【Translation】 Noumitsu Hatsujou Sex ~Oazuke XX Kame, Gaman dekinai Otokotachi: Endou Shuuhei~

Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Noki Yuusei (乃木悠星)

Track 3: Endou Shuuhei



Ah, no, it’s just that you’ve already tidied together the room.

It’s amazing, it gives the sense that this is “Senpai’s room.”

Is the furniture all new? Did you not bring any over from your parent’s house?

Wow, that’s nice.

I want to hurry up and live alone and put together a cool room for myself.


Uh… No, uh, today, I’m planning on leaving once we’ve had lunch together. I came thinking that I would help you finish moving and to help transfer furniture and such. But, your room’s all done already.

Senpai, you still have preparations you need to make university enrolment, don’t you? …I can’t let myself be a nuisance.

Oh, uh, what should we do for lunch?

I heard that there’s a lot of non-chain hamburger joints around here, is that true? I’ve never eaten at one of those before. If you know of a good place, please tell-


What is it?

No, we can’t.


S-Sorry, since you hugged me without warning, I was a little caught off-guard.

That expression… Is there something you want to say?


I’m acting kind of strange?

N-No, I’m not.

Erm…come on, let’s go. I want to explore the shopping district too.


Why are you-


You’re so aggressive today…

Stop, no, you can’t be kissing me.

Senpai… Sen-

That, well, I…I was lonely too. But, umm, how should I say it? …Today’s not a good day.

Err, to tell you the truth, I’m a bit, uh, pent-up. So just by being kissed by you, Senpai, I’m already this… Hehe. It’s pathetic, right? I’m not like this normally.

So umm, at this rate, we won’t be able to go outside… Is it alright if I go take care of it in the toilet?

Eh? You’ll lend a hand…? But, are you sure, Senpai?

Then please give me a handjob.


It’s a bit hard to take off…

Even though I came here to help you move, sorry.

My pre-cum’s leaking out, isn’t it?

I’m slippery from the tip to the base with fluids… Look, my dick is twitching as you stroke it, Senpai.


Sorry, I think I might cum extremely early…


It’s completely different compared to when I do it myself.

Grab…tighter. It feels so good when you stroke my dick.


We’re…doing some incredibly lewd things right now.

Senpai, Senpai! Let’s kiss.


Cumming. I’m cumming!


Uh. Ahh, it’s a sticky mess. Still, it’s not subsiding at all.

Senpai, more.

You’re so cute, Senpai… So cute. I love you.


If you say something that adorable, the room…

Are you sure?

Should we, like, have sex here?

Hehe. Let me touch you a bunch too, Senpai.

I’ll take everything off as well.


Have you been wanting to do it the whole time too, Senpai?

Same as me, then.

We’ve been calling each other every day, but I don’t want just your voice; the entire time I wanted to touch you.


Ah, your nipples are so lewd.

Does it feel good when I nimble on them?

How cute.


If you rustle my head like that, I won’t be able to control my strength…

Not just your breast, here too.

Oh. I knew it, it’s wet; it’s leaking out of your panties.

Bend your legs.

I’ll insert my fingers inside you, so be sure to grab onto my body and not my hair.


Wow, your pussy’s wet all the way.


It’s still only one finger. Are you tensing up because it’s been a while?

Relax, I’m not going to be rough. Though if you don’t ease up, my dick won’t be able to go in.

Come on. Relax.


Senpai, whenever I lick your ears, you get focused on that, right?

Go on, whether it’s your ears or pussy, feel it…


There’s more and more pouring out.


Here, your pussy, when I imagined putting my dick inside there inside of my fingers…I’ve reached my limit again.

So, can I?

Let me enter inside you already.


It might be a little bigger than before.

Erm… If I remember correctly, I have some extra condoms in my bag.

Eh? You were prepared too, Senpai?

Thank you.


Wait, I’ll put it on right now.

Here I go, Senpai.


It’s in.

This is the first time we’re having sex at your new place, isn’t it?

It feels so good inside you, Senpai…

Look, can you tell? My dick is going in and out of you.

It’s super lewd.

Eh? There’s no need to be so embarrassed. It’s a shame not to let you see it, Senpai. It’s such a dirty sight.


No, let me see it. Your embarrassing side, your cute side…they’re all, all mine. Show me them all.


I came already, so I thought I’d be able to last longer than usual, but again, I’m… Senpai, I’m about to ejaculate.

Senpai, place your legs on top of my shoulders.


You like it at this angle, right?

I’ll keep going, so let’s feel good together.



Don’t clamp down so hard, it’s too much for me.

I love you, I love you so much.


I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming…


Whoa, it’s almost like my vision’s flickering.

Lack of oxygen?

Sorry, I felt too good at the end and I lost track of my surroundings.

Oh. Thank you.


Here, you go ahead too, Senpai. Since you lost that much fluid, you have to replenish it properly.

What? I’m speaking the truth, aren’t I?

You see, I was a bit uneasy about the idea of your graduating and living on your own, Senpai.

Uh-huh. I knew you weren’t going anywhere far, but emotionally, you felt extremely distant. We can’t head home together when school ends like we did before either. And in going to university… You end up meeting a whole bunch of new people, don’t you?

Circles, mixers…

There’s a lot of worlds that I still can’t enter.

No, no, I’m not assuming that you would carelessly follow some man you don’t know. But, when I thought about off-chance that things don’t work out between us…I got extremely scared.


Uh, so what I’m trying to say is… I thought I had to become a man who Senpai would fall in love all over again with. And umm, you could say I was training myself to be that.

During our time apart, I, I forbid myself, I forbid myself from masturbating. …Out of my own volitation.

Please don’t be so surprised.

I heard it from my friends.

By not masturbating, my skin will be clearer and I’d become more handsome. And slowly my desire to have sex will settle and I’d become a composed man.

……This is the reason I’ve been pent-up for two weeks.


But, before my skin could get clearer and whatever else, it was tough and I was so closely having wet dreams. And just by meeting you and chatting with you, Senpai, I…was on the verge of becoming erect-or rather, I did get erect.

There’s nothing good about abstaining from masturbating.

You can go ahead and laugh. Either way, you think that I’m an idiot, right? …If it was going to turn out like this, I should’ve taken care of it before meeting you.

But, still, I hope you can see my desperate efforts.

You’re fine to think of me as an idiot or a child. I want to be with you for life, Senpai.

Senpai, I’ll do my best so that we can be together in one year’s time when I graduate. So, please just wait for a little longer. Alright?

I love you, Senpai.

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