【Translation】 Shuuchaku eye 3 Animate Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Abe Atsushi (阿部敦)

Track 1: Dinner is the Taste of Love


I’m happy. You’re finally starting to eat the meals I make these past few days.

Sorry that my repertoire is still so small. I’ll keep working hard at it, so, so I’d like you to tell me what foods you like-

Huh? Hand?

My hand?

It’s lame, right? I’m clumsy, so it’s always like this, even though I used to work part-time at an izakaya

Are you worried about me, perhaps?


What do I do? I feel so happy. I can’t even remember how long it’s been since anyone ever showed concern for me.

Oh, I got an idea! Maybe next time, I should try to completely fracture a bone. If I do that, would you stay and watch over me all day?

So you’re not going to respond…

You haven’t smiled in ages, even though you look cutest when you smile.

Oh, right, that should be solidified by now.



I tried making ice cream.

Though I say “make”, all I did was pour the liquid into the mold.

Since it’s hot out, it’s perfect after a meal, right? Why don’t we have them together right now? You like sweet things, don’t you?

Do you still suspect something?

You should already know after having had the meal. I’m just single-mindedly trying to make you happy-

Umm, so, if you’re willing, please try it. I happened to find a can of fruits, so I tried using them. I used to have them so often at my grandfather’s house.

I ran them through a blender, so I think they should be easy to eat.

Should I feed you?

What a shame.


Huh? I mean, you look so cute when you eat.

My stomach’s full, so I’ll save it for next time.

What do you think?

Anything else? Doesn’t it taste familiar?

Have you noticed? Ahh…I’m so glad, you do remember my taste. I was slowly mixing it into the food you ate every day as well, but you never noticed it.

Though, I do find that cute in and of itself.

While mulling over how one could make it taste good, I thought of this.

So, did it taste good?


There you go again. You’re so easily embarrassed.

“Release me?”

You shouldn’t say that about people. I’m just here taking care of you wholeheartedly until you come to your senses.

No, what’s crazy is the world and you who’s poisoned by it.

I simply want you to quickly open your eyes-


Even I know that there will be a time where this will all come to end.

But, that’s fine, even if it were today, I wouldn’t mind.

ーーBecause these days spent with you are so happy that it overshadows all the misery I’ve experienced until now.

What do I need to say to have you forgive me?

You really are sweet. Have you been seducing other men like that? And the ice cream too, shouldn’t you finish it?

Come on, eat it all.

A little more, alright?


Was it good?

Oh dear, it’s dripping.


Your body has gotten a bit cold, hasn’t it? I’ll warm it up for you.


You’re wet.

Look at how sensitive you are, don’t you agree that you have no need for underwear with this current life?

This place is…as hot as always.

Look, it’s making lewd sounds.

It’s swallowing my fingers so deep. At this rate, you’re going to stain the sofa.

Can you feel it pressing against you? This is how hard I’ve gotten. Can I put it in right here and now?


Why don’t we do it with clothes on today? I’ll make you so hot that you’ll be sweating all over.

This place has completely melded into my shape, hasn’t it? I’m so happy.

You’re such a crybaby.

I know. It feels so good that it makes you tear up, right?

Cute, so cute. I feel super good too.

Hey, I want us to adhere closer.

Move your legs this way. Am I reaching all the way?

I like this.

Move your arms around too. Here, this way.


Look, I’ll cum loads for you, so tighten up your insides more.

I love you. I love you so much.

These feelings are genuine, so…



Ah-she fainted again.

Sorry for testing the limits of your kindness. I can’t feel at ease unless I do this.

I think to myself, “Ah…I can still hold onto you.” But, each time I notice your kindness, it hurts me. Maybe it would have been far better if you’d just stayed indifferent.

So, at the very least, even if it’s just this body, I want to be the one filling it.


Am I… Am I crying?


Just a little longer is fine, please let me see a happy dream.

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