【Translation】 Bonnou Guilty ~Tenshi no Kao mo 7-Do made~


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煩悩ギルティ ~天使の顔も7度まで~

CV: Hozuki Kaoru (鬼灯馨), Nagashima (ながしま), Sametarou (さめたろう), Tsurumi Tettou (鶴見鉄塔), Katamise (片見世), Akitsuki Yuuto (秋月勇人), Shirai Fuuto (白井風斗), Ore (Ore)

Track 1: Journey’s Beginning


To think an individual who is able to be reincarnated this quickly would appear…

Your work in the heavens must have paid off, correct?

Wonderful. In that case, please allow me to grant you your first and last reward.

I will allow you to spend one day freely in the lower realms. Let us just say it is a preview of the lower realms that you will be reincarnated to.

It is somewhat akin to those “graduation trips” of your world.

However, although you have a form in this world, you will drift as a formless spirit in the lower realms. And worry not, you will interfere with the material world.

Now then, without delay, let us head to the lower realms.


What is the matter? Why are you making that expression? Are you feeling uneasy?

I suppose that is true. Everything has likely changed since the time you were alive in the world you once departed from. That being said, there is nothing to be anxious about. Right now, all you have to do is touch what you want to see and what you want to feel…

Don’t think about it, don’t get caught up in it.

Then let us proceed.

Please enjoy the lower realms that you have been a long time away from.

Now, close your eyes.


Haa…I guess she is now safely on her journey.

Now then, I wonder what she will do?

I do not have many expectations, but I am very much looking forward to the result.

Track 2: Naughty Play: Noda Makoto


NM: Ugh, Big Sister’s been taken away by her boyfriend again. She said we would play together today, even.

NM: A liar has to swallow 1000 needles, you know? I hate you, Big Sister.

NM: I want to play with you, Big Sister, it’s not fair that your boyfriend gets to hog you.

NM: Big Sister’s hugs, kisses, head pats… Big Sister only truly belongs to me.


NM: Big Sister, what are you doing with your boyfriend right now, I wonder? What are you doing alone together in a room?

NM: I wanted to show you the new pee-pee play I learned recently, Big Sister.

NM: I want to play with you, Big Sister.

NM: Big Sister…


NM: The stuffed animal the Big Sister gave me… It smells of Big Sister.

NM: It’s such a nice smell. It smells so good, Big Sister.


NM: Big Sister… Big Sister… Play with my pee-pee.

NM: Big Sister… Big Sister, there’s white stuff splurting from my pee-pee.


NM: Big Sister, Big Sister…

NM: Big Sister, Big Sister, pat my head, hold me…


NM: It feels so good. My pee-pee was swelled up so much, Big Sister.

NM: Big Sister…


NM: Look at me, Big Sister…

NM: Big Sister, I love you. I love you. Don’t pay attention to anyone else, you’re my big sister.

NM: It’s coming, the white stuff is splurting out.

NM: Big Sister, Big Sister…!


NM: That surprised me. So much white stuff came out.

NM: If I show you this the next time we play, will you be surprised?

NM: Look forward to it, Big Sister.

Track 3: A Voice from the Sky


What is your impression of the lower realms that you have been away from for so long?

I apologized, I had you startled, didn’t I?

Now then, once again, what is your impression of the lower realms that you have been away from for so long?

Oh? Nostalgic, huh?

So then you’ve been touched by something that makes you feel that way.

Is something the matter?

Was it a heavy longing, perhaps?

Nothing of that sort?

Hmm, is that true? ……Do not get caught up in the idea of freedom.


No, I was just talking to myself.

Now then, please continue to enjoy yourself.

Track 4: Happy Delusion: Tsukahara Shiki


TS: The teacher was cute today too.

TS: She was beautiful, and she smelt good.


TS: I would love for the teacher to touch me, and say that “It’s your fault that I’ve become like this, Teacher” and punish her.

TS: I’d tear off the teacher’s blouse, and shove myself between the teacher’s breasts.

TS: I’d have her take me down to the base with that tiny mouth…and I would thrust into the back of her throat like this and unleash a huge load of semen down her throat.

TS: And then I’d say to her, “I’d like you to swallow my semen with a nice gulp, Teacher.”


TS: I wonder if the teacher’s masturbating too? Is she teasing your clit or is she maybe inserting multiple fingers inside her hole and churning herself up?

TS: Maybe she’s using an egg vibrator or maybe an extra thick dildo?

TS: I want to shove my thick cock in there in the place of those. I want to thrust deep inside her and ravage her.


TS: Teacher, I love you. I love you.

TS: It feels so good, Teacher…


TS: I’ll cum while sucking Teacher’s soft breasts… I’ll cum so much that it’ll overflow. I’ll pump your insides with my rich, thick semen.

TS: Teacher, you’re bending back on top of me and squirting from your pussy as you cum and as I pour my semen inside you…


TS: No… I can’t hold on any longer. I tried not to masturbate during school, so I’m about to cum…

TS: Teacher, I love you. I love you!

TS: I’m cumming! I’ll release a huge load of my thick semen inside your twitching pussy, Teacher.

TS: Cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


TS: It even got my face… This is the worst.

TS: It’s your fault, Teacher, that my face is like this. Please take responsibility.

TS: Just kidding. As if I’d ever say that.

TS: Now then, I guess I should take a shower then study for my tests.

Track 5: Expectations and Betrayal


“Do not get caught up in the idea of freedom.”

Haa… Was I too late?

Even if the first place she laid eyes on was bad, for her to walk around a man’s room and enjoy the sight of them masturbating…

How incredibly filthy those worldly desires are.

I wonder if her actions in this development were some kind of a mistake?

What a terrible shame. I even had a sliver of expectation for her.

Now then, I wonder what I shall do?

Track 6: First Experience: Uehara Shingo


US: Phew.

US: It was pretty impressive this time, so I’m sure the fans will be pleased. Still, I wonder if I should’ve gone rougher?

US: Wait, am I being serious? Being turned on by my own porn video… Doesn’t that make me a pervert?

US: Well, it’s not settling down since I leave work, so there’s no helping it.

US: You fellow, just how energetic are you?

US: Though since I’m a super popular AV actor, this much is to be expected.

US: Or something like that.


US: One way or another, it’s my own body. It feels best when I do it with my own hands.

US: Though if I were to say that, I’ll probably be hated by the actresses.


US: I’m weak against my nipple, aren’t I?

US: Oh, it feels good.

US: It’s quite usual for me to want to masturbate. I wonder if it’s because of how long it’s been?

US: Erm… If I remember correctly, around this area, I…

US: Huh? Where is it, the thing I got last time?

US: There it is.


US: This is my first time with an onahole. Err, I just put it in here?

US: Let’s see.

US: What is this? …It feels so good.

US: Damn, to think it would feel this good.


US: It feels good… Shoot, shoot, shoot, it feels so good. This is bad, this bad.


US: More, more… These dirty sounds…


US: Crap. crap, I’m about to cum.

US: I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


US: What is this, seriously? It felt way too good.

US: Whoa. Damn, I came so much, this is probably the most I’ve ever cum.

US: That was seriously out of this world. I think I might get addicted to this.


US: Ugh, it’s from the director.

US: The timing is pretty bad, do I pick it up?

US: Yes, it’s Uehara. Yes, thank you for your work. I watched it just now, it was incredibly good.

US: Oh, that’s right, Director… This is just a suggestion, but can we do a female-oriented work next time? With me only. And I was thinking that I would masturbate using an onahole.

US: Can I make that request?

US: Seriously!? Then next time for sure.

Track 7: Rea-tan and Me: Udawa Itsuki


UI: How many times do I have to say it before you understand!? Don’t come near my room! Go away, don’t stand there. Get that already, you old hag!

UI: Everyone’s getting on my nerves, making me lose my mind, and driving me insane.

UI: Those people… Disappear, DISAPPEAR!!!

UI: Ah-! Rea-tan!

UI: Rea-tan, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. Are you alright? Does it hurt anywhere?

UI: Your arms, your legs… Also your stomach, chest, hair, face, and clothes…

UI: Okay, nothing broke.


UI: Should I go back just to be safe?

UI: You’re okay, right?

UI: Sorry for letting you experiencing something scary. Pat, pat.


UI: Rea-tan, after stroking you Rea-tan, I got aroused.

UI: Hey, can we do it again?

UI: Sex. I want to cover you with my semen, Rea-tan.

UI: Look, my dick is amazing, right? We did it just a moment ago too, even. Still, it is your fault, Rea-tan. You’re super appealing, after all.


UI: You’re the only one I have, Rea-tan. I only have you, Rea-tan. Just you, Rea-tan.

UI: Rea-tan… Rea-tan…


UI: Oh, not yet.

UI: This isn’t my hand. Rea-tan is touching me, so this is Rea-tan’s hand.

UI I have to focus…


UI: Now that’s done. Where are the rubber bands?

UI: Ten minutes should be enough.

UI: Faster?

UI: Are you aching for it, perhaps?

UI: You’re so greedy. Let’s feel even better than we did before.


UI: Dry.

UI: No sensation either…

UI: Sorry to keep you waiting, I’ve completed your hand, Rea-tan.

UI: Come on, touch me already. I can’t wait any longer.


UI: Oh, it feels so good. Rea-tan’s hand feels so good.

UI: So good… It feels so good, Rea-tan.


UI: Yes, that’s good. That’s good, Rea-tan. So good.

UI: This is amazing… It feels so good.

UI: Hey, more. please go rougher, Rea-tan. This isn’t enough. More, more!

UI: Haha! Yes. YES! It feels good. It feels good, Rea-tan. It feels so good, it feels good.

UI: Amazing, you’re amazing, Rea-tan. It feels so good…!!! It feels so good, Rea-tan. Rea-tan, Rea-tan… It feels so good, it feels so good! Rea-tan, it feels so good, it feels so, so good!

UI: I feel so good!!!


UI: That’s good, that’s good. It’s incredible, Rea-tan. Wow, wow! It’s so good!!!

Ui: Rea-tan… It feels so good. More… More!!!

UI: Right now, I’m… I…


UI: That’s good, that’s good. It feels good, Rea-tan. It feels so good.

UI: Good, good…

UI: Incredible. It’s incredible, it’s incredible, Rea-tan. It’s so amazing, it’s so amazing.

UI: It feels good, Rea-tan. It feels so good, it feels so good. Wow.


UI: Look, Rea-tan, this. I cover you with the thick semen that you love, Rea-tan.

UI: I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I’m cumming.I’m cumming!


UI: Rea-tan, that felt good. Since you were so rough, I came right away.

UI: I’ll ejaculate a bunch more onto you later, Rea-tan.

Track 8: Ecstasy: Lucas-David-Aiden


LDA: Stop… No, please stop. We’re not even wedded, so to do this is…

LDA: A dream?

LDA: For my penis pitch a tent again from such a dream… It must be because of the constant marriage talks recently. Seeing such a filthy dream, the reaction of my body too…

LDA: I have to turn down my parents properly, otherwise, I might lose my mind.


LDA: Even if I ignore it, it’s not going down, huh.

LDA: Err…

LDA: Soon the servants will come. I have to settle this before they arrive.


LDA: Morning after morning, what a persistent body I have… At this rate, it’ll be a huge problem for whoever is going to become my wife. I’ll be wanting them every morning.


LDA: Just…how hard am I? Jeez.

LDA: Even though I’ve only touched myself slightly, I feel so much from it.

LDA: It feels good…


LDA: It feels good… I must be a pervert for doing something this embarrassing first thing in the morning and enjoying it.

LDA: It feels so good-!


LDA: It feels so incredibly good. To do something this shameful first thing in the morning… It feels even better than yesterday.

LDA: And also, I’m going faster and faster. Just what is up with my body?

LDA: There’s no helping it, right? It feels good, after all.

LDA: That’s right, there’s nothing I can do about this.


LDA: I’m so sorry for being a son like this. Look at these dirty cries… Get me engorged.

LDA: I’m sorry for being a perverted son who feels this good from touching their penis first thing in the morning.

LDA: Wow… I’m cumming. It feels so good, it feels so good!!!

LDA: I can’t stop… I can’t stop…

LDA: It feels so good, it feels so good. I’m cumming, I’m cumming! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!! Cumming! I’m cumming!


LDA: It even got onto the floors…

LDA: Is there anything I can wipe it with?

LDA: M-Mother, why?

LDA: I’m awake, but p-please just wait a moment. I’ll go get the door-

Track 9: My Girls: Minami Seiya (Sena)


MS: Alright, I guess I’ll start.

MS: “Male university student, Sena, edging and continuous ejaculation, live broadcast”……

MS: Camera and mic check.

MS: Okay. Stream start.


MS: Good evening. Can you see me? Can you hear me?

MS: Yes, good evening.

MS: That’s a relief. Good evening everyone.

MS: Eh? My voice is quiet?

MS: Got it. Wait just a second.


MS: Ah, ah, ah, ahh. Is it loud enough? Is this volume enough?

MS: Okay, thank you. I’ll get started then.

MS: Today we’re having the masturbation stream that everyone loves. Not to mention, I’ll be edging myself and ejaculating continuously.

MS: I’ve kept myself from masturbating for the sake of today.

MS: Eh? Like in porn?

MS: Don’t underestimate this Sena. I’ll give you something that’s even hotter than porn.

MS: Now then, I’ll be starting. Please make sure to have your headphone and earphone in place, and come close to the screen. Also…be sure to focus your eyes on my lewd dick.


MS: See? Isn’t this a mess? I’m this hard already. …See?

MS: As expected, pre-cum’s immediately leaking out. At this rate, I might cum within a moment’s notice.


MS: Come…closer? Jeez, I guess it can’t be helped.

MS: Is this close enough?

MS: If I come any closer, I’ll get pre-cum in the camera, so please bear with it.


MS: Everyone, can you hear these sounds? The “spluch, spluch” aren’t they amazing? It’s as if I’m in a pussy.

MS: It feels so good…my hips are moving on their own.

MS: Look. Look.


MS: Sena will thrust his rock-hard dick inside everyone’s wombs. …Watching as he pounds you deep.


MS: It feels so good inside everyone. It’s almost too much to take, seriously. I’m about to cum.

MS: I can’t be cumming. I…I can’t be cumming.

MS: Safe. That was close. But, I won’t lower the speed. If anything, maybe I should go fast?

MS: Am I a masochist, I wonder?


MS: Like I thought, this…

MS: I’ll cum?

MS: You all are such teases. But, in exchange, make sure to take it in with your mouth, and don’t spill a single drip.

MS: I can’t. I’m cumming…

MS: Look, imagining it nearly made you cum, didn’t it? Jeez.

MS: Huh? A woman’s voice?

MS: Even if you make such a joke, my dick is not going to get any smaller. If anything, if there really is a female ghost, aren’t they probably turned on from looking at my dick?

MS: Doesn’t that just rile me up even further?


MS: Come on, can you see it? My balls are tensing up too. I wonder how many times I can cum in a row? I look forward to it.

MS: I think it’s about time we get to the last spurt. I’m at my limit. If I keep going, I feel like I’ll lose my mind.

MS: Do not look away. Make sure to watch me shoot out buckets of cum.


MS: Look, I’m cumming. I’m cumming… Be sure to look. Make sure to accept it. I’m going to let out a lot.

MS: I’m cumming. I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming!

MS: Not yet. I’m cum even more.

MS: I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


MS: It feels so good… I can’t stop, I can’t stop!

MS: Look, there’s more, it’s not over yet.

MS: I…I…I can’t stop. Crap, I can’t stop.


MS: One more, one more. One more…

MS: Wait, wait just a moment.


MS: That seriously shocked me. Did you all see that? I sprayed all over. I nearly thought I’d die because I couldn’t stop.

MS: Seriously. It’s been a good night, you say?

MS: Well, thank you. …Or something like that.

MS: Eh? You’ll click it clean.

MS: Then, here, lick it. My cum, my fluids, my sweat… Lick it clean of everything.

MS: Come on, clean it.

MS: Just kidding, you pervert.


MS: I’m a bit tired, so let’s leave the rest for later.

MS: Ah! It even got onto the camera. Just give me a break here.

Track 10: Over the Phone: Sazuki Junya


SJ: Hello? …Huh? Hello?

SJ: That’s strange, I don’t hear anything.

SJ: Hello, hello?

SJ: Giving up today? Hahaha! No, sorry, sorry, I did hear you. I just wanted to tease you a little.

SJ: Come on, don’t be so angry.

SJ: Your troubled voice was too cute, so I couldn’t help but tease you.


SJ: I get it, I’ll go along. Look forward to it.

SJ: Err, the next time we meet is…next month.

SJ: That’s a long time.

SJ: Mhm, I’m lonely too.

SJ: Wait, what are you saying? Goodness.


SJ: Say, can you give me a smooch?

SJ: There’s something to be embarrassed about. Come on, do it.

SJ: More audible.

SJ: Eh? Me as well?

SJ: I mean, sure.


SJ: Haha! Why are you letting out your voice? You make such erotic sound, I’ll get excited even if it’s over the phone.

SJ: Shall we keep going?

SJ: No need to be modest. Come on, just listen.


SJ: So, uh, I can’t control myself.

SJ: Eh? What I’m doing?

SJ: I’m…masturbating while listening to your voice.

SJ: It feels good. Come on, join me.


SJ: Are you touching yourself right now? I hear some spluch sounds.

SJ: …You’re so naughty.


SJ: Come on, let me hear more of it, your erotic voice.

SJ: It feels so good…

SJ: It feels good…


SJ: Does it feel good for you? You love having your clit touched, don’t you?

SJ: Think of them as my fingers and moving them around. Make it so that the sounds are louder. And, pinch and pull on and flick your nipples too.

SJ: Sexy.

SJ: Imagining your current state has made my dick swell up even more.


SJ: It feels good.

SJ: It feels good, right?

SJ: I feel good too, my dick feels like it’s about to go wild. As always, you’re quite erotic, aren’t you? If you say something like that, it’ll only excite me further.


SJ: It feels so good… No more… I’m about to cum…

SJ: I wonder if it’s because I got too aroused? I’m close to cumming.

SJ: It feels good.

SJ: I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you.


SJ: I’m cumming, I’m cumming!

SJ: You too?

SJ: Then let’s cum together. I love you. I love you, I love you.

SJ: I’m cumming… I’m cumming!


SJ: My yukata’s all sticky now. I came so much.

SJ: Did you feel good?

SJ: Well, you were moaning a lot. Were you imagining me while you were at it?

SJ: You’re so cute, seriously.

SJ: Make sure you’re prepared next time, I’ll shower you with tons of affection.

SJ: Oh, and, where would you like to go for our next date?

SJ: Me?

SJ: As for me… Hmm, an amusement park?

SJ: What? Is there something wrong with that?

Track 11: Punishment


It appears that you have returned safely.

Welcome back.

So it was fun?

I am glad to hear that. You certainly did look like you were having a lot of fun.

I was watching you the whole time, so I know that all too well.

Your behavior.

As long as you are a resident of the heavens, I am obliged to watch over your conduct.


Yes, I saw everything. …All your actions in the lower realms.

Oh my, what is the matter? Why is your face reddening? You had fun during your trip to the lower realms, right?

Haa… Truth be told, I was disappointed by your behavior in the lower realms.

A soul that is to be reincarnated must abandon its worldly desires, but inside you, is a wealth of worldly desires.

Unsightly, I must say.

Worldly desires are a plague that corrupts the mind and body. You are still trapped by the worldly desires of your past life.

Undoubtedly, it must have been painful to carry around such intense worldly desires. I sure you desperately hid it so that neither God nor I would have spotted it.


You have never done such a thing?

“I want more excitement. I want to see more. More, more”… Is that not what you were longing for?

You walked to and from the room of various men, watched them masturbate, got aroused, and found that incredibly enjoyable. So, are you not filled with worldly desires?

Are you still going to deny it?

I guess there’s no helping it. I will be bestowing punishment upon you.

Accept the punishment and acknowledge the type of person you are.


Are you going to acknowledge it because you do not want to be punished?

You appear to be making light of me.

Both your mind and body and all else are permeating with worldly desires.

What filth.


Fret not, although I referred to it as “punishment”, I am merely continuing to grant that which you desire.

Besides, you merely need to acknowledge it.

That kiss just now was something that you wished for, it seems. I did not do it based on my own volition.

So, acknowledge it. Not just with your lip service, but with your mind and body.


I was wondering what that smell was, but it appears that you’re leaking fluids from here.

It is lewd.

Look, can you feel something tepid trickling down your thighs?

It is beautiful and glistening. You would never imagine it was born from thick, murky worldly desires.

Come on, feel it.

This slowly trickling heat is something that is flowing out from you watching various men masturbate.

You can’t tell?

Surely you can. Come on, scoop it up with your own fingers.

Run your fingers along your crotch.


Your fingers are slowly approaching your genital area, aren’t they?


I am able to grant you freedom and on the same token, I am able to rob you of your freedom.

Now, come on, extend your index finger.


What incredible sounds. Do you hear them?

Goodness, they are rather vulgar sounds, aren’t they? Let us spread out your legs more so that we can hear them better.

More is trickling out…

Well? Does it feel good?

It is not like I want to do this either. However, this is what you desire. I cannot stop until you acknowledge everything. If you want me to stop then acknowledge it.

Though if you want to feel good, not acknowledging it on purpose might be a good thing.


What do you like?

Do you like it when I touch you slowly and carefully like I am kneading you?

I can hear from your long breaths that you want more, more.

You want me to insert my fingers into the hole that is leaking juices, don’t you?

It is fine. Here, allow me to insert them. …Into the hole that is overflowing with vulgar fluids.



Wow, they got swallowed up entirely.

Come on, we can go at it rougher, no need to hold back.

How am I wrong? The more you deny it more your desires come leaking out.

You truly are a dirty girl.


It appears that your body has begun to acknowledge it. However, something appears to be lacking.

I wonder what that might be?

Oh, I got it. You want me to go ahead, correct?

You want to be pleasured not just by me, but by others as well. Am I wrong?

That tremble from your body… You sure are easy to read.

For your sake, please allow me to do it with you.


How cute, your voice is becoming louder.

What do you think of my tongue?

Having your body heat up to this extent and for this much fluids to leak out from here… Your body is so willing to accept it, even.

Strange, isn’t it? Why are you not willing to acknowledge it? Are you perhaps not acknowledging it because acknowledging it would mean this would end?


Here, I will lick this place for you too. It looks like it is dripping with fluids non-stop.

I will spread it with my fingers so that it will be easier to lick.

No, I am not doing this wilfully. How many times do I have to say it before you understand?

This is proof that you are caught in the midst of your worldly desires.

Your worldly desires will keep overflowing until you acknowledge them. …To no end.


What a filthy taste this has. Worldly desires are truly foul, aren’t they?

I have to suck it all out.


I guess it is no use. The more I move my tongue along it, the more that it overflows.

My face is now a mess from your juices too.

Look, when I insert my fingers, it starts spilling out.

How unsightly.

This swollen part here has become hard too, and it’s lewd. The pink color has become especially dark.

When I knead this place, it is like it is about to burst open.

It looks delicious.


Come on, don’t move. It will make it difficult for me to lick you.

Listen, how many times do I have to say it before you understand? Even if you tell me to stop, it will not end until you acknowledge it.

It appears that this was not enough.

I suppose there is no helping it. Please allow me to grant you the one thing you desire most.

It is a bit cruel, so I did not want to have to resort to this.

Track 12: Hell of Pleasure of 7 Changes


NM: Did you end up like this from watching us masturbate? …You lewd Miss.

TS: I love a naughty girl like you.

US: Show me what kind of state you’re in.

UI: You have such a lewd scent coming from you… The smell of lewd pussy juice…

LDA: This is the first time I’ve ever smelt such a scent.

SJ: Your nipples are sticking straight up too. You’re quite erotic, huh?

MS: Everyone will lick that body of yours that is filled with worldly desires clean.


How is it? This is the deep-seated desire that I dug out from your heart.

I guess you have no opinion but to acknowledge it. The reactions of your body are amazing.

You are leaking more juices than before and it has become quite the sight. And your voice has become sweet too.

Though it is what it is, those are your worldly desires.

Now please confront your worldly desires. Directly.


NM: Hey, come on, Big Sister, let’s play with my big pee-pee.

NM: It feels so good… Oh, it feels so good.

NM: It feels so good, Big Sister. This is so fun!

NM: I’m about to cum. Big Sister, please watch. I’ll shoot out a bunch of white stuff. Watch, watch!


TS: It’s your fault that I’ve become like this, so what are you doing to do to fix it? Well?

TS: Look, you’re feeling good too, aren’t you? Your insides are tightening up, aren’t they?

TS: Good.

TS: It feels good. It feels good…


TS: I’m going to cum. I’m going to let it out all over your face.

TS: Cumming-!


MS: This pre-cum is tasty, right? Both this pre-cum and whatever else belongs to you.


MS: That feels good… It feels good… It feels super good.

MS: Come on, open your mouth.


US: What a shameless girl you are.

US: It feels good… Wow!


US: Come on, show me more. More of the cute you.

US: More. More!

US: I’m about to cum…! I’m going to cum for you!


UI: My dick is within Rea-tan’s lips…

UI: Rea-tan…

UI: It feels good. It feels so good, Rea-tan.


UI: Are you getting turned on from being stared at by everyone? …Because your pussy’s soaking wet.

UI: Your naked boobs and raw pussy… They look delicious. A huge difference from your figure.

UI: It feels so good, Rea-tan!

UI: I’m cumming. I’m coming, I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming! I can’t, I’m cumming, I’m cumming-!


SJ: Why don’t you say that it feels good? You’ll feel even better that way.

SJ: Look at my dick. It wants to go inside you.

SJ: It feels good… It feels so good…


SJ: I’m going to cum, so make sure to take it all in.

SJ: Cumming, I’m cumming!


LDA: You’re soft and you feel good. I’m getting turned on just from looking at you.

LDA: I want to enter inside you too.

LDA: It feels good.

LDA: It feels good, it feels really good. It feels so good. It feels so good, it feels so good. It feels extremely good.


LDA: You’re cute. You’re so cute.

LDA: I’m cumming. I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming!

Track 13: Eternal Eternity


Does it feel good?

Come on, if it feels good then say that it feels good. Don’t hide it.


These wet sounds are so loud that I couldn’t hear you.

Come on, say it louder. …How does it feel?

You’ve become quite honest now. I find that rather lovely. Very.


It feels very good, doesn’t it?

It is possible that worldly desires have taken root inside me too because of you. What a hopeless angel I am.


You are a very good girl. Very.


“No more”? No more what?

Are you going to deny yourself again?

You do not want it to stop, do you, right? “It feels good”, “I want more” is what you should be saying, correct?

I will give it to you as promised. And plenty.


You are definitely not getting reincarnated. As long as you are filled with worldly desires, reincarnation is off the table.

However many years, however many centuries, however many millennia… I will slowly take my time to rid you of your worldly desires.

So, for now, let us wallow in our worldly desires to our hearts’ content.

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