【Translation】 Shinya Zangyou Vol.1 ~ Do-S Joushi no Dekiai Shidou ~ Pokedora Tokuten


Thank You to Nicole for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Takahashi Hidenori (高橋英則)

Track 1: Special Reward


Ahh…it’s this late already.

Today was fun, wasn’t it?

How was the date?

You seem pretty lively. Is it because of the wine you drank earlier?

You’re stumbling a little too. Walk carefully.


Hey, don’t cling onto me outside.

It’s not that you can’t.

Come on, stop staggering around, do you not understand why I’m holding onto your hand?

You really don’t understand how others feel, do you?

Perhaps I should be drunk too.

Hey, keep a little distance, it’s hard to walk.

Making requests in a place like this? Even if you didn’t ask me to, I have no intention of sending you home.

Isn’t that obvious? Come stay at my place tonight.



Sorry, I couldn’t wait.

Oh, but, isn’t doing it by the entrance exciting too?

Alright, I’ll do as you say.


If we’re heading over to the bed, isn’t it best for me to princess-carry you?

I think I’m probably a bit drunk too.


Even the inside of your mouth is hot.

Do you want to touch it?

Though it’s so hard that your hands won’t be enough to calm it.


Your hands are soft.

Hey! You’re so brazen today. Is it because you’re drunk?

No need to force yourself to please me. Just seeing you feel good is enough for me.

Okay, alright.

Please use your mouth then.


Do I just sit?

I won’t move then.

Wait. Since we’re already doing this, why don’t you give me a feast for my eyes too?

Are you going to undress or do you want me to undress you?


Come here.


If you’re going to do it, then do it all the way.

…Regardless of what I do.


I’m worried whether it can even fit into your mouth.


Can you use your hands too?

Stroke up and down and lick the tip.

Good girl.

Make it sound even dirtier.

Yes, that’s good. You can put in a little more force too. Otherwise, it’s not quite enough.


Use your entire tongue and lick under it.

Don’t talk with it in your mouth.

It feels good, so don’t worry about it. It feels so good that my hips feel like they’re about to melt.


Take it in deep.

Though it might be a little painful.

Don’t clench your throat, I’ll end up cumming inside your mouth.


It feels good…

Thank you, that’s enough.

It would be a waste for me to cum now, wouldn’t it? So you can stop. Besides, I haven’t gotten a chance to satisfy you.


It’s my turn next.

Spread open the place that feels good and let me see it.

And keep your legs spread apart too.

What a naughty sight.

Don’t blame things on me, you’re the one who’s obediently doing what I say.

Should I start by leaving a mark on your thighs?


The mark’s even clearer than ones made on the back of your neck, and the fact that I’m the only one who gets to see it turns me on too.

Look, now there’s another.

Seriously, you really are an impatient one.

Merely your thighs right now isn’t enough to satisfy you?

Keep it spread with your hands. I’ll lick you, starting from the fingers keeping your dirty place open.


Even if you don’t tell me, I know.

This isn’t the place, right? …Even though you love being teased.


You’re trembling from just my breaths.

And you’re wiggling your hips with such frustration.

What is it that you want me to do?

Touch you?


I can’t hear you. Be as loud as when I’m having sex with you.

I’m saying it because I want to see you embarrassed.

You can say it properly, can’t you? You’ve always met my expectations no matter the occasion.


Shall I give you a hand until you’re able to say it?

I’ll tease you by circling around it with my fingers and make you want to say it. Look, it won’t stay quiet about how it wants to be touched more.

With how wet you are, something aside from my fingers would probably satisfy you better.

But since you won’t say it, things are staying like this.


You managed to beg for it cutely.

Good girl.

Now then, can you do one more thing for me?

Be the one to put the condom on me.


You already know how to touch this, don’t you?

Then, in that case, you should have no problems with putting a condom on.


You put it on nicely.

Truly, you are an excellent subordinate.


I’ll have to take points off for that impatience.

…The way you rile me up and rob me of my composure too.


It feels good.

Your hands were nice and soft. Your mouth too, it felt like I was going to be sucked dry and it was wonderful.

But as expected, your insides are the best of them all.


You wanted this, didn’t you? You wanted something thicker than my fingers to fill your insides and make your stomach feel full, didn’t you?

Let me hold your hands.

I want to feel that we’re connected.


I told you, you’re always… I keep telling you to not rile me up.


I’m going to cum.

Cumming, I’m cumming!


It feels super satisfying when we cum together, doesn’t it?

I’m glad.

Have you sobered up a little?

That’s a bit unfortunate, because you become quite brazen when you’re drunk.

You were so full of that servicing spirit and it was great. I’ll have you be drunk again next time.


So, what shall we do tomorrow?

It’s nice being able to talk together like this.

Please continue to always be my side.

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