【Translation】 Ichaicha Otenki dairy Vol.1 Shina Hen Animate Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Komatsu Shouhei (小松昌平)

Track 1: Shina, Back from Business Trip



Are you at home?

I’m almost there.

No, I’m fine. I’ll make a dash for it at the end.


I wanted to see you so badly, it was driving me crazy.

It’s the smell of you…

I can’t sleep without this.

I didn’t sleep much during the business trip. But, I did my work. I persevered through it.



Yeah, no, I can’t stop. Let me shift your bra aside a little.

Your boobs feel so nice.


Ah, I’ve left a mark on there.

I seriously can’t stop.

Place your hands on the shoe shelf.

I’m not putting it in and I’m not taking off the bottom either. I’m just rubbing against it a little.


I’m such a pervert.

Spread your legs a little.

I was so lonely, I thought I was going to die. I need you more than oxygen. Let’s quickly make you my bride.


I can’t be like this, can I? Having a perverted boyfriend… I feel horrible for you.

I’m sorry, I’m going to reflect on myself.



Huh? I’m at home.

I’m home.

I came home and passed out, right?

Oh. Mhm, work was hard. It was seriously draining on that fishing vessel. But because I wanted the fishermen to trust me, I told myself that I mustn’t give up.


What’s the matter? Why the random hug?

I’m happy though.

This smell is soothing to me…

Seriously? Did I also say it earlier too? I don’t remember it at all.

Say, did I…do something dirty? I feel like I did, but my memory is kinda blurry. Was it a dream?

It was a strange dream, I was almost acting like a complete pervert.

You’re right, I’ve worked super hard.

Are you going to praise me?


Whoa! Yes! I got the kiss.

So umm, I’ve gotten into the mood now, but, should I wait until evening?

So proactive.

Let’s do it then.


Huh? My belt is off.

So you removed it for me?

Thank you.

No way, you’re going to give me fellatio?


No, uh, I just wondering why you thought of it.

It’s nothing. If you’re willing, please do.


Oh, damn… It feels good. Super good.

What is this? Is this heaven?

It feels so good, I’m about to cum.


Wait, your hands-

What is this technique…

Listen, I’m at my limit.

Look, if you don’t stop, I seriously will cum. I’m pent up. You’re sucking so hard… What are you trying to do? Do you want me to cum?

Sorry, I can’t anymore.



Oh my god, this must be a lie.

Turn towards me.

Stick your tongue out and spit it out.

Oh, you swallowed already……

I’m not turned off by it, I’m just wondering why so out of the blue. In any case, stick your tongue for me again. I’ll clean things up.


Ugh, blegh… What is this taste?

Thank you.

I really felt your love there. I haven’t even kissed you since I came back, even. …Sorry about that.

Why were you surprised just then?

Come on, let’s properly kiss.


I am back. This is where I belong.

I want to touch you all over.

There’s…a kiss mark on your chest. This… Does this mean you’ve…cheated on me?

What? I did it?

Wait, could you please explain?



You can’t be serious. So it wasn’t a dream. I was being such an awful guy.

My mind was all hazy, please forgive me.

I get it, I won’t go overboard. Please let me suck on your breasts. I might’ve sucked on them already, but one more.


I love this, I love this so much.

I’ll touch that place as well.

Open up your legs.


You’re wet, thank god.

I want to put it now. Can I?

It’s kind of unbelievable, you’re putting the condom on for me. You’re super kind, aren’t you?

No, I mean that you’re kinder than usual.

I’m putting in…


So hot… It feels so good.

I love you.


It feels great. I got off once, so I think it’ll be able to last.

I did something super stupid there, didn’t I? You must be tired of me, right?

You’re laughing again.

Jeez, you’re so adorable. But, I can’t help it, can I? It’s something I need to live.

I love you super, super much.


You clamped down so hard there. Are you about to cum?

I don’t mind, cum.


Did it feel good?

I love hugging you, I get to glue myself to you. It feels so nice.

What about you? Were not lonely without me?

I see. The same, huh?

I’ll be continuing then.


How is it? I am hitting your sweet spots?

I feel super good. I wish I could stay like this forever.

When should I take you as my bride?

Why don’t we speed up our plans?


So good…

I’m close to cumming, what about you?

Okay, then, let’s cum together.

I’m cumming, cum with me.


My head is spinning, I think my sleep deprivation has finally hit me.


We haven’t had any pillow talk. To fall asleep right after doing it, doesn’t that make me an absolutely terrible man?

I’m being forcibly compelled…

I get it, I’ll sleep.

When I wake up, will you listen to my stories about work? And I want to hear about yours too. We weren’t able to contact each other much, after all

And then, and then, let’s talk about our future.

Uh-huh, let’s do just that.

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