【Translation】 Shinya Zangyou Vol.1 ~ Do-S Joushi no Dekiai Shidou ~


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

深夜残業 Vol.1 ~ドS上司の溺愛指導~

CV: Takahashi Hidenori (高橋英則)

Track 1: Reliable Boss


Oh, I’ve finally found you.

I was searching for you because I had something to discuss with you.

You were away from your desk for quite a while, did the meeting get prolonged?

Well, I’m sure you got lectured by the higher-ups again.

We’re busy here, so you don’t need to force yourself to go along with their whims. I told you the other day, didn’t I? I would take care of it next time.

You acted as in place because I looked busy? Because if that’s the case, what am I, your boss, here for? Tell me.

Straddling yourself with anything and everything… Am I that unreliable?

Then be more careful next time. Alright?


Anyways, let’s move to the real issue at hand.

I plan to entrust the next competition to you.

It is advertisements for a cosmetic company, and the other side’s got strong quirks. And since there’s a chance that it might not be suitable if one were to do it alone, I decided to enter in as support.

What’s the matter? Are you dissatisfied with having me?

That’s what you seem to be implying.

What? So you were worried about that?

If anything, I believed that it had to be you. As far as I can tell, the direction that the other side wants and the trends that you’re strong in coincide. I can’t think of a personnel more appropriate than you.

It’s about time I assigned you to a major task, is it not?

Your work ethic has been good and your evaluation has risen.

If you’re stuck working on small tasks, you won’t be able to grow. Though I did have to make the recommendation precisely because it is a difficult project.


Since you’re insisting that you can’t meet my expectations, then I guess I’ve miscalculated.

That’s the spirit.

Come on, you can hop in.

Oh, right, there’s one thing that I forgot.

The proposal the other day. The focus was good and that viewpoint was something only you can bring. The approach was simple but innovative, and it fit the theme. And it got me excited.


But regardless, you crammed in too many details.

Who were your targets even? 5-year-olds?

If not then get rid of all this childish fancy decorative info. Also, you tried to build on the theme too much and the contents are a mess. And because of that, I can’t even tell whether you wanted to convey a toy box or a treasure chest.

Moreover, your research on the other party is lacking.

Not to mention the keynote ad was something that was released 3 years ago around the same time, was it not?

They’re finally putting new products on the market, but at this rate, people will get a sense of deja vu and create the opposite effect. And don’t just put in a bunch of red because it’s the antagonistic color, got it? Because if you do that, I’ll make you redo the entire proposal.


Good answer.

Do you think you can get it done by the end of the day?

No need to overstretch yourself.

Do your best, I’m rooting for you.


Track 2: A Night of Beginnings


What’s this, you’re still here?

I’m sure I told you not to overdo it the other day.

Your “I’m fine” has no persuasiveness to it. Yesterday you stayed till the very end to prepare for the competition too, didn’t you? All by yourself after everyone has left much like today.

You idiot, I keep telling you not to burden yourself with everything.

Don’t go “Ah?”

I’m not just here for communications, I’m your support.

It’s not that I’m angry.

I should’ve paid more attention, sorry.


Anyways, how far have you gotten?

Then let me have a look.


You’ve finished more than I expected.

Even if you didn’t work overtime, don’t you think you’ll meet the deadlines regardless?

Let me borrow your mouse.

Oh, I see. It’s just the general framework and it’s not clogged with details.


You should place these further on your desk. Otherwise, they might fall again.

No need to apologize.

Your face is red… Is something wrong?

You’re not having strange thoughts, right? Like thinking that’s nerve-wracking that we’re alone at the office together in the middle of the night.

Did you really have such thoughts?

Don’t apologize, I never said it was a bad thing.

But you know, when you make that face, I become conscious of it too. Are you giving me an invitation, perhaps?


Don’t call me with that voice.

Are you sure about not resisting?

Both you and I may have lost our minds from the stress of overtime.


Stop reacting so cutely, I won’t be able to stop.


You must be sensitive, you’re wet already…

Don’t you think it’s best to take off your underwear? Because at this rate, it’s going to get drenched and be no longer wearable.

Please tell me if you’d like me to remove it.

You’re so honest. As expected of my subordinate.

Does it not embarrass you to have your own boss undress you at your workplace? Here you are spreading your own legs.


These are some incredible noises, can you tell?

My fingers too.

Look, they slipped in so easily.


You’re even better than before.

Do you enjoy having your ears licked?

If you won’t admit it, I’ll keep continuing until you do.

What are you saying now? You’re the one who’s getting all turned on despite it being the office.

We might even have to wipe up when you cum.


Your insides are clamping down.

It feels good when I rub this deep spot here with my fingers, right? …Your insides are twitching and swallowing up my fingers with all its might.

Shall I put in one more?

Though you might cum before that.

It’s fine. Cum.


You came wonderfully.

I knew you were honest to begin, but your body is too.

Quite the erotic woman you are.

Take a look at how dirty my fingers are.

Even if you say that, are you going to lick it instead?


This is kind of embarrassing, stop getting so wet.

I have to clean this place too.


You’re so lewd…

It’s not just my fingers, it looks like you enjoyed being teased by my tongue too.


I just licked it clean and yet it’s overflowing again.

Aren’t you going to get the desk dirty? …Even your thighs are trembling.

Say “Mr. Arikawa, please churn me up with your fingers and tongue and make me cum” if you want me to make you cum again.

Come on, say it. If you do, I’ll let you cum.


Unfortunate, but looks like security is here.

We’ll end it here today.

Next time, we’ll go all the way.

……So be prepared.


Track 3: Conscious Distance


You’re late. You’re a minute behind schedule.

Truth to be told, I should’ve said it either. Today was especially busy, so I was only able to make time in the evening.

What’s the matter? Do you not know why I called you out?

To continue where we left off yesterday, obviously.

I didn’t see the end of your proposal for the competition, did I?


Haha! I never thought you were thinking of the continuation of something else.

Jeez, of course not.

Your face is bright red.

You’re so cute and easy to read. Were you looking forward to it the entire day?

Sorry about that.

So, what is it that you want me to do? Do you want to be like that with me again?


This where you’re supposed to deny it and go, “don’t say such stupid things.” Because if you don’t, once again, I’ll…

But well, the matter about the competition comes first.

The completed product design has arrived from the other side.

Things have been simple up to yesterday but now you should be able to hatch together an image too.

I’ll send it to your email later.


The proposal thrown in that folder earlier is the most recent, right?

Then I’ll check that as we proceed.


Come over, there’s only one PC.

This is the design.

It’s a line of lip balms that are so more geared towards being presents instead of personal use.

Do you also apply these too normally?

Is that so?

I might even say that your lips are ‘lips that you want to kiss.’ They have a nice shape and they’re ever so slightly moist.

And when I kissed them, they were soft.


Oh, sorry for touching them.

I’m sure if I applied lip balm onto them now, they’ll be even more attractive.

Huh? What’s wrong? Your face is red again.

Again, as for the lip balms, it appears that they plan to add more scents than originally planned. And since the variety of colors will increase in turn, for the final ad, the backdrop should…


……Next, we should adjust this hue. Also, this motif.


Hey, are you listening?

Is what I’m saying that boring?

Oh? How’s it not so? Someone is here looking through every detail of your proposal and giving explanations, so for what reason are you dazed?

Was what happened yesterday that unforgettable?

You know, you shouldn’t start firing me up like that.

Since you have time to be thinking about unnecessary things during work, perhaps I should fulfill your desires?


Track 4: Special Guidance Late at Night


Don’t turn around, look forward.

I’m punishing you for having nothing but dirty thoughts.

I’ll strip down you, so keep facing the door.

What if someone comes?

Then I’m sure they’ll have a full view of your shameful appearance.


I’ll start with undoing your blouse buttons first.


This much isn’t enough to embarrass you, right?

A second’s been undone.

Oh? You’ve got a pretty sexy bra on.

Is it because I said that next time, we’d go all the way? …Choosing it so that you’re ready for me at any time.

You were conscious of me the whole day, weren’t you?

Now, be cognizant of what’s being done to you at this moment.


I’ll undo the third one.

Would be nice if no one came by… What do you think will happen if someone were to see this?

That’s right, even I would be in a bind. So, don’t let out your voice.


You were in this state the whole day? These spots are hard.

If they’re sticking out this much, they’d be rubbing against your clothes each time you move.

Being put on edge like that and having someone see your flushed face,… I think that’d be rather embarrassing.

You’ve been wiggling your body around in frustration this past while.

I don’t know if you’re doing it on purpose, but all I see is you seducing me.

Is touching you over your bra not enough to satisfy you?

Because if so, just say the words, “please touch me directly.”


I know that. I’m saying it because I want to see your look of embarrassment.

You don’t have to say it if you don’t want to. I’ll just end it here.

You’re still saying it despite your embarrassment, huh? Were you that against me stopping?

……That aspect of you is so adorable.


You’re burning up so much that it makes me wonder whether you have a fever.

I guess that means that having your breasts fondled in the conference room turns you on. And your voice is slowly getting louder too.

Are you at your limit?

Here, bite down on my finger.

Don’t bite down too hard.


Hmm? Is it painful?

If you let out a voice like that, it’ll make me want to make a mess out of the inside of your mouth too.

Your tongue isn’t an erogenous zone too, is it?

You’re here feeling it no matter where I touch.

There’s a place you want me to touch even more, isn’t there?


Spread your legs, I’ll tease it for you.


It’s even worse than yesterday. At this rate, you wouldn’t be able to call this punishment.

Why are you this wet when I’ve only touched you over your underwear?

Even if I silence you, there’s no point if this place is loud.


Are you worried about the footsteps outside?

Unlike yesterday, it’s still an hour where there’re still people left. And they might even hear these sounds.

Hey, why are you getting wet again?

……You’re so lewd.

Since you love the thrill that much, I’ll amp up the fun.


Come on, place your hands on the door. Your voice will leak outside more from this spot.

Do your best to endure it.


You say no, but you’re not resisting in the slightest.

If anything, you’re spreading your legs wider and making it easier for me to strip you.

I know that deep down you want me to stir your insides up directly.


Stick out your butt. Make it easier for me to touch you.

Unlike yesterday, I’m doing it from the back.

Which way feels better?

If you don’t know then I’ll keep going at it until you do.


I’ll make sure to expose this hard bit here too and play with it.

Your reactions are so obvious. But still, keep quiet.

Hey, don’t close your legs.

Then maybe we should stop.

Then lock it so that no one can come in.

Lock it yourself. …If you wish to continue, that is.


Come on, what is it that you want done to you?

I’m not just a tease to anyone. It’s because you’re unbearably cute.

Just the thought of you being conscious of yesterday’s events all day and getting wet at your desk arouses me.


Did you think I’d keep you on edge forever?

It’s fine to continue, right?

If fingers aren’t enough, then what do you want me to make you cum with?

Seriously, you’re so adorable.

You’re the only one who can make me lose my calm like this.


I’m putting it in.


Don’t let your voice out, there are people on the other side of the door.

You idiot… Don’t clamp down!


If it weren’t for the place we’re in, I would be thrusting into you harder…

I want to mess you up, I want to fill your mind.

Can I go a little faster?


If you’re going to cum, please remember to say that you’re going to cum.

Turn around.

I’ll prop up your legs, so wrap them around me.

Hold onto me tight.


Do you like it better from the front? You’re tighter than before.

In this position, I can touch this place too.


Being stimulated both inside and out… You’re about to cum again, aren’t you?

Does it feel good?

I feel good too. I wish I could stay inside you forever.


I want to go even deeper…

Shall we move over to the table?

Keep your legs wrapped around my back. That way, I won’t slip out when we move.


Your insides are rubbing against me with every movement…

The place where we’re joined is soaked.

This is way too lewd.

Hey, don’t lift your hips!

Try pressing down yourself, it’ll feel even better.


You… You came a little just down, didn’t you?

I missed the chance to see your orgasm face.

Even if we’re away from the door, sounds may echo, so don’t moan too loudly.


It’s a strange feeling. To think I’d be able to embrace you in this life…

Don’t hug me.

I’m going overboard with little concern to you.

Even if you don’t think that, I do. What I actually wanted was to… You’re a subordinate who’s super good at making requests, aren’t you?

Shall we continue?


I’ll go a little faster.


People outside really might hear…

Should I silence you?

So soft.

Stick out your tongue.



This time, can you make sure to show me your orgasm face?

Your face flushed and teary, and absolutely erotic and a complete turn-on.

I’m close too…


Have you gotten dirty?

It felt so good that you became this much of a mess down there?

It’s fine. I’ll wipe it down, so stay still.

For us to do it in this manner… When the door unlocks, please forget what happened here.


Okay, I’ve got you clean.

I’ll see you tomorrow then.


Track 5: Uncontrollable Feelings


Oh, you’re here.

The results of the competition have arrived.

You weren’t included in the cc, so I figured I should tell you directly.

It went through without trouble. The other side appears to have rated it highly. Your presentation was well-received too, it seems.

I was right to have entrusted it to you.

You’ve worked hard. Congratulations.


I didn’t do much.

Even if I gave you advice, there’s no point if you didn’t heed it. You’re the one who properly understood the aim and applied it to the plan.

Uh-huh. Good job.

You can leave for today.

You were quite busy the past while, weren’t you? So take a break.


Do you still have business with me?

You’re overthinking it.

We were originally this distant, were we not? Ultimately, our relationship does not extend beyond being a boss and a subordinate.

You really aren’t one to listen to me.

Even if I tell you to not push yourself, you still work overtime. I tell you to rely on me, and you still take all the burden onto yourself.

And neither have you forgotten what we did that day……

But even so, please forget it. It was a mistake.


Bringing it up again is just a waste of time. Soon enough, I’ll no longer be your boss.

An overseas transfer came up in discussions.

Once that happens, we’ll no longer be working together. And neither will that happen again.

What, why?

I never thought you would implore me not to transfer. Why do you say that, anyway?


I see…

Thank you for considering a boss that you admire.

However, you should stop that, you already know what kind of person I am.

You’re so stubborn. I won’t be responsible if you get fooled by some malicious man.

No, wait, you…like me?

Wait! Please don’t cry in a place like this.

I get it, alright? I’ll listen.


Cease your tears, please.

What’s so good about a man like me? Jeez.

It’s my loss. How could I possibly turn down a confession from the woman I love?

I’ve been in love with you for a long time.

The day you became my subordinate… You were frozen stiff from your nerves, right? Not to mention, you mistaken my name for Arihara instead of Arikawa

Your face turned red and you started apologizing profusely.

And during that moment, you were so cute I could die.

Even though I didn’t care much about the name thing, you were always looking so apologetic. Though I can’t deny that I’d probably still think the same no matter what mistakes you made.


I really did find you cute.

And when I realized it afterward, my eyes had been following you.

I did choose to be your support because you tend to overwork yourself, but beyond that, I just couldn’t leave you alone.

But, having your boss fall in love with you is troubling, right?

At the very least, I didn’t want to interfere with you with how readily you push yourself.

If I were to become a hindrance to your growth, then I’d rather suppress these feelings. And yet, that day, I lost self-control…

No matter the perspective, it was bound to happen, right?

I was alone with the woman I love and I was well-aware of that fact. And obviously, I wouldn’t be able to endure it, would I?


It’s only in front of you that I’m incompetent like this, alright?

Hey, you laughed just now, didn’t you?

No buts.

I missed a chance to see your smile.

I love you.


I’ve finally said it.


Are you really sure about being with a man who loses their reason so easily?

Even if I’m a man who would jump you at the office?

You really don’t have taste in men.

Don’t think I’ll let you go. You’ll be mine for the rest of your life.


I want to embrace you again properly.

Then no overtime tonight.


Track 6: A Sweet Night Spent Together as Lovers


You, why are you getting all nervous now?

It’s like the day we first met.

As I thought, you’re cute.


Does that ease some of your nerves?

Not happening, you know.

I mean, yeah, we became lovers earlier. What about it?

Even if I have become your lover, I’m not nervous.

That’s not quite it. I may not be nervous, but I am not calm. I can’t possibly still stay sane when I’m with you.

My reason just goes straight out the window.

Try touching the proof.


That’s right, it’s hard. It’s your fault, you know?

Hey, don’t grasp it so hard.

It’s not funny if I were to cum before putting it in.

You can do it for me next time. Tonight, I want to love you thoroughly.


You can let out your voice as much as you want.


You’re anticipating it too, huh? Your skin is hot.

Even though they’re so soft, why is it that only this place is hard?

Not a bad reaction. All I did was trace around it with my fingers.

I’ll stroke the surrounding area slowly, and…

Shall I lick the other side?


It feels good to have both the left and right sides teased, right?


You seem to be more sensitive on the right side.

Or is that you enjoy being licked?

If you love both then I’ll keep going.


You have such nice reactions when I roll it around with my tongue.

No need to hold back, you can be as loud as you want. We’re no longer at the office.

When they’re this hard and erect, they’re easy to lick.

And also, easy to pinch.


You’re feeling it way too much.

Shall we move here next?

You… Were you waiting without your underwear?

Just how lewd are you?


You were waiting super patiently while I was in the shower, huh? You sure you didn’t want to just jump in the bath and go, “please hurry up and have sex with me”?

Please bear with it for a little longer. It would be a waste to finish so quickly.

Let me savor it more.


You’re completely drenched.

You swallowed up my fingers instantly, you know? I feel I can easily insert another one.

Can you feel my two fingers inside you?

I suppose this isn’t the time.

I wonder what’ll happen if I were to caress this place with my fingers and tongue like I did last time?


You’re cumming a little too quickly.

This place is sensitive, right?

I’ll be gentle.


Hey, that hurts. Don’t grab my hair.

Or are you saying that I should go further?

Because if so…


You’ve cum again, that much I can tell. Your hips have been shaking and trembling for the past while.

However, I’m not stopping.

You’re the one who’s pinning my head down and wiggling your hips.

I’ll keep making you cum until you’re no longer able to stand.


Come on. Cum.


You’re still cumming, aren’t you? Your legs have no strength in them and the sheets are a mess.

What are we to do about this?

Sorry, I think I might’ve teased you a little too much.

I was too aroused. Do you hate me now?

Thank god.


Umm, are you alright? If you’re willing to continue…

I’ll be gentle this time.

Give me a second, I’ll put on a condom.


Ease up your legs.

Don’t pull your hips away, I won’t be able to insert it fully.


Ah, it’s all in.

You’re painfully tight. Does it hurt?

Sorry for being so big.

I’ll keep with you until you remember my shape.


I love you…


My hips don’t feel like they can last…

Looks like your insides are delighted too. It’s saying that it’s happy to be united with me.

…Because otherwise, it wouldn’t be sucking me in so much.


You say it too.

“I love you.”

I love you. I love you so much.


When you wrap your legs around my back, it goes in so deep. What are you trying to achieve by riling me up even more?

I won’t give in to your amateurish skill.

Shaking your hips on top of me this time. And make sure to match my thrusts.


It’s deeper this way, and it feels good, doesn’t it?

Go ahead and cum. I’ll be here viewing your orgasm face from right up close.

Don’t hide your face.

You now belong to me, so show me everything.


Did you cum from being told that you’re mine?

Aren’t you a little too cute?

I’m about to cum too.

Let’s cum together.




I feel like I’m still dreaming. Are we really lovers now?

I love you.


You were awake?

If you were awake, you should’ve told me sooner.

Hmm? What I said earlier?

I said it because I thought you were asleep. I wouldn’t have said it had I known you were awake.

Do you enjoy me saying “I love you” that much?


Next time.

Think of it as a reward.

Don’t pout. I was thinking of going along with your request.

You sure are energetic.

And just so you know, I’m not referring to the request you just made. I’m referring to the transfer.

I’m not going. Or rather, I never intended to go in the first place.

How could I head overseas and leave behind an unruly subordinate like you?


I’ll always be by your side, so don’t you go anywhere either.

I love you.

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