【Translation】 Ore-sama Residence —Arisugawa VS Saionji — Arisugawa Ichiya


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俺様レジデンス ―有栖川 VS 西園寺― 有栖川一悦

CV: Kimura Ryouhei (木村良平)

Track 1: Seven years ago


I have to be strong, I have to always come out on top, I have to never lose to anyone ー for I am Arisugawa Ichiya.

What is desired is the version of me who’s overflowing with confidence and yields to nothing. I would have no worth in being weak and would take the interest of no one.

So, I must become stronger. I must keep winning.

……For the sake of my own continued existence.


Dammit, why do I have to perform?

I’m now 17 and I know violin?

Are you kidding me? What is this? A game? I’m going to be the laughing stock of the party.

Get Futaba or Miori to do it for once. Why is it always, always me? I might as well leave.

Oh, right, I should do just that.

F: Hey.

Hah? What do you want?



Geh, Saionji Fuji…!?

Dammit, I ended up crossing paths with a bastard I hate. I never got along with him even when we were kids.

Also, he’s from the Saionji family.

I was supposed to perform with this guy today, was it? Seriously, could things get any worse?


F: You’re in my way by standing there. I won’t be able to walk by like that. Hurry up and scram.



What’s with this bastard? He’s pissing me off so much!!!


Why do I have to move aside for you? If you want me to move aside so much then why don’t you prostrate before me?

F: You… Is that how you think you should talk to the Great Saionji Fuji?

No, back at you! Just who do you think you’re talking to?!!

I’m the all-important Arisugawa Ichiya!

F: Oh, you’re the eldest son of the Arisugawa family. I was wondering what sheer low-life I was dealing with. I don’t want to talk to conglomerate folks, so get the hell out of my face.


You, are you mocking me?

F: Yes, that’s right, I’m mocking you. As you can see, I’ve once again confirmed that those with IQ levels quickly resort to violence.


What is up with this guy? I want to just beat him to death.


F: Things are about to begin.

F: Hurry up and let go of this hand. You’ll be making an appearance too later, are you not?

F: Heh. Why do I have-

I’m not doing it. I’m leaving.

F: Hah?

I don’t want to play the violin. Also, why do I have to do things that are dull in the first place?

F: Dull?

It’s always like that! My old man’s constantly shoving annoying tasks onto me and because of that, I have no freedom; my life is controlled by the Arisugawa family.

Performing at a shitting party like this?

Hah! Don’t make me laugh! I’m already sick and tired of days like these!


F: You… You’re an idiot, aren’t you?

Huh? I…I-Idiot?!

F: A restricted life with no freedom, is that not to be expected? What are you complaining about that now for? The guests at the party will be observing us today and deciding which of our two families they’ll side with, that’s what this place is for.

F: We are the face of our respective conglomerates.


F: Now here’s the question, why were those duties given to us? Arisugawa Ichiya, do you know?


F: Time’s up. The answer is “because we’re the eldest sons of the Arisugawa and Saionji family.”

F: We were born with the responsibility to undertake a major role. As the firstborn of a conglomerate, we’re burdened with an unreasonable fate. We have to be able to do everything and have to be able to succeed in everything. No matter what your accomplishments are, no one will praise you for them, and you’re even not allowed to lament.

F: And if you ask people why, they all repeat the same lines. “It’s because you’re the eldest son. It’s because you’re the heir.” I’m sure you were raised while being told the same things.


F: Oh? Looks like you still haven’t accepted your life yet.


Haven’t accepted it?

F: Yeah. Not only have you not accepted it, but you’re also not even self-aware of it. I was wondering what kind of person the eldest son of the Arisugawa was, but, heh, a spineless man is no competition.

Hey, wait! What do you mean?

F: Exactly what I said, you weakling.

Wait! Tell me what you want to say! Just so you know, to this day, I’ve never once lost a match I’ve been.

F: Is that so? Ain’t that nice?

That’s right! And that’s why I’ll for sure win against you!


F: Sorry to say, but that’s impossible. I’m going to win during today’s performance.

You won’t know unless we try.

F: I do, though.


F: Because you’re not here to protect your own family.

F: For what or for whom were those victories for? I have a goal, a purpose. I have the firm objective of not tainting the Saionji name.


Me? Protect? The Arisugawa family?

I’ve never once considered that. Just who is this guy? He’s able to calmly say that he’s protecting his own family with such a serious look in his eyes.


F: You’re just playing one song for an audience of fools at a shitty party. Is that not an easy task?

F: If that can protect my family, then I’d do so gladly.

F: The Saionji family and the Arisugawa family are adversaries, but, once both you and I reach the top, the conflict between our two families will finally end.


F: It’s easy when I’m dealing with someone with no backbone like you. I guess the Arisugawa family’s over.

DON’T MESS WITH ME!!! You’ve been saying whatever the hell you wanted!!! No backbone, you say?!! THAT’S WHAT I SHOULD BE SAYING!!!

Saionji Fuji! I swear to god I will win against you!

I’ll show you the real strength of this Arisugawa Ichiya!!! JUST WATCH YOU FOOL!!!


F: Hmph. All that yapping is annoying, what are you? A gorilla?


F: If you’re so confident then why don’t you give it a try? Though there’s no way I’d lose against a gorilla like you.

You bastard, don’t mock me!

F: But it’s the truth, no? You’re the perfect example of a primate.

I don’t want to be told that by a narcissist like you.

F: Quiet. A gorilla should be thinking about the bananas they eat for tomorrow.

AHHH!!! Enough with the “gorilla, gorilla”!!! You seriously better watch, I will crush you for sure!!!

F: Try if you can. I’m willing to be your opponent anytime.

F: Well, see you around then, Gorilla. I hope you put on a good performance.




I’m so frustrated. I want to win.

I want to at least, at least win against him. I want to become strong like him.

ーーI am no weakling.

Track 2: Captured Housekeeper


Hey listen, I’m coming in.

Yo peasant girl, the all-important Ichiya is back.

Not “What do you want?”, at least say “Welcome back”! Jeez, it’s already been two-week since you arrived at this house, so you should be used to it already.

In any case, let me inside the room.

Oh! Are you curious about what’s inside?

You are, right? Of course you’re curious.

REJOICE!!! This great Ichiya went out of his way, went out of his way to BUY PRESENTS FOR A WOMAN LIKE YOU!!!

Look, this, this, and also this. These are all presents for you!!! All items from super high-end brands that your average folk would never dream to afford.

HOW’S THAT!? You’re happy, right?

This great Ichiya assembled them with these hands!

And don’t be surprised, this isn’t all. FEAST YOUR EYES…!!!


Servant: Master Ichiya, all the items you have ordered have arrived.


Servant: Understood!

What are you saying? They’re all presents I bought for you. Three truckloads worth.

Total sum… ABOUT 540 MILLION!!!

Haha! After being presented this many gifts, even you would fall for me, right? A normal man would never be able to do this for you, no commoner has this much wealth. THAT SAID!!! I can make the impossible possible!

After all, I am the GREAT ARISUGAWA ICHIYA!!!



Eh? Huh? Why aren’t you happy?


Wait. “Please stop”? What do you mean by “please stop”? They’re things that even if you worked your entire life, you’d never be able to afford.

You can’t comprehend this…?

An excellent man like me who has both money and status is GOING THIS FAR FOR YOU! Be HAPPIER! A normal woman would be hugging me AT THIS POINT!!!


Tell me the reason. Why do you hate me so much?




ARGHH!!! You’re such an annoying woman!

Then, what do you want?!! I’m giving you everything you can possibly want, aren’t I?

You didn’t show even the slightest ounce of joy when I rented out a theme park or when I gave you physical cash.

And on top of that, you’re saying that you don’t want the things that I went out of my way to buy??? You’ve got to be kidding me. No matter how you look at it, you’re THE ONE who’s not normal.



What are you saying?

You have an easy direct path to an incredibly wealthy man. And once you get married, you’ll have the luxury of living a life of unencumbered luxury, what’s wrong with that? Tell me!

“The most important part”? What’s that?

Feelings…of love?



HAHAHAHA!!! What’s that supposed to be? You… Don’t you think you’re dreaming a little too much?

What “love”?

Who needs some so uncertain? Things that one can physically see are far more reassuring. People may betray you but money won’t.

“Love”? “Affection”? Worthless.

Would you become strong by having that? Could that “love” protect anything?

To Arisugawa Ichiya, it might as well be as good as trash.

No, I’m going to change your shitty values. I’m going to make you fall in love with me through my own methods.


You should just only see me. I’ll make you fall so hard for me that you’ll be clinging to me yourself.

Look forward to it,


What? All I did was kiss you.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t want it, I’ll do it because I feel like it.

Don’t struggle!!!

Would you rather get bitten?

Yes, that’s good. You’re cute when you’re shaking and trembling from your fear of me.

As long as you listen to me, I don’t do anything bad. Even you prefer pleasure over pain, don’t you? You want me to treat you kindly, right? Because if so, during moments like these, you should let yourself be kissed quietly-



Y-Y-You… Do you know who you punched just now?!!


This great Arisugawa Ichiya is the scum of society? Scum… Scum, huh. AHAHAHA!!! Is that so? Well, ain’t that interesting you blasted woman?

Right, right, ordinary methods don’t work on you.

If that’s how you’re gonna be then I’ll get serious too!

Listen, you’ll regret making light of this great Ichiya. I’ll leave things here for today.


Shit, that hurt, that woman was not joking around.


I have no need for those things anymore. I got them for you, so it’ll be problematic to return them now. Go ahead, throw them away, sell them, whatever you want.

See ya.

Track 3: Kindness


Hey, I’m coming in.


Courtesy or not, this is my house, so I can do whatever I want. Also, we’re leaving.

A party.

Tonight, the Arisugawa group is hosting a cruising party. Come with me.


There’s all but one reason, and it’s because I’ve decided to take you with me. End of story. If you get it through your skull, hurry up and get ready.

Hmph, I knew that from the start. You don’t even have a single dress on you, do you?

I figured as much, so I prepared one.

You there, come on in. I’ll leave her appearance to you.

Servant: Understood, Master Ichiya.

Listen, you’ll be walking next to me, so you better make her an extra-fine woman. I won’t forgive you if you fail.

Servant: Yes, please leave it to me.

I look forward to seeing how refined a peasant girl can get.

See ya.


Hey, why are you all stiff?

What?! You’re shocked by a ship this shabby? You’re going to faint when you see the ship my family owns.

I can’t understand commoners.

Also, hey, you’re walking beside me, keep your back more straight. It’s not a fitting sight. I got you all dressed up, so stick your chest out.

I’m saying that a peasant girl has been wonderfully transformed.

That makeup and that dress, don’t they suit you?

I’m complimenting you, so you should at least be happy.

Well whatever, let’s go. I’ll show just how amazing of a person this Ichiya is.


Girl #1: Look, it’s Master Ichiya!

Girl #2: Oh, he’s spectacular-looking every time I see him. Let’s go talk to him.

Girls #1, 2: MASTER ICHIYA!!!

Hey, hey, it’s troubling when you all come to me, there’s only one of me.

I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll get through each one of you one by one.

Girl #1: Could you invite me over to your house sometime?

Girl #2: That’s unfair, I was planning to have him invite me too.

No need to fight.


Well, peasant girl, don’t you think this is amazing!? As you can see, I’m the kind of guy that even the daughters of conglomerates would desire.

Huh? What’s up with that reaction?

Be a little more SURPRISED!!!

Not worth the time? How RUDE of you!

You’re leaving?

Wait, wait, why?! Hey, I said wait…!!!


HEY!!! I’m telling you to WAIT! You sure got nerves to ignore me and leave on your own.

No, you’re staying with me. I won’t allow you to leave.

Hey, don’t yell in a place like this. People are staring at us now.


Come here.


Just what exactly are you dissatisfied with? Tell me. I have no idea what you’re so flippant about.

I told you, I’ve got no clue!!! All I was doing was showing how amazing of a man I was, was I not? Just fall in love with me already!


What? Wouldn’t it make you happy as well if the man you’re with is popular?

You… Did you just call me an “idiot” just now?!!

Then, WHAT should I have done!?


Hah? I don’t understand what you mean.

What’s with those sickening words? Like what, are you going to fall in love with me if I only ever look your way?

You won’t, would you? IDIOT!!!

You know, women are so pragmatic when it comes to asking for love and affection and all that crap. But what they really care about is money and status.

All those women earlier are merely infatuated with the Arisugawa name.


!? What was that impact just now?!

Geh, even the electricity cut off.

Oi, oi, give me a break here, can an accident not happen now?


Hey, where are you right now?

Eh? Hey, where are you!? I can’t see you because it’s dark. …Though I feel like I heard your voice coming from below me.

WHOA!!! Why are you crouched down on the floor?!


Don’t tell me you’ve got a phobia of the dark or something?



Hey, are you okay? You seem scared.

I guess there’s no helping it.

Come here.

Look, if I hug you like this, you feel a little calmer, right?


Ain’t your body cold? Are you not feeling cold?

Then cover yourself with this.


To think I would find out about your weakness at a time like this.

If you’re scared then cling onto me until the lights come back on. I’ll make a special exception.

Special, alright?


You’re putting in too much strength! I can’t breathe.

Good grief.

Shut up, I’m not kind. It’s just that…it’s only natural to protect the weak.

I’m in no way kind. If you say any more, I’m going to get angry.

“You can do it if you can”? …Running your mouth off like that. You’re going to drive me crazy.

I told you, didn’t I?

It’s my policy to protect women and children.


Are you stupid? If I’m like this with everyone, people will make light of me.

I’m Arisugawa Ichiya, y’know?

You idiot, you’re the only one who’d say that.

If all I am is kind, what worth do I even have? Those around me, and even I, myself, wish for an Arisugama Ichiya who’s overflowing with confidence and is stronger than anyone.

Isn’t that obvious? Otherwise, there’d be no need for me.

If I’m not strong, if I’m not number one…neither can I win against him.


Oh, the lights are back on.

In the end, what was that even?

Jeez, I guess I have to go up there later.

Also, hey, how long are you going to stay like this?

You’re so bold. The lights are on, so you clinging onto me is plain as day.

Wait. It’s fine, I don’t mind staying like this.

Oh, there just so happens to be a bed behind us! I wouldn’t mind pushing you down like this…and gently comfort you.


Should I make you mine right here and now?

What do you want?

And by the way, I won’t be letting you sleep until I’m satisfied.

HAHAHAHA!!! You’re so easy to read. Your face is bright red. It was obviously a joke, idiot. Idiot. Why would I do it during a time like this? It would be far more fun to embrace you when you’re in love with me.

So, hurry up and fall in love with me. Understood?

Yeah, yeah, I’m tired of hearing you call me “the worst.” Come on, it’s about time we head back.

Since there’s no going around it, I’ll be with just you for today. Plus I don’t want to speak with those perfume-reeking women either. It’s far more interesting to be with a peasant girl.


Why are you staring at me blankly?

Don’t misunderstand. I’m just saying that I don’t get sick and tired when I’m with you. Your reactions are all over the place, after all.

What? Are you not coming?

If you want to leave, that’s fine too.

You should’ve said that from the start.

Track 4: Single Day as a Private Secretary


What? Futaba’s got a fever?

Are you serious?

Servant: He appears to have been sick since last night.

Is he okay?

Servant: Yes, a doctor was called and an IV was given. The person themselves said that they wished to continue working alongside Master Ichiya regardless of the cost.

Thinking about me even in a situation like that…

Servant: We desperately stopped him and finally, he settled down not too long prior.

Let him sleep. I’ll be heading out alone today.

Servant: The only problem is that Master Futaba is terribly worried about you Master Ichiya.

HA! I’ll be fine. For that man that is Arisugawa Ichiya, having him gone for a day is nothing.


Damn it, without Futaba, I have no idea what my schedule is…

Servant: Master Ichiya, Master Fubata had prepared this on the off-chance something were to happen.

Huh? Isn’t this Futaba’s notebook?

Servant: All of today’s plans are written in there, it appears. There shouldn’t be any issues as long as you follow it.


Let’s see…


What’s up with these tiny scribbles?

10 AM to 12 PM, conference at the main branch, opening declarations… At 1 PM, new business opening at Aoyama…

ARGHHHHHH!!! So annoying.

That guy, he knows that I have an allergy to written text…!!! Who the hell is going to read through each one of these!?

Servant: Master Ichiya, please calm down.


Ah, damn it, this is because Futaba’s always the one managing my schedules. At this rate, I won’t be able to-


Wait… Oh right! I got someone on hand.

Hey, peasant girl, you’re going to become my secretary for a day. You’re going to manage my schedule today, got it?

You have no right to refuse, idiot. My decisions are absolute.

Come on, hurry up and get changed, we’re leaving in 10 minutes.

Shut up, just go and get changed.

I’m looking forward to what you can do, Miss Capable Secretary.

Track 5: First Takoyaki


Hey, when does the next item on the schedule start?

I see, then there’s still a bit of time. Why don’t we eat lunch? You’re hungry too, aren’t you?

Tell me what you want to eat. Today I’ll make an exception and let you have the things that you want to have.

What did you say just now? Ta…Takoyaki?

What’s that?


So this is “Takoyaki”… Is it those round things?

Oh, I see.

Also, hey, what’s up with this shabby-

I get it so let-

I’ve never had one of these before.

You eat it by yourself. I’m not going to consume commoner’s food.

That Fujiー!? This?!!

STUPID! If Fuji could do it, there’s no way I can’t. Or rather, I’LL EAT THEM FOR YOU!

Owner, I’m buying up all the takoyaki in the store.

Owner: Eh? We can’t have that.

HAH!? What are you saying? Do you even know who I am? I’m the all-important ARISUGAWA ICHIYA!!!

Owner: Hiii…!



Oh, if that’s how it is, why don’t we just change stores? That way you can have however much takoyaki you want.

Why? I’m thinking of you.

How would that tiny portion suffice? I could eat one hundred. ONE HUNDRED!


What is this? It’s so fricking good…!!!

Yes, it’s SUPER DELICIOUS! Who would’ve thought that something this good existed in the world?!


Be quiet! It tastes good; what else do you expect?

Now stop staring at me. You eat too.

Also, isn’t this place kind of nice? I can hear lots of happy voices.

These like, public parks. I’ve always admired them ever since I was a child. But, I had never once gone to one.

I didn’t think I would come to one at this age.

When I was a kid, I had lessons every day. I didn’t have time to play.

I was envious of the outside world. “I wish I could be a normal child!”


I mean, well, that’s no longer the case. But regardless, places with lots of people are indeed nice.

People’s voices, the hustle and bustle of the city, the comfort of the wind… I can experience that all directly.

It’s a nice feeling. It makes me feel like “Ahh, I’m alive!”

The company, the house, party venues… My world has always been an enclosed one. If you hadn’t said you wanted to eat takoyaki, I wouldn’t have come here. Thank you for that.


Child #1: Wait for me!

Child #2: Hurry up.

Child #1: Wait-!


Child #1: It hurts… It hurts!!!

Hey, hey, are you okay?

Child #1: It hurts!

My goodness, stop crying. Come on, get up.

Did you hit anything?

Hmm, you’re not bleeding anywhere. What’s the matter? Were you startled because you fell over?

Child #1: Mhm.

I see, I see. But, if you’re a man, you mustn’t cry over something like this. Understand what I’m saying?

Child #1: I don’t get it!

When you get older, you’ll one day find someone or something you feel sworn to protect. So when that time comes, wouldn’t it be uncool to cry?

Wouldn’t it be cooler to protect them like a hero?

Child #1: I want to be cool.

Right!? Then you ought to stop crying.

Child #1: Uh-huh. Uh-huh, I won’t cry anymore.


Alright, good job! The fact that you stopped crying is proof that you’ve gotten stronger just now.

Child #1: Thank you, Big Brother.

Now go.

Child #1: Yes! Bye-bye.


Children sure are lively.

Huh? I told you, didn’t I? I protect women and children.

What!? W-W-What are you saying?!! Don’t just s-suddenly comment that it’s wonderful! I’ll get angry!

I said, stop! It’s only natural to help someone in front of me who’s in trouble.

You… Why are you laughing? It’s getting irritating.

My good points?

I already know without you telling me. I’m strong, brimming with confidence, and can do anything, right?

!? “The way that I am”?

The way that I am, you say? I already told you before, didn’t I? That has no sway.


How could you say it with such confidence?


There is definitely something wrong with this woman.

Saying that I’m fine the way that I am or that I’m kind… There’s no way that’s possible. I have a duty to remain strong.


It’s about time we go. We’re going to be late for our next plans.

Jeez, she really is an eccentric woman.

Track 6: President’s Office


Ughhh, I’m so tired. Today was seriously draining.

You’re tired too, right? Come sit.

Well, compared to Futaba, you were pretty clumsy, but don’t you think you did well for your first time?

Why do you look so surprised?

What? Isn’t it only natural to praise someone hardworking? For a peasant girl, you did a pretty good job.

You did great. Thank you.

Oh, then coffee, please.


Speaking of which, I wonder if Futaba’s gotten better? I guess I should contact him.

And Miori too.

I hope he’s not holed up again, I haven’t seen him in several days.

Huh? What are you laughing for?


It doesn’t matter whether I care for my brothers or not, there’s no knowing what they might do when you take your eyes off of them. Especially Miori.

He’s been addicted to some strange game and refuses to leave his room.


Kind? Me?

Don’t say something so stupid.

Peasant girl, you know what, nevermind, I don’t need the coffee. Instead, I want you to accompany me.

I suddenly feel like drinking!

Do you normally drink?

Then there’s nothing to worry about.

This is my favorite wine. It’s shockingly good, y’know?



Then, thank you for your hard work.

Right!? It tastes good, right?

What’s up with you? It’s quite unusual for you to agree with me.

Eh? Really?

Yeah, I enjoy alcohol. I didn’t use to be able to drink at all. but I started to like it as I kept going.

In a position like this, you’re pushed to drink a lot. Whenever there’s a dinner with a client or an important negotiation, things tend to go better when you drink.

And that’s why, before getting to the top, I continued drinking myself to the point of puking.

Basically, I forced myself to be able to drink.


Well, isn’t that because I’m Arisugawa Ichiya?

I have to always be the strongest man.

The people around me believe that as well. That there’s nothing I can’t do. And if so, I have to answer to those expectations, don’t I?

Strong, self-confident. always winning… Such is the unrivaled Arisugawa Ichiya.


It’s not tiring. Why would you ask that?

Living for others…? Me?

Haha! What are you saying? There’s no man who lives their lives as willfully as I.



Why do I believe that I must be strong?

It can only be one thing, right?


Without strength, you can’t protect anything, and winning will become an impossibility too.

I have to become stronger, even stronger. Otherwise, those around me will stop following me.

Those of the group… Even Futaba!

That again? “I’m fine like this”?

Don’t you think there’s something wrong with your head?

That’s right! Isn’t a strong Arisugawa Ichiya better!? There’s no worth in me being kind.


You really are a baffling woman. Stop saying such confusing things!

Stop with the “you’re fine the way you are”……


Somehow being with you has made me sleepy.

Hey, peasant girl, lend me your lap for a bit. I’m going to use it as a pillow replacement.

What are you acting all surprised for? Just think of it as one of your duties as secretary.


Damn, it feels really nice.

I thought you didn’t have much flesh on you, but you’re surprisingly soft. Also, I thought you were just a peasant girl, but now that I look closely, you’ve got a pretty cute face.

Though either way, both your chest and ass are flat.

Haha! Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, even though I’m saying that, I’m complimenting you.

It’s so comfortable. I want to just sleep, I don’t want to work.

Quiet! What’s wrong with acting like a child?

I thought if it’s you…it’d be fine to show this side of me.


Who knows, I don’t know why either. It’s just that with you, it’s nice not having to put up weird pretenses.

Stupid! I don’t mean it in that way.

Rather than feeling that I have to be strong, I have more thoughts of things being “fun” or “soothing.”

I wonder why? At first, I was fine with just marrying you.

That was all my goal was, and yet…there’s a part of me that wants to learn more about you.


What makes you smile? What makes you cry?

Ah! Please think of this as words from a drunk.

You know, you’re the first person in my life that says that they prefer that I’m kind. I never complain in front of others, but, but…sometimes I wish I could.

The, the real me isn’t strong. They’re weak, incredibly weak. …Likely more than anyone. So, I admired him, I admired the strong Fuji.

In the past, I was told that I could never protect the Arisugawa family with the way I was. He called me a weakling with no backbone.

He had always lived with the clear awareness of him being the eldest son of a financial conglomerate. And at that time, I felt super embarrassed at myself.

And I thought I had to win against him in whatever way possible.

Since then, I’ve always worked hard towards that. Always.


But, I guess it’s hopeless. It’s embarrassing to say, but I’ve never won against him even once.

I’ve reached the top position within our respective groups before him, but I have no idea what to do from here. Once he reaches the top, the Arisugawa family might just be crushed.

……After all, I’m just a weakling.

I’m sure becoming stronger than him will always be an impossibility.

No need to follow up on that. It’s just a simple fact.


Why are you denying it so vehemently?

Heh. I already told you, didn’t I? I can’t protect anything by being kind.

Oh, I see…

Have I managed to become like him?


I’m fine the way I am? I don’t have to become like Fuji, I just have to be me?

It’s always like this.

She acknowledges Arisugawa Ichiya as is.


I get it now.

Perhaps I was fine the way I was… Until now, I’ve always been too scared to ask. I thought I had to become like Fuji.

But, having you say that…it feels like a weight has come off of my shoulders.

What’s with that smile?

Isn’t that a little too cute, damn it.


Hey, I want to kiss you.

I wonder if this is a drunken impulse too? But, the current me is a stranger to myself.


I wonder why? Even though this isn’t my first time kissing you, my heart’s pounding so much.

Why do you think this is? Please tell me.


What’s this? Are you not going to resist today? Normally, you would slap me. At this rate, I’ll get the wrong idea, y’know?

……That you’re happy about this.

Since you’re remaining silent, that means I can continue, right?

You’re such an idiot. Showing such an expression in front of a drunk man… Do you even understand what’ll happen to you?

It’s too late to tell me to stop.


Hey, why don’t you become my bride for real?

It’s not because I’m drunk. Right now, I genuinely want you and it has nothing to do with the Saionji family or winning.

It’s strange, right? Even I know it’s strange.


I’m sure that no matter how I am, you wouldn’t mock me for it.

Right? So, that’s more than enough.

As long as you say you’re fine with the real me, then that alone…


I’m sleepy. So sleepy. Was my alcohol tolerance this low?

Maybe it’s because I’m at ease when I’m with you. Say…do you have thoughts of wanting to return to the Saionji family?

I don’t like the idea of having you gone.

Please stay with me. And also…

Track 7: Saionji’s Surprise Attack


Oh, uh, hello.

Sorry for umm, falling asleep yesterday.

Ah! Cute? WHO ARE YOU CALLING “CUTE?!! At the very least say that I WAS COOL…!!!


You sure are blunt about those aspects.


Female Servant: You can’t go in there, you can’t go in there!!!

Male Servant: Mister Saionji, please wait Mister Saionji.

F: Shut up! Hurry up and bring out our housekeeper!

Hey, who do you think youーー


F: Housekeeper…

If you’ve got any business with her, please redirect it to me.

F: Well, Gorilla, you finally came out. I was wondering where our housekeeper disappeared off to, but who would’ve thought that you had kidnapped her?

You found us, huh.

Aren’t you a little late?

F: Silence. I had to gather my resources to finally find her. You had pulled some strings so that I wouldn’t find her, it seems, after all.

F: Heh, looks like you’re much smarter than you were before.

That’s right! I’m different from how I was back then. Back when I kept losing to you.

F: I will acknowledge that you have grown. That being said, I want you to return our housekeeper. She belongs to me.

That I can’t do.

F: Hah?


She’ll be living in my house.

F: What kind of joke are you making? She’s one of Saionji’s people; she’s not a woman you’re free to have.

I was just a little late in meeting her!

Now she’s one of Arisugawa’s people, too bad for you.

F: It doesn’t matter what a spineless coward like you says. You can’t win against me, both then and now. Or ever.

F: Now that I’ve come here, I’m going to take her back with me.

F: Let’s go, Housekeeper.


F: !? …Housekeeper?

F: Is there something up? Are you covering for this man? This low IQ idiot?

There’s no need for you to come out.

F: Housekeeper… Did you get brainwashed by the guys here during our time apart?

F: Then why are you on his side? The Arisugawas are the Saionji family’s enemy, you’re not someone who should be here. Come on, let’s leave.

F: Hey! Housekeeper, you, what are you trying to do? You’re one of OUR servants, are you not?! You think you can just stand there and defy me like that?!!

Hey, no need to be so rough-

F: Listen, you should just shut up and do as I say. Get over here.



F: What are you trying to do?

I can’t stand seeing the way you do things. Fuji, are you always this violent with her?

F: It’s my right to treat my property however I please.

IT’S NOT…!!!

Do you remember, Fuji? That day at the party 7 years ago? You told me that I wasn’t doing anything to protect the Arisugawa family.

I’ve never been able to forget those words.

At that time, you were strong, bright, and I thought that I could never compete against you. BUT NOW…!!! I don’t get that feeling at all.

Is she not a precious woman to you?

Do you think it’s fine to hurt that woman? As long as you get what you want, does it not MATTER TO YOU?!!!

F: Uh…

I want to protect her. That’s why I wouldn’t do anything she hates and I do not want to see her sad.

So, if she says that she wants to return to the Saionji family, although it’d frustrate me, I was planning to quietly let her go! However, seeing you now, that idea is completely off the table!


Fuji, listen carefully, I’ll return those words you said that day right back at you.

You’re trying not to protect her.

The one to protect her is me, Arisugawa Ichiya.

F: Don’t mess with me. What do you think you’re-

Hey, peasant girl, what is it that you want to do? Do you want to go back to the Saionji family or do you want to stay with me?

F: Housekeeper… Obviously, you’d choose me, right?

F: !?

And there you have it, Fuji. What a shame for you, but the one she chooses is me.

F: Housekeeper, do you even understand what you’re saying right now? Choosing him means abandoning the Saionji family.

F: If you don’t hate us then why aren’t you coming back to us?



F: You prefer that gorilla over me… Seriously, what is going through your head?

F: SInce there’s no going around it, I’ll leave for today. However, she is OUR housekeeper. I’m not giving up yet, I’ll eventually take her back. You can bet on that.

Ha! Why don’t you try? I don’t plan on handing her over to you, ever.

F: You’re needlessly passionate for a gorilla.


F: Haa… Well, I guess it’s my loss today.


F: Housekeeper, I’ll definitely come to take you back.

F: Gorilla, just you wait and see.


What’s up with him?

H-He acknowledged his loss? That Fuji!? Against me?

Is…that so? I won against him?

Somehow I don’t feel happy about it, and it’s the thing I’ve always wanted. More than anything, the fact that you said you wanted to be with me made me so happy that I could die.


Well, you sure about this? Rejecting Fuji like that…

You choose to stay here yourself, y’know? There’s no more escape.

Really? So you like being with me that much?

I feel the same way as you. Being with you, having you always be there… I like you. I really like you.

Track 8: Future Wife


I’m back. Have you been a good girl?

Haha! Don’t pout, it just makes me want to baby you.

Really? I don’t think I’ve changed much though. You say that I’ve changed, but how have I changed?


Then, isn’t that a good thing? You like it when I’m kind, don’t you?

Eh? Then I guess you want me to be a little more high-handed with my tactics.

Sure, if that’s what my princess wants, I’ll grant it.


There we go.


Hey, don’t struggle, you’re the one who said you wanted this.

You know, I’ve held myself back from being too greedy because I want to cherish you.

Don’t make light of men, alright? Even I, deep down, want to make a mess out of you just like this. …All the time.

What “wait”? I’m not waiting. We’re lovers, are we not?

These cheeks, these lips, this body… I’m free to kiss whenever and touch wherever, am I not? Well, isn’t that right?

Call me by my first name, “Ichiya.”

I want to hear that called in your voice.


You idiot, isn’t that a little too cute?

I love you. I don’t need anything but you.

I’m so looking forward to seeing what kind of cute expressions you’ll show me today, my future wife~

What, why are you making that weird sound?

I’m still planning to make you my bride just like I did in the beginning, but what about you? Do you not want that?

Hehe. Your heart’s not ready?

When will you be ready? If I feel like if I go at your pace, time will fly by.

Well, whatever, if you’re suddenly against it now, I have no intention of letting you go.

If you don’t understand that then I’ll take my time and make you learn that tonight. I’ll teach your body directly about just how much I love you.

It’s going to be a long night, so be prepared.


I’ll keep saying it.

I’m in love with you.

Both now and for the future to come. Always.

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