【Translation】 Utakata no Koi to Tsuki no Shizuku


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CV: Kairakutei Phantom (快楽亭ファントム)

Track 1


Is that true, Your Majesty!?

King: I believe it is. The youngest princess had fallen in love with a human prince, offered up her voice in exchange for magic to turn her human, and set off on a journey on land above sea.

That… Why would you have allowed that?!!

King: Do you think I have the right to object? The mother of those girls was human. Why would I, someone who fell in love with a human and married them, stop her?

But… But! I heard that, if her love doesn’t come to fruition, she’ll turn into sea foam and disappear. Do you not…fear that possibility!?

King: Of course I think of it as concerning and sad; however, if she were to remain here, she would not be able to be happy either way. Just living on instinct… Making exchanges with men to live… A mermaid princess who lives only satisfying their lust is pitiful. Not just the youngest princess, I want all my daughters to find true love.

That, that… I can grant that!

King: Hey, where are you going-


This is no joke.

She’s always had a special place in my heart since childhood, and yet…


Is this the realm above the sea?

This is probably the first time I’ve ever popped my head out; I’ve never had an interest.

……Something’s shining and it’s blinding.

The sky, now that I’ve come out from the water, is this all-consuming, huh.

Ah, that’s the castle of the prince the princess fell in love with.

The things that humans build sure take on strange shapes. It’s not a natural shape, but it’s fascinating.

Are those humans on the beach?

I have to hide!


Still, that beautiful blonde hair…

They have two legs, are wearing clothes, and their appearance is human, but, is that the princess?

Let’s get a bit closer.


It’s the princess! …My beloved mermaid princess.


Princess! It’s me! You recognize me, right?

Did you actually give up your voice? …That beautiful voice. Why did you do something stupid like trying to become human?

Do you love them that much, that human prince?

More than me who’s had eyes for you since you were young?

Hey, are you listening?

Where are you looking?

Is…that the prince?


Prince: Shall we go out for a walk? The sounds of the forest can help you rest.

Aristocratic Girl: That sounds wonderful. I hope you’d let me accompany you.


A well-rounded face… A genuine seeming smile…

Certainly, one might fall for that.

Wait, who’s that woman walking alongside the prince?


Hey, Princess. Hey!


Prince: If it were not for you saving me, I would not be alive right now. I’m truly thankful to you.

Aristocratic Girl: I only happened to find you collapsed by chance. I’m just glad that you are safe.

Prince: Please continue to remain by my side then.

Aristocratic Girl: Well, that’s…


What is the meaning of this? Was it not you who saved the prince after he was flung off of a ship into the ocean?

Are you not able to tell him that because you’ve lost your voice?

You… At this rate, you’ll turn into foam and disappear!

Why, are you saying that you’re fine with just remaining by his side

I can’t stand that! Do you not realize how I feel?


Hey, does that prince know about that?

A mermaid’s constitution… Have you lost that now that you’ve become human?

Just by whispering to you quietly, you already have that look of ecstasy.

Please listen to me, I’ve always been in love with you. I can’t bear handing you over to some human you met the day before.

Allow me to embrace you just one time.

If you don’t want that then choose them. Got it?


Look, a mere brush of our lips has made your expression melt.

What’s this around your body? Clothes?

Did you get them from the castle? From that prince earlier?

Will your sensitive body be able to feel it properly with this on you?

Here, I’ll gently massage your breasts.

Twisting your body in frustration and looking at me with lustful eyes… I’ll pinch these erect little ends here and roll them around.

Ah, that’s a nice sound.


Say, can I take these pieces of fabric off? I want to lick your nipples.


They’re sticking straight up…

It’s so lewd.

Princess, come closer to the water. I’ll support you.


How are these human legs? Moving around seemed slow, but, do you not find it inconvenient?

I would definitely say that you’re more beautiful when you’re swimming in the sea.

Touch me inside…

It’s already hard inside.

Yes, put your fingers inside.

It feels good… Keep rubbing.


Princess, you smell nice…


You can’t hold it in, can you? You’ve been rubbing your lower half against my body.

Can I put it in?

Look, my dick’s become so big it’s about to burst, and it’s popped out its slit.

Where do I insert it?

Can you open up your legs for me?

You can spread them this wide? Wow!

This is your sex organ, right?


It’s all slippery.

Princess, did you get turned on from seeing my engorged cock?

Can I try putting it in?

I wonder how your sex organ will feel now that you’re human.


Wow, it’s coiling around me.

I’ve never embraced you when you were a mermaid, Princess, but would the feeling then be different from now?

Eh? This is your first time?


Have you never tried to seduce men from other parts because of your instincts as a mermaid?

I see, so I’ve taken Princess’s first time.


Look, it’s going in so deep.

Are you okay? I’ll prop you up.

It feels good, right? You can go ahead and rub against the places that feel good. I don’t mind if you wrap your arms around my neck and start moving your hips.

I’ll spread your legs open…

It’s hitting so deep. It feels so good… You can hear the wet sounds.

Does it feel good to have my slippery scales scrape against your pussy and my brought stomach grind against your clit?


Don’t you think your clit has gotten bigger?

I guess your disposition hasn’t changed in the slightest. What a relief.

I want to hear your moans of pleasure, but… Even if it’s just that dazed expression, well, it’s still arousing all the same.

It feels really good, can I cum? Can I release my seeds deep inside Princess’s virgin pussy?

Make sure to take it all in.


I’m about to cum…

I’m cumming, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!


It was wonderful.

Track 2


Princess, did you properly receive my sperm?

I wonder if I was able to fertilize your eggs.

Looks like I have. Look, your clit is erect and is slowly growing bigger, Princess. It’s like it’s saying that it wants to hurry up and spawn its eggs.

Princess, please shove that clit-cock inside my slit.

Violate my slit while rubbing against my dick.

Lie down?

Should I lie down on the sandy beach?

Like this?


Don’t grab my dick without warning… I just came, so-

Your strokes feel so good! My strength is leaving me… My hips will start shaking if you stroke my dick so hard…!


Princess’s hands are so soft.

It’s almost completely different from how it feels inside water. Each sensation is weighty, It feels like every nerve is being thoroughly touched.


Come on, put your cock inside me, Princess. I can’t wait any longer.

Are you straddling over me?

Incredible, it’s my first time experiencing this position!


It’s going in… It feels so good! Princess’s cock feels so good!

The sounds are so loud. You can hear “splosh splosh” coming from my slit.


It’s in, it’s in deep! It’s in deep while rubbing against my dick!

Not there, that’s my weak spot!

I’m weak against it, I’m weak against having my penis rubbed against continuously!


I can feel Princess’s cock becoming harder and harder inside my slit.

Get more aroused because of me…

I’m so happy to have a cock penetrate deep inside me. Mess me up.

Amazing, look at how sloppy my pussy is! I’m going to turn into a girl!


Princess, Princess… Kiss me.

It feels good. So good.

Princess, Princess, I love you.

You’re getting bigger inside me again… Are the eggs developing?

Come on, hover over. I want to lick your breasts.

So soft.

Does it feel good when I nibble on your breasts? Your hips jump up when I suck on them like this, Princess, and it gives me a jolt inside, and I feel good too.

I love you, Princess. I refuse to let you go anywhere else…!!!


Violate me. Ravage only me. Spawn all your eggs inside my pussy!!!

Princess, are you about to cum? Your thrusts have become harder.

Give it, give it to me! Let out sprawls of eggs from that clit-cock!!! Let them all out inside me!!!


They’re being pumped inside me, they’re slowly being pumped inside me… Tons of eggs are being amassed inside me.


Still? You’re still cumming?

I’m already filled to the brim.

No, any more then I’ll-

You’re hitting the back… I’m going to cum!

Cumming, I’m cumming!


My stomach is filled, filled with eggs.

Princess… Squeeze!

Princess, what are you going to do if this were to happen when you have sex with the prince? Do you think the prince could take on the eggs and give birth to them?

More importantly, you might be treated as a monster.

Princess, did sex with me not feel good?

Do you…dislike me?

Then stop pursuing a love that’ll end in you disappearing. Stay by my side instead.


The prince might get married to that woman earlier.

Let’s give birth to tons of children together. Please. I love you. I love you so much. You’re the love of my life.

Can we?

Really!? I’m so happy. Thank you.

Track 3


Princess, will you return to being a mermaid?

Should I go ask the sea witch?

Uh-huh, just wait.


In other words, Sea Witch, I would like to live together with her in this ocean. So, could you please return her voice and tail?

Eh? Condition?

That, I, uh, I was prepared for that. I knew you would not simply grant a request.

Huh? Spawn the eggs?

You want me to give birth to these kids here?

But I can’t give you my kids.

Oh, I get it now.

You’ll examine their beauty and appearance and then decide whether you’ll let the princess return to the seas; that’s what you mean, correct? But, you know that the chances of a girl being born are low, right?

So a boy is fine too, huh.


It’s the children of that princess, you know? Boy or girl, they’ll obviously be beautiful.

But, I can’t give birth to the kids yet. But when the time comes-

What is that liquid?

Accelerant? Magic? So you’re trying to say that if I drink that, I’ll be able to spawn the eggs right here and now.


It’s going against the natural process, and I don’t like it. But if it’s for the sake of getting the princess back, then it can’t be helped.


I understand. I’ll drink it.

This is enough, right?

What are youーー

Why are you tying up my hands?!! Damn it! Don’t touch my chest!


The eggs inside me are staying to turn… Damn it, stop touching my body!

The eggs will respond to the pleasure I feel and grow? And on top of that, that drug contained aphrodisiacs, you say? Damn you, villain!!!


Why are my nipples…this sensitive?


The eggs inside my belly are starting to wiggle…


No! Don’t move around inside me!

No, Sea Witch, don’t lick that place! I’m…not hard. Don’t slip your hand inside my slit.

Don’t brush the dick inside… It makes me go numb… My dick is erect, but I can’t bring it out. It’s painful and yet my mind goes white when it’s stroked.

Eggs, please don’t struggle. Please!


No, please let yourself be born already.


You mustn’t thrash around inside me!


You mustn’t get any bigger inside me.


I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum…



What am I going to do? I’m going to cum while giving birth to my children…




They still keep on coming…


Nooo, I won’t be able to stop cumming!

Wait, please!

I can’t stop! Nooo, it feels good!


The grown eggs are rubbing against my dick and everything else as they come out!!!


Each time I birth one, I cum…!!! My mind is a mess. It feels good, spawning feels good!!!

Nooo, don’t get born inside me!!!!!

Don’t strike that place, please!

Cumming, cumming, I’m cumming…!!!

Track 4


Hey, Princess, are you awake?

Sorry to have kept you waiting. I apologize for being late.

Look at your legs. Also, try speaking.

Mhm, this is because I asked the sea witch to turn you back to normal, Princess.

Let’s live together in the sea. Please don’t leave again.


You know, our kids are super cute. You want to see them, right?

Let’s go see them then.


Princess, I love you.

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    “What am I going to do? I’m going to cum while giving birth to my children…”

    I never thought I’d ever read that…ever..


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