【Translation】 Watashi no Kare wa Zetsurin-san ~Macho Kenchikushi to Ojou-sama!~


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

私の彼は絶倫さん ~マッチョ建築士とお嬢様!~

CV: Kumada Ran (熊田乱)

Track 1: Do You Like This House?


Hey, Missy. Hello.

No need to be so startled.

But well, I guess it’s only natural to be surprised when someone calls out to you out of the blue. Sorry, sorry. I saw you staring at the construction site, so I felt the urge to say hello.

I’m the plan-

Oh, so you knew?

So you found out that my name’s Arata from the workers?

That’s right, I’m Arata. Nice to meet you. Is it alright if I take a seat next to you?

Thank you. Don’t mind if I do then.


I’m not usually on-site, but I had a meeting with the supplier, so I came.

You’re a student, right? Should you be at school?

So you don’t have any lectures today?

When I was in university, I used to pretend that the lectures I hated didn’t exist and often skipped them.

You’re not cutting class?

Is that so? Sorry, sorry.

Still, you’ve been coming here to watch us since the beginning of construction, haven’t you? Me calling out to you like this today was also because I’ve been curious about you since before.

Haha! I’m not a smooth talker. I’m not that indiscriminate of a man, y’ see.

Say, do you like this house?


I incorporated dreams into the blueprint and prayed for well-wishes while building it. While it’s still ways off from completion, having you say that you’re fond of it is the best thing I can ask for.

That being said, beyond just liking it, the gaze you had towards this house seemed kind of…lonely, sad? It was a mixed expression.

Is there something bothering you?


Wait, I guess it’s not something you’d reveal to a guy who’s several years older than you whom you just met today. Sorry, sorry.

But well, feel free to come by and watch at any time, as long as it can boost your mood even a little.

Oh, looks like the supplier has arrived.

Right on time.

Well, I’ll be going then. It’s dangerous, so try not to get too close to the construction site. If you want to watch, watch from there. Alrighty?

Also, it’ll make it easier for me to find you.

Try not to return home too late, okay?

See you around, Missy.

Track 2: Would You Like to Try Dating Me?


This is some serious rain. Quickly get in the car.


Jeez, that took me by surprise.

We have to stop working because of the sudden downpour, but when I checked up on you just in case, you were standing there in a daze without an umbrella. Thank god it was me who found you.

Did something bad happen?

Oh, right, I have a hoodie in the back, so put that on. It’s cold when you’re wet.

It’s made of sweatshirt material, so it should provide a little bit of warmth. Also, I don’t mind if you take off your wet clothes and wear it like that; I’ll turn the other way.

Wait, hey! Why are you balling your eyes out?

Come on, don’t cry. If you cry, it’ll put your pretty face to waste.

Though there must’ve been something to have made you cry so much.


Meeting you here must be some sort of fate. If you’d like, I can listen to your story, so don’t cry anymore.

I see. A fiance…

Some old geezer named Sakurai whom you never met? Are you referring to your fiance?

I see. I now understand why you were gazing at the house with a complicated expression.

“Not even over my dead body,” huh? You’re pretty adamant. I pity that old geezer a little, he might just be from the same generation as me.

You had your own dreams of marriage, right? Dating freely and being wedded to the person you genuinely love from the bottom of your heart.

That certainly isn’t possible with a partner that your parents have chosen.

That being said, are you currently dating someone?

Figured as much. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be crying alone like that. Without a lover, I’m sure it’d be hard to convince your parents against it.


Then, why don’t you try dating me?

I’m single and I’ve taken somewhat of a liking to you.

To it bluntly, you don’t have a bad impression of me, do you? So in that case, don’t you think it works out? Of course, if you aren’t interested in older men, I won’t mind you just brushing it off.

So, what do you plan to do?


Then starting from now, you’re my lover. A moment worth commemorating.

Shall we kiss?


Hey, hey, your face is bright red. Why the innocent reaction? Was it possibly your first?

Listen, listen, I’m the same age as that “Sakurai” you hate, y’know? Are you honestly fine with having me as your first kiss?

Because I’m not some stranger?

Then that means you’ve been interested in me for a while.

That face… Bullseye, right? You’re red again.

I would like to make you redder, but I’ll stop here.


What’s up with you? You’re already nearing your limit from just a kiss.

I’m not a man who’s forceful. Today, I’ll quietlyーー

Well, that’s a surprise. I thought you were innocent, but you’re surprisingly brazen. Although you’re red and trembling, if you make a request like that, I can’t refuse.

Do you want me to have sex with you that badly right now?

You’re cute, seriously.

The downpour has gotten worse, hasn’t it? With such heavy rain, even if the car shakes, no one would pay mind to it.

Your beet-red face, your naughty moans, your naked body, they’ll all be hidden by the sound of pelting raindrops.

Still, are you sure about having your first time in a car like this? …It’s a place where other people may spot you. You’ll end up a bad woman, y’know?


If that’s what you want then I guess there’s no helping it. I’m a man who likes to listen to the selfish requests of their cute lover; I’ll do it.

I’m going to take off your clothes.

You seem embarrassed. But well, it is your first time.

If it’s ever too much, please tell me. I’m a man who prefers to properly cherish their lover.


It’s loosened up nicely; it’s a wonderful expression. Super arousing.

Spread your legs open nice and wide.

I’ll touch you lightly.


Your place here is hot.

Don’t cover your face.

Don’t worry, soon enough, I’ll make you feel so good that you’ll forget about the embarrassment. I’ll teach you everything.

If I rub your nectar on your clit here and rub it…

Well? It feels like something’s welling up inside you, right? Your body’s hot and your extremities feel like they’re tingling, right?

It’s super wet here and it’s making dirty sounds.

If it’s like this, can I put it inside you now?


Okay, then wait for just a second, I’ll go put on a condom.


Why do I have condoms on me, you ask? Well, it’s basic manners in being a man. …So that I can take advantage of any opportunity I have with a cute lover of mine.

Just kidding.

I may look experienced with women, but I would never make passes at women half-jokingly. I’m a man who loves to drown their lover with affection.


If it hurts, you can dig your nails into my back if you want, so relax.


So tight…


I’m not in pain. More importantly, are you okay?

I see. But, don’t hold back. I’ll start moving slowly bit by bit.


How’s that? It doesn’t hurt, right?

Really? I guess it’s slowly starting to feel good. But, the pain of it being your first time wouldn’t go away that easily, right? It’s a pain that a man can’t imagine.

I’ll keep it slow-

Jeez, you…

Wanting to feel me more, you say? Hey, hey, is this really your first time? Don’t spur me up like that.

Doesn’t it seem like I’m already caught within your grasp?

My, my, what I am to do?

Then, alright. I’ll grant the naughty request of my lover.


I’ll make you drown in pleasure today.

Though I say that, this is still only the beginning. You’re planning to date, right? So, showing all my cards now wouldn’t be fun.

Come on, wrap your arms around my neck and your legs around my waist.

That’s right, wrap them around like you’re clinging to me.

Now then, allow me to get a little more real.


I thought that my car was on the spacious side, but it’s cramped doing it inside a car.

I can hear the wet sounds from the place where we’re joined clearly even amidst the rain. And your voice has gotten much more erotic too.

More than anything, it appears that you’re feeling it from me like you wanted.

Does being embraced not give you a sense of bliss?

The feeling of exchanging each other’s warmth… Doesn’t it make you think, “We’re making love”?


This is kind of bad…I’m quick today. I’m close to cumming already.

For your information, I’m not a premature ejaculator. Normally, I last longer.

I’m aroused, y’know…

Far more than you think.

It’s your fault for being so cute.


I’m going to cum… Envelope me both Inside and outside and don’t let go.


You aren’t possibly a devilish woman, are you? I think I’ve gotten hooked on you.

Say, why don’t you come to my house next time around?

Please let me embrace you properly on top of a bed next time.

It’s fine, right?

Track 3: Properly on Top of a Bed This Time.


Hey, welcome. Come on in.

If I remember correctly, you said that you wanted to see the books that I had, right? Having you be interested in my job makes me feel, kinda shy but also happy.


You’ve dressed up an awful lot today.

No, it’s not weird. I didn’t think you’d show much in such a cute outfit, so I was just taken off guard.

Haa… When I think about the number of people that would’ve laid eyes on your cute appearance on your way here, it gets me jealous.


Here, this is my study, my bedroom.

It’s pretty spacious, right? When choosing the place, I prioritized space. I’m a man who prefers to keep things precious to me close.

Oh, that book.

It sure brings back memories.

When I was about the same age as you, I rebelled against my old man and left home.

My father was the president of an architectural firm, y’see. There was a bit of a fight over who would succeed him.

And after seeing that, I kind of hated being there and left home.

But, I guess you can say that blood is thicker than water. Anyhow, my first job after running away from home was as a carpenter.

Frankly, what I enjoy isn’t designing but rather the act of creation. That book there was a book I bought during that period. But that said, when it comes to carpentry, it’s faster to learn through doing; as a side effect, I became super muscular.


Look, don’t you think I have some pretty muscles on my arms?

See? They’re amazing, right?

I continue training even now.

As for why I’m now doing architectural design… It’s a pretty common thing you hear, my father got ill.

Although I was planning to never return home, I still held my father in high regard. And so, I decided to succeed him. I more or less got myself licensed as an architect by the time I graduated from university.

That’s why, even though I look like this, I’m the company president.


I guess it’s still not clicking.

No, it’s nothing.

More importantly, here, come and take a seat on this chair. It’s tiring to stand and read, right? It’s soft and feels super nice to sit on.


It is the excellent chair that I had personally chosen, after all.


Hey, reading is nice, but don’t think it’ll be better to spend some sweet time together?

Seeing that you came here dressed so cutely, you came here with the goal of having sex with me, right? I can lend you the book, so let me embrace you properly on top of the bed like I promised last time.


Close the curtains?

It’s sunny next to the window, so it’s warm, no?

Last time it was a bit dark inside the car because of the rain. I was planning to take my time where it’s bright and appreciate you with my eyes, but…

I may be a man who enjoys granting requests, but I’m also a man who likes having their requests granted from time to time.

It’s fine, right?

Look, I have a clear view of your flustered red face under the light.


What’s this? Your undergarments are cute too.

The pattern on the lace is lovely and it suits you well. Did you buy a new set just for today?

You’re so adorable.

It’s a shame to take them off, but I want to see your naked body too.

I’m removing your bra.


What cute breasts.

Oh, your nipples are erect.

Today you don’t need to refrain, you can be as loud as you want. I’m the only one who’ll be able to hear your cute voice.


What’s this? You’re soaking through your underwear from just kisses.

Don’t be shy, don’t be shy, that expression is a turn-on for men.

Let’s take it off before it gets dirty.


It’s super wet here.

It’s super visible because it’s bright out.

No, don’t try to hide it. I’ll gobble up those hands, y’know?


I’ve left a red mark on your hands.

I’m sure that if your hand’s covered in them, your friends will start asking questions, like what happened there?

So y’know, how are you planning to explain that?

Come on, you’ll move your hand away from that place of yours, right?

Good girl.

Well then, allow me to dig in.


You’ve never had this place licked before, right? Much less by a sunny window.

It’s cute how you’re moaning hesitantly.

If I tease you on the inside while I caress your clit with my tongue… Look, your voice’s vibe changed.

It’s hot inside you.

You’ve never cum before, right?

Today, I’ll teach you how it feels to cum. Let your body be taken along by the pleasure. You’ll be able to cum if you do.


You climaxed nicely.

Good job, well done.

Now then, it’s about time we head over to the bed.

I’ll go put on a condom, so wait just a sec.


It’s because I’d like to cherish you. I ought to keep wearing them until the knot’s tied.

It’s the time you’ve been waiting for.

Come on, grab onto me tightly.

I’m putting it in…


Since you had cum, you’re super wet inside. I’m sliding in and out easily. Did it feel so good to the extent that it made you this wet?

This really is dangerous…

Huh? What is, you ask?

No, I’m just referring to how I might not be able to control myself. My sonny boy is an impatient animal, y’see.

Just kidding.

Oh, laughing in the middle of sex? You’re quite composed there, I see.

In that case, why don’t I steal that control from you? I’ll mess you up so hard that you won’t have the ability to laugh.


How does it feel to be made to moan while looking like a turned-over frog?

When I lift up your knees and thrust all the way in, it feels incredibly good, right? By penetrating deep, it makes it easier for me to gouge at your sweet spots.

It feels dirty, right?

All you can do is watch yourself fall apart like I said you would, right?


No getting around it, huh.

My reasoning and logic are flying out the window. Your insides are tightening so much…

The way it’s twisting and turning feels way too good.

Looking down towards you like this is such a turn-on too. I can’t stop my hips.


The way your insides are moving is amazing… Are you close to cumming?

Then today, let’s cum together.

Moan loudly and cling onto me tight.

Look, here it comes.


Sorry, I got a little bit too excited.

You’re exhausted, right? You can go ahead and take a nap if you want, I’ll go brew us some coffee.


Track 4: A Lover’s Secret (Front Side)


Young Man: Hey, wait, hold on!

Young Man: Thank god, I managed to catch up to you. The professor asked me to hand you this.

Young Man: Yes, this. It’s the list of materials needed for the upcoming lecture.

Young Man: Haa, having to buy books again… Although it’s for the sake of our future, affording textbooks as a student is kinda rough, don’t you think? Textbooks are so expensive.

Young Man: Say, you’re on your way home, right? Is it alright if I walked with you?

Young Man: On that note, why don’t we grab some tea for a bit? To tell you the truth, I’ve been interested in you for a while now, so I wanted to try to get to know you.

Young Man: …Is it not possible?


Young Man: Seriously!? Yes!!!

Young Man: In any case, there’s a wonderful cafe near the station, there we can-

Sorry to say, but you’ll have to cancel those plans.

It’s been a while, Missy.

There’s nothing unusual about me driving all the way to the university to pick up my cute fiancee. Isn’t that right?

Come on, let’s go.

Sorry, sonny boy.

Young Man: Fiancee…


Now then, why don’t I ask you why you’ve contacted me?

Why aren’t you saying anything? Did you find someone else you like?

If that’s not it then you should be able to say it, right?

Yes, that’s right, I also have a fiancee.

My full name is Sakurai Arata.

Arata is my first name, not my surname. I’m “Sakurai,” your fiance. Just realize that already.

I knew about you from the start. The least I should do is look up information on the person who might just become my marriage partner.


I gave you hints when you came over to my house. But then again, there was no nameplate on the entrance.

Why didn’t I say anything?


How could I say it? You said to me that you’d never marry some old geezer you’ve never met, not even over your dead body. …Without even knowing that the person in question was right in front of you.

I guess you prefer someone young like that sonny boy earlier, don’t you?

You weren’t too unhappy about him approaching you.

You hate to be with an old geezer like me, right? But, I’ve trained your body, haven’t I?


We’re going to a hotel.

I’ve been pretty patient until now. This is punishment for not listening to your lover and ignoring them.

Tonight, I’m going to teach you fully about who I am. Be prepared.

Track 5: A Lover’s Secret (Surface)


Come on, turn around. Your pussy’s wet either way, right?

I’ll take off your clothes on the bottoms, so place your hands on the wall and stick out your ass.

Haha, you really are wet.

You’re soaking wet and making a mess out of your underwear.

You’d never imagine that a pussy like this belonged to someone who was a virgin a month ago.

If it’s like this, I guess there’s no need for foreplay.

This is great. I could hardly wait to shove it inside you.

Let’s have me put it in.


Damn, now that I’ve decided not to hold back, I’m feeling so good, it’s frying my brain.

And even you’re moaning too.

I was right to choose a suite on the top floor. Your voice can’t leak into the hallways, so keep moaning all you want.

I didn’t care that you were ignoring my calls. We’re far apart in age, so I thought I might’ve done something wrong without knowing. So 3 days ago when we were supposed to meet, I had planned to profusely apologize and confess to you that I was your fiance

However, you left me out to dry!

And on top of that, none of my messages were ever read. That’s why I came all the way to the university to see you.


And when I did, were you not there having fun with a young man?

You were smiling with an expression I had never seen before.

Not only that, moves were being made on you.

If I hadn’t come, you were going to go out with that sonny boy, weren’t you? He’s probably thinking that if he’s lucky, he could score you.

You haven’t even broken up with me yet, so don’t you think that’s bad manners?


That’s right, I was jealous.

For a grown adult man, that’s pathetic, right? But, even adults experience jealousy at least once or twice, especially when it pertains to the woman you’re in love with.

I’m in love with you.

Obviously, I wouldn’t want anyone else to take you.


Damn, I’m cumming…

No, I won’t cum outside. I’m going to cum inside.


Listen, we’re heading over to the bed. Doesn’t look like you’re able to stand after being hammered from the back.

I’ll carry you there.

There’s pussy juice trickling down your thighs.

Ahh…did you squirt?

The carpet’s been soaked through too. Did vigorous jealous-ridden adult sex feel that good to you?

Since you enjoy it so much, I’ll ram you more again on the bed.


This barely satisfies me.

I want to…


A man who’s thirsts for women even after a full round is shameful, right?

I’ve been holding back all this time. Truthfully, I wanted to have more sex with you, but I worried if you were to find out that I was not only an easily jealous man but also one that can’t be satisfied with one round, you’d think I was only aiming for your body and come to despise me.

The other day, I jacked off so many times that I can’t count while you were sleeping.

I masturbated while staring at your sleeping face and grinding up against your body. I pleasured myself all while dirtying these soft thighs and this ass and thinking about how badly I wanted to impregnate you and make you my woman.

It may not be the same for you, but I’ve lost my mind after meeting you. No matter how many times I beat myself off, I was never satisfied.

I could never erase thoughts of you from my mind. That’s how crazy I am about you!


So, how’s it for you? With how soaking wet your pussy is, you like me at least a little, right? Even though I’m having rough sex with you, you’re spraying pussy juice everywhere, all while clamping down on my cock.

I’ve drilled it into this body, haven’t I?

Both your pussy, its entrance, and this deep spot there, I’ve pounded them endlessly and taught them the taste of me, haven’t I? I’ve made you experience tons of pleasure so that you’d never leave me, haven’t I?

When I prop up your legs by your knees and hammer you, you cum right away, don’t you?

That’s the body I’ve made yours into, right?

Hey, you love me, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t make that expression, right? You wouldn’t be screaming that you love me with your body like this, right?


Dammit, clamping down with such strength…

I told you, didn’t I? I’m a man who likes to drown their one lover with affection.

My love is heavy, y’know? I would never cheat, I would only ever love you, and I would cherish you for life. I would never let you worry about anything in life and I would also support your dreams.

I’ll love you so immensely that there’s no room for other guys, I’ll swear that I’ll grant you a lifetime of happiness, so love me more, so please choose me and get married to me!


Fuck, I’m cumming… I’m going to cum.

Gulp down my fresh semen.


Even though it’s the second time, I came loads.

Ah…I’ve filled you with my cum it seems.

Hey, I love you this much, so you’ll agree to marry me, right?

Track 6: Good End – My Tomboyish Wife


Hey, do you know where the documents are? The ones for the residential district that’s going to be developed.

Wait, hey, what are you doing!?


Oh, you were grabbing that book.

Come on, get down from the step stool. I’ll get it for you.

Jeez, I told you to call for me during times like these. During your last physical exam, you were warned about anemia, weren’t you? What were you gonna do if you got dizzy and fell from the step stool?

Your body right now isn’t just yours alone.

No, I should apologize for fretting and raising my voice too.


I figured you had the documents.

You sure love working, don’t you? I never imagined that you would become an architect too.

You’ve always been very helpful in getting me through my work. Thank you.

That being said, I think my wife is a little too tomboyish. I fear that I might worry myself to death. You were the type to fall in love with me without even realizing that I was your fiance, isn’t right?

Spirited, tomboyish, hopelessly reckless, and incredibly cute.

Though, I guess I should’ve let the cat out of the bag sooner.


Hey, that day you said you wouldn’t marry that old geezer, not even over your dead body, but what about now?

You’re glad to have married me, right?

I’m an old geezer, so I’ve got patience.

Mhm, I’m happy too.


So, can I embrace you tonight?

I was trying not to affect the child inside you and was refraining from it the past while, but even so, I want to do it with you.

I love you in every sense of the word.

I’ve loved you even before you fell in love with me.

Thank you. I’ll go visit the construction site for a bit then. I ought to work hard too so that my family can be happy.

However, you are to sit still.

If something were to happen while I’m gone-


Hey, don’t push my back!

Hurry up and go, you say? I’m worried about you, y’know?

Hey, listen when someone’s talking!

Track 7: Merry Bad End – Keeping Precious Things in a Box


Ahh, there’s really no beating the act of breaking the woman you love, their pussy feels so much better once they break.

Those subtle reactive moans they let out despite becoming like a doll are absolutely wonderful…!!! Their heart may be broken, but their body continues to indulge in pleasure.


Hey, do you know why your father had you marry me?

Your father’s company was near bankruptcy and for that reason, he came to my company for funds.

Basically, you were sold to me.

He had sold off the daughter that he carefully raised because of financial setbacks. He knew that I’d break you.

That man prioritized his position as a company president over you. So, there won’t be anyone who’ll search for you. No one will come to try and save you.

You’ll be here forever and ever until the day you die as my onahole.


Ahh… You’re tightening up, you’re tightening up.

When I strangle your neck like this, your pussy clenches down too. You’ve sure become a great onahole, haven’t you?

You see, I need to have sex every day in order to produce good work.

And if it isn’t a woman I’ve taken a liking to, they simply can’t make me cum.

I don’t know if it was because I went overboard, but all the women before you committed suicide. So, I’m never letting you go and not even death can stop me.

I’ve even built a basement under this house.

You wouldn’t mind that, right? I was the one who designed it, after all. It’s a basement that exists solely for fucking you.

I ought to place my precious things in a box and treasure them, isn’t that right?


I love you. I’m truly in love with you.

If you had agreed to marry me that day, this would’ve never happened. As long as you had accepted me and didn’t attempt to flee from my side, we would for sure be normal.

I would’ve controlled my desires, and things would’ve been great.

So, it’s all your fault.

You drove me insane and made it so that I couldn’t live without you. And if you hadn’t tried to run away, things would’ve never ended up like this.


Did you cum again?

You’ve gotten quite the nice body now, don’t you? As expected, a broken-in pussy is far better than a tight virgin one.

Besides, there’s no other woman who would take my cock down to the base and stick their tongue stupidly and moan.

Here, I’ll choke you again, so cling to my cock tightly.

Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you won’t die from it. I’m experienced with this type of thing. I am an old geezer, after all. I have tons of experience.


Seriously, I can’t get enough of this. You’re coiling around my dick… That stupid-looking face, that strained voice… I love it all, everything.

Hey, after the next short while, quit taking the pills, and let’s start making babies.

I’ll raise the children, so don’t worry about anything and keep on getting pregnant and giving birth. Just leave everything to me.

All you have to do is stick out your pussy and let me in.

If you do, I’ll let you live a happy life.


I enjoy using the women I like for as long as possible, so stay with me for the long haul, my precious wife.


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