【Translation】 Mangetsu no Halloween ni wa Goyoushin

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CV: Ochi Kanade (越智奏)

Track 1: Prologue



Are you…okay?


Uh, it’s nothing. Here, take my hand.

Are you able to stand up?

Sorry for bumping into you. Are you hurt anywhere?

Really? That’s a relief.



Would you mind me treating you to a meal as an apology?

“It’s not a big deal”?

I won’t be able to let it rest in that case. I wish to do something for you.

Oh, sorry, asking you out when I haven’t even given you my name was rude of me, wasn’t it?

I’m Liam.

Feel free to drop the formalities or use whatever prefix you like.

And your name?


Oh? That’s such a cute name.

Did you come to see the Halloween parade too?

Then the fact that we bumped into each other might be a wonderful chance encounter. If you’d like, why don’t we go see it together?

There’s a nice shop nearby where you can slowly enjoy a meal while watching the parade.

Come on, no need to be modest.

Thank you. Let’s go then.


Track 2: True Halloween Is From Here on Out…


Oh, looks like you finally noticed.

How does it feel?

You shouldn’t struggle, the ropes will dig into your wrists and leave marks.

Sorry, I tied your arms to that bed so that you wouldn’t be able to run away.

As expected, you don’t remember.

You lose consciousness while you were eating. But well, I was the one who made it so you would.


Sleep medicine?

I used no such thing.

To tell you the truth, I’m actually a vampire.

Vampires, on a night of a full moon like this, release pheromones that attract the opposite sex.

You got exposed to it and lost consciousness.

It’s not a line I should be saying, but I think you’re a little too defenseless.

Don’t you think you should be a little more careful around a man you just met? What, did you let your guard down because I looked like a child?

You shouldn’t be judging people by their looks.

Even if I look like this, I’m a man who’s been alive for several hundred years.


Ahh… Don’t be so scared.

I promise you, I won’t hurt you. I absolutely won’t. So just entrust your body to me.


So soft…

They’re beautiful untouched lips.

Ease up your body, there’s no need for you to be scared.


Like I thought, you’re still a virgin, aren’t you?

That’s a relief.

How could I tell?

Well… There’s a really nice scent emanating for you. Sweet like the nectar that attracts bees, the smell of the blood of a virgin.

Normal people would never be able to tell, of course.

However, I’m a vampire. My sense of smell is many times better than a human’s. I’m able to discern the smell of your blood.


Not quite. Sucking your blood isn’t my true motive.

That said, can you let me have a little taste?


It’s sweet and delicious.

So this is what you taste like, huh? I’ve drunk blood from all sorts of people, but this just might be the best.

Perhaps, you really are special.

I would like to drink more, but it appears that your body’s starting to get impatient.

Look, your two little buds are stained with red.

……And they’re saying that they want to be touched.


In any case, why don’t I listen to their request?

When I draw circles like this with my fingers…

They’ve gotten even harder.

Is it embarrassing?

Don’t worry, you’ll forget about it soon enough.

Focus on me.

I’ll massage your soft breasts with my hands. And this hard, pointy place here…


This side too.

It’s hard… So hard.


Look, your voice is slowly becoming louder.

You no longer feel the embarrassment, do you?


There’s an appetizing smell coming from down below.

Can you spread your legs a little?


You’re so wet already. I can feel it clearly even when touching you through your underwear.

Your place here is hot and is leaving stains.

I’m going to take your underwear off, alright?

Pull up your skirt.


Ahh… It’s vibrant and juicy and has a lovely color.

It’s swelled up like a red, burning flower.

Oh, it smells so good.


Your nectar is sweet and tasty.

When I focus my attention on that puffed place below… It starts flowing out from inside you.


I’ll lick those hot petals on both sides and press them between my lips.


Hmm? What’s the matter? You want me to stop?


Oh, I see. It’s your first time.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. Just give your body in into pleasure.

No need to fear it, you’ll feel good.


You came, right?

It wasn’t scary, right? You’re dripping with so much nectar, so it must’ve felt really good, right?

But I won’t let you rest yet.

I have to make you feel even better so that you’ll be able to take me in.


This time I’ll use my hands and also do your ears…


You’re wet again.

And this place down here is getting even harder.


I’ll do your other ear…


It’s fine. Cum.


You managed to cum properly.

You might be lewder of a girl than I thought.

I’m praising you. I think you’re really cute.

So, can I put it now?

I was holding it in the whole time, the whole time since the moment I first laid eyes on you.

I wanted to fill you with this hard, hot thing of mine so badly.


What about you?

Do you not want to be gratified and have the deepest part of your aching body penetrated by my member?

So, do you want me?

I’m so happy. You’re willing to become mine.


You’re shaking a little. Are you scared?

Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.

You’ll soon forget about your anxieties.


Huh? Condoms?

I’m not using that.

Here, I’m gonna do it.


It’s in. I’m inside you.

Does it hurt?

You’re surprisingly fine?

I wonder if it’s because I sucked your blood earlier. A vampire’s fangs have aphrodisiac properties.

It enters your body when you get bitten and even the slight pain gets all turned into pleasure.

We’ll continue then.

This is about half.


If I do this, it can distract you from it, right?

There’s only a bit more, so do your best.

Almost there.


Can you feel it? I’m completely inside you.


That’s fine. Breath slowly.

I’ll wait until you calm completely, it is your first time, after all. It might take time until you get used to it, but I’ll make you feel good in a bit.


Can I start moving?

It definitely is tight, but… It feels good.


Your place here squeezes down when I kiss you.

In that case, I’ll move to this place next.

I’ll leave a kiss mark on your nape.


It’s on there nicely.

It’s proof that you are my property.

Ah, there’s a bit of blood oozing from the place I sucked earlier.

Can’t put it to waste.


You’re about to cum already?

It’s fine, let’s have you cum again and again.

I’ll thrust into you even more.


Your insides are…clamping down.


The expression you made when you came was adorable.

I want to be able to let you rest, but sorry, your insides just feel too good. I can’t stop my hips.

Can you feel it?

I’m burning up even more and becoming even harder.


Eh? The rope?

You… You want to get nearer to me?

If you say something so cute, it’ll make me want to mess you up even more.

Yeah, I’ll untie the ropes.

I want us to touch each other even more, after all.


Wrap your arms around my back.

This way, we’ll be connected even deeper.


I’ll lick your ears for you…


I, I can’t. I’m about to cum too.

Please, call my name.

My name, “Liam.”

I want to cum while hearing your voice.


Thank you so much. I love you.

Please accept it inside you.

You, my beloved…


I’m so happy that we managed to reunite.

I won’t let go of you ever again. Ever. You’ll be staying by my side.

I love you, you, the first and the last person I’ll ever love.


Track 3: Epilogue


Oh, you’re awake.

Is your body alright?

Sorry, even though it was your first time, I overdid it with you. I wasn’t trying to push you that far, but I lose my reason.

You just resembled them a little too much.

……My long-deceased lover.


It’s truly been a long wait till we met.

The moment I saw you, I was certain of it. You’re no doubt her reincarnation.

Your hair color, your eyes, your expression even.

They’re all the same.

And that’s why, I brought you here and took your first time.

By pouring their semen into the body of a virgin, a male vampire is able to make the other person a vampire.

Right now, you’re no longer human.

You’re now like me. A long-lived vampire.


Let’s live together in this mansion forever.

I’ll protect you from everything that harms you so that you’ll never experience anything unpleasant again.

And so, you mustn’t ever leave my side.

Promise, alright?

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