【Translation】 WHISPER ~Mienai Kairaku~ Amazon Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: At His Workplace


Huh? Phone call?

Oh, thank you for bringing me my phone.


I told them not to call me on my phone…


I’m not going to pick it up. I have you, after all.



Ah! That startled me, don’t just suddenly peek at my phone.

Why that is?

There’s a lot of stuff on it.

Come on, it’s about time for you to leave too. Go and get changed.

Eh? Are you angry by any chance?

Hey, wait! Aren’t you misunderstanding something?!


I have a project meeting later at 2 PM, huh.

I wonder if there’s any free conference room, I have to check.

Ahh, I can’t do this. The moment I lose focus, I remember what happened this morning. There had have been a better way to cover up that phone call, there should be a limit on how unnatural that was.

I made her, someone who’s rarely angry, angry.

I guess I should buy a cake on my way home when I leave.


Oh, right on time. But, why are you here on this floor?

Oh well.

Erm, 7th floor, 7th floor…

W-What!? EH?!! Why are you here?! Don’t tell me-

No, there’s no questioning it, you’re her spirit, right?

Hah?! You suspected me of cheating!?

I have not cheated on you! I know you may have thought that because I was acting weird this morning, but that’s a misunderstanding.

You’re going to punish me for making you anxious?

What are you-


No, no, no, stop! This is the workplace!

You’ve got to be kidding me.

I told you no. No, no, no! Don’t stroke it!


If people at the company see me panting and getting erect in the elevator, there’s no getting out of that.

Licking it is a bad idea…

I’m holding back, so when you trace around the tip with your tongue, it tingles as if electricity is coursing through me and puts me on the verge of cumming.

The underside too…

When you caress me up and down with your lips, my…hips will start moving on their own.

I’m to cum.

I’m cumming-


Why are you grasping the base? I won’t be able to cum-

Wait, why are you taking off my necktie?

Tying the base with my necktie…? That’s not how it’s supposed to be used! I can’t cum, yet… If you go that fast, I-

I was about to cum, please stop stopping right before. I’m begging you, please. I don’t care if someone sees, even if the elevator door opens, I want to cum! I want to let it all out!


Please let me cum.

Yes, please…


Did you swallow?

Thank you.


Oh, shoot! I have to pull out.


Oh, uh, hello. Good day.

I thought it was completely out of service but it turns out that I forgot to press the button.

I’ll…I’ll be getting off.


That was such a close call. I managed to make it to the toilets for now, but I have to do something about this.

AHH!!! You can’t be coming into the stalls, this is the men’s toilet.

It’s fine because you can’t be seen…?

That’s not the problem!

Are you planning to continue punishing me?

I have to be getting back soon, though.

Alright, I’ll do as you say. I just have to sit down on the toilet seat, right?


Removing my pants again… Just what kind of punishment is it this time?

Eh? Why are you straddling over me?

Don’t tell me you’re inserting it without any foreplay?


Okay, things are getting a little too reckless here.


Lowering your panties yourself and such… Aren’t you a little too erotic when you’re aggressive? Not to mention there’s so much leaking out that threads are forming.

Did you become like this from licking me?

You’re soaking wet. My fingers feel like they’re about to be drowned in your juices.

Wait, what are you-

Lifting up the hem of your skirt sensually, where did you learn that from?

Rubbing your thigh against me is not enough.

Please don’t tease me, of course I want to enter inside you.

“I wonder what I should do?”

Please don’t be mean. If you’re angry about what happened this morning, I’m telling you it’s a misunderstanding. That phone call was from a junior. I turned down their confession and rejected their phone calls, but…they just wouldn’t give up.


I hid it from you because I didn’t want you to worry, but, I’m sorry for not explaining it properly.

Am I still not allowed to put it inside you? Since the moment you blew me, I wanted to thrust into you, thrust into you so badly that I nearly went over the edge.

Thank you.

If I had to wait any longer, I was going to lose my mind.


Please come on top of me…

I’m entering deep inside you…

You’re moving on your own. Do you still not trust me? When we’re connected like this, my body can’t react to anyone but you. I’m sure you know that, right?

What are you saying? This is the only way to confirm my feelings, you say?

There’s no replacement for you, whom I love.

Eh? I would never hate you.


!? Someone’s here.

Please stop for a moment.

Why are you…moving more vigorously? My voice, the noises, I can’t suppress them.

Kiss. Kiss. Please silence my mouth.


I want to cum…

Shake your hips more.

I’ll thrust up from below, so…

Cumming, I’m cumming!



The guy outside ran away.

I figured the sounds were echoing, looks like we were caught.

But, I don’t want to part from you.

Entwine your tongue with mine.


Let’s stay interlocked for a little bit more.

I love you.

Sorry for making you anxious. My heart and body belong solely to you, after all.

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