【Translation】 Kouhai-kun wa Nikushokukei Stellaworth Tokuten

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Terashima Junta (寺島惇太)

Track 1: Carnivorous Girl?


Sorry to keep you waiting. I bought the new cake that came out the other day.

Here, go ahead. I’m sure this will taste amazing.

……And you look delicious too, Senpai.

Now don’t mind if I do.


Mmm, delicious. Why don’t you have a bite too, Senpai?


I’m so glad I bought it.

But regardless, the sweets you make, Senpai, are still the best.


You’re so scatterbrain, Senpai.

Tissue, tissue…

Eh? S-Senpai, what are you trying to do?

Wait, Senpai, why are you doing this all of a sudden?


It feels good…

Senpai, were you aching to do it?


Senpai, umm… Damn, it feels so good, Senpai. That spot feels so good.

Purse your lips…

Yes, yes.

You’re so assertive today. I’m happy, but why the change?

Senpai, I’m so happy that you’re the one asking for it, Senpai. I’m super turned on now.

You’re already wet, right? Can I put it in?



Were you thinking of taking the lead, perhaps?

It’s impossible for you, Senpai? Because look, this place is super wet already.

If I were to press against it and shove my member in all at once…

Well? You came, right? You’re trembling.

It felt good having it thrusted in you all at once, didn’t it? But, I still haven’t cum, so let me start moving.


Ahh… You’re clamping down. Feels good.

Weren’t you supposed to take the lead today, Senpai? How strange.

Did you cum again?

Looks like you can keep cumming again and again.

Go on, keep cumming until your mind goes blank. You like it deep, don’t you?

You like it here too, right, Senpai? Every time I strike this spot, you tighten up and start overflowing with nectar.

I’ll grind against this place…


I wonder how many times you’ll be able to cum today? I still haven’t cum yet, so we can keep on going.

I’ll tease your clit too.

“No”? Because you’ll cum right away when I touch this place?

That just means it feels good, right?

It feels incredibly good. I feel like I’ll get carried away by it.

Senpai, are you okay? Are you still there?


You’re covered in sweat.

Let’s close things up the next time you cum, because…I’m close to cumming too.

At the end, let’s… I’ll thrust into you deep, so…

Oh damn, I’m about to cum.

I’m cumming. I’m going to cum inside you, Senpai!


What’s this? Weren’t you supposed to be taking the lead, Senpai?

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