【Translation】 Eru A-ru Situation Drama -Nekoya Yuki-

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

えるあーるシチュエーションドラマ -猫矢侑希-

CV: Abe Atsushi (阿部敦)

Track 1


Thank you for all the hard work! I look forward to working with you all again today.

Ah! Miss Manager’s here.

Why did you go on without me? I was searching for you.


Because there’s a new recruit here today?

I mean, that’s true, but… You know what? The most important part of your job is managing me, the leading actor, is it not? In which case, you should be focusing your attention on me first before that newcomer.

Come on, come on, boosting the motivation of their talents is also a manager’s-

Huh? We’re starting the filming already?

We were in the middle of talking…

Mhm. I know, I know, I’ll perform my role.


“Wait! Hey, I said, wait! What did I do wrong?!”

“It’s not my fault…?”

“You think I would shut up and accept that!? No, I’ll never break up with you! And you too, do you seriously believe you’ll be able to part ways with me?”

“You know how I love you, don’t you? Please don’t make me suffer any more than this……”


Alright, alright, good work everyone!


Oh, I’m going on break, but, can I return to the waiting room?

Thank you!

Hey, hey, Manager, they said we can go back to the waiting room, so let’s go.

No, no, it’s okay. It’ll be fine. Even without watching, I’ve already simulated the other girl’s performance in my head.

Besides, here, look…

See? There’s a huge gap between now and when I next appear.

Also, why doesn’t Miss Manager get it? You ought to have a good grasp when it comes to me.

“Sorry, sorry.”

Look at you brushing it off with a casual apology. I’m hurt! My glass heart is going to break! It’s going to shatter into a million pieces!


Look, see? Now you’re anxious to please me.

So, as soon as she arrived, Miss Manager went back to the waiting room with me.

Huh? The newcomer?

It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine, everyone here on location is kind and most of all, you have to encourage independence. Otherwise, they’ll turn into a kid that can’t function without you.

Eh? “Said the pot to the kettle”?

What’s that referring to, I wonder? Yuki has absolutely no idea~

Anyhow, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go, go to the waiting room.


Ahh… Man, I’m exhausted, I’m exhausted. Yesterday we filmed until midnight and today we had to travel out into the countryside.

It’s tough being popular if I say so myself.

Eh? But I seem to be enjoying myself?

Well, I guess.

“You sure love your job”?

I mean, I like it. I like it, but…!

Hmm, hey, hey, Manager, do you really, really not know why I seem to be enjoying myself?

No, I’m continuing where we left off about me liking my job.

I like my job and because it’s something I like, I have fun, that’s the hypothesis. However, right now, I’m an especially happy and energetic Nekoya Yuki in spite of my exhaustion. Why might that be, Miss Manager?

Do you honestly not know?


Hey. Hey, I’d like you to take a guess.


Aren’t you taking a little long to think?

Oh, have you got it now?

What is it, what is it? Tell me.

Eh? Because we’re going for negotiations tonight?

Nooo! You’re wrong, that’s not it!

Eh? I mean, it’s true that tonight we’re having roast beef at my request, but…

Ah, I see, so I said something like that. Jeez, now I’m thinking that it’s partly my fault that the message isn’t getting through.

Well, whatever, let’s just leave it here today.


Oh! I discovered some sweets!

Hey, hey, Manager, grab some for me.

Grab them myself? So cold! So indifferent! Come on, grab some, grab some, please.

Thank you.

Say, have you had any of these before? You haven’t, right? Right? Right?

That’s great to hear. This is super sweet and tasty, it’s like a love child between chocolate and caramel?

You want to have a taste, right? You do, right? Right?


Then, here, say “ah.”

Haha! What. what? Are you feeling shy? How adorable.

Eh? I’m not poking fun at you, I’m serious. Serious.

Hey, hey, come on, say “ah.”



Why can’t you do it? You’re just saying “ah.” You’ve done it before with friends, right?

What!? You’ve never…

Look, so you have. In that case, there’s no problem with you going “ah” for me, right?

Alright, be quiet, be quiet, that’s enough, open up your mouth. 3, 2, 1… “Ahh.”

Yup, good girl.

So cute, your face is bright red!

I really do think you’re cute, though.

You don’t believe me…? Why don’t you believe me?

Because I’m normally half-hearted? How wholly unexpected, I don’t remember ever being half-hearted with you, though.

……I’m being serious.


Huh? No, it’s nothing.

Oh, that’s right! Miss Manager, what did you think about my acting earlier?

I was cool?

No, I mean, I can’t deny that, but that’s not all I’m referring to. I’m asking like, did your heart skip a beat?

Not particularly. I’m not angry.

But, but, although I may not be angry, I’m peevish.


Could you stop apologizing in such a serious tone? It makes me feel…a little guilty.

Eh? Yeah, just a little.

Normally when I tease someone, I don’t feel any guilt about it. When I’m told to stop, I make this face.

Say, can I make a serious request?

Could we read the script for the upcoming scene together?

Oh, what a relief, as expected of my manager! Then without delay…


Please take a seat here.

No, no, no matter how you look at it, being far apart in a closely packed drama is strange. Stop grumbling and sit next to me.

Come on, come here.

Whoa, so close…

Are you feeling embarrassed too? You know, your ears are red.

Haha! I’m sorry, I apologize! I’ll act proper, I’ll act proper.

Well then, I’ll start reading from here. I’ll leave the other person’s lines to you.


You’ll pour your emotions into it, right?

Don’t say you can’t, now do your best.

Here I go, then.


“Tonight’s my limit…”


What, what? Did you get that?

Eh? Yeah, it’s a love scene.

No turning back, you said okay to it earlier.

See? You did, right?

Come on, just give it up. Hehe, now let me go again.


“Tonight’s my limit… I’ve been scared all this time, that you’d one day leave me.”

“It would’ve been nice if it were just needless worry, but, but, you tried to leave me for real.”

“Did you think I’d actually allow that? There’s no way I could. You’ve always, always been mine. Mine and mine alone……”

I love you, Miss Manager.

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