【Translation】 Shinya Zangyou Vol.1 ~ Do-S Joushi no Dekiai Shidou ~ DLsite Tokuten


Thank You to Nicole for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Takahashi Hidenori (高橋英則)

Track 1: Sadistic Lover’s Command


What? Who did you think I was?

You’re still working overtime at this hour. You’re not overdoing it, are you?

When you say that you’re okay, it makes me worry even more.

Please keep things in moderation.



I came here in search of documents. Once I’m done, I’ll be leaving for the day.

And you?

Then I suppose you’ll be here late into the night.

Even though we finally became lovers, we never get the chance to head home together.

While I would love to help you, it would be problematic if I give special treatment and show favoritism towards a particular subordinate.

Don’t apologize, you’ve done nothing wrong. I’m sure there’s an evil high-up up there that’s pushing all this overtime on you.

Now then, stop playing around and actually finish your work.

I’ll wait for you.

Then keep working hard.


Is something the matter?

You want us to spend more time together?

Seducing your boss while you’re in the middle of working, what a naughty subordinate you are.

Oh? If that isn’t the case then why did you stop me?

What’s that? What coincidence?

Hey, don’t run off.

Were you not hoping for this? …Because I was.


With this, no one can enter.

You’re remembering what we did in the conference room last time, aren’t you? Your ears are bright red.

Hey, hey.

My goodness, what kind of person just drops everything?

Here. Don’t drop them again.


If you drop them again, I’m punishing you.


Because you’re holding documents, I can’t come up as close to you as I usually do.

Do your best to endure it.

Even if I’m teasing your precious place, you’re not going to start feeling during overtime, are you?


You’re slowly starting to leave a stain.

What’s the meaning of this, hmm?


After all, it appears that you’ve forgotten how to control yourself recently.

As your boss, I’ll make sure to guide you properly. Even if you beg for it, I won’t touch you directly. I’ll only circle around overtop your underwear.

And even if it feels vexing, don’t be dropping the documents.


You love it when I claw at this place, don’t you? You start trembling with a slight movement of my fingers.

You seem to be in pain.

Though I suppose that’s only to be expected when I’m teasing you like this. You love being churned up more, don’t you?

Be patient. Pay attention to how my fingers are circling around your precious place.


Hey, don’t force your hips against me.

You want me to let you cum or something?

Not yet. Tell me what kind of state you’re in.

“I’m feeling it so much from simply being teased over my underwear that I can’t stand, and I was frustrated and tried to move my hips to make myself cum. I want you to churn me up with your fingers like you always do.”

If you say it properly, I’ll stop holding it off.


Well, I give that a passing mark.

However, the real challenge starts now. Will you be able to keep hold of the documents and not drop them even when you cum?

I’ll tease your ears too.


I’ll add in another finger.


You managed not to drop them. Good job.

Let’s place the documents here.

I ought to give you a reward for pushing through it.

Spread your legs.


If I prop them up slightly, I’ll be able to reach all the way.


Oh, condoms?

I keep them on me so that I’m ready for these situations with you at any time.

And my judgment wasn’t wrong, was it?


You… Just how badly did you want it inside you?

You’re so damn wet.


Hold onto me properly.

Look down. Can you see where we’re joined?

You’re swallowing it up this deep, you know? …Especially when we’re at the office and not at home.


Are you unable to hold back your voice?

Then I guess I have no choice but to silence you with kisses.


If you’re going to cum, ask for permission.

Who’s fault do you think it is that I’m this aroused?

It’s because you’re begging for it so cutely.


Even if you have cum, I haven’t cum yet.

Keep up with me for a little longer.


I’m going to cum. Make sure to accept all of it.


I’m still cumming… A bit more till I finish cumming.


I guess it’s my self-control that’s lacking. I’m way too in-love and I couldn’t wait.

Will you be able to finish your work after this?

Well, I guess you’re fine if you can still stand. The other day, you couldn’t even get out of bed.

If you do feel like doing it again, let’s leave it until you’re done work. Either way, we have the day off tomorrow. I’ll give you plenty of love when we’re at home.

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