【Translation】 Gastronomie2 ~Goshujin-sama to Maid no Bishoku Club~ Vol.4 Midorikawa Tokage Stellaworth Tokuten


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CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太)

Track 1: The Sunday Maid is Playing the Blindfold Game


And that concludes today’s service.

The church’s blessed bread is being handed out at the exit. Please feel free to take a piece on the way out.

As it is cold, please enjoy it together with a warm drink.

Yeah, take care. See you again next week.

Please watch your steps, the frost still hasn’t melted yet.


My, my, you kids, aren’t you all lively today?

I know you children are outdoor creatures, but it looks like it’s about to snow today, so please head home. Let’s play around again tomorrow.

Alright, goodbye.

Please be careful everyone. May God bless you.


Augh. Cold, cold!

Meatball, warm me with your meat cushion.

Ahh, so warm, so warm. You can’t win against a human pillow.

On that note, you saved a piece of apple bread for me, right?

Hah? You didn’t?

Are you saying that those damn kids took them all?

Damn it! Why do you never save a piece for me? I’ve been putting up with this shitty cold and toiling away since early Sunday morning because I was hoping to eat your freshly-baked bread. Understand that?

Huh? There’s beef bread left, though…?

That’s not the problem. Today, I wanted to eat apple bread!!! Luxurious bread stuffed with apples is something that I can only enjoy in the winters!


No more. My Sundays are over. My motivation is gone. I don’t want to work anymore.


A meeting at the bazaar?

Do I have to go?

Haa… Oh, that’s right, it’s one that I have to go to.

But even so, Takagi’s aunt has been coming here more frequently. And also, they seem to be getting along rather well with you.

You’re not scheming something together, are you?

Hmm, that smells fishy to me.

Whenever you have that look of trying to feign ignorance, chances are, you’re lying. I know that you’ve received something from Auntie and are hiding it.

Let’s have a bit of sit-down together.


Now, bring out the thing that you were hiding.

You’re 100 years too early to hide something from me.

Give it to me.


What is this?

Isn’t that a photo from when I, Aran, and Shizuya were kids?

My guess is that it’s a photo of when we were scattering parched beans to drive away spirits at Aran’s house.

Did you get Auntie to make an extra print of this photo?

What are you trying to get from looking at this?

Hah? Cute…?

I don’t think that’s true in the slightest, though?

Oh. Hehe, I see. So you asked her about things that happened when we were kids.

Are you trying to get ahold of our weaknesses?

Sorry to say, but we have no weakness. We’ve always lived doing whatever the hell we wanted.

I ought to punish you for sneaking around like this, don’t I?


So, what kind of punishment do you prefer?

Do you want to be tied up and tickled relentlessly with the tip of a brush? Or should I have you eat a grasshopper that’s been boiled in soy sauce?

No, it is a long-awaited Sunday morning, so let’s play that game for once.

We slept soundly last night in preparation for the masses, after all.

Hah? It would be imprudent to do it in the church?

God was dying of boredom while we were at Karuizawa. So I believe that it is our duty to display a bit of exciting marital intercourse.


I’ll use this ribbon of yours to blindfold you.

If you can’t see God on the cross, then that should ease your sense of guilt a little.

Come on, stay still.

How’s that? Are you unable to see anything now?

Okay, then let’s begin.


Don’t get all startled. Did that tickle for you?

What am I doing, you ask?

I’m undoing the buttons on your cardigan.

Although we do have the heater on, it’ll still be cold if I were to take everything off, so I’m leaving it on.

Next are your blouse buttons…

Unveil these splendid breasts to God.


What’s the matter? Are you cold?

I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll feel you up and warm you.

Don’t move. Stay still.

Hey, if you move, it’ll make it hard for me to lick them.


You’re making loud sounds, you realize that?

Getting your breast licked while blindfolded feels more pleasurable than usual, doesn’t it?

Come on, say it. “It feels good.”

I see, I see, so it feels good. I’ll keep going then.

You like it when I pinch this place with my fingers too, don’t you? You love it when it hurts, after all.

These little tips are becoming more and more engorged.


Why don’t we raise the pain level a little?

Look, your hips have risen.

Come on top of my lap.


Lean your back onto me and spread apart both your legs.


That’s right.

Oh? You’re wearing some rather warm wool tights, aren’t you?

You can almost already say that this is a winter staple. Seeing your beautiful legs so snugly fitted in black is quite arousing.

But, why don’t we remove it from one leg?

……Together with your underwear.

What’s the matter? If you’re not going to do it, I will.


Hmm, this is nice too.

Your right leg is black but your left leg is porcelain-white.

Now, spread your knees apart nice and wide. Show God that beautiful place of yours as you always do.


Hey, hey, you’re this wet already? …You naughty whore.

What do you think I took out just now?

You can’t tell?

This is a very fun toy.

When I rub the tip of this toy against the most sensitive bit that sits on top of your shamelessly spread, dripping wet petals…

Nectar’s starting flow out.

Just now, my breath brushed against you, didn’t it?


Like I said, your voice is loud.

The walls are thin here, so restrain yourself, Ma’am.

Look, you can’t stop yourself from cumming when you have something hard and cold ground against you, right?

Are you going to cum?

Go on, cum.


Meatball, how does it feel to cum from a toy?

So, what do you want? Do you want this inside your stomach?

Cumming relentlessly from toys is not a bad idea from time to time.

Hey, no need to shake your head so incessantly, I won’t be responsible if it gets twisted off.

Yes, I know. You want me and not the toy, right?

I’ll remove your blindfold, so turn towards me.


What? You were crying?

Sorry, sorry, I’m not angry. I took the horseplay a little too far, sorry.

Even I would do whatever I could to see your childhood photos if the opportunity was there. I get to peer into the memories of the person I love, after all.

Also, not having a weakness was a lie. I actually have a lot of weaknesses.

Idiot, as if I’d tell you.

If you’re willing to forgive me for lying, kiss me.


Open your mouth…

Hmm? What the toy was?

It was our wedding ring. So, how could I possibly put that inside you? The only one or thing allowed inside you is me.

Come on, lift your hips. I’ll insert it from below.


Continue lowering your hips. Take a deep breath in.

Yes, it’s in all the way.


It was worth abstaining last night. It feels extremely good…

Your hips trembled just now, didn’t they? And your insides are twitching and undulating too… Looks to be rather pleasurable.

I’m going to start moving. Make sure to hold on tight.


Your insides are extra wet as if they’ve been melted…

Melt some more. I’ll make you feel good.


You’re squeezing tighter and tighter…

What? Are you asking for a kiss?

Feel free.


Both the inside of your stomach and inside of your mouth are lapping me up.

it’s great. I have no complaints.

I’m going to cum inside you. Wring me out even more cleanly than you usually do.



I was trying to cum inside you as little as possible when outside the house, but once I’m inside you, I can’t quite seem to pull out until I cum.

If you really were a succubus, you’d probably be praised in hell.

You don’t just weaken me, you’re on the verge of emptying my soul.


Won’t it feel unpleasant if you just put your underwear back on like that?

Use my handkerchief.

After we’ve cleaned up after the fact, although it is late, we’re going to have breakfast.

Now then, once I’ve taken a little breather, I’ll go make today’s breakfast.

I’ll lightly grill the venison sausage​s from Karuizawa on top of the stove. Put some cheese on the bread and toast that too. And to finish it off, I’ll brew some black tea.

Once everything is in place, an extravagant meal is complete.


Mmm, it smells wonderful.

By the way, about the gourmet club banquet this week… I plan to make cured venison the main.

Amuse-bouche, tangerine gazpacho, hors d’oeuvre, and venison sausage wrapped in pastry garnished with Japanese brassica.

For soupe, soft roe broth with yuzu and white scallion.

For poisson, groupers roasted in white miso.

For entrée​, venison with red wine and chocolate sauce.

For dessert, uh… I haven’t quite decided.

If you’re willing, could you bake some lemon and apple pie? …With the same recipe you used in Karuizawa.

The first time I had that pie was when that photo was taken. Both Aran and Shizuya would be surprised by it and feel a sense of nostalgia.


Our parents were friends, so we played together often, but our personalities are completely different, no? Things were pretty awkward when we initially got to know each other.

But, once we found out that we were all gluttons, messing around together became fun.

For example, the three of us sneaked out to Tsukishima because we wanted to try monjayaki or be scolded for stealing sweets that were meant for a tea party from the kitchen.

We met Yumi a long while after, but we got along because that person was a glutton too.

When you eat delicious things together, your bonds with that person deepen. And that’s why I want to eat delicious things with you every day.


Now then, the sausage and bread have been grilled and toasted.

Let’s enjoy it together.

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