【Translation】 Troublesome Cupid


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

Troublesome Cupid

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀), Ootani Yuki (大谷祐貴)

Track 1: Let the War Begin!


Y: Sorr-sorry for the intrusion!

Y: I, I ain’t nervous! I only came here to study today. Also, why we both choose the same university to be our top choice-

Y: Wait, what?

Y: I-It’s not what you think! The “today” part was just a figure of speech. Nothing’s happening today and tomorrow, I wouldn’t be doing anything except study either. Even if your parents are off on a trip, the thought that “…maybe I can stay over” has never crossed my mind!!!

Y: Don’t say something so…ambiguous. It may not look like it, but I’m using up a lot of self-control right now.

Y: Or rather… Your face, it’s too close.

Y: If you’re going to be that defenseless, I won’t be responsible if you get kissed.


Y: Wait! Hey! Why are you closing your eyes in this situation? Are you seriously testing me?

Y: I won’t, I came here to study for the test today.

Y: Eh?

Y: Idiot, don’t pout. You wouldn’t want your first kiss to be taken so readily either, right? I mean, didn’t you say that you wanted to have your first kiss somewhere beautiful and romantic where you can view the nightscape? That’s why I-

Y: I, I, if it’s with you I don’t care where. Even right now I want to touch you so badly that I…

K; Welcome back, Big Sis!

Y: Geh, the Devil’s come.

K: What? You can’t remember a name as simple as “Kouki”? You sure are stupid.

Y: You… Even if you’re her stepbrother, have a little more respect for people older than you!

K: Same to you, why don’t you respect the brother of the person you supposedly love?

Y: I would respect you if you were just a cute little brother. However, you’ve been barging into the upper years class, cutting in on our conversations, mixing laxatives into home-ed cookies and feeding them to me… I’ve suffered a lot when I used to trust you, y’know?


K: Don’t cry over just laxatives. Isn’t it great that your wicked feelings got washed along with it?

Y: It went out with my life force.

K: Heh, if I’m the devil then you’re the king of perverts.

Y: Why am I the pervert?

K: You think I didn’t know? Before you confessed to my big sister, you would sit on Big Sis’ seat and…


Y: Eh? Uh, no, no, it’s nothing. In any case, let’s study. Study!


Y: Listen Kouki, don’t you dare come and interfere! We here will be studying.

K: Be honest, you’re just here to study “health and physical education.”

Y: NO! We’re studying math…!!!

K: Yeah, yeah, I get it now, so stop shouting and spraying your spit everywhere. I’ll catch your stupidness.

Y: You damned… You really are not cute.

K: So mean. Did you hear that, Big Sis? Yuuma said I wasn’t cute.

K: Right? I’m 100x cuter than that guy.

Y: Just your face.

Y: You put your cuteness to good use particularly during times like these, huh, Kouki?

K: I’m not making use of it! It’s a fact that I’m cute, and you can’t deny that Big Sis loves my adorable self. Too bad for you, King of Perverts.

Y: I, I’m not a pervert!

K: Big Sis, if anything happens, yell out. I’ll immediately come save you.

Y: Nothing will.


Y: Haa… Let’s go. We’re going to finish before the evening and eat the cakes we bought, right?

K: What about my share?

Y: Why are you asking that like it’s only natural? Well, we did buy enough.

K: YES!!! So, so, Yuuma, are you having the shortcake again?

Y: Yeah. What, you remembered my preferences? I guess you’re not all bad.

K: Don’t worry, I’ll again mix in laxatives.

Y: Listen, don’t you dare touch the cake. If you do, I’ll force-feed you the entire thing.

K: Tch. I get it.


Y: Let’s go, your room is the furthest one in, right?


Y: Haa…I’m exhausted before we even begin.

Y: Oh, sorry. It’s not your fault, it’s just that, that devil… Err, erm, come on, let’s study, that’s why I’m here!

Y: Hehe.

Y: Yup, let’s work hard so that we can attend the same university.


Y: Huh? This formula here… What was it again?

Y: Hmm?

Y: So it was that? Thank you.

Y: I’m telling you, you’re being way too close. Please stop testing my patience.

Y: Ahh… I can’t. Get a clue already, idiot. If I were to kiss you in a closed room like this, I’m not…confident that it’ll end with just a kiss.

Y: ……It would make it feel like I’m not cherishing you and I don’t like that.

Y: Why do you say such a thing?

Y: Oh, I can’t take this. You’re hatefully cute.


Y: Are you sure about this? I really am about to kiss you.

Y: A-Alright. Then-

K: Big Sis, you must be thirsty, right? I’ve brought some juice.

Y: Youーー

K: Here, pure 100% juice for you, Big Sis. And as for Yuuma… Whatever was wrung out from the wipe cloth would work, right?

Y: Of course not!

K: Haha! Wasn’t it obvious that I was lying? For you, Yuuma, we have my special juice blend. Now, drink this and be healthy, Big Brother.

Y: What is with this color…? This can not be good.

K: I went through the trouble of making it, so drink.

Y: I refuse to!

K: How cruel. Big Sis, Yuuma is bullying me.

Y: Isn’t it the opposite? The exact opposite?


Y: Wait, why are you patting Kouki’s head?!

Y: You’re right… To you, he’s your adorable little brother, right?

K: You must be joking, right, Big Sis? Are you telling me to remake this special juice? Do you realize how long it took me to make this laxative juice? Well, do you?

Y: So you did spike it!

K: Tch, I guess there’s no going around it. I’ll go make a 0.00001% fruit juice content juice fitting of Yuuma.

Y: Isn’t that pretty much just water? Or rather, just give me water. Just make it water.

K: Big Sis, is there anything else you’d like? I’m sure there is, right? Like cookies or chocolate.


K: Alright, I’ll wait until it’s time to eat the cakes. That said, Yuuma, I won’t forgive you if you dare do anything besides study until then.

Y: I have no intention to in the first place!

K: Hah, don’t lie. You were just about to earlier.

Y: What’s wrong with that? We’re boyfriend and girlfriend. It wouldn’t be strange for us to, would it?

K: This pervert… So you’ve finally revealed your true colors!

Y: Shut up, two-face!

K: You’ve got some guts, huh? You think you can win against me?

Y: That’s right, my only plans are to win.

Both: I definitely will not lose this match!

Track 2: Temporary Truce?


Y: Phew. We’ve made a lot of progress, haven’t we?

Y: Oh thank you, you brought over a cup and plate.

Y: On that note, it’s fine for us to take a break right about now, right? Oh! But before that… Sorry, I can borrow your toilet for a bit?

Y: I know, I go out and turn left, right?

Y: Then off I go.


K: Big Sis…

K: Sorry for dropping in on your studying, but there’s something I have to ask you no matter what.

K: Big Sis, what is it that’s so good about Yuuma?

K: Because you said you liked smart guys, Big Sis, I grabbed top rank at school. And I don’t lose towards anyone in terms of sports either. Also, my face is cuter than any of the idols around, is it not?

K: But, isn’t that what you said, Big Sis? And that’s also what the other girls that have been confessing to me lately have said too.

K: That’s right! It’s just that you don’t know, Big Sis, but I’m super popular. I might end up dating other girls, y’know?!

K: Why are you happy???

K: The only female I enjoy being with is you, Big Sister! I don’t need anyone but you, Big Sister!


K: “You have to learn to live without your big sister”…? I can’t. You know that too, right, Big Sis?

K: Can you not talk about getting the cakes right now!? If anything, what I want to eat most right now is you, Big Sis.

K: I want to eat you, Big Sis, so break up with Yuuma-

Y: As if she would, you shitty little brat.

K: OWWW!!! You cracked my skull.

Y: Cracking from a little hit like that, just how thin is your skull? What is it, an eggshell?


Y: Haa… More importantly, you know this already, don’t you? Kouki has eyes for you in the special sense; he’s not just a cute little brother.

Y: Hah!? Why is he now an “easily lonely little brother” amidst this back and forth? Don’t you think you’re taking Kouki a little too lightly? He may have that cute face, but he’s still got one of those attached to his lower half.

K: Don’t say such vulgar things, Pervert.

Y: No, from that, I’ve finally noticed… The real pervert is you! If it were me, I’d never say lines like what I want to eat isーー


Y: You… Don’t just suddenly shove a strawberry in my mouth!

K: Haha! Keep going, Big Sis. Preferably, I’d like you to smash that shortcake into his face-

K: Ahn. You’re so mean, Big Sis, to shove it in so suddenly…

Y: Somehow, it’s sounding very indecent when you’re saying it.

Y: Eh? One more?

Y: T-That’s, there’s no way I could go “ahh” and have my mouth open with a straight face.


Y: I-I guess it can’t be helped. If that’s what you insist then……

Y: It’s delicious.

K: One more for me too?

K: I want you to say “ahh” to me, Big Sis. When Big Sis is feeding it to me, it tastes 100x more delicious.

Y: Huh? Wait… If you think about it carefully, doesn’t this mean that Kouki and I had an indirect kiss?

K: Uhh…

K: I-It’s fine, Big Sis, I’m not angry. An indirect kiss is nothing.

Y: Yes, yes, this isn’t uncommon.

K: Haha. Yup, if it makes Big Sis laugh, then even an indirect kiss with a pervert is…

Y: Uh-huh, uh-huh, exchanging saliva with a shitty little brat… I can…endure.

Track 3: Troublesome Cupid


Y: Huh? You’ll go bring another cup of tea?

K: In that case, Big Sis, let me come with you.

Y: Why do you need to go with her?

K: Dear oh dear, a man who makes a woman do all the housework really is the worst, don’t you think?

Y: That’s not why I asked. I asked because I’m going with her.


Y: Hey, wait, I’m coming too.

K: Me also.


Y: Hey, these tea leaves should do, right?

K: Are you stupid? Those aren’t the tea leaves Big Sis likes.

Y: Then which is it?

K: This doesn’t feel right. There’s no way I’d hand you over to some guy who doesn’t know as something basic as that, Big Sis.

Y: What are you getting all riled over tea for?

K: I’m worked up over nothing! I know everything that Big Sis likes, and we can be together at all times. Unlike you who’s busy with basketball, I would never let her feel lonely…!!!

Y: She said that she loves when I play basketball too! Besides, I’m an outsider, of course there’re things that I don’t know. Isn’t slowly filling up those gaps in knowledge what I should be doing as a boyfriend?

K: You’re a pervert, why are you trying to act all proper?

Y: Hey, that kettle’s falling… WATCH OUT!!!


K: Big Sis!

Y: Are you…okay? You didn’t get burned anywhere, right?

Y: Really? Thank god.

Y: Haha, idiot, don’t cry, as long as you’re safe, that’s all that matters. Besides, only a bit got on my arms.

Y: A burn like this, once you cool it, it’s fine.

K: Yuuma…

Y: Though I don’t think I have any more energy to argue with Kouki today. Anyways, Kouki, let’s continue this tomorrow.

K: ……

Y: Kouki?

K: Why did you act?

Y: Huh?

K: I… I… My love for Big Sis loses to no one! …And yet, why was I unable to jump in unlike you?


Y: That’s not a big deal. Isn’t it normal to freeze up when something abrupt happens?

K: BUT YOU MOVED!!! You were able to move…

Y: Hey, Kouki, where are you going?

K: I’m getting the first-aid kit.

K: I’ll be quick, but run the burned area under cold water in the meantime. …Stupid Big Brother.

Y: Kouki…

K: However, the first-aid kit is in the room furthest down, so it might take me about 3 minutes to get it. I’ll be doing my best to find it during that time, so I won’t be hearing anything.

Y: Does that mean…

K: 3 minutes! I’ll be hurrying back in approximately that time.


Y: Erm…

Y: Then while I’m running my arm under the tap, we have time. Maybe we can give a little kiss or something to the hero who protected the princess?

Y: It’s my humble pleasure.

Y: I love you.

Y: You’re right, if it hadn’t been for this, I might not have been able to gather the courage. Sorry for being so pathetic.


Y: Hehe. Yeah, at least for today, I should be grateful to that troublesome cupid.

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