【Translation】 Gastronomie2 ~Goshujin-sama to Maid no Bishoku Club~ Vol.4 Midorikawa Tokage


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Gastronomie2 ~ご主人様とメイドの美食倶楽部~ 第肆巻 緑川十影主催

CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太)

Track 1: Master and Wild Game


My name is Midorikawa Tokage.

While my family originally managed a Shinto shrine, it got involved in the turmoil after the war and fell to the occupying force. Thus, I became a pastor for the sake of money.

I’m glad I was able to speak English.

Since then, rich Americans have been financially supporting the church. In addition, I have also been assisting with the gourmet club that my childhood friend, Egawa Aran, founded.

Hmm? Suspicious, you say?

There’s nothing suspicious about the gourmet club.

It is a social gathering of gentlemen that stemmed from the desire to consume something delicious through pulling whatever strings necessary, even if we have lost the war and our resources are limited.

In terms of activities, once a month, a banquet is held.

And each member takes turns hosting it.


Since you’re dealing with people that all have a peculiarity or two, even if the ingredients are decided upon, it’s still a headache.

Anyhow, to me, there’s no headache more joyous than this.

Speaking of joyous, I recently got married.

My partner is an amnesiac woman who had been thrown into the first-floor restaurant food storage area of the building we resided in. It may be shocking to most people, but it’s true.

She was stripped of her money and clothes, so although I may be a pastor, I took her into my custody out of mercy.

Though I say that, if you don’t work you don’t eat.

So during the time I had her work as my maid, we ended up getting married. A marriage between co-workers.

It’s not as if I took advantage of the weakness of a woman who had nowhere else to return to. I am a clergyman after all, my moral standards are relatively high. If I hadn’t gotten wrapped in Aran’s detective farce, I’d be able to say that I am a responsible and reliable, gentle and sincere husband.


However, I sometimes get my wife to wear a maid outfit for spiritual reasons.

When shared, joy is doubled and sorrow is halved.

Time around too again, my wife and I had gone to Karuizawa to share in a gourmet meal, butーー


Hmm… There’s a greater distance from the gate to the door than I thought. I should’ve had the car drop us off by the doorway.

Also, what’s with this heavy snow?

I’ll carry all the luggage, so walk after-

No, nevermind I think it’s best for you to walk in front. It would be dangerous if you were to fall over at the back. Though it’s been plowed, the snow’s frozen over and it’s easy to slip, so walk carefully.

I guess we were right to wear boots.

That being said, I’ve only ever come to Karuizawa in the summer, so I never thought that there would be this much snow and be this cold in the winter.


Aran, that bastard. If this job isn’t profitable then I’m sending him flying.


Yes, that’s right. I learned of the job this time from Aran.

Their only son who’s holed up in this villa studying for an exam is possessed by a demon, so they want me to drive it away, but…don’t you think he’s just extremely anxious about his exam?

I’ll grab some well-water, call it holy water, and drizzle it over him. And after, I’ll ask him directly.

If that is enough to get me some prized sake on top of allowing me to enjoy some wild game then taking it on is nothing. The deer and the wild boar captured by the local hunters are top-quality.

I hope to even present them as the main for the next gourmet club bouquet I’m in charge of.


Hey! Look, I told you so.

You can laugh about falling on your butt, but if you hit your head, you’ll suffer a massive bleed.


Your ears are cold…

Hmph, what’s the matter? Did that catch you off-guard?

I’d feel bad if your cute, shellfish-like ears were to get frostbitten, so I was just warming them up.

Here, I’ll warm the other side too.


Hmm, look, both your neck and ears are red.

Oh! It’s snowing again.

Are you able to stand?

If you can’t walk, then I wouldn’t mind stuffing you in a sack and carrying you over my shoulders.

Haha! I’m joking.

Come on, it’s only a bit further.


Alright, we’ve arrived at the entrance.


Ugh. Hurry up and get the door, hurry up and get the door… It’s so cold that my fingers feel like they’re about to be frozen.

I came all the way to a villa in such a fricking freezing place.

You better be serving freshly harvested deer and wild boar meat for tonight’s dinner. And also, red wine or even white.


Hello, is the Madam here?

I have come at Egawa Aran’s referral, Midorikawa Tokage. Next to me is my wife. We will be in your care for the next three days, including today.

It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.


Hey, have you got the hot water up to your shoulders?

I’ve left your wet boots next to the stove to dry.


Oh, I guess I should come in the bath too. There’s still a while before dinner, it seems.



My body must’ve gotten quite cold.

Damn, the bathtub’s smaller than I thought. Meatball, come on top of me.

Yes. Yes, yes. I’ll hold you from the back.

I can feel my soul coming back to me.

The outside’s now a hellish blizzard, but here, it’s heaven.


I heard the general gist of the situation from the Madam earlier.

The son’s name is Fuyuhiko.

Due to his marks dropping drastically before the mark, his mother was concerned and locked him away in the snow-ridden Karuizawa.

No, it was to allow him to focus on his studies, it appears.

However, things only went well in the beginning. He looked to have found a woman he loved.

Him not being able to concentrate on his studies the past two weeks aside, he would suddenly let out screams and stomp on the floors during the middle of the night, and overall, behave eccentrically.


I plan to ask the person in question once dinner’s over, but the cause is clearly not a demon.


Hmm? What’s the matter? You’ve been making weird sounds the past while.


I’m not doing anything. I’m just massaging your breasts.

There just so happened to be something that feels akin to daifuku​ right where my hands are, so I have no choice but to knead them, don’t I?

I don’t know if it’s that the circulation’s better, but the berries on top of these daifukus have turned red.

Not only that, they become hard when I tease them. How strange.

I was busy over the past week, so we weren’t able to spend time as husband and wife. Why don’t we slowly enjoy ourselves here? Luckily, the walls here are thick, so your voice likely won’t leak out.


What’s wrong?

Oh, you want us to face each other?

Hey, what are you doing?

Hah? Some maid roleplay after a long time not having done so?

Ho, ho? So the maids these days would grab their Master’s Master without warning?

Good grief.


Damn, you’re good. It feels awfully good.

Yeah, I’ve been pent up lately, so I feel like I’ll cum the moment I’m careless.


You idiot, as if I’d be satisfied with just your hands. Service me using a naughty maid’s naughty place too.

Still too early?

You liar. That place’s already soaking wet, isn’t it?

Look, here, the entrance so wet that you can feel it even in the hot water. Your insides are probably even wetter.

I’ll check.


Figured as much.

With how wet you are, you must’ve been looking forward to our husband and wife time.

Well, we are newly-weds, so that applies to both of us.

What’s the matter?

Are you asking for a kiss?

Stick your tongue more.

That’s right.


It feels good even when we’re just licking each other.


What’s wrong? Are you about to cum already?

You’re free to cum.

Fingers aren’t enough?

In that case, put it in yourself. I’ll pull out my fingers.


Now, go ahead, feel free to insert it.

In any way you like.

You… Where did you learn that technique?

Oh, I taught you last time?

How could I forget, you have a good memory for both work and this.

Hey, don’t keep me waiting. Put it in all the way.


That’s good. Now, start moving.

You love riding horses, don’t you?

Yes. It feels good…

Even though your face is pure and innocent, for you to be lecherous from your neck down… It’s almost as if you’re a succubus.


Do you know what succubi are?

Some call them dream demons, but they’re demons straddle on top of young men and wring the semen out of them.

Don’t squeeze down so hard

You… Did you just cum?

Swallowing it up yourself and cumming on your own, what a lewd maid you are.

Though that’s one of your good points.

That being said, I’m about to cum, so accompany me and cum again.


Clenching up like that… Does it feel that good? Your tongue’s out and you’re drooling.

Here I go.

As you wanted, I’ll let you wring out plenty.


Haha. Your chin is covered in drool.

Shall I lick it clean?

What’s this? Having the inside of your stomach tighten, are you trying to not let me pull out?

You may want seconds, but let’s put this on hold. Any longer and we’ll get dizzy.

Come out of the bath and put on your dress.

Now, let us head for dinner.

Track 2: Master and Mulled Wine


This is splendid. To think the chef would flambe and crave the meat right here at the table…

The dishes are plain and simple, but since the ingredients are top-quality, the dinner is magnificent.

Look at that hunk of meat, it is the thigh of a deer that was just recently alive. It’s soaked in a garnet color and is truly a sight to behold.


After a hit of the umami of this sausage I once heard of in the books, there’s a strong taste of the mountain mushrooms that you love.

The wine is wonderful too.

It’s not white but instead, Merlot, but there is plenty of local Nagano wine.

Ahh…this truly is marvelous. I’m so glad I came.

If it weren’t for the grand parent-child quarrel in front of us, that is.


Hey, Meatball, get back behind me. Yukihiko is becoming violent.

Yukihiko, calm down.

Calm down and let’s talk. It’s not good to hit objects or hit your mother

Hey, don’t hurl around plates! A person who wastes food will be sent to hell.

I told you not to hurl them, you shitty brat!!!

You, do you understand how much this venison is worth? Well?

A deer gave up its life, a hunter risked their life for it. and a chef diligently drained the blood from it, don’t you understand that?!!

Hah? You can’t breathe?

How annoying. A worthless bastard who throws away meat should be strangled to death right here and now.


If you’re gonna cry about it then you shouldn’t have done it from the start.

You can tell me what happened.

Let’s head over to your room.

And listen, you better be truthful about everything. My dinner has been sorrowfully interrupted, after all, so if you lie, I’ll bury you in snow and turn you into a sherbet.

Meatball, the Madam’s fingers appear to be injured, please tend to them. Thank you.

Come on, stop wobbling around. Walk properly, you discipline-worthy son.


Meatball, I’m back.

What’s the matter? Why are you curled up like a cabbage worm?

Oh, I see. When you heard the sounds of plates shattering, it brought back memories of the times where you were stuffed inside an ingredient bag.

You must’ve been scared, right?

It’s alright now.

Close your eyes and slowly breathe out, and in, and out…

Yes, like that. Breathe deeply through your nose.


Yes. Good girl, good girl.

Slowly. Slowly, alright? No need to forcibly try to erase the fear. I’ll pat your head at any time and for long as needed.

What’s this? You were going on about how you want to leave the villa till a moment ago, but now you’re smiling?

That’s right. I borrowed the kitchen and made this.

It’s mulled wine.

I added honey and the juice of tangerines and lemons into the wine and heated it over a flame. I’m supposed to add cinnamon too, but I think it’s still too early for your palate.

It’ll warm up your body, so drink it.


What’s wrong?

What? Are you not going to drink it unless I hold you?

You’re such a pampered girl.

It’s not a big deal, come sit on top of my lap.

Here, I’ll hold you, so drink it already.


Really? So it’s sweet and tasty?

To match your tastes, I flipped the ratio of wine to fruit juice and added a lot of honey.

After you finish it, brush your teeth and go straight to sleep. I’ll sleep once I do a little investigating on the surrounding villas in the area.

What’s with those eyes?

Are you planning not to sleep unless we’re sleeping together?

You’re not a child anymore, and I’ll be here in the same room, so relax and sleep.

Alright, alright, I get it, so stop looking at me with those eyes. Let’s sleep together.

Haa… You genius at coaxing.

I guess I’ll change into nightwear too.


Now then, this body pillow meant for your exclusive use has now entered the bed.

Yes, yes, thank you for your passionate welcome.

Oh, the son?

I had him drink the sedative I got from Yumi and had him go snooze-snooze.

Of course, before that, I had listened to everything he had to say, but it was neither about the fleeting love of youth nor the stresses of exams. Instead, the details were far more strange and disturbing.

Do you want to know?

Then let’s discuss it. I want to hear your opinions on it too.


He is indeed troubled by his relationship with a woman. However, he has never met the actual woman in person, in fact, he doesn’t even know her name.

He only knows what their face looks like.

……Through the lenses of a binocular.

Yes, is it what you may have guessed. One night, while he was annoyed with studying, he turned his binoculars toward the neighboring villa.

It was there that he immediately fell in love with a beautiful girl around his age who was standing by the window.

Whether she was the lover of what appeared to be a young male resident or not, they would perform sexual acts every night. And he would ignore his studies and spend every night fervently peeping on them.

That said, the acts were rather abnormal, it seemed. She would get suspended from the ceiling, spun around in circles, and tied to chairs.

While he wished to bring her out of there, it would also mean that his own sinful deeds would be exposed. And as he mulled over it, the aforementioned young man’s acts grew increasingly violent.

He says that one night, the girl’s arms and legs were gruesomely torn off.


Scared, he stopped looking for a time, but when he gathered up the courage and peeked again last night, the girl was once again happily doing it with that man without as much as a scratch on her.

It’s a bizarre story that only appears in detective novels, no?

In other words, he was so delirious that during dinner he turned violent and flipped the table.

Yukihiko has probably overstudied, gone into psychosis, and is now hallucinating.

I was thinking of immediately bringing him to a hospital, but on the off-chance that it’s true, it would be bad.

Not only is it a pain, but it’s hardly worth considering. But in any case, I intend to head over to the residence tomorrow to confirm the facts.


No, I’ll be going alone. You should rest here. I can’t bear to have you walk through the snow.

You’re shaking your head in refusal again?

Are you a child, or what?

That being said, I do feel a little uneasy about leaving you alone in this estate.

Alright, let’s go together then.


Oh, right, why don’t you borrow the kitchen and bake some gingerbread cookies? If we greet the neighbors with presents in hand then it would feel unnatural.

More than anything, the cookies you bake are my favorite.

Now then, let’s turn off the lights and go to sleep. We’ll be getting up early tomorrow.

And on that note, your legs are cold.

Squeeze your legs between mine. If you do that, they’ll get a little warmer.


Yes, that’s right. Tonight there’s nothing more to fear, so close your eyes.


Until tomorrow, my cute, needy child.

Track 3: Master and Winter Pie


While it’s good that we’ve reached the said villa, the real question is whether the girl Yukihiko fell in love with actually exists.


Hello, we’re guests staying at the villa on the side. Midorikawa-

Oh my god…! Takagi’s aunt?! What are you doing here?

Oh, uh, yes, it’s been a while.

Yes, well, I did hear that you had a villa in Karuizawa, but I didn’t think it would be here.

Yes, yes. We’re, umm…

Uh, this is correct. Yes, yes. Erm, Auntie, as a greeting, my wife has brought along some gingerbread cookies-

Ah, yes, sorry for the intrusion.


Takagi’s aunt being here really took me by surprise. But, being invited to lunch makes it convenient for us.

She’s often at the bazaar, so you’ve also met her before, no?

Making any secret a well-known fact within 3 days, the best friend of Aran’s mother. We’ve known her since we were children.


Regardless of which way you think of it, she can’t possibly be the person Fuyuhiko has a one-sided love for. No matter how nearsighted you are, there’s no way you would mistake her for a beautiful young girl in her teens.

Though you can mistake her for a wild boar who has fallen off a cliff.

On that note, Auntie, are you staying here alone?


Takashi and a housekeeper are here too?

Oh… Oh. Takashi is under house arrest in this villa so that he would focus on studying for his exams.

No, not that, setting up an environment is… It is a crucial period, after all.

Yes. Yes, yes. Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Well, Auntie, how old’s the housekeeper?

In their 40s?

Then that… Oh, uh-huh, yeah, yes, yes. So, Auntie, has there been any young girl coming and going from here?

Right, of course.

When a young man at marriageable age is studying for an exam, girls are off-limited, aren’t they, right?


Meatball, I’ll go do a little reconnaissance. I’ll leave the rest to you.

Umm, Auntie, I’ll excuse myself to the toilet for a moment.


To think we would get stuck in a conversation with Auntie for 3 hours.

Though thanks to that, we have a clear image of the truth to this frightful case.

Earlier I pretended to go to the washroom and forced my way into her son, Takashi’s room. And there, I learned of the frightening truth.

Frightening, truly frightening… It is something that should never reach Auntie’s ears.

For such a tragedy would occur when two young men around the same age are gathered together in neighboring villas… It’ll probably become a black cross that they’ll have to carry on their back for the rest of their life, never going away even if they wanted it to.

However, we’ll get to eat delicious wild game. Tonight, before night, let’s go to Fuyuhiko’s room and tell him the truth.

And by the way, what are you trying to make by borrowing the kitchen again? Is it perhaps the lemon and apple pie that Auntie told you the recipe for earlier?


I see. You really do love making desserts, don’t you?

Also, that apron. Did you borrow it from a maid at this villa?

Oh? It does suit you.

It feels like I’ve found a cute maid to my liking in another person’s kitchen.

Can I kiss you?

What I’m trying to do, you ask?

Playing a bit of mischief until the pie finishes baking. I know you want to do it too.

It’s not a lot of time, but it’s enough for me to take some secret bites. The kitchen’s locked too, so no one is going to come until 4 o’clock.


Turn this way.

Open your mouth and bring out your time.

Yes, good girl.


You, did you eat some lemons? There’s a sweet and sour taste to you.

Undo the buttons of your blouse.

Oh, but, keep the apron on you.

Yes, that’s good. I love how your big breasts stick out from the apron.

I’ll knead them nicely.

Right too, and Left.

Look, the tips are erect already. You love it when I toy with this place, don’t you?


Hey, quiet your voice. It’ll be bad if someone hears.

Lift up your own skirt.

Come on, hurry.

Quickly, we don’t have much time.

After the pie’s been baked, we’ll return to our room, close the curtains, and prepare to head over to Fuyuhiko’s room.

Why close the curtains?

I’ll tell you that later.


Oh? You’re wearing plain knitted wool pants.

Well, it is just that cold. It’s better to wear them. Besides, it’s exciting to remove them in their own way.

Lift up one of your legs.


Let me see your cute butt.

Hehe. It’s quite lewd under these wool pants. The black lace matches your white butt well.

I thought those high-laced boots were a little clunky for you, but when I look at them this way, it creates a half-balance against your thin legs and it’s erotic.

What’s the matter? Are you soaking wet already?


Spread your legs, I’ll touch you.


What’s this? This mouth below’s already wet and gaping open and shut.

You lewd maid, my finger right slipped in as if they were being sucked in.

Do you hear it? You’re wet all the way through.

Mmm, I can smell the wonderful smell of a baked pie.

Now then, time’s short, so what do you want to do? I’ll do whatever it is that you want.

If you don’t say it quickly, you’ll lose in on the fun.


Oh, I see, so you want it inside you?

How? How do you want it put inside you?

You sure love being penetrated from the back.

Well, as you wish, I’ll thrust it deep inside you hard.

Face your back to me, place your hands on the kitchen counter, and then stick your butt out.

Here I go.


How’s that? It went in all the way in all at once, didn’t it?

What? Did you cum again just from me putting it in? …The real part is only about to start.


What is…this? It’s almost as if I’m inside a pot of honey.

It feels good, the best.

Hey, suppress your voice. You can cum, don’t let out your voice.

Here, I’ll massage your breasts, so don’t be loud.


Does it feel so good that it makes you shake your hips like that?

Go on, shake it as much as you want.


Incredible, I don’t think I’ll be able to last with this.

I want to let it all out inside you, but that certainly wouldn’t be a good idea, right?

Damn it.

You’re clamping down way too hard all of a sudden. Do you want me to cum inside you that badly?

But, no, we can’t be dirtying the kitchen floors, this is someone else’s house.

Later. I will later.

In exchange, I’ll grind against the spot that you love, so just cum.


Huh? What’s this? Did you cum right off the bat?

I’m at my limit too.




What’s wrong? Are you dissatisfied because I didn’t cum inside you?

A little more and the pie will finish baking.

No seconds. I’m putting things on hold until we resolve the case.

Now, cover up those breasts and that butt that I’m weak to. I’m doing my best to restrain myself right now.


6 o’clock on the dot, huh?

Now, let’s begin.

Fuyuhiko, open the window and observe the girl like you normally do through your binocular.

Well? You see her naked, sitting under the lights, don’t you?

I was the one who told the owner to set her up in that position, after all.

Have you finally realized it?

It’s your first time seeing her in a well-lit room, isn’t it? The girl that you fell in love with was a mannequin doll.

The son across the street is, coincidentally enough, a student preparing for exams just like you. And he wasn’t able to focus on studying unless he was able to let out his sexual urges.

Thus, night after night, he would put a dress and underwear on the mannequin and would rub his raging sausage against it and rigorously masturbate.


She was a mannequin who wasn’t able to bend her arms and legs, after all. So unless he tied her up and suspended her, she wouldn’t be able to be used fully for that purpose.

Incidentally, he would remove the arms and legs and hide her in his dresser, so that his mother wouldn’t find out.

That was the actual scene that you witnessed.

I’ll give you one scary prediction.

You’re going to remember this time and time again and feel so embarrassed that you want to dig yourself a hole to bury yourself in. However, everyone has things from their youth that they want to pretend never happened.

Think of it as a brand that you can never erase and endure it.


Alright, have you come to grips with it?

Don’t look so down, I’ll keep it a secret from your mom. Start studying properly from tomorrow onwards.

And now, it’s time to head over to the dining hall and enjoy the long-awaited dinner.


For tonight’s menu, we have amuse-bouche, bavarois with nuts, hors d’oeuvre​, and enoki steak paired with hollandaise sauce.

For soupe, we have hot and sour sinewy meat soup.

For poisson, we have char sauteed in malted rice.

For entrée, we have pot-au-feu with venison and wild boar meat sausage.

For dessert, we have apple and lemon pie.

Now, let us have a nice, good helping of that beautiful garnet-stained meat.

Track 4: Master and Succubus


Ahh, that was a nice bath.

I got to taste delicious wild game, drink great-tasting wine and sake, receive payment for solving that stupid case… I’m as pleased as I can be.


What’s wrong? Why are you in a daze?

Are you lightheaded from the bath?

Make sure to wipe your hair dry. The room may be warm now, but once I turn off the heater, it’ll get cold. You can’t stay naked forever.

Hey, are you drunk or something? If you grab onto me so tightly, I can’t wipe you.

Good grief, you’re such a troublesome child. You’re getting your master to not only wash your body but also wipe your hair. One would be shocked to hear that you’re a former maid.


Why did you push me down onto the bed?

After filling your stomach with delicious dinner and warming yourself in the bath, what’s next? You’re going to devour me?


Oh, you’re serious?

Well, I did put things on hold with you for both today and yesterday, so tonight, I’ll give it all to you.

Look, it’s Master’s Master. You can lick it as much as you want.

When you gobble it up with hesitation…

Who’s the Master that taught you to be this lewd?


So me, huh.

To be frank, I didn’t think you’d have such good memory.

Damn, you’re stuffing it inside your mouth so eagerly.


Wait! Pause for a moment.

At this rate, I’ll be made to cum early. Not good. Let’s switch positions.

Turn your butt towards me and get on all-fours.

This time, I’ll lick you.


What? Are you discontent?

I see, so you still want to suck it some more.

Alright, you can go ahead and suck me however much you like. And I’ll lick this place of yours, so straddle yourself over me.

That’s right.

You’re soaking wet already.

I guess you want it so badly, so badly that you can’t help it, huh? It’s the same garnet color as the venison we ate earlier.

Bon appetit.


It’s opened itself up so much that I can…stick my tongue inside.

It’s twitching and being way too lewd.

The apex of this petal is jutting out cutely. You love it when I tease this place, don’t you?

You let out an incredible sound just now.

Does it really feel good? Well?

You want me to lick you more? …You’re such a good and honest girl.

But, while you want to be licked more, you still want to do more licking yourself. Are you being a little too greedy?

When you suck on it so hard…

Not good. I guess there’s no avoiding it. I’ll insert my fingers too.


My two fingers got swallowed up in an instant.

You slutty maid, each time I rub your insides, fluids come pouring out of it.

Are you about to cum?

You cum if you want. Tonight I’ll be making you cum innumerous times.


What a voice that was.

That was a rather showy orgasm.


Hey, lie face-up and spread your legs. Let Master see you cum.

Spread them wider.

Yes, good.

Do you want it inside you already?

That’s right, I’m at my limit too.

I’ll insert it inside you, so keep your legs open. And don’t hold your breath.


You’re tightening up so much…

Damn, I’m cumming-!


I let my guard down and came before I even began moving, how frustrating. Just what is happening with the inside of your belly?

Wringing me with such passion… It really does make you seem like a succubus.

They say that succubi are especially beautiful among even demons. It wouldn’t be strange for one of them to have taken such form.


Come on, open your mouth, it’s the kisses that you love.


What’s this? You’re moving your hips so zealously. Are you wanting seconds already?

I don’t mind, but before that, please let me rub your breasts. I can’t get into the mood unless you let me knead them.


Whether I love breasts?

Of course I love them. I wish I could fondle them each day until I die. I especially would like to kiss the berries on the very top every day.

Left’s tasty, but right’s delectable too.

Mmm, the feeling on the tongue is the best.


Now then, I guess it’s about time to rush into the second round.


Don’t clamp down so hard that there are no gaps at all, it’s hard for me to pull out and move.

Wow, this feels good…

Do you feel good too?

You seem to be enjoying it. You’re drooling and making a slovenly expression.


Come on, suck your master as much you want.

It’s delicious.

You’ve tightened up again…

Loosen up a little more, else I’ll cum right away.

Try focusing on some other sensation.


You love it when I kiss your ears, don’t you?

You’ve eased up a bit. With this, I can go in a little deeper.


I’ll pound you hard.


Damn it.

It feels good…

What’s the matter? Are you about to cum?

Go on, let’s cum together. I’ll give you plenty to drink this second time around too.

Here I go.



Are you alright? Your stomach is trembling.

Hmm? Kiss?

That’s fine, open your mouth.


Are you satisfied now?

Oh, that’s good to hear.

Let’s put on our nightwear. Once it gets late into the night, the temperature will suddenly.

Hey, what are you nodding off and dozing for?

You immediately get sleepy after filling your belly with the things you enjoy?

It’s work to needlessly worry about a child. Don’t tell me that you want me to change your clothes for you too?

Damn it, you’re pestering me with that cute face.

Haa… Here, I’ll help you change, so lift up your arms. Nice and high, nice and high.


It’s better if you wear the pants too.

Lift your leg.

Idiot, one leg at a time. Don’t lift them both.


Okay, that’s done.

You’re even harder to deal with than the damn kids that come to the restaurant.


I’m naked because I had to put clothes on you.

You sure are one to talk when you tell me to “put on clothes.” You’re the one who had to have me do it for you.

That part of you does somewhat resemble Aran, so be careful. If you end up like that, it’s over.


Wait, whoa, a book fell.


Oh, this book is a Henry Fuseli art collection book. I borrowed it from this villa’s library.

Fuseli was an artist who rejected the natural world and painted the supernatural. The painting on this page is his most famous.

On top of the sleeping woman is a hideous monster and horse, no?

That monster is a dream demon. And since it’s a male dream demon, I suppose you can call it an incubus.

Hmm? Why’s there a horse too?

It’s a spirit that makes you see nightmares. It’s always floating around the back of people’s heads to play tricks on them.

During the 18th century, the era the artist was from, moral views were especially strict and everything sexual was considered a sin. It was thought that if a young man or woman was to have a dirty dream, it had to have been because they were possessed by a demon.

Whenever boys and girls in their teens were to behave strangely, most parents would say that they’ve been possessed by a demon. And then each time, religious personnel like me would be brought out.

However, there never were demons.


Unwanted interests and sexual desires were strongly prohibited by parents.

But the more you forbid something, the more interested the other person becomes and the more it never leaves their mind. Even if they manage to suppress it with reason during the day, they would end up having dirty dreams at night.

And that is the true origins of dream demons.


Now then, before we sleep, let’s drink some ginger and lemon tea. We made some loud noises and exercised, after all.

It’s better to have some fluids.

Here, I’ve poured it for you. Drink it.

What? Are you not going to drink it unless I hold you again?

Good grief, not drinking tea unless I wait on you and hold you… That is nothing more than a selfish request, isn’t it?

Alright, here you go. Please drink, Princess.



What’s this, I hear something from outside the window.

You stay here, I’ll go take a look.


Hey, Fuyuhiko, what are you doing there?

He fell…

Oh, that wasn’t anything.

Fuyuhiko was climbing up the balcony, that’s all. Though he just fell off.

What did he come here for?

Have you not noticed?

He’s a peeper, a voyeurist so to speak. He was probably thinking of peeping on us doing it.

That’s why I never did it with you on the bed unless I had shut the curtains.


Whether Fuyuhiko’s okay?

The place where he fell had a pile of snow, so he’s probably only hit his bottom hard.

That being said, I’m worried about his future. After all, he seems to be possessed by the demon known as “sexual perversion.”

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