【Translation】 Shuuchaku eye 3 Comic Stellaworth Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Abe Atsushi (阿部敦)

Track 1: Encore


Uh… Hehe.

So firework displays are this crowded, huh?

Oh! There’s a step there, so be careful.


Hold on a second there. If I remember correctly, the fireworks are in an hour.


You’re kidding… Sorry, I think I might’ve messed up the time!

That’s a good idea. Let’s watch from the shrine.


Are you alright!?

Thank god.


Should we hold hands so that we won’t lose sight of each other?


Wow, it’s beautiful.

Being able to watch fireworks together like this feels almost like a dream. I could’ve never imagined it when we first met.

It’s nostalgic, right?

During the time when I was working part-time as a traffic guard near your house, you came and greeted me.

M-m, I was genuinely happy.

To you, they might’ve been trivial words, but that day changed my life.

It’s not an exaggeration. It was during a period of depression for me, so that greeting cheered me up greatly. After that, we’d sometimes cross paths and say hello to each other, and eventually, we started having casual conversations.

It was like a ray of light amidst my dark days.



Oh, sorry, it sounded really metaphorical, right? It’s a bad habit of mine.


Thank you.

Even returning to the world of acting that I had once given up on was thanks to you. When I brought up my past as an actor, you said…

“Why did you give up on something you love that easily?”

It wasn’t to comfort me or out of pity, you simply spoke your honest feelings to me.

You were the first, the first person to pinpoint my problems directly.

And it took me a bit off-guard at that time.

Oh, don’t apologize. As you can see, I’m extremely grateful to you. That day, I realized that I had been fooling myself. I love acting, and because I hadn’t yet done all that I could, I was left with many regrets.

And that’s why I’ve decided to give it another try.


I know that it’s difficult to start from nothing, but I’ve decided that no matter how disheartening it may be, I’m going to try my hardest to struggle through it.

Truly, thank you.


To tell you the truth, there’s one more thing I’d like to convey to you.

I’m…in love with you. I want to become a pillar of support for you like you have been for me. Could you, could you please go out with me?

Eh? S-Sorry, I didn’t think you’d find it so unpleasant that it’d make you cryーー

You’re happy?

Could that possibly mean that you’re…

It’s like a dream.

Uh-huh, I’m crying tears of joy too.


Eh? We can’t have that.

It’s embarrassing, so please let me remain like this for a little longer.


Is it…really okay?

I’m really happy to be your first, but I apologize if I go overboard because of my overwhelming feelings of love.

It’s not embarrassing at all. You’re very beautiful…


Your nipples have gotten hard.


Don’t hold back your voice, let me hear more of it.


Does it feel good?

That’s a relief. I hope that you’d help me learn all the places that feel good for you.


Does that place ache?

You’re right. I can tell even with your underwear on.

I guess we should take that off.


It’s this wet already…

I’m happy that you’re feeling it.

Let me put my fingers inside.


It’s warm inside…

Let’s have you feel really good.


Do you like it here? How cute. Your voice has gotten louder.


Are you weak to your ears too? You’ve been trembling the past while.

Eh? You like my voice?

Jeez, if you say something cute like that at a time like this, it’ll put me in a bind.

I love your voice too.

But still, a voice this sweet is just straight unfair.


Wow, it’s getting to me.

Are you about to cum?

It’s fine. Cum.


What naughty sounds.

You’re swallowing up my fingers so eagerly… You’re so cute.

Sorry, I was just so happy that you complimented my voice. That being said, I’m near my limit too.


I’ll take it slow.


Are you okay? Does it hurt?


Sorry, it feels so that I think I might cum the moment I move.

Seriously, there’s no putting up airs here.

You want me to make you mine? Where did you learn lines like that?

Goodness, I can’t win against you.

I won’t hold back then.


It feels good… Because you just came, you’re squeezing down so hard.


Are you alright? It might still hurt a little, but that’ll slowly turn into pleasure.

Let’s experience tons of pleasure together.


Have I managed to reach deep inside you? You like it here, right?

It’s not strange at all.

I’m happy that you want me this much. I really love that honest side of you, it makes me want to go further.

Eh? You want kisses?

Sure, I do too.


I’m getting so absorbed in this that it feels like I’m going to love my mind.

I love these kisses I have with you.

Did you feel happy when I said I loved him?

Just how adorable are you? A reaction like that is honestly cheating. If you clamp down like that, I’ll end up cumming too.

Sorry, I really don’t think I can control myself. I wanted to be gentle, but I can’t stop my hips.

…I’ll end up wanting you more.


Hey, not “Mr. Asai”, call me Naoki.

Thank you.

I love you. I love you so much!


I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Are you able to sleep?

I’m thinking of staying awake for a little longer.

I’m a bit afraid to sleep.

It’s weird, right? I’m afraid that this was all just a wishful dream, and that the moment I wake up, I’d return to a reality without you.


I think I’m so happy that I’ve grown easily frightened.


Say, can we hold hands just for today?

It’s warm.

Mhm. Thank you.

Good night.

If it’s a happy end like this, I wouldn’t mind if it’s only amidst a dream.

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