【Translation】 Zutto Issho ni Iyou yo. – Jitsu no Otouto ni Marking sareru Kankei –


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Kuroi Tapioca (黒井多飛岡)

Track 1: Bathtime


Hey, hey, Big Sister. I want to exchange my bell peppers with your boiled egg, Big Sister.

Thank you!

It’s been on my mind, but it’s strange how you’re bad with boiled eggs but good with bell peppers.

Hehe. Sorry about that, Mom.

But still, I’ve been saying that I hate bell peppers since I was a wee little kid. You know I’m pretty clear about what I like and hate.

Oh, by the way, Big Sister, you’ve been super cheery since you got home from work today, did something happen?


Oh, that I could understand. Big Sister would laugh in her room while looking at her bankbook every payday.

Ahaha! We’re always together at home, so that much I know.


But…a working adult, huh. Even though it’s been 2 years since you started working, Big Sister, it’s still a strange feeling.

Me as a working adult?

I can’t quite imagine it.

I am doing my best to find a job, though.

Still, somehow I feel like it’s not only because it’s your payday. You weren’t this buoyant those other times.

Eh? Moving…?

Oh, so that’s what it was. You did say that you were saving up because you wanted to live alone and be independent. And now, you’ve finally saved enough to reach your goal.

I see, that’s great. Congratulations.


Oh, come to think of it, once you start living alone, Big Sister, will we not be able to take baths together like this either…?

I don’t think it has anything to do with age. Besides, I don’t think it’s strange. We are siblings, after all.

So Big Sister is moving away, huh…

Oh, uh, it’s not good to be too solemn, is it? Ehehe… Let’s make it a fun bath time like usual.


Hey, hey, Big Sister, wash my hair.

Yup! Thank you.

Don’t worry, the temperature and the amount of shampoo is just right. Goes to show how you’ve been helping me wash my hair every day.


Being spoiled by their big sister is the special privilege of a little brother, no?


What a nice smell.

I love the smell of this shampoo.

Mhm, I love this series. Besides, I get to smell the same as you, Big Sister.


Big Sister, don’t just look the other way.

Ahh…that spot feels so good.


Ah! Hgn… You gave me way too little warning.


You really are good at washing hair, Big Sister. Even if you didn’t get a job at your current company, you could’ve become a beautician.

Oh, but I think I might want you to exclusively wash my hair though.



Uh-huh. Thank you, Big Sister. As thanks, I’ll wash your hair.

A hug of gratitude for my big sister!

Then take a seat.

Alright, Beauty Parlor Masumi is open for business!


We used to do this a lot, didn’t we?

Pretend beauty parlor, pretend restaurant… And pretend newly-weds too, I think?


The shampoo will plop down, so don’t tilt your head. Please stay still.

Is there any place that itches?


I’ll rinse everything off then.

Close your eyes.

I’m gonna start.


I’ve rinsed this side off.

Here too.

Yup, all the shampoo is off.


It really is the same scent as mine.

I’m saying that it’s a good smell, so it’s fine, no?

Oh, I’ll apply the conditioner next, so please face forward.

Once we’re done that, I’ll help wash your body too. I ought to service my big sister who’s tired from work.


Track 2: Final Night


Big Sister, are you still awake?

Can I sleep with you, Big Sister? …Seeing that tonight will be the final night we spend with each other.

Is that a no?

Yes! Let me pop on in.


Big Sister, make room for me to sleep.


It’s a bit cold…

Your body’s so warm, Big Sister. Let me hug you even tighter.


My body’s…not hot.



It’s such a nice smell. Both Big Sister and I smell the same.

Oh, but, there’s a slightly different scent.

It’s always like that, it changes over time. How strange. We’re using the same shampoo even.

No matter how much I hug you, it’s never enough, Big Sister. I want to hug you so tight that there’s no gap between us. I want to be as close as I can to you.

Big Sister, why is it that you have to move? Are you going to leave me?

We’ve been together all this time… It feels so lonely. Please don’t leave me. Please stay with me forever.


Big Sister… At the very least, let me be closer to you this final night. Because, I love you, Big Sister.

I’m your little brother, so it’s fine, right?

Big Sister, please let me hug you many times more.


Big Sister’s body is… Soft and comfortable. I wish I could touch it forever, even.

Your arms, your stomach, your legs…

It feels so nice. Even if it’s over the top of your clothing, I can feel it. It’s such a wonderful feeling to the touch.


Big Sister… Big Sister…

Hey, are you listening? Have you…fallen asleep?


Big Sister, I… I love you, Big Sister.


You’re always gentle, and small, and cute…


Big Sister, you always have so many things about you that I just can’t ignore.

I thought I had to protect you and yet, to leave me behind and leave the house by yourself…

Big Sister…

I feel so alone, Big Sister.


What do…I do? Why-? Why do I have it up?

Why? This has never happened before when I’m with my big sister. She’s my big sister, so why? Why am I-?

I have to calm down, this isn’t normal.

Ahh, it must be because I’m awake late into the night. I’m sure if I just go to sleep…

That’s right, let’s sleep…

I’m sure it’s just that I got a little too worked up. That must be it.


Big Sister, goodnight……


Track 3: Amulet


Big Sister, I’ve come!

Hehe. Are you surprised?

I was at a seminar camp until today, but it was near here. I figured I might as well drop by on my way home.



Oh, so I put the scarf here.

You have the interior set up, so that’s nice.

It’s a strange feeling. Everything that used to be in your room, Big Sister, is now in this apartment.

Oh! Big Sister, how has it been living alone?

Is that…so?

You’ve been with Mom and Dad and me all this time, so I thought you’d feel lonely, that’s unexpected.


You’re right. Big Sister is now an adult, a fully-fledged member of society.

Oh! Yes, yes, I have a present for you.

This. It’s an amulet for safety and wellbeing. I wished for everyone in my family to be happy.

Here, take it.

And by the way, the ones I and Big Sister have are different colors.


Attach it somewhere visible. It’s what I’m doing.

I always have it hanging from this bag.


If we both hang it from our bags and match, we’d definitely be blessed with peace and prosperity.


What, what’s the sudden mention of a crush?

​Stop, there’s no one I have a crush on. And on that note, why are you mentioning that all of a sudden!?

Oh, I get it. The reason you’re asking me that is that you’ve found someone you like! That’s why I’m a bother and why you don’t want me to make abrupt visits!


Track 4: The Person One Loves


I can’t stop my hands… It feels so good…

This isn’t good, I’m so hard that…my penis feels like it’s about to explode.


There’s so much pre-cum. It’s such a wet mess.

I’m about to…cum. I, I can’t… I’m cumming!

Big Sister…


Shoot, I came so much.


!? Who is it?!!


Big Sister…….


Did you…see?


Come in the room for now.


First of all… I’m sorry! I got angry the other day even though Big SIster did nothing wrong.

It was because I thought of you as special, Big Sister…

So when you asked me that out-of-the-blue, my mind went completely blank and I said a bunch of things.

Since when…?

I don’t have a recollection of that anymore. Even when I was a child, I had no interest in other girls.

The only person I had eyes for was you.


If you think that’s a lie, that’s fine, but I never had even the slightest interest in other girls.

Even now. All this time.

But, but you know what the funny thing is? I never realized that these feelings were romantic.

You know how we slept together the night before you moved?

That night, my body felt so hot and strange. And after, when I came over to your place, and you asked me if I had a crush on someone… Subconsciously, I probably felt that you hit me in the bull’s eye and that’s why I reacted that way.

When I bolted out of the house and ran off… It crossed my mind for the first time.

That I might…be in love with you.


Sorry, it’s disgusting, right? I’m your little brother and yet I have these feelings.

Precious…little brother?

I think staying with me would be problematic… I’m sure there’s something wrong with me. Even in a situation like this, when I’m hugged by you, Big Sister… I’m already this… I’m already this hard.

Big Sister, if you touch that place… My hips will…move on their own.


What do I do? Big Sister’s hands feel too good and I can’t stop.

Hey, Big Sister, open your mouth. Let me kiss you.


So sweet.

Big Sister, your face is bright red.


I want you to touch me lots more.


Big Sister, please touch my penis.

Big Sister, your hands are so soft and warm… And your boobs look soft too. It’s like they want to be touched forever.

Big Sister’s boobs…

They’re so soft that I can feel it through your clothes. Just touching them is out of this world.


I can hear Big Sister’s cute voice so clearly… Do your boobs feel good from having me touch them?

I…feel super good when you touch my penis, Big Sister.

Our voice…

Will it be audible from below?

But, but I can’t stop myself anymore.

Oh, that’s right, if we just plug up our mouths, it’ll be fine. Let’s give each other lots of kisses.


Eh? Good…idea?


I’ve lied down.

Ehh!? What’s with that appearance?!!

Uh, sorry… But, I was just caught off-guard by that appearance. Big Sister has her butt turned to me and jiggling it.

Big Sister is licking my penis…

That’s unfair. If you make a request like that, I… Of course I would lick you.


Wow, it’s pink, the folds are jiggly, and it’s a bit wet, and it looks delicious.

Big Sister…

Big Sister’s vagina is delicious. The sweet stuff keeps pouring out from inside.

I could drink an endless amount of this.

And not only that, Big Sister’s hot tongue and mouth are…mingling with my penis. It feels so good my hips feel like they’re going to melt.


Hey, Big Sister, your vagina is twitching and trembling. And your clit is red and swollen too.

Are you about to cum?

Me too, I’m about to cum too.

So, let’s…let’s cum together.


Big Sister, I’m cumming. I’m going to cum, Big Sister!


There’re so much of Big Sister’s love juices leaking out that it’s impossible for me to lick it all up.

It tastes so good.

!? Big Sister, are you alright?

Are you unable to gather any strength because I went in deep?

Big Sister, even your bangs are wet. How cute.


As expected, perhaps we just aren’t meant to be apart. We’ve always been together since way back. It’s painful when we’re not together.

Don’t you think so?

I’m happy you feel the same.

I love you, Big Sister.


Track 5: A World with Just the Two


Hey, what are you reading?

Travel magazine?

Say, why don’t we go on a date the next chance we get?

I’m so happy. A date with Big Sister…I look forward to it.

When should we set the date?


Ah! I’m about to run out of battery.

Charger, charger…

Eh? Really?

Charger, toothbrush, and a change of clothes… Isn’t that all?

Oh, I guess this cushion too.

But hey, we’re dating. It’s almost been a month, so this much is normal, right?


Big Sister’s thighs are soft and comfortable too.

Nope, I’m in the middle of marking you. Bear with it.

That’s right.

I’ll leave my mark and my scent on you so that people can tell that you’re mine. I want to have you to myself.


I have to leave plenty of my scent on you.


Just this place isn’t enough?


T-shirt and shorts… With such a lewd look, one could only imagine that you were seducing me.

I ought to mark you all over so that no one would try to take you, don’t I?


I’ve left my mark on you.

Can I leave more on you?

I’m happy. I’ll leave a bunch of marks to show that you’re mine.


I guess I’ll start with your collarbones.


Next, your boobs…


It’s on there.

Wow, you’re covered in my marks.

Big Sister being covered in so many of my marks… Just seeing the sight of that turns me on.


Rubbing my penis against Big Sister’s thighs is the absolute best feeling.

It feels too good. I’m about to cum already.

Big Sister… Big Sister… I’m about to cum.


I came…

But I can keep going. Look, I’m hard already.

Big Sister’s ears are red too… They look delicious.

So cute.

Big Sister, did you get aroused from watching me cum?

What a cute voice.


Hey, let me hear more of it.

If I were to lick this ear too, would I be able to hear it?


Your body was trembling.

Big Sister, did you feel it from being licked by your little brother?

Yeah, you’re right. I am Big Sister’s boyfriend. It’s normal to feel it when your boyfriend licks your ears.

Hmm? Huh?

What’s the matter? You’re rubbing your legs together.

Are you wet already, perhaps?


You’re not?

Then let’s check.


Like I thought, you’re wet. Look. Did you hear those lewd sounds just now?

You didn’t?

Then I’ll make them louder.


Well? You hear those sounds, right?

I’ll make you feel even better.

Let’s take off both your shorts and underwear.


I’ll pinch your clit between my fingers…

How’s that? Does it feel good?

I’ve gotten aroused again too.

My penis is…rubbing against your wet vagina. It feels good… Don’t worry, I won’t insert it inside. I’m just rubbing it against you.

I’ll lift up your legs.


These thighs…look so soft. It feels so good…

I’ll start moving my hips.

When my penis rubs against your clit, it feels really good, right?



Oh, sorry! It went in.

I’m sorry

But, I’m so happy that it’s Big Sister that made me graduate from being a virgin.

I want to go in deeper.

It’ll be fine as long as I don’t cum inside you. Right? I’m already inside, so even if I pull out now, it wouldn’t make a difference.

Please. Please let me feel Big Sister’s vagina more.


Let me hear your cute voice…

Your vagina is messy and hot, and I can’t get enough of it.

Your insides are shaking and trembling…

Did you…cum? Your vagina was clamping down so hard. I nearly came inside you.

But, sorry, I still haven’t had enough. I want to feel you more, Big Sister.


Big Sister… Big Sister… I love you. I love you so much!


So tasty. So cute.

Big Sister…

I’m going to cum.

I know. I’ll cum outside like I should, don’t worry.

I’m about to cum. I’m going to cum, alright?


Wow, Big Sister’s body is covered in my semen.

It makes it feel like you’re mine.


Track 6: From Here Onward


Big Sister, we’ve arrived.

Big Sister!

Good morning. We’ve arrived at the ocean.

It’s fine. I mean, it’s true that it was a long-awaited car date, but it was enjoyable listening to your sleeping breaths as I drove.

No need to feel down. I’m happy just by being with you.

Holding hands like this and walking on the beach too. When we’re shopping or on the train, we never really have the chance to hold hands.


Would it be bad if we’re seen?

I don’t care if my friends or our parents found out. It doesn’t matter they oppose it or if I’m forever hated.

……You make that sad expression.

I’m fine with a world with just the two of us.


Here, take a look at this.

This is your ring.

I’ll put it on for you.

I bought this ring using the money I saved up from part-timing.

Though it’s hardly 3 months of wages…

Don’t worry, I’ve received an unofficial offer from a really nice company, so I promise you that I won’t cause you any hardships.

So, please…

I want you to marry me.


I’m a bit surprised, I didn’t think you’d say that.

I’m so embarrassed. If it was that obvious that my hands were shaking then it might’ve been better not to have held hands.

But, I wanted to be connected with you in some way.

I want us to be together forever.

And that’s honestly enough. As long as I can have you to myself, I’m willing to…

I love you, so please spend your life with me!



Eh? Are you sure? Really?

I’m happy!

I’m so happy!

Don’t call your boyfriend cute.


Hahaha! You got way too surprised here.

It’s fine, no? We’re on a precious date, so let’s play around for a bit.

Take that!


We’re soaking wet now, aren’t we?

It is my fault, but you looked like you were having quite a lot fun, Big Sister. You didn’t stop even when I told you that the sun was setting.

No, I didn’t say anything.

Come on, let’s get in a bath before we get cold.

It’s great that there was a hotel nearby.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a love hotel. There were good reviews on the site and since our clothes are wet, it’s a necessity.


So you’re embarrassed?

How cute.

Why don’t we take a bath together?


Ahh…that a nice bath, wasn’t it?

Big Sister’s hair has the same scent as mine.

Even though it’s a smell from our usual shampoo, I’m happy that it encompasses us both.


It’s a pleasant smell.

You’re worrying about your clothes in this situation?

Worry not, I’ve made sure to air them in the bath. Besides, we’re not heading out until morning.

Open your mouth.


Your soft boobs are a little colder than they usually are.

Even though we just got out of the bath, I ought to warm them up.


The kiss marks have disappeared, haven’t they?

Let me overwrite them again.


They’re on there nicely.

Leave some on me too. Your marks.


Is it on there?

I’m happy. Thank you. I love you.


Hey, look at how hard my penis is…

You want it already?

I don’t mind. I want you too.

I’ll lift your legs then.

Here I go.


When I insert it all at once, it sure is…tight. But, it feels good. I can’t get enough of it.

I’ll go in all the way.


Is it painful?

Sorry, I got more excited than usual and might be quite large.

I’m sorry, but I…

I’ll take it slow, so…


Your face is bright red, and that cute voice…

Let me hear more of it.

Let out lots of moans.


Hey, I want to join with you directly like this and fill even your insides with my scent…

Can I?

Sorry, I didn’t think you would nod. It took me by surprise and I nearly thought I’d cum.

But, for you to want my semen inside you…

It’s cute, and I love it.


Hey, I love you. I love you so much.

So much so that it’s not enough no matter how many time


Your insides are shaking and trembling… Your small and tight vagina is saying that it wants my penis and almost hugging it.

It’s almost too much.

I’m at my limit, I’m about to cum…!

Come on, let’s cum together. I’ll tease your clit with my fingers.

I’m going to let out everything inside you.


With this, you’ve been marked with my scent. No one will come take you, right?

Your entire being belongs to me.

Let’s stay together forever and ever.

I love you.

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