【Translation】 Gaten-kei Onani Machine no Chinpan SEX ~Shataku no Rinjin, Rinkai Oazuke Play~


Thank You to Wilock for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

ガテン系オナニーマシンのチンパンSEX ~社宅の隣人、臨界お預けプレイ~

CV: Masahito (雅仁)

Track 1: Through a Thin Wall


T: Well, thanks for everything, man. My god, I’ve been living here for so long; it’s saved me a lot of grief, though. Company housing sure is a must-have.

Haa… You are one cheery fellow. Make sure to cherish your girlfriend.

T: Of course! It’s because of her that I’m able to keep toiling away at work without quitting.

Is that so?

T: If it were up to me, I’d be more concerned about you.

Huh? Why?

T: I mean, you’re still a virgin at that age!

T: After I leave, make sure you get yourself a girlfriend. You can’t keep jacking off to porn magazines forever.

You’re not wrong, but this is a company housing residence; everyone here is acquaintances from work. Also, it’s just not possible for me. I’m not good at talking and whenever I’m in front of women, I get so nervous that I can’t get any words out.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get a girlfriend.

T: Quiet! Quiet! Get a grip on yourself. Stop being so discouraged, you probably, will, err… You never know if you’re going to get a girlfriend! It’s not good to just assume. The future’s never set!!! …Prob.


Will I really be able to get one? A girlfriend, that is.

T: Of course you can! You know, the world is, well, vast. I’m not well-versed, but lift up that mood! If you keep looking so gloomy, fortune will evade you.

Oh, alright.

T: Well, I’m off. I’ll be praying that you get yourself a girlfriend soon. See ya!


What a happy mood he’s in.

Okay, uh…

Which one do I go with? Maybe this?

Alright, let’s do it.


Why don’t you just acknowledge it? That it feels good to be fucked raw by me.

Come on, cum! Get pregnant from my semen!


Oh, that feels good. So good. So, so good.

I’m cumming! I’m cumming…inside you!


Now that Takeru has left, I can masturbate however much I please without worrying about him.

A girlfriend, huh… Must be nice.

I guess I’ll masturbate.

Which page should I jack off to next?

In the kitchen…? Teasing wife from the back as she cooks dinner then sticking it right in and creampie-ing her?



This is nice…

I love your home-cooking, but I want to devour you far, far more. Right?

Come on, place that kitchen knife down onto the cutting board and grasp this instead.

Leave your apron on. Right now, I want you to feel me.


Isn’t it fine?

Show your dirty side all to me. Stroke my penis even harder with your hands.

Here, this place…

Eh? My door?

I was at a good spot, even. Jeez, who is it? Interrupting someone while they’re jacking off… Damn it.




Track 2: Vixen at the Entrance


Yes, who is it?


Eh? You’re from the gym… Err, did something happen?

So umm, you want me to give you a bit of soy sauce?

O-O-Okay, got it. Please wait just a moment.

No, no, I don’t mind. If I must say, it would be far more dangerous for you to go out shopping alone at this hour.

Having such a bold slit… I can see even the base of your thighs.

Erm, uh, when you’re wearing such sexy clothes, it’s even more so.


I…I-I apologize! I wasn’t trying to stare. It umm, happened to catch my eye.

And then, uh, I thought “how erotic.”

I’m sorry, I’ll go grab you the soy sauce right away.


Yeah. You can wait inside if you want…I mean, I wouldn’t mind it.

Then, please wait over there for a moment. I’ll get it for you in just a minute.


Okay… Would this be enough?

You, w-what are you looking at!? Those are my… Well, umm, yes, they are publications targeted towards adult men.

A woman shouldn’t be saying words like “porn magazines.”

No, seriously.

W-Wait!!! Don’t stand here and read it out loud…!

No, it’s not a matter of reading it out with emotion. That’s not the problem!

That, is, uh, true, but…

Eh? Wait, you heard?!! …You heard me jacking off as I read lines out from the book!?


Ahh, I’ve done it, I didn’t think about how thin the walls were.

It’s over for me.

The moment they find out there’s such a massive pervert in the company, I’m going to get fired.

Umm, could you please keep silent about this?

I, uh, have a very strong libido.

Eh!? You’ll…cooperate?

W-What do you mean? Are you going to do something risque?

The one condition is that I’m not allowed to touch you?


No, I’m not against the idea! It’s just that, getting you involved is… I feel kind of bad about it.

And maybe kind of guilty.

Understood. I’ll promise you that.

So, uh, what am I supposed to do? Do I just stand here?


No… I just came earlier. If you kiss and lick my nipples then…I’ll get erect again.

If you, if you…

Don’t stare at my dick. Just you staring at it at this close distance will make me even harder.

Stroking and caressing my dick with your fingers as you lick my nipples…

If you rub the outside, I…I’ll-


I was made to cum. I was made to cum by a woman.


Track 3: Genuine Prostration


Eh? You’re not going to end it there?

The feeling of you stroking my dick… The feeling of you licking and flattening nipples…

They both feel good!

This is bad…

Being touched by a woman like this is…a first, and it’s sending shivers down my spine.

I’m becoming more and more engorged inside your hands…

I’m about to…cum again!


No, no, I’m not a quickshot. Your technique is just really good. …I think.

Earlier, I promised that I wouldn’t touch you, but, uh…

PLEASE!!! Please, if you could find it in you, please allow me the privilege of licking your boobs…!!!


To be told, I’m actually a virgin… I don’t have any experience touching or being touched by a woman.

So, please, I beg of you, I beg of you!!!


Thank you, thank you so much!

So these are real-life boobs… They hit with, they hit with so much force.

They’re erotic, they’re so, so erotic.

Please excuse me then.


So soft…

They’re soft and elastic, and they’ve got a springiness to them.

They’re warm, and when it’s like this, I find it somehow really calming. Thank you.

U-Umm! Umm, uh…


The nectar flowing down your thighs looked delicious and umm, I think it would be a huge waste to have it drip onto the floors!

Please. Please…!!! Please hear out my pleas!


Thank you so much, thank you so much!!! I’m truly grateful to you from the bottom of my soul!!!

So, uh, it’s a bit hard to perform cunnilingus​ while standing, so can we change positions?

Uh, umm, if possible, can you lay down on the table?

Then, uh, I’ll lift you up then.


Now, let’s have your two legs sit on top of my shoulders.

I’ll shift aside your underwear and start licking you then.


So this is a woman’s…

To think pussies would have such a beautiful pink color. and be like a clam…

This is incredible, there are threads clinging to your underwear.



Then uh, I’ll dig in then.


It’s sweet and acidic, and it’s delicious.


Wow, nectar is pouring out non-stop from inside you.

You’re trembling and the inside of your vagina has started constricting… Does this mean you’re feeling good?

I’m happy.

This time I’ll be the one to make you cum.


Can I cum with you while listening to your moans of pleasure?

I’ll do it. I’ll cum.



Wow! I’m happy that I came together with you.

Thank you for going along with me.


Track 4: Having Watched Too Much Porn


Umm, can I ask you one thing?

Even though we just got off earlier in the kitchen, why are we here in the bedroom?

Could it be that you’re…

Letting me have sex with you or something like that?

Erm, I’m a, uh, virgin.

I-It is true that I jack off to porn magazines every day, but… No, uh, I’m fine. I watch porn every day, so I have the knowledge.

I don’t have any dating experience with women, but I’ll do my best!

Eh? “I’ll teach you”?




Eh? So, uh, I’m on the bottom?

I understand. This is where you want to insert my dick inside immediately and ride me cowgirl-style, right?


Wait, why did you hit me?

Eh? In this situation, you don’t want to move onto the real deal right off the bat?

Ow!!! I’m sorry.

Umm, uh, what I should be doing?

Too impatient…?

I’m sorry, I thought with sex, you go straight to penetration right after meeting someone.

So, uh, I guess that’s not the case?

So it isn’t…


I apologize, even though you’re working with me, I…

I thought I was going to be suffocated to death by these soft boobs.


Eh? Fondle your breasts while readying your pussy with my fingers?

Are you sure?

Understood. Please pardon me then.


I’ll insert my fingers inside here.

To think a woman’s body would be this soft to the touch in real life… It’s so warm.

Wow, your pussy is swallowing up my fingers with delight.

It’s super hot inside you… Your insides are twisting and inviting my finger in deeper and deeper.

Even though this is a place that I’m touching for the first time, I’m making my way inside you… Your insides are enveloping my finger and you’re twitching inside.

So this is how a woman’s pussy moves… Incredible.


The entrance is wet, but umm, does my finger hurt?

It’s thick and long. Does it feel good?

I see. That’s a relief.

Should I increase the number of fingers? I’ll insert another two.

S-Sorry, I’ll go one by one.


Your back is arching backwards… Does it feel good, perhaps?

Just loosening up your insides with my fingers has made your nipples hard and erect.

Even when I tease them with my tongue, they’re still sticking straight up.

You can see them, right? …Your red, upright nipples.


Is it alright for me to insert my dick in now?

But…will it go in?

No, uh, I’m just talking to myself.

Then, uh, I’ll be putting it in then.


This is bad, I’m getting nervous.

Please umm, excuse me then.

Sorry for the intrusion…


This is out of this world.

I’m cumming.

Your pussy feels way too good. I’m going to cum from just putting it in.



I-I’m sorry.

It felt too good. The moment my dick went all the way into your pussy, your hot, wet vaginal walls clenched around my entire dick and it felt unbearably good.

……And I came from just inserting it.


Umm, is it not painful for you? Because when I inserted it, you let out a strained moan.

You’re still clamping down on me… Wow.

I’m still hard. I’ll move my hips.

This feels too darn good. I’m going to melt. You’re clamping down way too hard. Your insides are fastening around my dick and seizing hold of it…

This isn’t good. I’m being too eager, aren’t I?


You tightened up without warning, so my dick got hard again and my reason flew out the window… I’m sorry if I was too ravenous.

This time around, I’ll move slowly.

People say that solely my “thing” is big, so is it not hard on you?


Big is better…? You sure are a strange person.

Your pussy is spread wide and your insides may never return to the way they once were.

Ow! Sorry, I got too carried away.

Your pussy is hot and wet, and although it’s soft, there’s this resistance when you tighten around my dick.

It feels like my body’s melting, starting from the tip of my cock.

I’m being enveloped by that odd feeling and am feeling a bit lightheaded…

So sex had been such a pleasurable thing, huh?


Thank you so much. Had you not been there, I would’ve been stuck as a virgin for life.

It’s just that, I… After having my dick squeezed down upon so many times, I’m…about to cum again.

It feels so good that it feels like I’m losing a whole lot of mental facilities…

Can you cum together with me?


Crap, crap, I’m cumming!


Every last drop of semen is being wrung out of me…

I’m going to pull out now.


That felt good.

Umm, thank you so much.

Eh? You’re leaving already?

Same here. I’ll be in your care starting tomorrow as well.

I’ll be waiting.


Huh? Since when did I have a condom on?


Track 5: Savage Act


You’re pretty eccentric too, huh? You’re here helping me masturbate every day without even the slight look of distaste on your face.

Please don’t get angry.

All…I feel is gratitude towards you.

Just the fact that we work at the same company… Just the fact we live right next to each other… Even though we aren’t lovers, you’re making me feel this good.

This the only connection we have and yet…

Still, I think I’m fine with a relationship like this.


I’ll concentrate properly, so…

If you, lick that-

It feels so good my mind is about to go blank!

I’m cumming. I’m about to-I’m about to cum from your hands!

If you stroke it with varying tempos like that, I…


Yes, thank you for today too.

Uh, umm…

No, uh, what are we going to do next?

We’re going to watch each other masturbate?

No, not at all. I was thinking about how umm, women get themselves off too…

Sorry, I said something rude again.

Of course, right? Just about everyone has sexual desires.


So you comforted yourself like that, huh?

Your voice and the sounds of you fingering yourself are echoing inside my bathroom.

And it’s really turning me a whole lot.

Look, just hearing your voice and watching you masturbate has made my cock hard again.

Even though I was made to cum by your hands mere moments ago, pre-cum’s oozing out of the tip already.


You’re cumming already, right?

Your body’s shaking and trembling… How cute. I’m going to cum too.


Truth be told… I didn’t say it earlier, but there’s something I’d like to ask you.

Umm, uh, I’m really happy that you’re helping me out, but still, I don’t think this relationship should continue. So, umm…

This is just a suggestion, but…

Could you go out with me with the end goal of marriage?

I thought I should take full, proper responsibility for getting you caught up in my circumstances.


Yes, please lay them out. I’ll do my best!

EH!? But, that’s…


No, a man does not go back on his words.


T: One-week masturbation ban!?

T: Were you told by someone that they would date you if you didn’t masturbate for a week?


T: You sound like you’re dying right now. Are you even alive?


T: To you, that’s almost a savage condition. Also, a one-week masturbation ban? Isn’t that a little too high-handed? Ain’t it practically impossible? You have such a high sex drive.


T: Hey, hey, why don’t you think of it this way? This is the only week that you’ll have to endure in your lifetime. I mean, you like her, right?


T: Then push through it, I’ll be cheering you on.


T: You don’t want to keep dragging on with this sex friend thing, right?


T: Stop going “unghh,” and say something!

It feels good, but I don’t like it. …Just taking advantage of each others’ bodies like this.


T: Well, you are an upright guy. Though, personally, I think it suits you. Go do your best.

Ugh, it’s just that…it’s hard. Every moment of each day is painful.

T: Which day are you on today?

It’s only the third day.

I want to pull it out, cum, and feel good so badly. I immediately get in the bath and drink myself to sleep after work to try to have as few unnecessary thoughts as possible, but…

I want to cum so badly that I don’t care how.

T: Masturbating’s become a daily routine for you, huh? …Though in your case, it also means you’re an addict.

T: Oh, I got an idea! Why don’t you tie up your dick so that you won’t masturbate?

It’s coming undone…

Could you cooperate with me?

T: No, it was a joke. That being said, if it does become serious, make sure to tell me. I’m cheering you on.

T: This could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so hang in there! See ya.


Another four days…

It feels so long.


Track 6: Controlling Animalistic Desires


Good evening…

Today’s the 8th day since I exchanged that promise with you. I have cleared the term that you set out.

I’ve kept myself from masturbating for a full week.

Because, I love you.

For me, it has been the longest and most grueling days of my life. But, because the future of being married to you was right before my eyes, I held on for this past week.

And with encouragement from my friend, I’ve managed to somehow get through the week…

So, I don’t have to hold back anymore, right?



It’s been a week since I last had contact with you.

Your smell, your warmth…they’re both really calming. It was only a week, but I have never felt this drained before in my entire life. It was torture.

It’s, it’s fine, right?

It’s fine now, right?


Yes, I’ll be doing it here. I can’t take it any longer, I can’t bear even a second more.

Take off your underwear and sit on top of my face.

And shove my tongue deep inside your hole so that I can wet you all the way through.


It’s the taste of you… So sweet. And delicious. Your insides are clenching around greedily my tongue like it’s a dick.

It’s starting to tingle… I’m going to go numb.

I’ll make you cum with my tongue before it becomes useless.

Cum. Cum!


I got aroused from the voice you made while getting cunnilingus and came inside my pants.

I should’ve pulled my pants down sooner.

My pants are caught on my engorged cock and I can’t get it off.

Come on. Come on, come on, get off. I want to cum many, many more.

Umm…can you lend me a hand?


Ahh, my pants are stained.

It’s one week’s worth.

I kept enduring it. I wanted to cum, but I couldn’t. Do you know how many times I thought I was about to lose my mind this past week?

Masturbating and sex were all my mind could think about.

Eh? You ought to reward me?

In…what sense?


My dick is being sandwiched between your thighs and caressed… Your thighs feel so good. It feels so good between your thighs!

I love being caressed by you!


I’m gonna cum from your thighs.

I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cu-


Wow, cum’s still splurting out.

It was building up during all this time.


Track 7: Evolved Primate


I, I still haven’t had enough of you. I’m going to lift up your body so I can penetrate deep inside you.

I want to cum inside you. I want to let it out inside you.

I’ll support your body, so I’m gonna put it in.


Wet and slippery, this sensation of my cock entering inside you… It’s so nostalgic. It gives me shivers and it feels so good.

Having my cock enveloped by your pussy hole is the best feeling!

I feel like I can keep shaking my hips like this for an entire week.


During this past week, time and time again, I imagined your disheveled-no, it wasn’t anything that pretty.

It was delusions of me fucking you through and through.

Near the end, I was seeing it even in my dreams.

And the entire time I was thinking about how I really wanted to ravage you like this.

Having your body propped up and pressed up against the door by me… It’s far erotic than I thought. It’s cute, and it makes me want to make you cum endlessly and feel good with me.


You, coming to my room that day… It made me happy. But, a relationship that was solely for the sake of masturbating, I didn’t want that.

So, please make me your lover.

Please give me all of you… Not just your body, your heart too. Everything.


I’m cumming!


An entire side of the entrance is white from my semen.

Still, I have to leave my scent all over you, don’t I, right?


I was banned from masturbating for a week, so of course this isn’t enough to satiate me. 

I guess there’ll be no need for us to announce that we’re lovers to others. I’m sure it’s obvious what we’re doing. …Because the walls in this company residence are thin, after all.


It feels good.

I have to leave my mark not just on the entrance but inside you as well.



Please let me coat your insides.

I’m, I’m going to cum.



It’s, it’s still not enough.

Let’s change locations.

I won’t let you down yet. We’re going to stay interlocked… Oh, right, bedroom.

Compared to the weight of machinery on-site, carrying you is hardly much. Besides, with each step I take, my dick strikes against your deepest spot and it feels good, doesn’t it?

Even if you try to suppress your voice, I can tell.

You’re shaking and trembling like a little animal, and it’s very cute.


Now then, we’ve reached the bed.

Let’s continue.


Do you remember my shape now?

Saying that you want me to engrain it deeper into your memories… It’ll make it even harder for me to stop, will it not?

Earlier, I had you propped up while standing, so I thought that this time we’d do normal missionary.

But, the break’s over.

Why don’t we do it with you on top?


Come here.

In this position, I reach your deepest spots and it feels good, right?

I’ll lift up your hips and place you on top of my lap.

It’s piercing all the way through you, right?


Sounding like you’re in more pleasure than before makes me happy too.

But, when I move your hips back and forth like this, it hits different places and it feels good, right?

That much I can tell. We’ve joined our bodies together like this countless times.

I remember all the spots that you love.

This time, I’ll make you feel good.


Those breasts of yours before my eyes are jiggling appetizingly.

The moment I began teasing your breasts, your hips started moving, right?

Regardless, I’m not letting you escape.


I’ll pound your womb endlessly while teasing your breasts like this.

Your insides are twitching even more than before.

Drilling into me so that I can grind against you deeper… Are you about to cum already?

How cute.

Let’s cum together.


Let’s hold hands.

I love you.

From here on out, our new relationship will begin.

I love you.

I’ll finally be able to become one with you in the truest sense.

Cumming, I’m cumming!

I’m cumming!


I’ll be in your care in the future to come.


Track 8: The Results of Lust


T: The start was well, you know… I guess I’m not one to talk. Anyhow, it’s great that it all went well.

T: You graduated from being a virgin, you got past the masturbation ban. All’s well that ends well.

The result was all right.

So, uh…

The month after the next, I’m going to get married to her.


T: Eh!? Are you serious?

T: What do you call that again, uh, uh speed… Speed marriage!

Speedy marriage.



And just you spoke, she’s come back.

T: Oh, I’m hanging up then.

It’s fine, I think. I’m with her every day.

T: You’re just referring to sex, no?

T: For women, even outside of sex, you have to properly do what they say, spend time with them, say “thank you” and listen to them!


T: Otherwise, you’ll start growing apart. That’s what I saw on television.

Oh, so you’re just parroting what you saw on television?

T: Yes, because it was said by a lawyer who was familiar with divorce proceedings. …Though I don’t remember much of it.

T: I’m planning to be cautious, so you be careful too. If you don’t wanna break up with her, that is.

You’re…right. I am a bad talker. I’ll watch out.



Oh, uh, I was chatting a bit about the future. 

I’m speaking with Takeru right now; the guy I mentioned last time.

Yes, my childhood friend.

T: Yo! Nice to meet you, I’m Sekikawa Takeru! Your cupid of love!

Cupid. What are you going to do if she believes you?

T: Hah!? But it’s the truth, no? If I kept staying at your place, you would still be avoidant of women now, no? And you would still live your life jacking off to porn magazines, no?

This is not the time to be mentioning that!


Wait, wait-

Don’t roll up my shirt.

T: Haha! Hey, hey, are you for real?

If you pinch my nipples, then squeeze and twist them…

Don’t…flatten them or pull them either.


Touching me directly with your hands too… Stop!

T: Umm, I’m not one to say this, but you two are incredible.

That’s true, but…

Don’t massage it with the palms of your hands!


Sorry, Sorry, I’ll carry you another time.

T: Alright. I’ll get out of the way.

Wait…! If you tease it that hard, again I’ll… Cumming-!

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