【Translation】 “Ku, Korose!” Otoko Kishi ♂ × Succubus ♀ no Osoiuke ~Tsuyogari Doutei Ichizu na Otoko Kishi-sama no Junjou Ryoujoku NTR~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

「くっ、殺せ!」 男騎士♂×サキュバス♀の襲い受け ~強がり童貞一途な男騎士様の純情凌辱NTR~

CV: Furukawa Tetsuto (古河徹人)

Track 1: After Defeat, “Kuh, Just Kill Me!”~It’s Better to Die Honorably Than to Be Humiliated~


Damn it! To think I…I, the leader of the 2nd Platoon of the Royal Knights’ Demon King vanquishing squad would be, would be done in by a darn succubus small-fry. What a massive blunder I have made!!!

Oh, Princess, I apologize deeply, I have lost here,

You! You couldn’t win in an honest fight, so you set a trap. Separating me from my men and forcing me to wander alone amidst the forest, and then attacking while I was weakened… It’s cowardly!

If I was at my full strength, I would never lose to you!


What are these? Bugs…? No, they’re tentacles! You bastard, you’re bringing out the tentacles, huh!?

Curse this all! Looks like you weren’t just a succubus small-fry.

What are you trying to achieve by getting me erect?

What? Fluids being released by the tentacles…

My clothes are melting away!? Don’t tell me you’re planning to melt me too? You’re going to enjoy closely watching me melt, aren’t you!?

What awful taste…

You demon! If you’re going to kill me then straight up kill me!


What’s so funny?

Huh? Only my clothes are melting…? So the corrosive fluids from the tentacles only melt clothes?

To fully expose me…

Don’t tell me-

What is your aim, Succubus!? You’re not thinking of assaulting me, are you?!

Just kill me! I can’t stand the thought of being used as a plaything by a lowly succubus like you! I’d much rather honorably die than be humiliated!

Kill me right now!!!


Damn it, my clothes are slowly melting away……

You’re kidding, the only thing covering me is a single piece of underwear…

Don’t look!!!

Shut up! Being stared at by you heathen makes me wilt!


Aah, everything’s slowly melting away.

Damn it! Damn it…

So what if it isn’t peeled back? It’s not as if phimosis is that rare! It’s normal! Normal!

Don’t laugh…!!!

Those corrosive fluids have dissolved away even my body hair. Now I’m completely bare. I can’t let the Princess see me like this, all smooth and childlike…


Well either way, I’m meeting my end here, there wouldn’t even be the chance for the Princess to see this.

W-What are you-

I knew it, your plan was to humiliate me all along!

Being caressed by the tentacles like this, doesn’t feel good at all-

Damn it…

This is a natural physical reaction! As long as you’re not impotent, stroking it will get it erect.

ーーEven if it’s by the likes of you.


The tentacles are going under my foreskin…

It hurts…

You bastard, what the hell do you think you’re doing!?

What!? You’ve peeled it back!?

Oh, I see, it’s better when it’s peeled back, huh? Well, thanks for that.

Darn, it’s stinging.

Wait, don’t touch it!

Why are you going “there, there”!? Stop!!! Stop, that place is…


I didn’t feel anything! I’m still stinging, that’s all. So don’t touch me! Don’t you dare touch my dick with your filthy hands!


Wait, don’t lick it! Don’t take it inside your mouth!

Wait! Stop!!!

Stop, please…

Damn it… Not the tip… If you take it in that deep…


It’s too much. If you suck it that hard…

I can’t, I’m going to cum!

Wait, why…?


Curse this.

You, what are you trying to do? Going right up to the edge… Are you trying to make me beg you to ‘please let me cum’?

How pointless.

Listen carefully, I would never grovel to the likes of you!!!

Track 2: My First Time, By This… ~A Virgin Knight’s Graduation~


Anything you do is futile! Hurry up and kill me!

What are you trying to do this time?

Wha, what? What are youーー

You… Get off! Don’t sit on top of me! Don’t press that dirty, smelly, loose pussy of yours on my body!


Stop… Don’t rub that dirty pussy against my penis…

Crap, at least use your hands.

Don’t focus on the tip so…

It’s going in, it’s going to go in! My dick is going to get swallowed up by a demon!


Please stop!!! I had chosen to protect my chastity for the Princess!

Princess, Princess…

Stop! STOP!

What? Did you chicken out? In the end, do you not have the guts to do it?


What’s with you? Are your ears rotten or what? Like hell I’d want to do it with you! Don’t get ahead of yourself!

If my arms and legs weren’t restrained, I would kill you! You fucking succubus! You’re not a woman, you’re a demon! A monster! You’re a small-fry who can’t beat me with underhanded methods!

Don’t get ahead of yourself, you darn small-fry!

Small-fry, small-fry!


Hey, hey, you sure you want to be playing around leisurely like this? Wouldn’t it be better if you finished me off as soon as possible?

Do you really think I wouldn’t be able to free myself from these tentacles? Answer me.

C’mon, if you don’t want to be killed, hurry up and kill me already.



This isn’t a laughing matter. How long are you going to keep this up? Do you honestly believe that a fucking weak woman like you can win against me?!


That’s right, this is my true character.

I was playing the hypocrite! To become a man worthy of the Princess!

“Good luck”?

What “good luck”? I’m meeting my end here.


Huh? You… Don’t tell me that once this is over, you plan to free me?

Heh. In saying that, you’re just planning to give me a glimpse of hope before plunging me into despair, aren’t you? That’s how you demons think.


No way, all the way, without warning…

This has to be a lie. My first time has really been… By this… Weren’t you supposed to fiddle with me until I begged you? My heart still wasn’t ready yet…


You! Don’t underestimate me!

Your pussy does jackshit for me. As if I’d cum from you even if as a mistake.


You, you must’ve rubbed aphrodisiacs on me, right?

I’m not sensitive, it’s the fault of the aphrodisiacs. That must be it, please say it is!

B-Because I’m a virgin…?

What about it? I protected my chastity for the Princess!

I had protected it…


Heh, instead of me, I think it’s more a question of whether you’re okay. Your insides are tightening up and pulsating.

I know what this is.

You’re feeling it, aren’t you? …From my cock.

Looks like succubuses aren’t just weak in combat, but their pussies have nothing to show for too. Or are you just exceptionally inept?


You’re able to move that in that jittery state?


My dick is being enveloped…

You! You darn succubus! Don’t start wooing my cock!

Making that ugly o-face…

What is happening? You’re starting to swell… Damn it, no more, at this rate, I’m gonna cum from this dirty succubus’s loose pussy!

Damn it all!!!


Your insides are hot and coiling around me…

I’m at my limit. I’m cumming!

Let go!

I’m going to cum! I’m saying I’m going to cum! Let go of me!!! Are you not going to stop right at the edge? Stop!

At the very least, at the very least, let it be outside…

I’m cumming!

Outside, please! I don’t want to cum inside you!



The sperm I had saved up for the Princess has… Has been let out inside this dirty filthy pussy.

Damn it!


You won’t get pregnant, right? A human and succubus can’t possibly have a child together, right?

Stop laughing, just answer me.

Please, you won’t get pregnant with my child, right? Right?

If you do, what is going to become of me? Even if I make it out of this alive…



Track 3: A Succubus’s Specialty~No Longer Satisfiable by Human Sex~


Hey, if you really do plan to free me, this is enough, right?

You’re done, aren’t you? Hurry up and let off of…

Hey, wait!

You’re still in the mood to continue? At least let me rest for a bit.

Completely ignoring my opinions again…

I just came, there’s no way I can get it up again that quickly. Not to mention that it’s with you.


What, what is this!?

Your insides are coiling around my dick and pulling it in.

Damn it… It feels good…

It feels disgusting!

What are these movements!? I’m going to be milked dry!

That, that place is! Damn it! Your weird movements are… Not there!!!

What, what is this? If you do that, I…

Something’s coming, something amazing is coming!


I can’t, I’m going to break. If you do that then I won’t be able to cum from normal sex! I won’t be cum inside the Princess!

Not good, not good…

It’s coming, it’s coming!

Please, I’m begging you, please stop. Please, I was wrong, you feel amazing inside. I’ve learned my lesson. I’m sorry for speaking poorly of you. I admit my defeat, I won’t say it anymore. I’ll surrender, so please stop!!!

Hey, you’re going to free me, aren’t you?


Stop making that stupid face and answer me!

No, no, I don’t want to cum, I don’t want to cum from a demon. I don’t want to remember this sensation!

Please don’t make me experience any more pleasure than this!

Princess, Princess…



The tentacles are crawling inside my ears…

Stop caressing the inside of my ears with the tentacles.

Why would this feel goodーー

Stop, stop, those movements… I just, I just came.

I’m cumming. I’m cumming!


Why, why isn’t it settling down?

Please don’t make me feel any more good than this.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming! I’m cumming again!


What is happening to my body…? Why? I came and yet, the pleasure didn’t dissipate, it accumulated…

No more. I don’t want to cum anymore.

I’m cumming…

I came and yet it won’t end.

My hips are melting… Everything’s coming apart… I’m scared, I’m scared, I can’t stop ejaculating. My mind will turn into mush.


This is bad, this is bad. I can’t stop cumming.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming…. I’m cumming again. I’m going to turn stupid.

Track 4: Mistaking the Succubus for the Princess ~Lovey-dovey Sex While Hallucinating~


Princess… I’ve always dreamed of doing this with you.

It feels really good inside you. I feel like I’m about to melt.

Ah, I got all focused on myself.

Are you in any pain? Are you okay?

You’re feeling it because of me, right? I’ll make you feel even better.


I wish we could stay like this forever. It’s like a dream, for this happy moment to happen for real…

Princess, ever since I met you, I’ve always, always longed for you.

Princess, you’re beautiful. Not only your appearance but your heart as well.

I was a bastard child born from my aristocratic father and a prostitute, so I was raised in the slums. I was poor, hungry, and desolate.

But my mother died and I was suddenly taken in by the nobles.

I went from the slums to a completely different hell.

Nobles prize lineage, so I was discriminated against.

Those that tormented me, those that mocked me behind my back, those that ignored my very existence… They were dime a dozen. But you, despite knowing of my birth, treated a lowly person like me equally with kindness.


I did my best for your sake.

You once said, “I cannot choose whom I marry, but if I could, I would choose someone who cherishes me like you.”

I’ve come this far for you.

To protect you, to grant you happiness… I have risen to the rank of leader of a squadron through sheer blood and sweat. In order to marry you, I led the troops, and as the King decreed, the Demon King, I’ve…

Everything, everything was for the sake of being able to hold you in my arms like this.


You’re everything to me, there’s nothing else I want. And so, I offer you all of me.

I love you, I love you…


Are you wanting it? …My sperm.


I understand, as you wish.


It feels good… It’s truly like a dream come true. You’re longing for me.

Yes, I know. I’ll pour everything, everything, my everything inside you.


It feels good. It feels good, Princess! Your insides are coiling around me and clamping down on me greedily.

Princess, Princess, you’re about to cum too, right?

I’m happy.

Then, together let’s…


I’ll give it to you, please accept it.

Into your depths, everything, every last drop, all that I have… Soon enough, the happiest moment of my life… I’m going to finish inside you.


Wow, I came so cum.

It’s because it felt too good inside you.

Are you praising me?

I’m happy. I didn’t think I could cum this much either. Having sex with someone you love is certainly something special.

That’s right, the person you love is special, so I’ll be fine…


Huh? “Fine”? What will be… What am I…?

Don’t worry about it.

I’m with you, so what am I…?

Are you pouting? Because my mind was occupied by something other than you?

Oh, Princess, you’re cute when you’re pouting too.


Oh, I apologize. I wasn’t laughing at you. I was just so happy at the thought that you were jealous and angry at me for thinking about something other than you.

I’m crazy about you, my eyes can’t reflect anything but you. So, there’s nothing for you to worry about.

Oh, but, I apologize, I’ve gotten sleepy.

Yes, I’ll sleep. Please allow me to sleep by your side.


So warm…

It would be wonderful if we could conceive a child together. I’m sure they’ll resemble you and be adorable.

I guess I jumped the gun there.

Princess, let’s be happy.

Let’s be…

I love you. I love youーー

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