happily, Rabi-chan.

Huh? She fainted?

The stimulus might’ve been too strong.

Good night, my cute, adorable rabbit. Let’s be together for the rest of eternity.

……I love you.

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