【Translation】 Genkai Kongan ~Yankee Kareshi no Kawaii Tokoro~

Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

限界懇願 ~ヤンキー彼氏のカワイイトコロ~

CV: Yamanaka Masayuki (やまなか正之)

Track 1: Couple’s Phone Conversation (1)


Hello, it’s me.

I told you, it’s me, Youji. My message kept showing up as unread, so I figured I’d call you instead.

Good grief, your shift is already over and you’re at home, no? At least check the messages from your boyfriend.


Say, uh, it’s your turn to cook dinner today, right? I’ll be eating with guys from my company, so you don’t need to prepare anything.

Yeah, they invited me saying that’s because it’s “payday.” I don’t plan to stay out too late, though.

Don’t tell me you already had dinner prepared?

Sorry about that. What’s on the menu?


Then I’ll have it later, like tomorrow, so be sure to leave a portion for me.


Well, I’ll off then, I’ll see you later.

And remember to leave some curry for me!


Track 2: Usual Sex


I’m home.

Hehe, I could smell curry even from the front door.

Here, the newly-released swiss rolls. Remember? You said you wanted to try it, but didn’t get a chance to buy any.

You’re going to eat it now?

Haven’t you been saying that your legs have gotten chubbier because you haven’t been exercising enough? If you eat that much now, you’ll turn in a pig, Little Piggy~

Cheeks… Squish, squish.

Hmm? Reward for working hard all week?

If you want to reward yourself, you can do better than that. Look, like here.


It’s fine, no? You’ve already taken a bath, haven’t you?

So before the cake, let’s have a bit of exercise.

Come on, come here.

I’m off this weekend too, so we can finally… Lately, we’ve been so busy that we haven’t done it. A life of living together and not being able to spend time together is rough.

I wonder if I’m just super pent-up?

When I got back, I got a boner just from seeing your face.

You were wanting to have sex with me too, right?

C’mon, say that you were.


Say that you wanted these dirty kisses.

I’ll give you tons, then.

Bring out your tongue, I’ll suck on it.


It feels so good.

No-bra after having taken a bath is the best. Your nipples are freely out there.

You started trembling from a slight pinch.

Aren’t you a little too sensitive?

I’ll suck on this place too, so pull up your own shirt.


Ah! Hey! Don’t run off!

I won’t let you escape. Your boobs are so soft and warm and smell of a fresh bath.

By the way, have your nipples gotten bigger?

Ow! That hurts…

No, that’s not what I mean!

When we first started dating, you didn’t feel it that much from your nipples, and I felt like they were much smaller, less indecent nipples.

Is this a case of them developing from me playing with them all the time?


Let it be, let it be. It’s super hot.

Let me suck on them more and turn them into my exclusive nipples.


You’re leaking sweet moans…

What an erotic expression. You’re rubbing your legs together, is this place aching too?

What? Don’t hide your face.

I’m just asking whether you’re wet already.

Fine, I’ll check it myself then.


I knew it, you’re wet.

It’s hot and messy.

Let’s take off your panties before they get any dirtier. And let me in there instead.

Wait, let me put on a condom.

It’s okay. I’ll give you something tastier than cake, so gobble it up with that mouth down there.

Spread your legs for me.

Yes, wider.


Look, it slipped right in all the way.

It’s amazing even inside.

It’s fine. Don’t worry, even if we’re doing missionary, I’ll hit the spots you love.

It’s great, it feels wonderful inside you.

I’ll touch this place too.


Hey, you like it with your clit too, no?

You idiot, don’t tighten up so much. If you do that, I’ll lose control.

If it feels that good then you better make sure you keep feeling it inside and from your clit.

Are you about to cum? Your thighs are super tense.

Don’t hold back.

It’s okay, cum from my dick.


Wow, your clit’s super erect.

Cum. Cum!

Whoa, do you feel that? Your pussy’s tightening up so much right now, it’s clamping down on my dick.

When you do that, I…


Not happening, I can no longer stop. Your pussy feels too good.

Turn this way. Look at me properly.


I can’t get enough of this…

Ah, I’m about to…

You too?

I don’t mind, this time let’s, let’s cum together.

Cumming, cumming!


You came again.

You can stay like this until you’ve settled.

Ah, your insides are still twitching.

Huh? I was too rough?

But if you show me something that lewd, pausing is out of the question. There’s no way I could sit there waiting with my dick on the verge of bursting.

Plus, it looked like you were feeling super good.


I’ll pull out, so give me a sec here.

Hehe, the condom’s heavy. You wrung so much out of me.

Shall we take a second shower?


I mean, it’s been a long time, so we can’t have it end there. So after taking another shower and getting ourselves refreshed, we’ll go for another round.

Plus, you can take a short break and have the swiss roll if you want.

It’s going to be the weekend, so let’s go at it for a bit longer.


Please! I’ll make you feel good again for sure!

I won’t ask for “till morning,” so just one more-I mean, twice if possible.

Please, please, I beg of you.

You know, you didn’t squirt earlier, right? So like, I don’t think I’ve teased you enough and such…

No need to be modest. C’mon, c’mon…


Track 3: Couple’s Phone Conversation (2)


Oh, hello.

Yup, it’s me.

So uh, today, work seems like it’ll close up early, so why do we go out somewhere to eat?

Serious, serious.

So, what’s your plan?

We can go to the Italian restaurant in front of the station you mentioned you wanted to try last time, and there’s also that cheap great-tasting yakiniku place my senior told me about.

Oh, uh, no, umm…

Sorry, I just realized, but today’s the anniversary……of us dating.


It’s not that I forgot. Not at all. It’s just that it’s been so busy lately that it wasn’t registering in my mind.

Knowing you, you probably prepared something, right?

I figured as much.

I didn’t prepare anything.

So for today, let’s make do with eating out…?

You already prepared a meal?

You sure are… It’s nothing. I was just thinking about how you love me a little too much.


I guess today, we’ll spend the day at home.

Huh? And also make love?

Jeez, I was prepared for you to say “not today” because we did so much last week. You sure do love me, don’t you? …And also super dirty.

But it’s the truth, no?

Well, I’ll talk to you later then.



Track 4: Today’s Special


Thank you for the meal.

It was super delicious.

You’re excellent at cooking but beyond that, it feels like you know how I like things?

I know right?

At first, there were a lot of things I didn’t like, but when you’re the one making it… I go, whoa, it’s so good!!!

And then I started being able to eat outside.

Though it always circles back to your cooking ultimately being the best.


Should we watch a movie and relax? Or are you in the mood already?

Figured as much.

Once we start, there’s no knowing how long we’ll be at it.


Hey, what’s up with you today? You’re being so aggressive.

Did something happen? You’re stripping off my clothes and going on the offense.

Eh? This a surprise for our anniversary?

Haha! What is that? But well, since it’s rare for you to be doing the teasing, I ought to accept it.

Are you trying to take everything off?

It’s a bit uncomfortable being the only one naked.

You, what are you-


Haha! You idiot, don’t touch my nipples. I’m not you, so even if you touch them…it only tickles.

Don’t you think instead of having you taking initiative, it’s better for me to?

I told you, my nipples aren’tーー

Hey, don’t bite them.

Hah? I’m making sounds of pleasure. Not at all.

Wait, that… Rather than feeling good, it feels kind of strange?


Hey, listen, I’m a guy, so even if you suck these tiny nipples, I won’t feel it like you do.

Hey, are you listening?

Just a bit more.

Don’t suck on my nipples so vigorously.

No! It’s just that the place you bit earlier is throbbing.

Wait, that, my nipples… What are you trying to do? What are you trying to achieve?

“I just want to make you feel good”…?

I don’t understand, but my dick is erect, so touch it too.


So good… Grasp it tighter.

Yes. I love the way you use your hands. Just like with your cooking, you know exactly how I want it.

That… Squeeze the head, It feels good when you squeeze out my pre-cum.

Make my dick stickier with pre-cum.


I told you to cut it out! When you’re touching both, it makes me feel strange…

Jeez, where did you learn this from?

On the internet?

Don’t start trying weird things on me.

It’s weird, sucking on my nipples while stroking my dick…


No, it isn’t good.

What is…this?

Every time you suck on my nipples, the base of my member reacts and starts aching? It’s painful, and it feels like I’ll cum right away.

C’mon, let’s kiss.

Let me touch your body.


Kissing while touching each other’s nipples… Isn’t this a little too hot?

Don’t flick my nipples up and down, it reverberates down to my dick.

No more, I can’t… That, stroke it harder… Make me cum in your hand with your handjob.

It feels good, it feels super good…

I feel like I’ll let out a lot, so make sure to keep it contained with your hands.

A little more…


Hah? A phone call?

Ignore it, let’s kiss some more. I’m almost about to cum, so, please?

Ah! Hey! Why are you picking up a phone call now!?


Track 5: I Can’t Wait Any Longer


G: Sorry for calling on a weekend, it’s me, Gotou.

Hey, messing around.

Not “wait a moment”! Who cares about that phone call? Your first priority should be this, my engorged cock.

Don’t “shush” me.

I’m seriously at my limit. I don’t care who’s on the other end but hang up.

G: Are you free right now? I accidentally took company files home by mistake.

Damn it! You shouldn’t be getting me in the mood and then ignoring me.

G: The contents of the file?

If that’s what you intend, then…

G: Let’s see… Umm…


Look, your nipples are hard. And your pussy’s probably wet too, isn’t it? I know you got turned on while stroking my dick.

C’mon, if you don’t end the call, I’m going to beat myself off.

I guess you’re fine with that, huh?

G: How should I describe it?

I’m at my limit.

G: Oh, but, I think it’s mostly just expense reimbursement documents, so I don’t think it’s anything confidential.

G: Thank god! I have 3 straight days off at the beginning of the week, so I thought it’d be bad since you might need them.

G: I apologize. Anyhow, thank you.

G: Oh, right, Senior, I’ve been hearing noises in the background. Is it a dog?


G: Is it making a fuss?

G: My, I have a dog too at my parent’s house. A big golden retriever. It’s super cute when they mess around, right?

G: I hope you have a good weekend, Senior. Now please excuse me.

Who the hell are you calling a dog?!!

But that’s because you weren’t hanging up the phone. Someone calling at this hour obviously doesn’t have any good intentions.

Huh? What are you doing?

Let’s hurry up and continue. I’m seriously at my limit.

Just look, I haven’t withered, I’ve been rock hard this whole time.

Hah? You, that… What is that?


Track 6: Desperate Plea


Eh? Punishment for not having patience?

That’s freezing!

What is that…? An onahole?

I know of them, I only know of them. I’ve never used one before and I definitely don’t own one.

800 yen online!?

No, what do you think you’re off buying?


Yeah, it’s slowly becoming less cold, but, what? Did you just want to try out toys? Because if that’s the case, you should’ve told me.

Next time we can even choose a vibrator together for you.

That way, when during times when we aren’t able to do it, you can-

Don’t move it…


Wait, why are you using it on me? Isn’t this something that you’d use for masturbation?

Don’t just respond with “Yeah”……

What is this? The inside is… The inside is really bumpy… It rubs against the head and under its ridge…

Wait! When you slowly pull up, it feels like my dick is being sucked up into a vacuum.

There’s no way I can withstand this…

It’s bad, it’s bad… Huh? Between it and you?

It’s obviously you.

An onahole, cant… I don’t want the onahole. I will always want to cum from you, never a fake pussy.


Hey, are you mad, perhaps?

The other day I lost control and kept making you cum even when you said you couldn’t go on,

Is today retaliation for that?

Then, it was my bad. You’re the only one I know and even going forth, I’m not going to be interested in any woman but you.

When you’re feeling it and start moaning, my reason always falls to the wayside.

Even if years pass, it’s not going to change. It won’t!

I love you so much that, even now that we’re living together, I keep wanting to spend more time with you…

So please, take this away… I don’t want it to be an onahole!


I’m on the verge of cumming, I want to cum…

Let’s feel good together. Let me cum inside you.


Track 7: Finally With You


Go ahead…? Does that mean it’s okay for me to put it in?


I can’t take anymore, I’m at my limit. Just look, you’ve been edging me so much that my dick’s engorged to the point that even my balls are about to burst.

You made this happen, so you better take responsibility.

Is it alright if I do it raw?


So hot… As I thought, it feels greatest inside you.

No, my hips are moving on their own.

What’s this?

It’s exactly what I mentioned, you’re wet all the way and it’s soft. Becoming like this even though I haven’t touched you, you sure are incredibly lewd, aren’t you?

Or is that fiddling around and stroking my dick with the onahole made you more aroused than normal?


Don’t go “it was cute”!

It felt good yet I was unable to cum. It was super draining being stuck with a rock-hard boner.

You always enjoy being hammered, so I thought you were more on the M side, but the way you looked at me with glee today… Your eyes were that of a complete S.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Well, certainly it didn’t feel bad when you sucked on my nipples.

Damn it, what are you trying to make me say?

But, that’s probably true.

Teasing or being teased, it doesn’t have to be one or the other.


I like the side of you that happily prepares an onahole and I also like it when you’re a mess shaking your hips. In any case…

I love you, I love you.

I love you. You’re the only one I love.


I’m cumming, I’m cumming! I’m going to pour all the saved-up semen inside you!

Take it all in, deep.



Wow, I’m getting addicted to this.


I released plenty of love into your stomach. This is a true display of how much semen I have, so don’t make light of me.

Jeez, I ejaculated even the sperm left inside my urethra.

Huh? What? You’re going to sleep already?

No need to be in such a rush. I wanted to enjoy being inside you for a bit longer.



Wait! Wait!!! Why is the onahole making an appearance again!?

You idiot, I just came, you know? Seriously, wait!!!

Please wait! If you keep grinding the tip, I… I’ll cum!


What, what are you doing to my body?

Because you kept rubbing the head, a little bit of pee came out.

It’s not pee? It’s squirting…?

You’re kidding. It’s not just girls? Guys squirt too?

Don’t just go “Apparently, yeah”!!! You idiot! You pervert! You sexual fiend!!! I was so panicked because I thought I peed myself.

The sheets are a mess…

Say, you aren’t angry anymore, right?


I’m not referring to the sheets. I umm, talking about what I said earlier.

It was never any sort of “payback”?

You’re lying. W-w-why would you do something like this, then? Suddenly teasing my nipples, constantly edging me and not letting me cum… I had no clue what was on your mind, so……

I was scared.

Of course I’d think of the unlikely! Like… “What if they say they want to break up with me because our sex life isn’t working out!? What am I going to do?!!”

If you were to say you hated me, I…

What are you doing, idiot? Let me go!


Huh? Did you say something just now?

You just…wanted to hear my cute voice?

Unforgivable. Absolutely unforgivable. I’m going to make you cry, I will make you cry without fail.

All bets are off now, even if you tell me to stop, I won’t stop. I’m going to shove my cock in both the mouth up top and the one down bottom and keep ramming them until they’re at the limit of their use!!! I’ll make your entire body dirty and sticky with drool and my cum!!!

Pfft. Haha!


Track 8: Couple’s Phone Conversation (8)


Oh, hello, it’s me, Youji.

Are you at home already?

Then don’t take a bath yet, wait for me.

Hmm? Nothing much.

Well, I had received quite the surprise the other day, so I figured it’s my turn to give you a present.


What do you mean by “then we have to clean your ass with hot water”?

Seriously, what are you trying to do to my body? Don’t tell me you’re trying to make something new sprout in me?!!

Listen, we’re putting that off for now! My nipples are already overly sensitive as is!


No, umm, it’s just many people talk about getting stuck in a rut after dating for many years or not wanting to have sex after moving in together…

With you, I don’t think I could ever get tired of it.

Ahh, I wish work could end so I can see you.

No, nevermind, forget what I said. I said nothing. That did not come out of my mouth.

Don’t laugh!

Enough, I’m hanging up, I’m hanging up!

Bye! I’ll talk to you later!

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