【Translation】 Shuuchaku eye 4 Stellaworth Tokuten


Thank You to Tai for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Furukawa Makoto (古川慎)

Track 1: Desire to Drown


Why did you accept the package earlier without my permission? Were you that desperate to talk to a man besides me?

I told you, didn’t I? There’s no need for you to step even a foot outside.

ーーAnd that speaking with another man is absolutely unforgivable.


It was only your hands that were touched, right?

I had them washed several times and even disinfected them, but I’m still extremely revolted. Why did you even brush against someone?

I love you this deeply, am always by your side, and only ever have eyes for you, and yet…


I’m being rough with you on purpose. Can’t you tell? I’m angry.

“It hurts, it hurts”? Have you ever thought of my pain?


Well, isn’t that right? Even if it doesn’t feel good, you can still have sex.

“It was all my own self-conceitedness”…

Just kidding. Look at how good you’re feeling; that can’t possibly be true, right? You’re soaking wet inside.


Did you cum just now?

We can’t have that. You got to say that you’re cumming when you’re cumming.

You sure love being penetrated from the back, don’t you? You orgasm from it within seconds.

You’re honestly way too cute.

I love you.


You’re feeling this good because you love me too, right?

Hey, I want to hear it coming from your mouth.

Say that you love having sex with me and that it feels good. Say it.

What a relief.

Then let’s feel even better.


Eh? But you’re the one who said it feels good?

I won’t go back on it that easily; there’s nothing more to worry about.

Come on, this time, let’s cum together.

Cumming…! I’m cumming-!


You must be thirsty, right? Wait just a moment.


Are you able to sit up?

Here. Water.


It’s just water. I only mixed drugs into your drinks on occasions because I was worried that you weren’t sleeping.

You really only ever think about yourself, huh? I thought you’d change during this one month.

In the end, you haven’t changed in the slightest.

You’re the one who ISN’T NORMAL!!! I’ve been taking care of you this graciously… How are you able to say such cruel things? Cherishing someone and not being cherished back, is there not something wrong with that?

Is it not pitiful to not be praised for your hard work and effort!?

I love you.

And, to not be loved in return…? What reason is there for me to live?


I should’ve never remembered these feelings. I should’ve never had hopes.

I thought that if it were you…

In the end, I had the affection of no one, of nothing.

Kill me. If you’re going to keep rejecting me, then kill me right now.

Yes, please take this.

It’s better if I never existed, right? Then there’s no need to hesitate.

Come on, please. You’ve got one shot.



No worries, if it’s someone you hate, you should be more than able to kill them.

You’re right, we’ve always been together.

I guess so. Perhaps if you had noticed me sooner, it might have never turned out this way…

Even for Yousuke.

Mhm. It’s your fault as well, but…I’ve done a lot of bad things. That’s why I’m telling you to kill me to put an end to everything.


So you can’t do it.

I see.

You are kind, after all.

In that case, can you take responsibility? If you’re going to allow me to live, then swear that you’ll forever be by my side and that you’ll never reject me again.

Make me believe you.

I won’t let go of this hand until you give me a response.


If I were to think about it in simple terms… The fact that you didn’t kill me must mean you’re afraid to have me gone.

It’s proof that you have feelings for me.

You’re not seeing me as Yousuke, but properly as Keisuke.

That’s right, I can’t imagine any other possibility than that.

Look, the answer’s right there for you.


There’s so much blood coming from these hands…

Look at how much is spilling.

Hey, I’m sure I’m beaming with the best possible expression right now.

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  1. Vu Anh

    So we stab him for real!
    I know that Shuuchaku eye series always have 1 tokuten that the ML die, but this is too painful.
    Do you have plan on translate other volume of this Series?


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